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on 15 September 2016
Connected: Gainforce GTX970 (mini-display port) to an ultra wide (full DisplayPort) Asus monitor (2560 x 1080)
Does it work near a mobile phone?
I've suffered no interference on my monitor from my mobile which lives on the desk next to it.

How it works for me?

Concerns over cable quality:
Collective negative reviews paint a picture of a thin, weedy cable that's badly manufactured. I'm not sure how they decide if it's a "quality" cable or not. Like me, no doubt the only basis some "Mr B Hornet-Face from Wolverhampton" has as a basis for comparison on any electrical lead is an average each of our brains has made over all the years of all (or lack of) cables we've handled. Before a review can be written or the physical item be bought in a shop we must have an internal purchasing conversation to decide that. For me and a cable (and 99.5% of all reviewers no doubt) it generally goes:

Q: Is it a bit thicker than usual?
A. Yes. Its just shy of a thin-ish worm.

Q. Have you read the product specification to ensure it will complete the job you want to use it for?
A. No, that's what asking a question is for.

Q. Are you sure the bits on each end are the correct ones you need to connect your items? (If not, see the Questions footnote).
A. Yes.

Q. Are the ends gold with a fully-complete black wire connecting them? Gold must be seen or at least mentioned somewhere.
A. Yes everything looks visually complete. I see gold.

Q: When you bend it can you feel the internal wires folding and bursting in an attempt to get out? (refer to cheap eBay ethernet cable purchase for practical example)
A. No. I can't feel the wires inside at all even if I make quite a tight turn. It also has the necessary resistance to force ratio I like to have when making such a bend.

Q. Inspect the cable where the bend just was. Are there any visual marks it was ever bent?
A. No, looks new still. I'm happy with it's overall bendiness.

Q. Does it feel more rubbery than it does plastic-y?
A. Yes. Yes it does. My fingers like it.

Q. Is it lighter than you expected?
A. Oooh no, there's definitely some grammage there.

Q. As per the "standard cable budget" does it cost less than £8.99 (please note for most cables at the top end of that bracket should be at least 3m in length but ideally 5m)
A. Yes, it's only 1.8m in length but as it's on sale it's now firmly back in the "good value" category.

Q. Do you have any technical knowledge of cable manufacturing techniques or processes, anything to do with any part of the internal componentry used within this cable or indeed have any idea what's in the black wire at all let alone having the merest inkling of how it magically connects and works those twos items on each end of it?
A. No, none whatsoever.

Result: Good enough. Get it in the basket.

Further notes on questions (like resolution capabilities):
If I'm not sure, instead of googling my Product Model and checking the resolution under a heading likely called "Resolution" I'd rather get someone else to answer it for me. I'll just post the 318th question about what resolution it can handle rather than reading the supplied product description of the cable which clearly states anything up to and including 4k @ 60hz over DIsplayPort 1.2 and gives the maximum pixel rate for 4k if you aren't sure what that maximum actually is. (So "Yes", either your PC/Macs gpu or monitor/screen combination will be the bottleneck not the cable). As a question-asker I may or may not even return the topic at a later date. If I do get the right answer that is found to be correct I also won't vote it up as a solution/helpful answer. I'm also aware when asking a question this could get me the correct answer but will also attract the Guessers, the Ill-Informed (it is possible to become a member of both with a single answer) and my favourite group, the Clueless who provide such (real and actually posted) answers of:

"I don't know, I don't own one. Sorry".

To respond to a question on a product you have zero knowledge on and don't even own is also beyond me let alone why you think your input is in any way helpful to that person or any of the subsequent 100s of people who will read it for all eternity who do like to read the Questions section to find the answer themselves before they also post the same or at best slight variation of the question over and over.
Like many others after me, I thank you for making our lives shorter.
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on 23 January 2018
Review of the Startech Mini DP to DP cable StarTech.com 6 ft Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Adapter Cable M/M - DisplayPort 4k with HBR2 support - 6 feet Mini DP to DP Cable

Purchased this 4 years ago (January 2014) to use with my Macbook Pro 2012 and the DELL U2713HM monitor. Works very well giving the full 2560 x 1440 on my monitor along with audio on the monitor speakers.

I have also used this at my parents house with a DELL U2414H monitor with no issues

My Macbook pro has now been upgraded to a 2015 model. On this the mini dp connector is not a snug fit so would disconnect easily. Upon further research I believe this is down to the laptop casing and would affect all cables. A small piece of card above the mini dp connector has proven to be a convenient workaround.

Please do let me know if this review was helpful. Thanks
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on 5 May 2016
It didn't work well with my Dell U2515H the screen kept going black and to bring it back to life I had to pull the cable out and put it back in again and sometimes reboot the PC. I have read comments from other reviewers who say this problem can caused by close proximity of a mobile phone - so I am experimenting with leaving my mobile phone in another room - which seems a ridiculous thing to have to do in the 21st Century.

There dont seem to be a large variety of these mini display port to display port cables on sale which makes me think this has not turned out to be a good way of connecting a monitor to a PC.

My PCs graphics card has a DVI socket as well as display port - so I am going to buy a mini display to DVI port connector next. I am hoping if I try enough cables one of them must work.
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on 15 October 2017
Connecting AOC I2069Vm to MSI GL62 6QD.
This does the trick. At first I thought I had a problem as I had bought another cable and was getting the AOC screen breaking up so I bought this cable. Was getting similar problems with this cable, but fine if I used HDMI. As the monitor was an Amazon warehouse purchase I wondered if it was faulty so tried my laptop with the cable and my sons monitor (same model). That worked perfectly so was not cable or laptop. Tried it again with my monitor & hey presto it worked. Maybe the cable just needs firmly seating.
In summary it seems a good cable that does its job.
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on 12 August 2016
I researched this a fair bit as I was getting frustrated with some other 'cheap' DisplayPort cables I've purchased in the past. And the good news is that this cable works perfectly with my MacBook Pro 15 (Early 2014) and my 4K monitors (even running them all at the same time):

BenQ BL3201PT
Samsung U24E590D
Samsung U28E590D

It supports full 4K UHD at 60hz over DisplayPort 1.2 with no issues.

I have also tested it under a 'stressed' environment of running all three monitors as well as the MacBook's retina display - and all fine (part from the MacBook's GPU getting a bit warm!).

I'm very happy with the build quality and I have not had the sort of issues that I've experienced with other cheap/generic displayport cables (such as temporary signal loss, flickering etc..)

Also tested on a MacBook Air 11 (2015) and works great too.

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on 22 November 2017
I bought this to go with the Startech mini displayport KVM ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00ZR18VPS )
Previously bought 3 of the 1m ones which worked fine but I needed a longer one. First one I received did not work at all at any resolution on either PC. Amazon replaced this immediately. Replacement kind of works, but is not stable at 4K on my system. Not sure if I was just unlucky with this batch or whether the problem is inherent to the product.
I bought a different brand UGreen ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00V053D4O ) and this works perfectly with the KVM
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on 13 January 2016
I've been using a Mini Displayport to HDMI cable via an HDMI <-> DVI-D adapter with my Dell U2312HM for 4 years at this stage and it started to have connection issues. It was time to get a new cable and luckily I've found out my monitor also has a Displayport.

I really love this cable, it connects securely into the monitor, is finally way smaller than my previous setup (which was sticking out in the bottom).

I am running 1080p on it from a Macbook Pro 2011.

You would need this cable if you plan to run higher than 1080p resolutions as via DVI that requires a dual-link DVI connector, which needs extra power and/or is expensive. And there's less room for error via a direct cable than via multiple adapters.

The cable has the same thickness as the official Apple Thunderbolt cable.
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on 18 November 2014
Bit of a mixed review here if you can call it that.

As of mid November 2014, 6 weeks after buying the cable, I still can't get it to work. I have a Dell U2410 and a dual booted MBP 17" from mid 2010. I got this so my bother could link his 360 to the monitor via HDMI and I could keep my Mac connected via display port, rather than the Mini-display port to HDMI I was currently using.

Usually this kind of thing is plug and play. So I was very surprised when my Dell reported no input on the display port line. I switched back to the HDMI to make sure I wasn't doing something stupid but when that worked and the new cable didn't I was stumped. I tried switching OS, updating drivers and forcing the mac to turn off the GPU and make it use its on board graphics to see if there was some kind of input issue. Nothing worked.

However I haven't given up for a couple of reasons. I have never used the Dells display port in before and have no reason to believe it actually works. The mini-display out on my mac is also damaged, dropping out the green pixels if the angle is wrong with both my long and short HDMI cables. It doesn't look good but until I can confirm what is broken and what isn't I can't slag the cable off. It arrived promptly, was amply packaged and was so cheap it would cost more for me to send it back than keep it, so it could have been a lot worse.
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on 7 September 2014
Great value, does exactly what it says - transmits audio and video, no problems whatsoever...

Should be noted that in most cases ONLY DisplayPort will transmit full '2k' signals the majority of the time, with VGA / HDMI (single channel / connection) / DVI not being able to - don't buy yourself a new monitor that supports 2K, and then sell yourself short with anything less than DP!

Absolutely ZERO point in paying big make prices, when this cable performs EXACTLY the same (don't believe the cable hype!)

Well recommended - connecting my iMac to a brand new Dell U2713HM and performing flawlessly.

Also, the 'latching', whilst it make plugging the cables in ever so slightly more snug than normal, you can be relatively assured that they won't fall out of your monitor / device, if you have to move the cables around at all... very good inclusion in the price.
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on 25 August 2017
I purchased this product (6ft length) for occasional use with a laptop and I have recently found that, with certain laptops, the connection with a 4K monitor @60Hz is not stable. It causes visual artifacts and frequent, random temporary loss of sync, which makes it impossible to work with.
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