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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2010
I previously purchased a "wind up radio" from a large electrical high street outlet, no names of course (Maplin) and it said on the packet "One 1 minute wind will give half an hour of radio play " really? not in this dimension, you were lucky to get 3 minutes of playing time!!!

So i was understandably wary of another wind up radio, but having read the reviews I thought it worth speculation with another £15 or so.
And i must say its marvelous, give it an overnight charge via USB and al you need do after that is leave it @ an area where the blue charger light will light up and Voila its charging viz the solar panel.

Super smashing Lovely
Im going to invest in another one for my duaghter coz she keeps using mine and changing the channel from Radio Scotland or Radio 4 to some infernal pop music rubbish-lol
regards to all
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on 27 July 2010
This little radio as been so well liked in developing countries that I have left them as presents: one in India, the other in a remote village in South America. What did attract them was the lack of use of electricity and being powered by sun, which is PLENTY in those countries

very good, also nice to be back to something that is not digital!!!

Glad I bought it!!!
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on 12 June 2012
I wanted a little radio for when I'm pottering about the greenhouse / garden and this fits the bill perfectly. It's very sturdy with a rubberised finish that has so far withstood various knocks / drizzle / crumbs of compost. I've had the radio for about 6 months now and have used it regularly outside for about 3 months.

Plus points:
- stays charged from the sun most of the time if left in a sunny spot (the greenhouse in my case)
- red indicator light tells you if the radio is charging
- when the charge runs low (after some hours of use), a 1-minute wind-up keeps it going for another half-hour or so
- good reception for both FM and AM
- capacity for nice loud volume if needed
- torch is surprisingly powerful (but a narrow beam)

Minus points:
- sound quality is not great but you wouldn't buy this radio for the sound quality
- a bit fiddly to tune it using the rotary switch and I also find the tuning drifts slightly after a while
- volume seems to vary spontaneously at times
- top buttons are a bit small and fiddly
- instructions are not overly useful

I charged it up using the USB connection when I first got it but it hasn't been necessary since then. I've used it many times when I've been out in the garden the entire day and it's kept going all day if sunny, with a few windings to keep it going later in the day. I mostly listen to sport on it so the tinny tones don't trouble me. I've now started using it indoors doing some decorating because it's so handy to perch on a window-sill.

I've never used the alarm so can't comment on that but I've been absolutely delighted with this radio so far. I can see it being handy for days out / camping as well. I've actually grown so fond of it that I've even given it a name!
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on 5 January 2011
This was my second purchase of this radio. I bought the first earlier this year to use while working in my greenhouse and it ran all summer on solar power without the need to wind it. This latest purchase was as an additional Christmas present for my sister and she was delighted with it. Super little radio, amazing price and on both occasions delivered very promptly by the seller - absolutely satisfied
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on 28 September 2010
This is a very impressive radio - from new, it has kept charge and not required any cranking. The 'solar charging' indicator is activated in dull, low daylight situations, and is obviously sufficient to keep the unit charged from day to day.

The reception is very good, and travelling around the UK I've found that stations are pulled in (both AM and FM) which are 'iffy' on other, supposedly 'better quality' radios.

With regard to the sound quality: you're never going to achieve HI-FI reproduction with a small speaker, and expectations should be set accordingly. It does reproduce speech very clearly, and is very handy for picking up sports commentary. Listening to music is acceptable, especially on FM, if you accept the limitations of the unit.

I did look at other options which offered a torch in addition to the radio, but struggled to think of a time when that would be useful. Having opted for the radio only, I haven't missed the lack of a flashlight.

I've been delighted with the purchase, and would recommend it
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on 19 July 2009
Bought this radio to take with me to work, and its ideal, it is slightly smaller than I thought it would be (h70mm x w130mm x d35) but the volume is surprisingly good for the size and definately enough for what I need. It has a usb cable to charge which is very handy, and it works exactly as described. It is coated in what looks like rubberized plastic and feels well made and robust.

Since my initial review I have noticed one flaw in the radio, I use an usb mains socket to charge and unfortunately you cannot listen to it whilst plugged in due to static interferance, this is one snag that could have been avoided and made the radio perfect.
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Having read a few negative reviews of this product I was a little nervous of buying it. I needn't have worried. It replaced a wind-up torch radio that needed two minutes of winding every fifteen minutes. Two minutes of winding with this brought me forty-five minutes of clear sound.

The solar panel also worked extremely well on the rare sunny days of the summer - once or twice I'd unwittingly left it switched on and the radio burst into life via sunlight hitting the panel. Which was slightly disconcerting when I was the only person in the house!

One of the best selling points of this radio is the ease of tuning - the digital display makes tuning a breeze. Radio 2 is notoriously hard to find on some radios - this model found it no problem. Alone of all the four wind up radios I've owned, this one makes it possible to listen to the radio whilst still winding. The winding mechanism is much quieter than its predecessor too. There's a light that goes on when the radio is charging, so that you can be confident it's working.

The only thing I can say against it is that my 2012 model had an on-off switch is hidden on the base which is very small - when I first unpacked it I thought I'd bought a dud, as it took me a while to find this. There is an additional on-off switch on the tuning knob.
My 2012 model has 8 silicone buttons on the top to press (to set the time, alarm, select band, light for digital display, and the torch) This is in addition to the two knobs to twiddle, including the on off switch on the tuning so the little on-off switch on the base wasn't obvious. A comment below my review has stated that this on off switch is no longer present on current models.

The design is very stylish without sacrificing functionality - it's small enough to fit into a large coat pocket.
My radio has worked brilliantly for the last three and a half years, and I haven't found the decline in performance that some others have reported. I remain really happy with this and consider it an excellent buy.
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on 13 September 2009
After an initial charge via the USB cable provided, this radio has not needed a charge since apart from the sunlight charging it gets on the kitchen window sill. The design of the unit is good, and, while it feels light to hold, it doesn't feel particularly shoddy.

I have one slight gripe about the speaker. The volume is sufficient for most things, but near the top end of the volume scale, the speaker can distort, especially on some of the deeper voices on Radio 4.

However, that is a small gripe, and overall, it works perfectly for what I wanted it for, and feeling green for using the unit is a bonus! Nice bit of kit; I'm happy with it.
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on 28 June 2009
This brilliant little radio from duronic ticks all the green, eco friendly boxes in one go! it is an fm/am analogue radio, portable and rechargeable. You can recharge in one of three ways: crank the handle for a minute or so for approximately 30 mins play time from empty, connect by usb lead (supplied) to a laptop or computer and charge for 7 hours to get 9 hours or more play time, or leave it in a bright naturally lit position to charge by solar power. You will find the blue charge lamp a good guide for indicating suitable charging light, getting a charge using the solar panel will work in all but the more dark severe weather situations. The blue lamp also lights if you charge using the handle.

We bought this radio for my dad on fathers day and he is very pleased with it. It played for hours in between recharges, and even though our weather has been a bit cloudy there was enough light to keep the battery topped up for more playing time. Both fm and am reception are excellent and the sound quality is good.

At the price, I cannot reccommend a better radio for the eco concious.
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on 21 April 2010
Firstly, amazon posted this to me so quick, even with super saver delivery i had this in a few days from when i ordered.

The radio itself is so small and light, yet amazingly well built and very sturdy. The buttons are very firm and sturdy and feel very good quality.

It lasts for ages on a short wind-up and the sound in terms of its quality and loudness is really quite impressive for the size of it.

The torch is a nice little bonus, which i thought would be naff, but its so bright it will definitely come in handy.

It also has a headphone jack, telescopic antenna and a little power cable which i think can be used to charge a mobile phone or something of similar low power - provided it fits your type of phone/device, but i'm sure you can get a cable or adaptor for your phone/device if you really want to use this feature.

No paper instructions in the box, but its kinda obvious what you do and the back of the box gives you some details of how long it will last for its different uses per wind-up time.
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