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VINE VOICEon 28 July 2010
I have a VISTA PC in my office (all right, small bedroom!) and a WINDOWS 7 laptop in my kitchen/diner.

My broadband is AOL via BT and both computers have a wireless card but reception downstairs is VERY patchy. My preferred room is the kitchen/diner,which is as far away from the room the router is in as it could be but its only 1 floor of an ordinary 1930s semi with (as far as I know) walls and floors of average thickness.

But I always have problems getting and then maintaining a wireless connection in the kitchen/diner. Reception is much better in the lounge though that room is nearer to the router.

The laptop is only a few months old and works perfectly so I looked around for a solution. I considered buying a new router but wasn't sure how this would sit with AOL. Came across the solution of using existing electrical wiring, which seemed a good idea - and quite cheap.

Read up on the reviews and these seemed ideal.

Ordered on 25/7/10 and got them today, 28/7/10 - great service from PixelHeaven at a reasonable price too.

What you get is 2 units and 2 ethernet cables.

Plug 1 unit into a wall socket near your router and the cable into the unit and then the router.
Plug the second unit into a wall socket in the room you have your other computer (or whatever) and the cable into that second unit and computer.
Remember to switch on the wall sockets (if needed) and away you go!

I can now access the internet from anywhere in my kitchen/diner. Only had it for 1 day and only used for e-mail, You Tube, Facebook etc but no problems at all.

The software bundled with it allows you to set up your own security and installs easily and is easy to use.

Will follow up this review after a week or so of using it but so far very good and 100% recommended!

Update 13/8/10. One of the units simply stopped working after I'd had it for about 5 days. Don't know what the problem was. Replacement unit is working fine as is the other unit. Only had replacement 2 days though so watch this space!

Update 20/8/10. Replacement unit still working fine, so looks as though 1st faulty one wasn't typical.If either unit does develop a fault again I'll update here. Otherwise, assume both working.

Really useful and cheap solution. Would probably rate 5 starts but downlaods can be a bit slow - for example, my TESCO on line order form runs to 6 pages, with 20 ish pictures plus ads etc per page. Its noticeably slower using the adapter to connect. Not slow by any means just slower.

Latest update 31/8/10. Both units still working fine.

Latest update 4/10/10. Both units still working fine. Looks like my faulty one was a one off.

Latest and final update (unless it stops working!) 1/12/10. Both units still working fine.

Latest and very final update: 12/5/11. Both units working 100% fine! Great buy!

(Another!) Final update: 5/3/12. Both units working 100% OK.
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on 17 August 2010
The plugs were ordered from Solwise through Amazon. Arrived quickly. Simply unpacked them, put one by the router and attached ethernet cable. Put the other in another room near the television and connected Humax Foxsat HDR to plug by ethernet cable. Switched on and watching BBC iplayer in seconds. No reduction in download speed or ping rate.

Brilliant product.

Just a note of warning. If you use surge protectors for your equipment you may not get a signal through the solwise plug. I have mine plugged straight into the 13 amp wall sockets as one of my surge protectors blocked the signal.

Strongly recommended.
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I was concerned - the simple stuff (connecting computers to each other and to the internet) is already done via WiFi, but I needed to connect my new Humax Freeview HD Recorder (not yet available on Amazon!) to the internet and the media server. Would it work?
I don't want to run a wire down the wall of the sitting-room to connect the network to the Humax, but will these plugs be reliable enough?

The good news is that yes, they are. Plug the first one into the extension lead inside the TV cabinet, and plug the ethernet drop cable (short) into the back of the Humax. Great - a light comes on saying they are connected.
Then race upstairs and plug the second plug into the mains - another light comes on which says it has detected a Homeplug device - and then plug the ethernet drop cable from this one into the BT Home Hub.

Then it's back down tot eh TV to check if it can find the internet (yes - didn't need any configuration because the BT Home Hub does DHCP, and if you don't know what DHCP is then you don't need to, it's so simple it just works), and if it can find the media server (again, yes and great).

I have no idea if the network is 85Mbps or 8Mbps. It plays just fine. That's through a fairly old electrical ring main and an extension to 10-way adapter and surge protector. Can't ask for more than that. Delighted!

If you like my review (or if you don't), post a comment!
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on 23 February 2010
I was doubtful whether this would solve our wireless problems, but it is truly joyful to be proved wrong in such a fantastic way. This works within seconds of plugging it in.
I was worried about mains circuitry etc. so for reassurance prior to purchase, I contacted Solwise, and although they could not guarantee functioning through our electrical system, they did say that if it did not work they would refund on return. It is so good to find a company out there that cares.
But hey, no worries, this works in our house not only through different ring mains, but through different fuse boxes.
You just cannot go wrong if your wireless is not all you would like it to be. This is amazing equipment. Buy it now.
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on 21 December 2010
I bought these Power Over Ethernet adaptors to connect up my Sony BDP-S370 Blu-Ray player to the Internet. My router is upstairs and the Blu-Ray is downstairs.

I simply plugged one adapter into a power socket next to my router (Thomson Speedtouch 586) and connected up the supplied RJ45 cable to the bottom of the Homeplug and then trailed the Ethernet cable to a free port on the back of the router. Then I plugged in the second adaptor to the power socket next to my Blu-Ray player and connected up the Ethernet cable to the Homeplug and then connected it to the rear of the Blu-ray player.

Live services were immediately picked up and it works perfectly without any configuration. Streaming HD content is also fine, no break up or stuttering. The Solwise adapters are small - less than a credit card in height and width and easily plug into the wall socket without obscuring the socket next to it. The adaptors also run silently.

Quite simply this is a brilliant solution to poor wireless reception or tricky cable running. I'm pleasantly surprised how great this product is . I give it my highest recommendation.

NB. For information. I live in a new build house (single electrical ring) and plugged the Homeplugs directly into the wall sockets rather than extension blocks. My internet connection speed is 6.5 Mbps D/L and 1.0 Mbps U/L and I'm on Be There Broadband.
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on 28 July 2010
Be aware that Homeplugs are not suitable for everybody. The electrical wiring in some homes are just not suitable. The best speed I could get out of these 85Mbps models was 8Mbps - obviously not great as I could get 18Mbps out of the wireless. I spent a lot of time trying to configure my network, turned off everything else electrical in the house, tried different sockets - but to no avail.

Although advertised as 85Mbps, the highest you could ever get in a near-perfect setup would be around 30Mbps, so don't believe the numbers. To be fair, this also applies to wireless as well.

I have read of people with new houses and old houses who can both get it working fine; so it seems to be something else. Sometimes they just don't work. So I have gone back to thinking of drilling holes in the walls for Cat-5 cable.
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on 22 April 2010
Not much to say-- These work straight out of the box with no configuration required. Speed is good and they do exactly what they say. Can't see how the more expensive ones could be better. Great product.

(Try to ignore the guy who gave the 1-star review. He clearly has no idea what he's talking about.)

Additional : Don't worry about what devices you're using or what OS you have. The software isn't necessary and connects any ethernet devices.
Additional (2) : It also comes with two ethernet cables (about 2m long). Didn't say this in the blurb when I bought mine.
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on 2 February 2011
Came across this in Amazon reviews for my new Sony HD LCD TV. As this saved >£30 compared to the Sony USB wireless dongle (>£70) I thought I'd give it a go.

Works brilliantly with both my new Sony TV and Blu-Ray player (KDL-40EX403 & BDP-S370 respectively). Very easy to set up (< 5 mins). Won't go into too many technical details as they've already been covered in other reviews here.

One thing that the instructions need to make clearer are how you make your network secure after you've installed all the hardware. I'd recommend these steps (would have saved me 5 mins of running around and squinting at very small print passwords):

1. Write down the individual passwords for each adaptor you have (this saves you running back & forth during the setup process - and they are in very small print indeed)

2. Plug your laptop / desktop into any one of the adaptors using the supplied Ethernet cables.

3. Load the supplied software - which should then identify the other adaptor as part of the network. You can now enter that adaptor's password and then make it secure.

NOTE: at this stage the adaptor you're physically plugged into is still not secure.

4. Unplug and switch both adaptors, plugging your laptop / desktop into the other adaptor (the one you've just made private)

5. Once the installed software's identified the initial adaptor you can then enter that adaptor's (different) password and thus make that secure as well.

You now have a secure network. Simples.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 April 2010
At first I thought that the devices might not work on my computer system as the CD disk that comes with the adapters specified that the software required PC operating systems, whereas I'm Mac running OS X. I sent an e-mail via the Amazon website to the sellers (PixelHeaven) telling them what I wanted to do and they came back very quickly and helpfully with confirmation that the adapters should work but that I wouldn't be able to alter security codes. I wanted to connect Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ 320GB HD Digital TV Twin Tuner HD Recorder -  that has an Ethernet socket to the Internet so that I could try out the new beta version of the BBC's iPlayer that is currently being tested on Humax and Sony FreeSat boxes. My internet connection is downstairs and the TV/Humax FreeSat set-up is upstairs and I didn't want to have a long Ethernet cable running up the stairs so I thought this HomePlug system might be the answer. I have a WiFi internet system using an AirPort Extreme Base Station and I attached one of the Solwise adaptors via the supplied cable into the Ethernet Lan socket of the base station and connected the other adaptor into the Ethernet socket on the back of the Humax FreeSat box and, hey presto, when I clicked the red button, when watching a BBC TV Channel, there was the link to iPlayer beta! The iPlayer performance on screen is slow compared with viewing iPlayer on a computer and the picture quality of the TV programmes is not as good as with direct transmission or recorded on a DVD or HD.

Update 25 Jan 2011: prompted by Mr Smith's comment below I have re-installed the Homeplugs as I have recently upgraded my TV and ADSL modem/router. He is quite right the picture quality is no longer degraded as I had found before when I had to route the signal through my Humax box to an old Loewe TV. Now I can plug the ethernet cable straight from the Solwise plug into my new Sony BRAVIA KDL32EX713 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet TV and the other Solwise plug into a spare ethernet socket on my modem BT Home Hub 2.0 in another room.
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on 3 August 2010
WHY WHY WHY didnt i purchase these things months ago! I live in a large old house and play alot of online gaming, having read the reviews about these i still decided to put my faith in microsoft and buy their wireless dongle. Firstly the Normal adaptor and the the new advanced N type one when game play was lagging but all that did was give me more problems, lucikly amazon refunded all the money i had spent.........I then decided to give these a try but being one of those people who read reviews and think it sounds to good to be true i didnt believe the hype. They arrived within a few days and were as stated plug and play. No mess no fuss just plug them in, within seconds my xbox was configured and away and ever since online gaming has been a complete joy. I could not install the software as its not windows 7 compatable so i cant tell you the connection speed i get but streaming movies and online gaming is no problem at all even when ive left utorrent downloading in the back ground. I have also had no other option than to plug the adaptor into a 4 plug extension lead(not surge protected)due to lack of wall sockets and read that this sometimes affects the speed but once again i havent noticed........My internet connection speed is Virgin 10m.............I would recommend these to any one. If there is a downside its thats as stated earlier the sortware is not 7 compatable and i am curious and what speed im getting....but as long as call of duty and fifa keep playing online like they are then i dont really care!
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