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on 14 September 2010
The most important thing I think you need to know about this keyboard is that the keys are smaller and closer together than usual. This is because, while keeping to the standard qwerty board size, Logitech have added twelve programmable buttons to the left of the main layout. I thought this would be a stumbling block for me; when I first started using it I was always holding the wrong button down to use a "Ctrl" combination. However, three weeks in I hardly notice the difference, and I'm certainly no great typist.

The keyboard illumination can be switched three different colours, which are also effectively "modes". This simply means that you can program the keys differently each time, say one for flight simulators, one for online etc. For me at least, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Being a fan of flight simulators, I always seem to run out of keys to bind controls to, so the twelve keys are a great help when the game engine seems to have taken all the "normal" keys up. The keys themselves are comfortable to use with just the right level of resistance.

There is also a built in sound card and usb port which I thought I'd never use, but if I'm listening to music over, say, playing a strategy game, I have found myself controlling the volume with the wheel on the board without having to flick to desktop, so I can hardly complain!

In short then, top notch gaming board that while a little expensive, is in my humble opinion money very well spent.
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on 13 April 2011
Here we go again, another success story. An expensive keyboard, the most expensive one I ever bought, but I am so glad I did. Still getting used to the extra keys being on the keyboard. They can at first take some getting used to as it is natural to move ones pinky over to the extreme left to press away on what would have been the Shift or Ctrl keys and so on. They are still there, just they feel closer and it's a little off-putting at first.
Setting the keys up and colours from the Key Profiler is a doddle, very clear instructions. The wrist rest I find just right and have had less problems with the bones in the top of my hand as a result, however I do have a bone disease so this may not be an issue for most people anyway.
The gaming part of the keyboard is not fantastically innovative, but it works well. It is a little longer than a standard keyboard but as you can see from the photos, not overly long. It is certainly quieter to type on than my last keyboard. When my wife used the other one it sounded like a road drill, she used to be a typist so fingers fly across the keyboard. With this one it is much quieter and smoother.
A first class product supplied through a first class supplier.
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on 9 June 2011
I bought this keyboard in the hope that I could combine a great gaming keyboard with a great typing keyboard (I'm a programmer). This has turned out to be Almost the case.

First the good. The macro keys are good and easy to set up and use for quick gaming situations and repetitive tasks. The windows disable key is great and I love the volume slider(?). The ability to plug a headset and a mouse into it, and the extra long cable are awesome when playing using my tv as a monitor and the media controls are useful.

Now the not so good. The macro keys are placed in such a way that you will have to overcome some pretty ingrained habits if you're a typist, like feeling out the control button in the bottom left corner for example, you'll end up hitting the macro key quite a lot. I've had this keyboard for over 6 months now and I'm still not used to it. It is also at too shallow an angle and will need to be propped up with a couple of books or something.

I also found that when typing on it for long periods of time that it would become unresponsive and drop characters. When I use my mac keyboard with my (windows 7 64- bit) pc, I don't have the same problems so it's either a problem with the hardware or the drivers but it makes it almost unusable for typing. This is a real shame as it really is quite nice to use once you get going on it.

Overall it seems like it might be one of the best gaming keyboards out there but as I said, it's not perfect
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on 10 May 2010
Altho this is a gaming keyboard i really just bought it to finish my new desk layout. As i also bought the exellent g13, I really didn't need any lcd type gadgets on it so the keyboard really is just for typing and the odd ingame message, most of which i assigned to the macro keys on the left hand side. Yes the feet do not raise it much but that doesn't bother me and as others have said the backlighting isn't as bright as it could be but again not a problem in my opinion.

I find it nice to type on and even the mrs has commented on the quietness of the keys compared to my old standard keyboard (i do tend to hit them a bit) and i found the key layout (size/spacing) easy to adjust to maybe because they are similar to what i was used, whatever, again a plus for me.

I haven't tried the head phone socket as i already use a logitech usb headset for teamspeak but the windows key which was easy to move on my board was also a bonus when in game when i do need to type an in game message and im fumbling around the keys. If only they did the same for caps lock !!!

All in all i have no complaints, it feels good and sturdy to me and i find the scroll volume and media keys usefull when not gaming. As far as im concerned its a great keyboard and i'm pleased i chose it.
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on 4 April 2011
This is a good keyboard for those who are looking for a keyboard with extra keys for macros and the like. I also considered the Microsoft sidewinder X4 and X6 before buying this keyboard.

The keyboard is plastic, but doesn't feel that cheap. The only area where it does is the top near the audio mute buttons and backlight toggle. It's shiny and looks a little off compared to the rest of the keyboard. I've read others saying they find it flimsy, but I've not had that at all. It's a solid keyboard compared to others I've used.

The backlight isn't very bright unless you pick solid red and to a lesser extend solid blue. It's more disappointing when you remove a key and see that the actual backlight is quite bright. The keys are black with the text translucent to allow light through, and it's not transparent enough and on some keys there are areas where light should go through but doesn't. This is really obvious on the caps lock, tab and num lock keys and subtle on about 8 others. The Winkey toggle also isn't lit well at all when it's in its 'on' position. The backlighting issues are not deal breakers, but they are annoying.

The layout is nice. I don't think it's too compact at all. You might need to get used to the extra G keys on the side - I kept mistaking the bottom left G key as my left Ctrl key for about a week. All the keys have a nice feel to them, both in their texture and their movement when pressed.

There are two audio jacks on the keyboard for a headset and mic. I can't find a way to use both those and my computer's jacks at the same time, so I just don't use them. There is also a USB port, but it's low powered. It can't power my iPod, bluetooth dongle or flash drive - I actually haven't ever used it for anything. It's a keyboard not a USB hub, so again, it's not a deal breaker at all.

The rubber feet on the keyboard are really useless, and you will need to get some anti-slip mat to put under it.

It comes with a free frisbee too as the software CD it does come with is horribly outdated and you'll need to download it from Logitech's website.
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on 9 April 2011
I love it! This is a fantastic keyboard. I upgraded my pc recently and wanted an affordable, good quality gaming keyboard. The G110 is it. I'd seen the G110 the first time of looking online for a keyboard and liked the look of it. I read the reviews and compared it with Mircosoft's Sidewinder x4 and the Razer Lycosa. I discounted the Razer because of a lot of negative reviews about the build quality. The Sidewinder I discounted after seeing it instore. The finish was like hard plastic. Although I hadn't seen the G110 for real, I went with the majority of reviews and my gut instinct. I'm glad I did! This keyboard has lived up to my expectations. The build quality and finish are excellent. Key depression is nice and firm and the key spacing doesn't feel cramped, even with the additional macro keys added. Having the macros to preset different game settings is also another good feature. The backlighting is brilliant. I know some reviews state it isn't bright enough or just adequate and I'd agree if set on purlpe but the blue or red colours are awesome. When playing games in the dark, the backlighting comes into it's own. Another feature is the toggle switch for switching off Windows when in gaming mode. Unlike some comments,I don't find the switch difficult to use. The quick start up guide also provides a detailed description of the keyboard layout. The only negatives about this keyboard, which are minor are the thin front support legs and the wrist rest which does look plastic and I don't use. However, as I said these are only minor points in relation to an otherwise superb keyboard which I would recommend to anyone thinking about buying one.
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on 28 April 2010
This is a reasonable gaming keyboard for those who don't need the LCD of the G19. With programmable keys, color backlighting, and USB headset emulation, you get a functional gaming keyboard for the money.

As there are plently of reviews about this keyboard's features and strong points, I felt inclined to tell you about the out-of-the-box impression and negative points as well:

I got the G110 to replace my Saitek Eclipse II gaming keyboard, and was very surprised to find that the G110 was not better - my expectations were set high especially as Logitech products usually get very good reviews.

My initial out-of-the-box impression was that the G110 looked cheap and plasticy in comparison to gaming keyboards around the same price bracket.

The G110 is not very solid to hold or type on; I'm not sure it will last me very long knowing that this keyboard will get a lot of hard use during my game playing. It's not that heavy either; so it moves about when I'm typing if the surface is slightly uneven as my desk is.

The G110 keys are compact and close to each together (the added G keys make it worse); it feels cramped and I'm mis-typing a lot as I type this review. I'll probably get used to it.

The G110 key backlighting is not really bright enough; unless you pick a very bright colour like red or your room is very dark.

The G110 keyboard tilt feet are not long enough to raise the back of the keyboard to make much difference to the angle; it feels flat even with the feet down.

The G110 Windows-key disable switch is useful to have but it's very stiff to move; to the point that the effort needed to move the switch makes the keyboard move as well.

I'm sure I'll get used to the G110 eventually; it just lacks the wow factor that I was expecting.

Review Update:
I've owned my G110 keyboard for over 3 months now. Put a rubberised mat over my glass computer desk to stop the G110 from slipping; it feels very solid now. Over 200 hours of games playing and many more hours of general use. I've got used to it's peculiarities - even the odd layout and added macro keys don't annoy me now. Backlighting is not very bright but it is just about good enough. I didn't bother raising the back of the keyboard - got used to it being flat. I can now say that this is a very good keyboard for gaming - and up my score to 4/5. :)
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on 17 November 2012
I am totally over the moon with this keyboard, After spending years and years buying cheap crap I finally decided to get spend some cash and get a decent keyboard and I will never look back. I use mine for work (I'm a programmer), I use it for all my online stuff (Social networks etc) and for playing Warcraft and it does it all superbly, The keys feel good, there is a solid but not too loud click from each key, the back lighting of the letters is perfect, I like the volume controller, the windows switch key, the usb port and headphone ports on the back, the media keys are also handy. The keys even feel nice to the touch, especially after a few weeks use.

Only one thing that's not positive to mention:

The space bar rattled, Not serious but a bit irritating, Here's how I fixed it. I took the bar off (Carefully, lots of breakable plastic clips under there) and used a silicone based grease to lubricate and dampen the bar slider, since then Perfect...

I absolutely would buy another if needed.
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on 4 April 2011
The Logitech G110 is currently proving to be a great gaming keyboard. The software to macro keys to games is a rather nice feature, the back light for the keys are bright, but not too bright and considering how many keyboards I've gone through the last year, it didn't take me too long to get used to the G110.

The only thing I will say about it is first day of having, the keys would.. I say stick, but without holding the key down, or whilst typing the keys wouldn't register. This happend basically everytime I used it within the first couple of hours, though the following day the problem seemed to of righted itself. There is the minor glitch every now and then, though I think it is down to server lag with online games.
Keep the box just incase, I still have mine in the cupboard.

Overall I'd give this keyboard 8/10.
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on 24 August 2012
I am very pleased with this keyboard. I'll simply list the good and the bad so you can easily see:

- Good quality keys (plastic feels durable)
- Typing sound (I know this was a factor for me) is satisfying
- Macro keys work as required, are positioned well and the 3 modes are easily switched between. The 'macro record button' also makes it easy to create a macro on the fly which I found useful.
- Software that comes with the keyboard is intuitive and makes it easy to manage the macros that are assigned to each key, and which modes contain which macros.
- Volume control is useful
- The slider to disable the windows key is useful when gaming and gives a satisfying clunk when turning it on/off, you definitely know whether you have switched it.

-Due to the addition of the macro keys, the main bulk of the keys have been shrunk from what they would be normally be very slightly and this can throw you off your typing a little bit. I havn't really noticed much of a difference but a couple have friends had some problems when first using the keyboard. I'd say it's not too much of a problem once you get used to it.
- Backlighting could be a little brighter, as the brightness only reaches its full potential when you are looking from directly above the keys. It is still bright enough that you can easily notice that the keys are lit, even in a brightly lit room but I still sometimes find myself thinking 'It looks like it could just be a little brighter...'

Overall I think this keyboard is worth the price (£42 at the time of buying) and works well both for gaming and general use. I've had no technical issues with the keyboard so far and will post an edit to this review if I ever do in the near future.
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