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on 6 August 2011
An excellent point-and-click puzzle game with some very good atmospheric sound effects and eerier visuals which kept me coming back to the computer for more. Some parts did become frustrating to progress and resulted in me going back over areas I'd been to before to see if there was anything I missed (which I had) but once I'd got them it gave a better feeling of accomplishment and made for a good experience. A good mixture of solving puzzles and flicking switches tied together with an excellent story line and good graphics.
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on 13 April 2017
good game, but different to what I am used to.
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on 25 July 2017
Good game
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on 12 February 2011
A really good atmospheric game. My only slight beef is that it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Unless you click in exactly the right place on the screen you can go round in circles for hours! Other than that a great game.
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on 20 May 2015
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on 24 February 2015
it met my expectations.
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on 15 January 2015
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on 7 August 2010
Last time I played a game like this was about 15 years ago.

I was in the mood for something where one has to use the mind more than brawn (i`m usually into violent shooters\strategy games) and decided to try this.

I was in for a bit of a shock when, in 1st person the screen simply slide-showed to the next bit of street or wall or whatever. A shock when used to smooth 1st person games where walking down a street is nothing for games these days to do. Strange how the maker of this game decided to go decade-retro.

However, it kinda works since you do end up focusing on the puzzle to solve rather than eye candy - and the graphics are not that bad, there is some moving animatiom such as fog and light glow. My main gripes with games like these is because of their nature they barely show people. I can understand in a spooky lighthouse, but before that there`s a small village port with people and a pub, but you only see one barely animate drunk stuck to a wall. You hear people laughing in the pub, but of course you can`t enter.

And that`s another thing that mars games like these somewhat, the invisble forcefield barrier or objects that don`t work until they feel like it. I don`t like not being able to go up a stairs just because it`s a bit dark or being stopped going up a stairs because there maybesomething spooky there. The lantern\torch you get is also illogical; there are many dark places in the game, but the lantern shines only where it wants to if it helps the plot along. Don`t like. This kind of thing makes it hard to plod along logically thinking out the puzzles when illogical things like this happen.

However...having pretended this is normal, I am finding it quite an absorbing game. Nice sound effects and graphics. Good, intellectual story with the odd surprise to discover. There`s definitely some kind of love and depth put into this game and I suspect that the faults I mentioned earlier are down to limitations of personell than ambition.

Good game if you want to retro-game and help train those brain muscles more than mindlessly playing the standard RTS.

Well, finally got to the end of the game after a month. Hardwork. There was one bit where I could not understand the riddle at all and I`m ashamed to say I had to look up a cheat for it after wrestling with it for days. I STILL didn`t understand the logic of the puzzle afterwards which is most irritating. Still if the answer had been really easy I would`ve felt even more annoyed for cheating on that bit. Also, certain places where there should be life were conspicuously absent for no logical reason (basic game-engine limit no doubt). Interesting plot while highly unlikely reason why the lighthouse was the way it was. It certainly won`t be what you expect. I was also curious (midway in the game- without giving away spoilers) about the light house and decided to check it up. This place actually EXISTS! It`s real. I must visit it sometime.

I would only advise playing this if you like a bit of mental torture and are very, very stubborn to finish once you start, like me!
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on 19 December 2009
I was hooked from the start. The story is immersive and atmospheric. The Director's Cut is a huge improvement over the original.

The author has filled in many of the blanks. The narrative is greatly enhanced.

The opening sequence is eerie, with drifting mist, a haloed moon and a drunken sailor muttering about the lighthouse.

Your character has been blamed for a past horror - and journeys into different time periods, trying to change what happened,
and thereby clearing your name. Why did specific characters disappear?

There is a powerful Dark Intelligence, and The Dark Intelligence isn't just dark, it's inhumanly ruthless.
Shadowy manifestations flicker out of the corner of your eye as you interact with the "spirits" trapped in the lighthouse.

The author's attention to detail is excellent. He is spot-on when portraying the Lighthouse Gift Shop, for example,
as history books adorn the shelves, along with replicas, paperweights and coffee mugs.

A satisfying tale, well told.
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on 18 March 2010
This game was originally made for much earlier versions of Windows and supposed to have been remastered for Vista. The graphics are pretty basic and pixelated sometimes but the sound effects and atmospheric music are good.
A lighthouse which seems to deserted because the three men there have vanished, is visited by a young cartographer with the job of finding out what happened to them.
Near the beginning of the game we came to a standstill because of a fault in the program which had not been rectified. Having checked out walkthroughs, it was obvious what the next step was in the adventure( you had to board a boat in the harbour) but it took several attempts to persuade the program that we were clicking on the right item. Once that hurdle was cleared the rest of the game proceeded well.
A classic point and click adventure with most of the right ingredients; you interact with objects and move around using the mouse. It's mostly non-linear, which sometimes was disadvantageous; you wander around the same place but on different time levels, the earliest was the Stone Age and latest was 2004. You find you have to return to the different time levels repeatedly to pick up clues to the main puzzles which need solving to progress.
Prevoius reviews have implied your actions directly affect events in the story and you have a choice about the actions. In fact you have no control over the events because they have been fixed from the beginning.
Most of the puzzles are challenging, a couple didn't make sense even with the answers in front of us, but mostly an enjoyable mixture of finding hidden switches and solving codes.
At the end of the game you are left to work out what the story ( which was loosely based on fact) meant. We thought it was saying, we the gameplayer, were the ghosts the characters in the story were experiencing.
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