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on 16 April 2016
I bought this DVD when it was first released and this is the first time that I have revisited it since.

This is the type of film that British cinema does best. Caine is superb as Harry Brown; an elderly former Royal Marine, who lives alone on one of London's housing estates which has become an urban wilderness populated by violent youth gangs and drug dealers. Following his only friend being murdered by the vicious youths who infest the estate something in Harry gives and his former military training and sense of justice comes back with a vengeance and his seeks retribution for the death of his friend when the authorities prove sympathetic but unable to deal with the situation.

This is a vivid picture of the futility of life on an urban estate and the social prison in which many elderly and respectable people find themselves trapped by the violent and unsavoury society which has grown up around them.

A really excellent movie which is absolutely classic Michael Caine.
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on 25 May 2014
I saw this at the cinemas and was very glad I did, right from the start the realistic documentary style footage and violent subject matter shows how relevant, gritty and fierce this film is going to be. The cinematography, editing, lighting and colouring is effectively stylised to overall give a convincing, realistic, gritty and recognisably British look to the darker side of life in Britain's run-down estates.

Performances by young and old are astounding, very convincing, especially Ben Drew (a.k.a Plan B), Emily Mortimer and other gang members & drug barons throughout the film. Of course Michael Caine is on top form in a lead role, which looks back to his similar character in Get Carter, except Caine has matured in many ways with age - in this role expressing much more raw emotion and cold determination. His age is the characters vulnerability and what risks him throughout his vendetta, which is ultimately what keeps us on the edge of our seat and helps us relate and feel empathy to a character who is suffering and in fear from violence & anti-social behaviour.

The film still feels very relevant today; hard-hitting, controversial and unfortunately realistic in its subject matter and anti-social commentary, which is why in the end I suppose we as the audience feel so much for Michael Caine's character fighting back against it. Overall, I would highly recommend this film for any fan of Michael Caine's edgier work and any action / British / gangster film fans who somehow haven't yet seen this.
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on 31 January 2018
A surprisingly realistic story of the problems of pensioners living in high-rise flats. The complex in which Harry Brown lives is rife with drug selling and taking by a gang of low life youths. Brown`s friend tries to take them on and loses his life. The rest of the film concerns Brown taking out his vengeance on the gang in a remarkably explicit way. It really is hard stuff and wont be for the faint hearted. Michael Caine stars as Brown in what I consider to be one of his best performances
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on 21 January 2014
Ever since Charles Bronson starred in `Death Wish' the theme of a - usually - mild-mannered individual taking up arms in pursuit of avenging a loved one lost to the undesirable elements of society has been well-known. Over the years there have been various takes on it and here, for the first time to my knowledge, we have the British take on it.

Our very own Michael Caine takes the titular role of `Harry Brown' - an ex-marine who now lives in one of London's roughest estates. When his best friend is murdered by a gang of young thugs, he takes the law into his own hands and starts meeting out deadly retribution. However, anyone expecting anything in the way of `action' will be left sorely disappointed. This has to be the most `subdued' version of the `classic revenge-thriller' ever made. Whereas you could almost cheer Paul Kersy on in Death Wish, here, you can almost feel the reluctance in Michael Caine as he is forced to `despatch' yet another brainless thug from his housing estate.

Like I say, there isn't much action and - believe it or not - there isn't as much violence as you might expect from a film like this. This is more about the man himself and how he deals with having to -technically - kill out of wartime (and also civilians, albeit evil ones).

This is a dark and gritty tale of one of London's worst parts. It's definitely not feelgood and the overall vibe I took from this film was one of sadness. So, if you're a fan of Michael Caine, you should automatically love this. Otherwise, it's one that you have to prepare yourself for a peek into a world you probably do your best to avoid.
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on 25 May 2011
Michael Caine as the gentle geriatric ex-marine avenger who lives in the council estate from hell is magnificent as Harry Brown who takes umbridge at the killing of his mate and slays the low life responsible. They are scumbags of the first order who richly deserved their fate and I am ashamed to say that when our Michael set about fulfilling this valuable service to his local community I felt an inward sense of satisfaction that he did his duty as a good citizen. I somehow felt that a few hours community service or a good talking to by the local constable would not have been sufficient punishmnent for them. Caine has seldom been better and brilliantly portrays a decent man who feels forced by circumstances to take the law into his own hands when the usual methods proved unsuccessful. The characters he kills are portrayed superbly and the filming captures the bleak surroundings of a high rise council estate that after the demise of the local riff-raff, courtesy of Harry Brown, settles into relative peace and tranquility. The moral of the story I leave to you.
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on 3 September 2017
harry brown is a ex marine who lives on a rough housing estate. his only friend is murderedin the subway and he is after the culprits in a big way. this is a gritty drama showing drug use and violence. this film shows how some peoples lives are made a misery by others.
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on 26 October 2017
This is a story about a retired SAS guy who seeks revenge for the death of his old pal by drug induced thugs in a depraved but once safe area.
Brilliant film, I’d forgotten how Good it was. Will have to watch it again.
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on 10 March 2014
i always enjoy films starring sir michael caine,especially when the films show how good of an actor he really is. it isnt a picnic in the sun so if you are adverse to violence and there is quite alot of it,strong in parts too,and drug themes then be aware or stay clear of this film completely.but if you enjoy mr caine then its a must for you. the reason why i didnt give it a 5 star rating is because i have seen better films out there which shares the same themes but it is still a cracker so i would defo recomend harry brown. happy shopping
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on 21 April 2016
Michael Caine is great and it's nice to see David Bradley in such a good movie. All the cast play their parts well. But lets face it, it's a vigilante movie. It's nicely shot but the script goes exactly where you know it will go. (and want it to go, to be fair). Think Death Wish in Romford and you've pretty much got it.
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on 7 May 2018
In his first outing as director Michael Cain produces a gritty movie about life on an estate in London.
As an ex marine Harry Brown struggles toncome to terms with the gang culture on his estate. Following a tradegy hecan no longer sit back a watch ...
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