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on 1 January 2011
Got these as a Christmas present to myself. Delivery took longer than expected (due to the inclement weather here in the UK this December) but arrived before Christmas.
It's an excellent product, esp. for the gym. Sound is good if lacking in the bass range. Took a couple of attempts to use the correct earpieces (comes with a good range) to get the best sound isolation. Think the DSP might help on this point. Connects easily with my iTouch (1G with bluetooth module) & HTC HD Mini. Battery life could be better; the blurb quotes upto 10hrs but the best I've had is about 6. When used as hands-free can make your voice sound very echoy! On the point from other reviews about problems when wearing them, I found that if you wear them upside-down (under the ears rather than over) they don't hurt. Also the rear of the headset doesn't stick out as much.
Overall I'd recommend these to anyone. If fact, my wife is thinking of getting a pair....
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on 27 July 2012
Having read all the reviews, good and bad, I was surprised when I got this headset that is has a very annoying aspect to its design. If you place the ear buds gently in your ear, you will get an awful tinny, sound. They work however when the ear buds are deep enough in your ear canal that they form a seal: very little noise gets out, very little noise gets in. This can be good in some circumstances but has three major drawbacks:

1 - if you intend to use them whilst jogging, walking to work or for any other reason in a public place, they cut out so much outside noise that it is positively dangerous.

2 - your own body noises (breathing, chewing gum etc) are amplified to the extent that they will interfere with listening to music (block your ears with your fingers to try this now).

3 - this won't apply to everyone, but some people, such as me, have narrow ear canals and simply can't get any of the many ear buds supplied in without using very uncomfortable force.

There was nothing wrong, or should I say, faulty with my particular headset and I had spoken to Nokia helpdesk and a Nokia Care assistant before I gave up.

The beauty of buying from Amazon is that within a blink of an eye, I had a full refund and postage paid to return the headset. I asked in Carphone Warehouse if I could try on a different headset before buying, then if I could buy and get a refund if they didn't fit and finally if I could open the box and look before I bought them - NO, NO, NO.

Other than the above this is a great headset:

Very lightweight
Very comfortable
Good sound and bass (when inserted properly)
Strong, rugged design

I was very disappointed to have to send these back, but I had no choice. Everything other than the position of the ear buds is excellent and I recommend them if you are happy with this.
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on 15 July 2013
This is a fantastic quality product as always from Nokia, we have tested this with Nokia Lumia 925 and quality is perfect for listening to almost any music. Once you put this on you will not hear anything else other than what you want to listen to which is perfect in most cases.

We didn't really enjoy using it for calls as much as we did for listening to music as it we assume it intended for.

Highly recommend it.
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on 15 January 2011
I have to say, I have used lots & lots, loads & loads of headsets to train with or just simply for use when lazing around etc.... This product without doubt is the best ever and does what it says on the tin!!

I have used it with, and still am using it with both my iPod classic and an added bluetooth attachment(Gn Netcom Ipod Bt Stereo Adapter) & my iPhone 4 both of which work "fabtastically"!

Below is a summary of why I wrote the above?

Ease of use (Inc Pairing) 10/10
Sound quality 10/10
Buttons position and ease of use 10/10
External noise reduction 10/10
Charging 10/10 (once i found the little flap..LOL)

Looks 10/10(I think anyway with no trailing wires) 10/10

....... and no, I don't work for Nokia or
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on 21 April 2012
Well i've had these headphones for a couple of months now, so plenty of time to test them out. Bluetooth connects very easily and provides a strong signal. I use them at my gym as i always found cabled headphones get in the way when running or lifting weights (the cable part that is!). The controls are easy to use and i haven't had a dropped signal once yet and have used them many many times. Battery life is again quite good and at least the advertised length if not a bit more. Easy to charge and very light.
These would've got 5 stars but for the fact they are painful to wearfor me if i wear them as instructed with the curved section going over the top of the ears. However i have discovered if you put them on the other way with the curved section underneath they are much more comfortable. Good sound quality with reasonable bass and i haven't found any issues with sweat causing any problems at all. A little expensive, but having had a couple of different pairs of bluetooth headphones before that were cheaper, you definitely get what you pay for as others dont last as long and dont sound as good and are usually bigger/heavier. Recommended.
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on 16 October 2012
I purchased this product to replace a set of normal white apple headphones (not wireless).
I have used other bnlue tooth headsets in the past but have been disapointed.

I am completely satified with the Nokia blue tooth headset.

Good points are:

1. Ear piece is nice and small (it comes with many different ear pads to suite different ear sizes and personal preference).
2. Very comfortable. Doesn't feel like it's dragging behind your head. It doesn't weigh much.
3. Music quality is very good (other makes I have tried had inferior sound quality). This matches the ipod ear phones, that I used previously, with sound quality.
4. Next/Previous track and pause/start and volume control are all very easy to use.
5. It's never dropped the connection or had any drop outs.
6. The battery is a Lithium Polymer (doesn't mention this in the manual). This is good because battery will not create a "memory effect". Doesn't matter how long you have it, and charge it, the battery life, between charges, should remain consistant.
7. Easily fits in the inside pocket of my jacket when I am not using this.
8. I use it in the morning and evening commuting to work, and also when I go running and go down the gym. No problem with it falling out of my ears when in the gym or going running.
9. The built in mic works realy well for handsfree talking. This amazed me as the mic is on the outside of the left ear piece.
10. As well as working with blue tooth it works via NFC (technology used for contactless credit cards etc), assuming your device suports it.

I can't think of any bad points or ways in which it can be improved.
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on 18 February 2013
bit expensive wen i got these. their ok.wirless. charge up .built in battery. last all day. and are quite loud . i since bought a pair in black for 20 quid ,since i did brake these ones . but they are really good .id stick to around 20 quid if you can
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on 26 January 2011
An excellent item, and at a very good price. I've been searching for a long time for a lightweight Bluetooth headset after being introduced to the Motorola S9. Unfortunately, the S9 handles calls via the left earpiece only and I am slightly deaf in that ear so found it not very good in that respect. This Nokia product however uses both earpieces for calls and music - perfect!! Other reviews on this and other sites (which I researched prior to buying) mention two main drawbacks - one being the lack of sweat resistance, which I can't comment on because I don't use the headset whilst exercising, and the other one being that the back of the headset band tends to slip down (if you have small ears) due to the vertical distance between the earpiece and the underside of the neckband being slightly larger than would be ideal. this is easily solved with a little thought and ingenuity, simply involving attaching small pads to the underside of the neckband so that they rest on your ears. Job done!!!
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on 30 September 2014
I've used a previous set of BH-505 for a few years which suffered from material failure and eventually I destroyed them in a bike crash. Although the materials were useless the functionality of the device was excellent.

I have the opposite problem with these headphones. The material quality is improved but the functionality is impaired with no obvious way to fix it. In the few months I have owned them they have suffered from 2 distinct problems. On one occasion, they were completely 'bricked'. They refused to pair with my phone and I couldn't power them off so I waited and on recharging this problem had gone. The second issue is the low battery indication. The headphone has lately got stuck in the low battery mode (three pips are sounded every minute) even when fully charged. I have tried discharging them and doing a soft and hard reset but this behaviour persists.

I can only assume since all trace of Nokia has been removed from the packaging and the device isn't actually referred to as a BH-505 in the 'Engrish' manual that it is a 'factory seconds' device. The advert here at Amazon doesn't state that so it is mis-sold, in my view. Now we know why these headphones are so cheap!
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Colour Name: Cyan|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Nokia BH-505 is a bluetooth stereo headset which pairs easily with a supported device such as an iPhone, giving a loud and quite bassy music experience, and a functional if not pristine telephone experience. What is special about this set is that it goes on the back of your neck rather than over your head, and is thus much more suitable for running and other sports -- provided your shirt has a soft collar or no collar.

Audio quality
The headset is supplied with a good selection of silicon ear-buds, and you have to pick the right one for your ears. Once you've done this, the experience is highly isolating, and you get a comfortably bassy though not especially loud music experience. However, if you touch the earbuds or move the headset, you do hear quite a lot of noise communicated to your ears.

Telephone quality
The call quality is functional rather than audiophile. It makes and receives calls, and you can even use voice activation such as Siri from the headset, which, in my experiments, seems to work quite well. The actual sound of calls is a bit tinny, though not unusually so for a headset.

You can change the volume from the headset, and you can pause music, redial, and initiate voice control. The controls sit on the earbuds and are relatively easy to use. A nice design feature is that the on-off button is on the neck-band rather than the earbuds, so you won't switch it on and off by accident.

Pairing was flawless and fast, and has good support for the ADP protocol which is now on most phones. This definitely isn't 'Nokia-only'.

This is a set designed with a particular purpose in mind -- music during sport or exercise. As such, it has to solve a lot of problems. The exact positioning may or may not work for you. We found that if you have a hard or semi-soft collar, such as on a polo-shirt, it can easily push on the headset, causing noise and potentially moving it from the 'sweet spot' where the music sounds good. On the other hand, it is very significantly better than other types of headphones.
Nokia has spent some time doing basic waterproofing. I wouldn't suggest immersing this in water, or going swimming with it, but the neck-band part where you are going to get a lot of sweat is really quite well waterproofed.

The instructions have a fatal flaw. There is a diagram with the various controls labelled -- essential, because some are quite hard to find -- but they are labelled with numbers which are then not referred to in the text. That said, you can sort of work out what everything does, and the instructions aren't going to bother you much after you've got used to it.

Provided that your sport or exercise doesn't require you to hear other athletes or traffic noise, and you're not wearing anything with a collar that gets in the way, the BH-505 will give a much more reliable source of music while you exercise than most other types of headphones. It will also allow you to make or receive calls if you need to while exercising, though you might not want to use it for important calls. Battery life is long, after a two hour charging period, and the adaptor is mercifully small. It also works with other Nokia headset devices.

Verdict: a good choice if you're finding other headsets aren't great when exercising, though you won't want to make this your main set for listening to music at other times.
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