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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 February 2008
Xypher the Skoti who appears in Dark-Hunter novel "Devil May Cry" takes the lead role in "Dream Chaser". Granted a month of mortality by Hades before he again has to endure further centuries of torture, Xypher is determined to track down and exact his revenge upon Satara; the demi-goddess responsible for turning him Skoti. Unfortunately Xypher instead finds himself handcuffed to medical examiner Simone Dubois with Atlantean manacles which entwines their fates.

Simone is nominally aware of the Dark-Hunter world around her and accepting of the supernatural; having had the companionship of Jesse the ghost since the age of ten following the deaths of her brother and parents. As a medical examiner with the ability to interact with deceased victims ghosts' Simone finds herself discreetly handling the more unusual cases; fully aware of the widespread panic that would be unleashed if the general populace realised nasty things that go bump in the night really do exist. Finding herself dealing with the first casualty of a Dimme attack (the Dimme who escaped her imprisonment in "Devil May Cry") Simone soon finds herself the target of supernatural attacks herself whilst falling in love with a Skoti demon.

Simone is the type of person to never take anything at face value and so completely disregards Xypher's "don't get too close" attitude; able to empathise with the deep pain and anger he carries inside, and it certainly doesn't hurt that he's totally easy on her eyes. Xypher in turn begins to fall in love with Simone; the first person ever to treat him with kindness, yet he is unable to even contemplate a future together; remaining unwilling to sacrifice his opportunity of revenge and aware he only has another three weeks left on Earth.

Acheron makes several appearances (roll on August when his book is released) and yet another highly intriguing character is introduced; Jaden an immensely powerful demon with his own hidden agenda. Other couples meet and fall in love amid the action packed story line and the growing relationship between Xypher and Simone is liberally sprinkled with demon battles and further deaths. "Dream-Chaser" is the first Dream-Hunter book that I have enjoyed as much as SK's Dark-Hunter series; but this may be because Xypher acts like a Dark-Hunter rather than a Dream God, and in fact he reminded me heavily of Zarek; the wonderful hero from "Dance With the Devil". His looks, dry humour, acerbic wit and general air of danger have certainly made him a favourite character of mine. My one small gripe with this book was that Simone's friends referred to her as Sim. Every time this happened I thought Simi may have popped in to join in the fun and barbecue some bad guys.
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on 26 February 2008
Xypher is back on Earth for one month and he is not the only non human that is visiting New Orleans. His heart is cold with vengeance, the one that betrayed him will have to pay...big time. If there is one thing that Xypher wants is to be accompanied back to Hades with his betrayer. This need courses through him, dark...violent and with a single minded focus there is nothing that will keep him from the path he set out to walk. Or so he thought.

Besides the same occupation as a medical examiner, Tate and Simone share a life of the bizarre and supernatural. Tate is beside his job also a squire and Simone has a gift to talk to the dead, she even has an in-house-ghost named Jesse. It is at one of their lunches that Tate tells her of the murders with a peculiar cause of death, especially since one of the corpses heart started to beat again and subsequently caused to scare the daylights out of the examiner on duty.

Together they seek answers and it is in that moment that Xypher crosses its path with Simone. With an enemy bound to kill it manages to get a bracelet slapped on Xypher and Simone's wrist, thereby irreversibly binding a human to a dream God. Suddenly the stakes of the game gotten a whole lot more interesting but also dangerous, for weakness is something that Xypher does not adjust to.

It feels good to be back in New Orleans! The third novel in the Dream-Hunter series is an improvement on its predecessor Upon A Midnight Clear. With some of the old characters and a few new ones Sherrilyn Kenyon spins an entertaining tale that holds some interesting new information for those who are well acquainted with both the Dark and Dream-Hunter series.

A trademark of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing is the back and forth of brisk interaction between characters which is intertwined with humor and you'll receive it almost from page one. The fast paced conversations, the witty banter and a good dose of sarcastic attitude gave this novel a bite of its own. Every character brought their own dynamic personality to the story making it a joy to get to know them. Tate and Jesse are incredible sidekicks as they enhance the story and emotions of Simone and in doing so it created a stark contrast with Xypher as a tortured hero that won't allow himself to have any feelings.

Xypher and Simone together have an endearing touch as Simone tries to thaw Xypher's heart out and let him taste some of the joys in life. Bit by bit their love story unravels in to one of passion and understanding, holding a few twists along the way to keep me turning the pages in anticipation what would come. It is with Jaden that Dream Chaser introduces a new character in the already vast and crowded world of Sherrilyn Kenyon and whom demands my immediate attention. With his calculated and cold attitude it triggers my interest even more and the last moment of him in the novel only wets my appetite for what is to come.

For me Dream Chaser missed out on an important issue and this is the love story. Endearing and heartwarming as it was, it is also not as well fleshed out as I would like to see it. It is again that in a period of days the love between the main couple commences while the plot wears a bit thin and demands too many pages. Simone and Xypher have an incredible verbal interaction together but hardly have any sensual tension until two third of the novel is read. I felt that the plot and love story where not in balance with on another making it slightly more action driven.

The Dream Hunter series has not won me over at the moment, on the contrary, it is struggling for life, desperate for that one story that makes this series soar to greater heights and initiates a great plotline series wise. Book # 3 Dream Chaser is an improvement, I would say it was an intriguing read. Nevertheless I believe that the journey of love holds the foundation of a story like this and it should make me want to venture in to the Dream Hunter world, relentless to let me go until I finished reading the very last words. Unfortunately I don't get that feeling yet.

Reviewed by Leontine
Courtesy of Realms on our Bookshelves
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 November 2014
Fans of this Sherrilyn Kenyon series will know the underlying blueprint for most of the tales by now. Two people come together, against all the odds, find that they can't live without each other and then pulled apart by the cruelest of fated.

But just because you know the blueprint it doesn't take any of the enjoyment out of the read. The Dream-Hunter series which is a spin off from the Dark Hunter series, continues to engage and delight me with tales of the gods, demons, were-hunters and the mortals who go along with them for the ride.

In this story we catch up with Xypher, released from Hades two books ago, and granted 1 month on earth in which to find his humanity or be returned for eternal torture. When he crosses path with a coroner at the scene of a gruesome death, it's a case of very bad timing as a Daimon turns up and thrusts a gold bangle on to them, forcing them to remain together.

A gripping tale, filled with emotion and fire. These stories just get better and better.
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on 4 July 2008
Well, I'm a big fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, having read all of her books and even branching out to her Kinley MacGregor books. The first two Dream Hunter books were good but not as good as her Dark Hunter series. This was, as the previous review says, on par with one of those earlier books.

Xypher is a hero to be admired. He's endured inconceivable pain and understandably is wary around people. He still has great capacity for love though, you will see if you read this book.

Simone is a perfect match for him. Her humour to his sullen-ness and her light to his dark is a classic match and again works in this novel. Their chemistry is unbelievably hot and Kenyon involves the reader, making them have an active role in wishing these two to stay together. The love story itself is sweet and yet complicated as most great love stories are. All in all I would say Kenyon has hit her stride with these books. Well done!

If you want the backstory to this book you'll find it in 'Devil May Cry'. You can read this story without it but it's nice to see returning characters and know the backstory before reading it.
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on 1 February 2014
I love the Dark Hunter series and I cannot find words to say how much I enjoy reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. My advice -read one and make your own mind up!! I don't think you can fail to like.
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3.5 stars

Xypher may be half god and half demon but when fell in love with the wrong woman and agreed to take a punishment that she had earned he was sent to Tartarus where he has been tortured by Hades for thousands of years. The betrayal and the constant suffering have turned him into an angry and uncaring man, he has spent so long without any kind of comfort that kindness and friendship are completely foreign concepts to him. We first met Xypher in Devil May Cry and as a thanks for his help Kat convinced Hades to allow him to spend one month as a human and if he can prove himself worthy he won't have to return to Tartarus at all.

Simone is a human but she's also psychic and she's well aware of the Dark-Hunters and of the evil daimons and other creatures that often prey on humans. Her job as Medical Examiner mean she sees the worst of what these monsters do and she also helps her friend Tate (who is also a squire) cover up anything that would let the world know about the monsters in our midst. Simone's latest case involves a murder victim whose body was able to get up and walk out of the morgue and she's now trying to figure out who is behind the spate of deaths and how the bodies are becoming reanimated. She meets Xypher by accident when she is pulled into his world by his greatest enemy. The two have their life forces bonded together by magical bracelets and now they are forced to work together. All Xypher is interested in is getting revenge on the woman who wronged him before he is sent back to Tartarus to continue his existence of torture and suffering but as he gets to know Simone he starts to wonder if revenge is worth putting her life at risk.

Dream Chaser takes us back to New Orleans and allows us to catch up with some of our favourite characters from the earlier books (yes Ash, I'm talking about you!) which is something that's been missing from some of the more recent books. I really enjoyed seeing some of the core characters even though Simone was new and we didn't know a huge amount about Xypher. There was a lot of humour in this story, Simone has a ghost for a best friend and Jesse definitely added a lot of funny moments but I also really enjoyed the romance between Simone and Xypher. I wasn't sure if I'd like Xypher to start with, he's so grumpy and downright rude in the beginning but it doesn't take long to realise that he's just spent so long without any kind of kindness in his life that he's forgotten what it's like to care or be cared for. I quickly started to feel sorry for him and I loved seeing him slowly open up as Simone started to get under his skin.

There isn't much progression on the series story arc but we are introduced to a new character Jaden who I'm very curious about. I think he has a huge amount of potential and I'm really hoping we're going to be seeing a lot more of him. Dream Chaser is light hearted and heavy on the romance but there was a nice amount of action and it was good to see Xypher redeem himself. I'm loving the Dark-Hunters series and I'm incredibly excited that the next book is Acheron, I've been waiting such a long time for Ash's book!
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on 11 March 2008
I really enjoyed this book. I was a little disappointed with the last Dream Hunter novel (Upon The Midnight Clear) but this novel i felt was much improved. I don't seem to enjoy the Dream Hunter novels as much as the Dark Hunter ones but this is definitely a step in the right direction. Great story, great characters, easy read. Fab!
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on 27 September 2008
Firstly, I know the Dream Hunter novels are supposed to be a separate series from the Dark Hunters but if you look at the Official Sherrilyn Kenyon website the reading order for the Dark Hunter and Dream Hunter novels are not mutually exclusive . In fact with the build up to the long awaited 'Acheron' novel, every book SK has written in the two series so far have some little tit bits that keep you updated on all the characters you have met from previous novels. This is why I think I give a little leeway with the Dream Hunter Series. It is true that to date they have not been on a par with the Dark Hunter novels, but I feel with 'Dream Chaser' SK really has pulled it back from the last book in the series, 'Upon A Midnight Clear'. To say that it was disappointing would be an understatement. However, 'Dream Chaser' was very enjoyable.

This is the story of Xypher and Simone. Xypher is a misunderstood Skoti (a bad Dream Hunter) condemned by the Gods to Tartarus to live in eternal torment for his crimes. He has spent all his time plotting the destruction of the woman responsible for his fall from grace, Satara. He is granted a reprieve, 1 month to wreak his revenge before he is returned to Tartarus to continue his torture. For those avid SK readers you will recognise Xypher from Devil May Cry, and a few other characters will pop up in the back ground, the Peltier Were-Hunters, the Charonte demons, Katra, Acheron, Julian of Macedon, and Aphrodite.

Simone, is a coroner who can see ghosts and (rather conveniently) knows a Dark Hunter Squire. For people familiar with the Dark Hunter novels this means that less explanation of back stories is necessary on SK's part, but I could see that people new to SK might have difficulty accepting alot of the fast moving plot and would find it rather undeveloped. Which goes to say if you are new to SK, go back to the beginning ('Fantasy Lover'). Despite this, Simone is a character I really like. She is comical, engaging and just sarcastic enough. She is dragged into Xypher's quest by accident but fast becomes a welcome distraction in his eyes and has more to add to the story than a just a love interest.

There were enough familiar characters to keep any Dark Hunter reader interested and this Dream Hunter novel has more to add to SK world of immortals than you expect. I look forward to seeing the mysterious entity Jayden in future books.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.
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VINE VOICEon 4 April 2009
I made the mistake initially with the Dream-hunter series as thinking of them as a separate series to the Dark-hunter books. They're really not. You lose some important elements of the world if you don't read both strands, and let's face it, the Were-hunters aren't hived off as a separate series. I reckon the good guide is that if Acheron or any one of his connections shows up, it's really part of the same series, and Acheron does make a significant appearance in this story.

You see the crossover clearly in the opening scene where our heroine, Simone is at lunch with Tate - the New Orleans city coroner we first met in Night Pleasures, rescuing Kyrian and Amanda from the daylight. The hero, Xypher, we have already met too - in Devil May Cry where he helps out Kat and Sin, and earns his time as a human, which is what we share here.

The strongest connection plot-wise is undoubtedly with Devil May Cry, as we're awash with demons, particularly the Gallu we first met in that book.

Simone teaches future pathologists, hence her connection with Tate. Her choice of career is driven by the tragedy of her childhood.

We also, because of Simone's unique talent, get to meet some ghosts. Most importantly Jesse the young teen trapped in a 1980's timewarp that those of a certain age will remember vividly. He's great fun, and adds lightness and humour as another struggle between the defenders of humanity and those who want to rule the world at any cost ensues.

We also get to meet Jaden - the demon broker, a character it's worth taking note of for future reference. He sounds like someone who really deserves his own story, for sure.

The Simone-Xypher story is one of discovery. One discovers their humanity, and the other discovers something unique about their heritage and learns to embrace it. Together they find love and a future together.
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Yeay back to a good read again! I don't know if it's because the book is set back in New Orleans or whether it's just that we have got some of the previously mentioned characters back in this book but after the last couple of disappointing reads I loved this book. I loved Xypher's character, I think I must like men who have had a hard time as I liked Zarek in his book as well. I am actually intrigued to find out where the Jaden link will go which may or may not be set in New Orleans but I'll find that out when I get up to that book.

This is the fourteenth book in the series and features the Dream Hunter/Skoti Xypher (who we have met before) and Simone Dubois a ME coroner. I won't go into the plot line too much as with me only recently discovering the series and trying to 'catch up' on the books obviously other readers have already posted reviews on this and quite a bit ago. Xypher has been given a month on earth by Hades due to the bargain Kat made with him for Xypher's help and all he initially has on his mind is getting revenge on the one who basically put him in Tartarus that is until he meets Simone. Xypher finds it hard to trust anyone but Simone's gentleness starts to break down his walls a bit and he finds for the first time in hundreds of years he is actually attracted to a woman again (not that he liked men but that he hasn't had any 'urges' for so long). Simone can see the dead, she doesn't know why until later on in the book but she can and by her work as a medical examiner she finds herself bound to Xypher quite literally!

It took me quite a while to get around to discovering this series as when you look up Sherrilyn Kenyon on Amazon and these books in list order it actually shows Dragonswan as being the first book (but it's not) and Dragonswan is never ever available to buy! As a girl who likes to read all books in a series and most definitely the first one in a series, thinking that I couldn't get the first book did actually stop me starting the series. I have only just discovered that the first book is actually Fantasy Lover, read this and have now proceeded to order the rest of the series:) Sherrilyn has now joined the ranks on Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole on my favourite authors list.
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