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on 9 November 2017
One of the very few that I have discovered is compatible with Windows 10. However, the software disc supplied is out of date so you must download the latest version from the ION website instead. In order to download this software, you must have I Tunes, which you may have to uninstall and reinstall. It is also recommended to use the latest Audacity software 2.1.2 to eliminate any hissing or crackling on your originals. This device then works very well. The quality of course, depends on that of the originals.
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on 24 December 2017
worked great for a few hours ... then it stopped working properly. The rewind button won't rewind unless you have your finger on it all the time and the same applies to the play button. As soon as you take your finger off it stops playing.
Quality of conversion is good tho .. and there's a 'gain' function on the software so you can turn up the quiet stuff.
It also splits all the tracks into individual tracks, so you press play (when it's working properly) and just leave it to convert the entire tape.
However, it can be a little hit and miss sometimes with respect to cutting the very end off or the very beginning (last or first second)... not all the time, but sometimes.
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on 3 June 2017
I wasn't expecting much from this set up but I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the recordings it makes and it's easy of use. It must be remembered that the source is old audio tapes so the end result is not going to be CD quality. I have found it necessary to edit the first and last tracks due to the intro and exit times. It would have been nice if the software included this facility but there are many free applications available that will do this.
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on 30 October 2013
I did buy a TaoTronics® TT-CM001 Portable USB Tape Cassette To PC / MP3 Converter and there were many good points about it.

However the ION iTR03 Tape Express Tape to MP3 Converter pipped it at the post and proved to be the more significant item

The Good bits
This was a very good cassette tape to mp3 option.

Integrated with Auddacity with very little issues.

Initally the cassette player design seemed retro and basic as it is very similiar to the old sony walkman design.

I am guessing though that if you need cassettes converting then the design becomes genius in its simplicity.

The software loaded fine on windows 7 and the software update instructions were very intuitive with the first visit to the support website was fully operational and easy to navigate. [Not as common as you might think]

Opening the box was very impressive and I didn't need any extra things to get started and within minutes of installing I was good to go.

If you looked on the cd there was great instructive pdfs explaining everything you needed to do. It would have been nice had they provided this as a printed document. Would have taken the packaging from reasonable to superior.

The bad bits
insufficient documentation
It felt flimsy and easily beakable [it never broke however]
you have to stop and start recording in order to seperate the tracks or use audacity to seperate later.
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on 22 April 2011
I read all the reviews on here and was uncertain about buying this as it had a lot of differing reviews.

However, upon receipt, it was a real doddle to use. Just plug it into a USB port (worked absolutely fine without a power supply, and that was off the back of a keyboard USB port) using the supplied cable (though its a mini USB output anyway) and then I installed the software provided. The software was really simple and its just a case of pressing play on the tape and record on the software. You can then add track breaks if you need to manually as its going on. At the end of the recording / tape side, you click next and it converts to itunes. Thats pretty much all there is to it. I adjusted the thumb wheel on the tape player to max and left the gain on the software alone and it worked great.

I recorded a spoken audio tape and the result was excellent, with no hiss or variations in tape speed or any of the other problems people have encountered.

I then downloaded Audacity (which is only in Beta for Win 7 and Vista) and had a quick look. Maybe I will use that if the supplied really simple software is insufficient for my needs, but Audacity does look overly complicated for my need and would not recognize the Ion tape drive as a recording source. Maybe this is because its beta or maybe I overlooked something, but either way, the supplied software worked fine and did all I needed.

The unit itself is pretty simple and the cover feels a bit fragile, but I wont be taking it out and about (you wouldnt want to as its a bit ugly) and once my tapes are converted (will that ever take some hours), I'll not be using it again. Its got a headphone socket which was a surprise, so I guess it "could" be used standalone with a 3V power supply. Flimsy or not, it must have a warranty and it wont take me over a year to copy my tapes, so it will do what I want.

So all in all, does what it says and does it well at a pretty decent price.

I'm a pretty critical user of gadgets and although not the prettiest or most robust thing, its more than good enough and the feeling of having my old tapes on my computer so easily was good.
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VINE VOICEon 2 August 2010
In theory this is a great idea. I have several cherished tapes that I would like to convert to CD or MP3. To be able to do this without trying to connect my computer with my aged hi-fi seemed like a no-brainer. Unfortunately so far the results have been a let down.

The tape player itself is flimsy & appears cheaply constructed. I could forgive this if the conversation worked well. However, first of all you have to install iTunes on your computer as well as the EZ Converter software. The Tape player has to be connecetd up to your computer for this & for each time you use the conversion program (reasonable I suppose & the player comes with the appropriate connecting lead). The player does not include a mains lead but can be run off the supplied USB cable. I followed all the steps in the instructions on the CD to convert a tape. The automatic track detection does not work very well so manually setting them is best. Sometimes my recordings have an horrendous hum all the way through which makes them almost impossible to listen to. I am trying to resolve this using the Magix Audio Cleaning software that I have for vinyl conversion, but eliminating the hum tends to result in a 'recorded live in a drain pipe' sound. I still haven't discovered the cause of the hum which is not always present. However, when the hum isn't there this device works pretty well. So 5 stars when it works properly, 1 star when it doesn't, and I'm giving an average of 3 stars overall. Ion need to resolve this issue as the unit is not exactly cheap for what it is...
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on 24 November 2011
Agree with other reviewer, plug in the unit before you do anything. This updates drivers before you start. I am running W7 64 bit, it's fine. I use the basic software supplied as I really just want to listen to ancient tapes, and the sound quality is adequate. One problem found that it says that it was unable to copy one tape to iTunes. However when I looked in my music folder it was there, and I could play, save and move through Media Player. I'd rather not get involved with iTunes anyway, I don't use anything else I need it for.
One thing, it seems flimsy, so other than being careful and handling gently what can I say. Not good for stubby impatient hands. Still I got it at a very good price within 24 hours and it works. I'm happy.
Few days later - You may find that you need to download a more recent EZ version, the one supplied with the machine is 4, the newest is 7. I am now going to try uninstalling iTunes and EX and try Audacity. (glutton for punishment) as there are issues with iTunes about not converting (have a look on some forums, search Ion tape express problems). When it works it's good. I re-recorded and anciet Who tape. No worries.
A week later. I uninstalled EZ and iTunes, installed the latest Audacity Beta. Works like a charm. You must (MUST) read the nice manual though because you have to make sure your sound device is chosen as the appropriate one for Audacity. If you have attached the ION first, the new device will show and it can be chosen. You have to choose it each time you attach the unit. Also to save a file you must EXPORT not Save As. The software is very helpful, but you must read it. I'm happier even than before.
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on 9 November 2015
Bought this to digitise my old audio books before the tapes degraded too badly. I've done a few tapes so far and can say that this bit of kit is exactly what I hoped it'd be.

The hardware feels pretty solid. The only down point is the cassette cover which feels a little flimsy, but not in danger of breaking any time soon. The controls are as you'd expect and work just like old walkmans etc.

Like other reviewers I've been recording into Audacity rather than into the default software. The default software is great for determining that the hardware is working correctly, but I wanted more control over the recording. The unaltered audio quality is acceptable, but you can then run the audio through Audacity's noise cancelling effect and it sounds like it came from a CD rather than tape.
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on 19 February 2013
An earlier review spoke about preferring the supplied Audacity software to the optioanl iTunes.
I went all over the files on the disc but could find nothing to do with Audacity, so perhaps they've changed things since that review was written, or I'm a numpty.
Anyway, the iTunes software works fine with one proviso - whatever you do get a longer USB cable than the one supplied, and move the player as far away as possible from your processor and keyboard when transferring files.
I got a background buzz on headphones from the Ion, and found that the problem was that the player was too close to my keyboard (18 inches).
Once I moved it several feet away it worked well, with good sound.
The only other problem was that, when the side you're transferring has finished, the screen pages on to a blank list of titles so that you can name that tune. Be careful when you're doing this. I missed one out and only found that I'd named all the following ones wrongly when I'd moved on. Unfortunately, there's no way back to amend a title that I can find - the only option, if it matters, is to delete the tracks and re-record them. It's a slow process - one a day will take me about two years - but the results are quite satisfactory.
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on 23 June 2011
Very easy to set up - essentially an old fashioned Walkman style player connected via USB cable to your pc.
The software which comes with the kit is crude and clumsy, especially the enforced use of ITunes. I definitely recommend Audacity, - this only takes a few minutes to download and set up.

The cassette player feels cheap and low build quality but seems to do the job reasonably well. I'd expect something more robust for the price. Doubt if it will last very long as I have a lot of cassettes to convert.

I tried converting old cassettes to MP3 using a home cassette deck - this is less bulky and the USB combined audio interface/power supply is more convenient. No fiddling about with 3.5 mm jack headphone to mic cables.

I tried the supplied EZ software and it failed on two key points - it tried to divide spoken work tape tracks into lots of very short tracks so i had to turn that option off - and it popped up a dialog box that the import to ITunes had failed although ITunes was still importing quite happily. The file created on ITunes ignored all of the albun, artist and track info I had typed in and was just called Temp0. Audacity is far better. I can place the file where I want and ITunes 'add file to library' only takes a few seconds if I want to add it later.
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