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on 8 December 2010
I ordered this product after midnight on Sunday, when my Inspiron 1545 charger conked out, it arrived first thing Tuesday and that's with the free delivery option! The product is genuine Dell and is identical to the one I got with my laptop, except that this one works! The lead that connects the plug socket to the power adaptor is slightly longer than the original, which is really handy, but other than that it's exactly the same.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices that the likes of Comet, Curry's, PC World and Dell wanted for a replacement for my broken charger cable. Even on sale, Dell were asking for three times what I paid for this!

The item was posted by Cambridge really, really quickly and arrived less than 24hrs after my dispatch email. I opened the box, which was well packed, plugged the cable in and it worked a treat!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with this seller and the product. This level of service with a price tag so low compared to the major retailers is hard to come by.

My advice to anyone considering buying that is suspicious because of the bargain price (which I admit I was) is buy it! Don't think twice!
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on 2 February 2018
Not 100% sure this is a genuine Dell product, it doesn't have the charge LED indicator like my original Dell PSU did, but I'm not bothered as it does the job for my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop just fine, although the unit does get a little warmer than the original but nothing excessive so far.
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on 1 January 2014
Brought this and it never worked, instructed to turn computer off and plug it in and try again it then subsequently blow up and has never worked since, got in torch with seller and after claiming I was trying to send my old charger back which still works just cable casing is starting to be ripped as its been bent for over 4 years so thought i get a spare they agreed to send a new one to replace the broken one after a month I heard nothing so claimed for a refund which took another month

Would not recommend this company to someone I loathed they are this bad

Stay away and get something which is genuine as this is quite clearly genuine as comparing my one which I got from dell with my laptop is nothing like the one I brought, it is some cheap copy, ripoff piece made in china

Well that's let some steam off through the trouble this seller has caused
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on 25 January 2014
Although it does say DELL underneath, it does not have the Dell sign imprinted on the front like my original charger had, so I can't say for definite if this is genuine but it would not charge my Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop (this is in fact the second 'genuine charger' I have tried, the previous one was ordered from Ebay and that didn't work either!).

However, the Seller responded quickly and offered an apology and a full immediate refund, so I would advise that you try it and if it doesn't work, don't hesitate to contact the Seller (Elec_Sale) as they were very courteous.
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on 7 December 2013
Bought for my Inspiron 1545 (hexagonal port) but the first one that sent out didn't work - lead worked with a different adapter but this adapter had a green light that did not light up or let power through to laptop. Replacement sent out but the same thing - no green light and no power. Returned both via prepaid envelope (sent out by seller) and was given full refund with no problems.

Bought 'genuine' elsewhere and the adapter worked first time no problems but cost £33.49.
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on 14 October 2013
I bought this item as a replacement for a power supply which, although it would run the laptop, would not charge the battery. In fact, although the spec is very similar, this adaptor is for a different model of Dell laptop than the one it is connected to. I found out that this adaptor would work with the laptop (a 1545) quite by accident. Having bought the correct supply only to find that it did not work - for reasons which escape me despite several Google searches which pointed to a bewildering variety of reasons - I plugged my own adaptor into the laptop and it worked, so I bought this and it also works fine. As far as delivery and packaging goes, it was sent very quickly and well packaged. I would recommend this seller and if anyone is having problems with their Dell 1545 laptop charger, this is one of a selection of solutions which seem to work for various people.... and simpler than updating the BIOS or opening the box and soldering stuff....
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on 5 September 2012
I've got a Dell inspiron 1545, one of the listed models that this charger is supposed to work on. was pleased to find a cheaper replacement than Dell's when the wire in my cable broke.
Firstly, this is not a genuine Dell adapter.
Secondly, it is only 1.5Watts power, when the laptop requires 1.6W. Dell do this on purpose to stop people buying cheap imitation products. I did not know this until after purchase, when I noticed the mouse only works intermittantly when plugged in, and also clicks things all by itself. I imagine this is because it is receiving insufficient power, as this is the only difference I could find between the two chargers.
I emailed the seller who did offer to replace it, but I figured after return postage it was not worth it as it would cost me the same as I paid for the charger, and the replacement would probably do the same! Therefore I have to leave it plugged in and out of use for a couple of hours to charge and then use on battery power only.
Would not recommend this to other dell users.
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on 20 May 2012
The charger is brilliant value for money (£10) and arrived within 24 hours super saver delivery offshore too. It certainly charges the laptop as required, but for some reason when it is plugged in the mouse has the jitters (intermittantly) when controlled from the track pad - may be something to do with floating earth, but whatever it is, means that if you want to do a lot of mouse work you need to unplug the charger or use a conventional USB mouse. Pity because otherwsie this is just what I wanted, and other purchasers don't seem to have these problems.
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on 31 October 2014
Bought this item back in March 2014. I was happy with the product (worked fine) until this week (commencing 27th October) when I started experiencing problems charging the battery. (Error message: AC Adaptor not recognised - plugged in, not charging).

Having tried and failed a number of software fixes for this problem, and after changing the adaptor to determine if the issue was with the battery or the adaptor, I was forced to conclude that the adaptor was not working properly. Disappointing performance for a product I had only been using for around 7 months - the original adaptor provided when I bought the laptop lasted over 3 years, so 7 months by comparison was not very long at all.

If you need a short fix then this product is fine, but don't expect it to last long term.
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on 31 October 2016
If you need Dell buy Dell don't try any copies. This adapter worked immediately and we have had no problems. This is in comparison to other similar adaptors we have used, which have all failed to deliver a strong positive charge.
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