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VINE VOICEon 30 May 2010
An up-and-coming young businessman John (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Eileen (Keri Russell) find that their children are diagnosed with the genetic disease for which there is no known medical care at this time. After an exhausting search for a cure, John sees the promising work of Dr. Robert Stone Hill (Harrison Ford) and does whatever it takes to help Stone Hill complete his dream of a unique approach to a cure and in the process to cure John's children.

The story in itself based on a true story is quite intriguing and will hold your attention. However, an added plus is the realization that Brendan Fraser can actually act and does not have to be a "Dudley Do-right." Of course, Harrison Ford can act to but in this case, he pretty much plays himself again.

I have only seen the Blu-Ray version so I cannot compare it to others. I can say that the DVD extras are worth watching. They include the real people and the real story to compare the film with.
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on 5 August 2010
can't help it - i love these movies about searches for cures to rare conditions: intrepid and courageous parents, the human refusal to give up even when everything is hopeless - and so on... yeah, sure, one could pick holes in this movie, if picking holes is what makes you feel good; but what makes ME feel good is a movie, any movie, about the indomitability of the human spirit, and optimism and courage prevailing over cynicism and despair. this movie may present the process of scientific discovery rather telescopically, but after all - it is a movie and time is limited. it tackled the matter of big business pharmaceuticals and their dollar-focussed, obsessively secretive procedures rather well, i thought.

as the icing on the cake, it had Harrison Ford as the crabby, brilliant, irascible, eccentric scientist - what more could a girl want? i enjoyed it enormously.
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on 4 February 2017
I wonder who financed the making of this film. The message is "take your pharmaceuticals and everything will be okay". Add plenty of sugar and stir. Swallow whole. Keep your emetic close at hand. Unredeemed by the presence of Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser.
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on 8 October 2013
How can you not get emotional about parents crying to save the lives of their children in wheel chairs with drippy music playing in the background? If you aren't burnt out by after-school specials, then this movie is for you. Fraser delivers in a serious role. The movie uses the special relationship a father has with his daughter in order to move him to seek out a cure for Pompe. His son, who also has the illness, is marginalized in this film. Fraser, as en executive seeks out the help of anti-establishment Deadhead Dr. Stonehill, (loosely based on the real life Dr. Canfield) who has the best research on the subject. In real life Dr. Canfield had founded his own company and Fraser (Crowley) left his job to go work at this smaller firm, but that doesn't make good drama, as kids dying in wheel chairs isn't enough of an emotional roller coaster ride for us. The movie shifts gears and focuses on the internal conflicts at the research center which likewise didn't exist. In reality I got more choked up when Darth Vader died.
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on 15 August 2010
Truly extraordinary.... The script... as it originates from a real life story.... the transition from real life to reel life is extraordinary too .. with powerhouse performer Harrison ford as Dr. Robert Stonehill.. Brendon Fraser as the desperate ,Loving dad.. Keri Russel as the supportive mom.. & the adorable kids..have performed so well that it seemed more real than reel .. The Disease..POMPE... deterioration of muscular functions due to the inability of the body to absorb sugar..which prevents all body functions & restricts lifespan to about 9 years in infants...Extraordinary diseases need Extraordinary measures.. as they say in the movie ... who else could be more motivated than a desperate father trying to save his kids..it is the story that tells you Love & faith can make you achieve things that seem ever so impossible... Enjoyable fare....
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on 14 August 2017
Not one of H. Fords best. (Unless it's a real sunshine-story about healing sick children?)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 January 2015
I have never hated a film so violently as I have with this pile if excrement. Harrison ford should be ashamed of himself for associating himself with it. I've never seen Brendan Fraser in anything good, and I still haven't. I hated every second of it. The story is supposedly true, though half of the truth wasn't in the film. I thought I was going to have a stroke from sheer frustration. None of the characters were likeable, or believable. Every scene was either ludicrous, or weighed down with medical jargon that no one could possibly understand unless you were a doctor. It doesn't deserve one star.
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on 15 February 2011
this is truly an inspiring film about one mans struggle to find a cure for two of his children with a genetic disease that would cause their death by age nine, this film touches the heart in fact reaches right down and drags your heart onto you sleeve so you are cheering for him and is wonderful kids to find a cure in time for them, this is a true story and i would love to meet this man and shake him by the hand because the cure wouldnt just save his kids but thousands of others every year

pompe is a form of muscular dystrophy that kills children before or at age nine, its a slow steady deterotion the child losing more and more function until they cannot move and eventually die from heart failure

the fater john discovers a research doctor who has a theory on treatment, dr robert stonehill, harrison ford, who has a theory on a treatment that may help but dosnt have the funding to develop it, he and john join forces with john struggling to raise money to fund the research all the time with the imminent deaths of his own children hanging over him

im not going to tell you any more because i dont want to spoil the film for you but its truly a wonderful film and the fact its a true story only makes it more inspiring
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on 13 May 2016
Harrison Ford stars as Richard Wassler in this charming noir comedy drama. Ex doctor turned architect Wassler is hired by a local Priest (Mike McShane) to draft up plans for a new village church. Wassler is initially reluctant because he has only designed village halls, but agrees to the job after the Priest offers him a complementary tour of the old church's vestry.

As you can expect, things do not turned out as planned though. When Wassler submits his first set of plans for inspection, it becomes apparent that he has incorrectly measured where the pews inside the church will sit. This leads to a dramatic showdown with the Priest and some truly epic chase sequences on top of Parisean rooftops.

Ford is supported by the wonderful Sir Ian McKellen who plays Wassler's onscreen 'partner' Horace. The two have some touching scenes together, my favourite being where they both lay a table for a dinner party. Many have remarked that the way Ford arranges the cutlery on the table are some of his best onscreen moments ever.

Despite the four hour running time, this film will have you gripped and emotional throughout. Nobody will be able to hold back the tears when Ford's steps into the new church and falls twenty feet through a poorly fixed floorboard to his demise.
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on 30 July 2010
I enjoyed this greatly and for Harrison Ford fans this is a must. A father whose young son has a terminal illness is determined, against all odds, to find a cure and approaches an eminent Prof. - not a medical clinical doctor but a brilliant researcher who thinks he may have found the answer. At first reluctant to help but gradually worn down by the father's persistent he does try and the race against time is on. Whether he will or whether he won't is something you need to watch.
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