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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2017
Feel a bit ripped off as reviews are for the actual movie, trailer is for the actual movie but what I got for my money was a ten minute interview that I presumed was an addition to the movie. This should have been made much clearer, very dissapointed. Also, does this mean that if I had decided to buy rather than rent that I would have paid nearly ten pounds just for the interview?
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I nearly agree with all the other reviews but kept remembering that I really did enjoy this. I like so many others think Boondock 1 is a gem of a masterpiece and have seen in countless times. It too had its faults like accents so bad Russel Crowe could have done better, but they are much improved this time round. I too thought the stereotype image of Ireland being stuck in the 19th century a bit twee, but as my family hail from there it is not too far off the mark (my cousin drives to the shops on a tractor- it is 4 miles etc). The plot is light but not weak and the soundtrack is thumping which as ever is perfect for a shoot em up with a bit of moral superiority on the side.

Julie Benz does a really good job of filling Willem Dafoes shoes, but could never have hoped to top it, his cross dressing and hard man gay cop persona was just too brilliant to be eclipsed. The violence is spot on and I like the way they intermingle past events with the future as in # 1.

There is the usual humour but most of all I felt it was an homage to the first film and did take the story some way further, but all in all it was just ruddy enjoyable. You have to see Bonndock 1 before you watch this as it will not stand up on its own, and while is has left a number 3 possibility firmly open, I for one don't mind as I wish all the best to Troy Duffy and particularly admire the actors who all agreeed to the remake yonks ago when he was strapped for cash. Also nice to see that real fans played the crowd scene as they could not afford the extras.
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on 25 August 2010
Firstly, if you havent seen The Boondock Saints, buy it now! it really is that good. Two normal blokes take on the criminal underworld armed with a bagful of guns, all the crimefighting experience they've got comes from the movies. Great fun.
This is a film that I was going to buy anyway because the first one was so amazing,but to be honest I didnt expect it to be all that good.

I was wrong.

It begins with the murder of a priest in Boston, set up to look like The Saints committed it.
The saints themselves have retired to ireland, and are called out by this murder. I won't say any more as I dont want to spoil it for you.

Billy Connolly is awesome as El Duche,and the slapstick type comedy and violence is just as good as the first one.
It still raises the issue of the first film, i.e. Why isnt there somebody out there cleaning up the streets/The Law is an ass etc. But it is more plot driven, with a look into El Duche's past,with his motives for becoming a vigilante.
It isnt quite as dark as The Punisher films, but then its not meant to be. Criminals get their just desserts hollywood style just the same.
This film rocks,action packed, funny and with some brilliant one liners, I hope they release another one, and soon

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on 29 July 2012
This films is just too much fun, with tons of action, attitutde and bursting with slick dialog. There are repraisal roles for the original cast with a third one being written as we speak. The action is great and the story hasn't been lost amongst the gun play. The irish accents need to be worked on but you can't have everything you want. Sean Patrick Flannery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly return as the saints, Connolly delivering a stellar perfomance and the boys just too cool for school. If you want a film thats easy to follow, has tons of action, cool characters you cant help but like and relate to then this cult classic is perfect for you.
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on 8 March 2011
Who is 'they'? I wonder. Billy Connolly utters this maxim sagaciously as if it's a widely held truth. Has anyone ever heard this ditty before?
To me this is why BS (an apt acronym) II and I are so poor. Latin, religion and philosophy are tossed about without any meaning, or connection to plot, in an effort to impress the uneducated.
BS II is slighty better than the original. It is a remake rather than a sequel. Defoe's camp, cross-dressing detective is replaced by camp, high-heeled lady detective. She's better than Defoe's ludicrous Puccini-listening imbecile. At least she is playing it for laughs. And she adds a touch of glamour to a very unsavoury production.
In this remake the long haired, stupid 'third' saint is replaced with (surprise) an almost identical long haired stupid sidekick. A sidekick who shouts 'Viva Mexico' after he shoots people. He's Mexican you see (and he resembles Top Gear's Richard Hammond in some scenes where he grins inanely).
The film opens with a scene so stupid it's hard to believe. The saints have now got long beards and long hair...so we'll know they're Billy's issue. Seconds later they're cutting off their locks and showering in a highly homo-erotic scene that's sure to appeal to fans of this body penetrating 'get down on your knees while I plug ya!' genre. It's all very 'rainy day'.
The dialogue is an endless stream of 'take it up the khyber pass' and similar uninventive invective. Puerile profanity is the norm.
Anyway, ignoring the additional stupidity of the Saints being multilingual (let's face it they can't even speak English), I'll state why this gets 2 stars instead of none.
There is a closing scene that is reminiscent of FFC's Godfather where Connolly meets his nemesis - an old, wheelchair bound, Mafia don. The guy playing the old Italian boss can actually act. He's very convincing (what's he doing in this movie?).
He manages to turn his few minutes of peaceful screentime into something memorable (contrary to Connolly unknown opening maxim) and even Connolly raises his game for a few minutes as they study each other in the old man's conservatory.
It can't last, of course, and minutes later Connolly shoots him dead at point blank range - an execution. A big feature of BS is that the 'heroes' love to shoot unarmed victims. This time it's an elderly invalid. Most saintly...
There is a surprise ending which I'd happily reveal if I could make sense of it, but like almost everything in BS it made no sense at all.
PS. To add to the dreadfulness there is an annoying propensity to use flashbacks (to BS part one) in this film - perhaps because BS viewers have an abnormally low attention span. They've used at least 5 flashbacks. The murder of the Mafia boss by the cowardly saints is shown as a flashback TWICE. It is very lazy filmmaking and makes it all even more tedious than it already is.
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on 26 March 2010
One of my favourite movies ever is Troy Duffys Boondock Saints .... the fantastic movie of 2 vigilante brothers that decide Evil cant go by unpunished .. The first took a very long time to actually get released but it did .... and even though it was slated by critics.. it became a cult classic!

I watched Boondock 1 just over year ago and was blown away, being a massive fan of vililante movies and from personal beliefs this movie spoke to me and i must have watched over 20 odd times... so imagine my excitement when I heard Boondock Saints 2 All Saints Day was being released!

With 3 times the budget and nearly the entire cast from the first moviw I couldnt wait ... and I have just watched it.

As a sequel Boondock 2 is brilliant... After the events of the first movie the Brothers are in Ireland laying low.. that is until a priest is murdered back in Boston and it is made to look like they did it ! .. and to quote El Duche "there is just one problem with there little plan ... It Worked" .. The Saints make there way back to Boston to finsh what they started 10 years ago. Not knowing who or why someone has led them out of hiding the Saints hit back at Yakavetta family and the rest of Bostons Scum.

The hapless police force are put back the case but this time they are more concerened with the fact they not only know who the saints are but aided and abetted 10 years ago, there problems grow even more when a FBI agent Eunice Bloom arrives on the scene .. hot on the trail of 2 vigilante brothers who are resposible for deaths of 22 Mobsters.

Boondock 2 ... is a very tongue in cheek viglante movie, all the ingredients are there that made the first so good, the brothers again played by the brilliant Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus are on top form, with very funny banter and OTT action scenes they are just as much fun to watch on screen.

I loved every minute of Boondock 2 ....... is saying this I can see that this film is not for everyone, critics will hate it as they did the first and as with the first there wil be lots of people who dont get what these movies are trying to say .

I for one love them both and cant wait for Boondock Saints 3 ..... please though Mr Duffy don't leave it 10 years this time!

In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.
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on 8 January 2014
Troy Duffy tried to hard on this one. Very disappointing as I loved the first one and was eagerly looking forward to seeing the sequel..
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on 20 March 2014
No my heading does not mean anything rude to non-Boondock fans it means a lot.

I love Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman because of the original Boondock Saints. Their friendship off screen really translates into the 2 movies.
I love this movie because of them. This is not as good as the first and the best bits are just Norman and Sean being themselves as the Murphy Brothers.
I hope they make a third, but it looks like not for quite a while if at all.
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on 9 January 2014
I'm a huge fan of the first film it's amazing. But this one is awful I ended up turning it off after 30 minutes.
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on 26 May 2014
Utterly pathetic, don't do it to yourself.
If you care about 2 hours of your life do not waste any on this.
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