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on 17 December 2010
Unlike the person writing the one-star review below I know little about gaming mice. This is the first gaming mouse I have owned and only the 3rd mouse I have ever owned. I do however do a lot of online gaming; CS:S, MW2, Black Ops, Battlefield etc, and consider myself at an above average skill level. I have owned this mouse for 7 months now so I feel that I'm in a good position to review it.

Before this mouse I had a wireless 800dpi Logitech which I can't complain about as it was all I knew. My reason for change was that I had read that I was hindering myself with a cordless mouse, and that I needed a wired mouse to cut down on response latency. My choice was nothing to do with dpi. I chose Razer because they were the best looking mice in my opinion, and the ratio of good to bad reviews was favourable. I chose the Imperator because it was the closest in shape to my old Logitech mouse. The price didn't seem too bad either; there were cheaper mice but there were also much more expensive mice.

The size, shape and weight of a mouse are all personal preferences so I won't say too much about this. The Imperator is quite a slight mouse, compared to other gaming mice. It has a fairly "conventional" shape with subtle lines. Grooves and lumps in all the right places though, like under the thumb and little finger and also on the main buttons so that my hand just kind of falls into place. My previous mouse was quite heavy (with 2 AA batteries inside) so the biggest learning curve for me was getting used to the fact that the Imperator is a light mouse, with no adjustment for weight like so many other gaming mice. This was my biggest concern before I bought the mouse. It turns out a lighter mouse was just what I needed though. I grip the mouse quite lightly with my thumb and little finger, rest my first finger on button 1 and my middle and ring fingers on button 2. I get pretty sweaty hands on occasion and when this happened I found I would often drop my old mouse any time I had reason to lift it off the mat. This would result in me gripping the mouse harder which would lead to fatigue more quickly. The Imperator has fixed this problem as I have never dropped this mouse and I can use it for hours with no hand or wrist fatigue.

The lightness of this mouse also seems to complement the high levels of sensitivity it is capable of. I've heard many times that pro gamers use 800dpi or lower. I really don't understand this as I have found that the increase in dpi has been the biggest influence on improving my gaming performance. I've tried many dpi settings from lowest to highest and my performance is at it's best at 2300dpi with in-game sensitivity dropped 50% from default. This allows me to make most of my in-game movements from my wrist and only move my whole arm for big movements such as turning 360. I've heard the argument that low dpi allows for greater accuracy and I understand the thinking behind this but I still disagree. I'm going to use a writing analogy to explain. When writing with a pen most people are capable of neater, more precise hand-writing when their hand is resting on the page and the pen movements are being controlled by the fingers and wrist. If you try to write by using whole arm movements most people will find their handwriting becomes illegible. My experience of using a mouse is very similar to using a pen; I am capable of much more precise movements when I move my hand from the fingers and wrist rather than from the shoulder or elbow. To allow me to do this I need the dpi high(ish).

The profile customisation and on-the-fly dpi adjustment this mouse offers are pretty cool too, but merely par for the course I believe. I could not do without these features now that I am used to them though. I have also heard of some reliability issues with this mouse but have not encountered them myself. On start-up Windows 7 will occasionally (once per month) not recognise that the mouse is plugged in, but this is easily fixed by unplugging the mouse and then plugging it back in again. I've also heard that the mouse is not built very well and will disintegrate quickly, again I cannot vouch for this as I have had the mouse for 7 months of heavy use, pouring sweat into it and allowing it to collect dirt and it never flinches and always cleans up good as new.

So to conclude, I originally chose this mouse because it was wired and looked good. In the 7 months of use I have so far had out of it I can definitely say that I use and now rely on every feature it has to offer, including it's wide dpi range and the size and weight (or lack of it) of this mouse. Using this mouse is an incredibly natural and organic experience. I believe it has been designed so that you forget it's in your hand and it certainly achieves that; it glides effortlessly, and every button falls under the correct finger. I love it's level of precision, and tracking an enemy with my reticule has now become as natural to me as writing my name. This mouse and my trusted ear buds have allowed my to get good enough at certain games to be accused of hacking by the opposing team. This is always a good sign in PC gaming. I highly recommend this mouse :)
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on 19 June 2010
Last year I bought a gaming PC and all the accessories I got with it were made by Razer. The mouse I had at the time was the Mamba, but a few days ago I decided to give the Imperator a go. To me, it's like they took the Mamba and made it better. The overall design is great for the palm, there's also a useful thumb groove. A problem I had with the Mamba was that my thumb would occasionally scrape my mat, but no longer with the Imperator. You can also change the DPI settings to your liking, for example, some mice, like the Abyssus, have pre-set DPIs, but with this you can tailor to your exact needs. Two buttons on the top of the mouse change the DPI up and down, there's also a handy on-screen display of what your current DPI is. The two side-buttons can also be moved towards the front or back of the mouse. I was surprised to see how sturdy the mechanism was, at first I was a bit sceptical. To me, it's not a big deal, but obviously it depends on your game or style.

This is a pricey mouse, but trust me, it's worth it. If you feel that it's still too much then I would recommend looking at other Razer products such as the Deathadder or Abyssus. Razer products may not be the cheapest PC accessories, but they are well worth the money you put down for them.
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VINE VOICEon 20 October 2010
I've been using those cheap mice for quite a long time. Tbh I was happy with them until I got to use this mice. I don't have to drag the mouse over the whole pad to get to the other end of the screen! You can change the options so that you don't jump right in into 5600DPI. The mice is very precise and every (slight) move is visible on the screen. Saves a lot of time. It might take some time to get used to it, but at the end of the day it's worth it.

There's a review on here saying that the mice is not good for games. Well it depends. You need to get used to the mice first as going from 500dpi to few thousand is not easy (especially the 1st day). Changing the dpi to 500 works fine. No problems at all (unlike the other review stated). Overall this is a great mice, I'd recommend it to any one who spends long hours in front of the computer.

UPDATE: Just thought I should update my review regarding gaming. Played Metro2033 a few times. I found this mice to be much better, as you can move around faster. It just takes a while to get used to it.
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on 14 August 2010
I wouldn't listen to the one star review below, I am an avid gamer and personally, playing on the likes of 400 DPI for me would be impossible. You'd have to have a large table, just for the mouse so you could turn. But thats irrelevant.

I recieved this mouse today to replace my old wireless microsoft intellimouse. It is quite frankly amazing. So much more responsive and the left mouse button doesn't stick down (Although that was from wear and tear) It is incredibly comfortable to use and feels, well 'right'.

There is one issue with this mouse however, which is on all the Razer mice with this sensor. When you lift it up it goes slightly diagonally down (probably about half a centimeter), however I would not let this dissuade you from buying. I had read it on the internet, and had I not been looking for it, I never would of noticed it.

Simply superb. Would buy another in an instant.
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on 18 June 2010
After spending half a day looking at all of the razer mice im glad i chose this one. I had the copperhead before and i must say it's alot more comfortable. The price wasnt to bad in my opinion and im hoping it will last me some time, it looks kinda fancy along size my razer lycosa keyboard also.
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on 23 August 2011
OK I've had this product for a while now so I've held off writing a review purposely so I can give my constructive feedback on it.
When it arrived it comes in a very nicely presented box and you automatically think I can see where my money has been spent !! (bit like perfume and aftershave !)
Of course the box probably goes in the bin and you're left with the bit you will be using over and over again - the mouse itself.
I'll be honest its not as good as I thought it would be and that's why I rated it 3 stars.

What's good about it is it feels good in your palm and its got on the fly sensitivity control depending on what you're doing with the mouse. Its also got a braided cord. The software that comes with it looks impressive where you can assign the controls etc. Its also got blue LEDs to light it up which looks good but has no other useful properties and if you want you can switch them off.

On the down side, the laser technology is not as good as it should be for the price. If you leave the mouse standing (pointer on screen) and gently hit the surface of your desk, the vibration will gradually send the mouse pointer in a north westerly direction up to the corner of the screen without the mousing physically moving on your desk. Not so noticeable at first but then when you do notice it, it bugs you more and more. Next, the mouse itself is prone to locking up, (no response when moving it) its happened a few times with me and in order to bring it back it involves unplugging the USB socket and plugging it back in. I can live with it... I guess, but should I have to for the princely sum I paid for it? circa £50 (GBP)

It has knocked my confidence in Razer products and I would certainly be looking at other makes first in future.

For info my Razer Imperator is not unique in its problems, there are plenty more reports of the same issues from others. I'm sure you can Google it or find videos on Youtube

If I knew then what I know now would I still buy one....? Definitely not !

** Update **

As of September 2014 - The Razer Imperator is now consigned to the trash ! Its basically stopped working altogether although not sure why. It kept disconnecting and reconnecting to the USB port on its own but has now stopped completely.
...What a piece of garbage !

I know its been discontinued (...the irony!) I have sourced another one (Jupiter 2500 DPI by Utechsmart via Amazon) so will see how that one fairs, once I have given it a good test run.

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on 19 April 2011
If not for one flaw this would be my perfect mouse.

Firstly, the good - it looks fantastic. Whereas many gaming mice try to look flashy with any number of neon lights this mouse achieves an understated, sleek look with nothing more than a muted, pulsing logo on the back. Not only does it look the part, but it's comfortable too. It's not overly large, nor overly small - supporting both styles of handling. Performance wise it's the bee's knees - never have I used smoother, more accurate mouse; This translates directly into in-game performance, and I can honestly say my 'headshot ability' has increased quite dramatically since ditching my old mouse (Roccat Kone Plus) and picking this one up.

Now, here's my niggle, what I perceive to be this mouse's biggest failing, its Achilles' Heel, the crux of the matter, the deciding factor, and so on and so forth...

I simply cannot comprehend the practically of coating the body of the mouse in a matte, non-slippy material, but not doing the same to the sections of the mouse where it matters most! Simply put, where you grip the mouse with your thumb and little finger (the left and right-hand sides) the mouse is nothing more than shiny, slippy plastic. This gives me all manner of problems after half-an-hours use or so. When my hand gets sweaty I lose grip on the mouse, and this can make it difficult to play at my full potential since I'm constantly readjusting my leverage on the mouse.

As such I'm afraid I'll have continue looking elsewhere for a mouse that I'm completely happy with. I'm sure this will serve me well as a secondary mouse (I split my time between two locations), but it shan't take pride of place in my heart.
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on 18 March 2011
I've been a Logitech mouse man for a long long time now. Always had them. Never really trusted any other unknown companies. But Logitech has lost it's ways recently with very bad driver support. Couldn't really use my recently bought Logitech G5 on Windows 7 64bit (it kept jumping around and changing it's sensitivity setting for no reason).

So a friend recommended I looked into these Razer mice. After alot of research I decided this one sounded perfect for me since I'm right handed and I didn't want one of those mice that's for both right and left handed people. This one feels perfect in my hand, I'll tell ya.

It looks great and has some small amounts of blue lights on it (wheel and faint Razer sign can be seen at a certain viewing point).

The settings for the mouse is great and I absolutely love how it glides around. Very accurate. I also got me a soft Razer mousemat (used to be partial towards hardmats) and it makes the mouse glide around perfectly.

The adjustable thumb buttons can be moved forward or backwards but in my opion (and a friend of mines) they can't really be moved back far enough. You can easily reach one of them while playing but it takes a bit of effort to reach the other one (so I usually map that button to a lesser used function).

Overall if I'd somehow lose this mouse I'd most likely buy the exact same model again (or maybe another type of Razer mouse).
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on 7 December 2010
I have to admit, with my first razer mouse it is incredible! Adjustable buttons on the side, fast responsive scroll wheel and plenty of buttons for gaming use. 5600 dpi is way to much, but it at least allows you to customize its responsiveness. So basically you will never have to upgrade for a faster mouse. I gave it 4 stars because the mac drivers are pretty laking. Since I game mostly on bootcamp on my mac, its not that much of a problem, buts it a inconvenience. Overall, brilliant mouse for a brilliant price.
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on 6 December 2011
I want to edit my review now it's been a year of using this mouse and I think my original assessment was a little unfair. It has turned out to be a reliable mouse for me and despite the initial connection hiccups I've since had no real issues. I've also changed my mousemat to one made from a cloth material and this has really helped with gliding and tracking. Originally I was using a smooth, plastic surface and had problems with that (tracking/mouse feet friction).

What I particularly like about the mouse is the shape but it is difficult to recommend based on that because we each have our own preferences. The side buttons can be adjusted to suit your thumb position, which does accommodate different hand shapes to an extent (it's a little more gimmick than customizable). The buttons have so far not degraded, which was the problem with my previous Deathadder model. I also really like the software with this and changing profiles can be as quick as a mouseclick.

Overall, I'm awarding it 4 stars due to the fact it's been reliable and suits my needs, as it provides seven clickable buttons (plus scrolling mousewheel) in good positions and excellent accompanying software. It loses a star due to not quite living up to its high cost at the time of purchase.
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