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on 29 October 2009
If you are looking for a classic romance with only a little bit of drama and lots of love, friendship and fun, then "Bed of Roses" will be a perfect choice.
Emmaline Grant's job is all about creating the perfect wedding day. As a florist and partner of "Vows" she is living her dream. She believes in love and hopes to someday have the kind of relationship her parents share. But she still hasn't found the one man with whom she wants to dance in the moonlight.
When suddenly the relationship to commitment shy architect Jack Cooke changes and they realize that there is more between them then just being good friends, Emma is excited but also a little bit afraid. She doesn't want to loose Jack as a friend but can't say no to the new path their relationship is going. Because she soon realizes that Jack has some flaws (he's a man so that's to be excepted) but that he also might be just perfect for her.

Wonderful characters, a beautiful story that concentrates on love and friendship and Nora Robert's love for details makes this the perfect book to forget everyday life.
Emma is a great heroine even though in real life it's hard not to hate a woman like her. She's beautiful, outgoing, intelligent, loves her life and job, has the best friends you can imagine and her parents are the perfect couple. But because she is also very kind and funny you just have to love her (I guess some envy is ok). Through the detailed description of her work (it's like the bouquets and arrangements are right in front of you) the reader can share the enthusiasm and love for her work and get's a close connection to Emma.
Jack is a man of action who's sexy and very manly. He enjoys his life as much as possible and works as hard as he plays. Commitment is not something he likes to think about because of the doubts his parents divorce left him with. So it's clear that in a relationship with Emma, who believes in love and marriage, there has to be some trouble (but thank god not too much).
His relationship with Emma is kind of sweet because even though they have been friends for years, as lovers there's a lot to learn and discover.
What I also enjoyed is how Jack and Del have to work through some issues because of Emma. Del is very protective of his girls and extremely sceptical about their guys and Jack is no exception. The scenes between Del and Jack add a lot to the book and make me also very excited to read more of Del.
The drama and confusion at the turning point of Emma's and Jack's relationship is just right and I love how the four friends (plus Carter) stick together to support Emma.
Carter has some awesome scenes (all I can say is playing poker with the guys) and the relationship between Mac and him is another highlight of the book.

So all in all I absolutly love "Bed of Roses" and can't wait for the next two books in the series.

Especially because now it's clear that Laurel and Del and Parker and Mal will be starring in the next two books. Laurel has been my favourite so far and after reading the excerpt for "Savour the Moment" (coming April 2010) I can't wait to learn more about her and Del. Parker's and Mal's first meeting is so hilarious and makes me excited for book four "Happy ever after" (coming December 2010).
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VINE VOICEon 1 July 2013
Ms Roberts uses her trademark formula taking 3 or 4 friends/relatives and describing their romances, one to each book although the 3 or 4, in this case, friends all feature throughout the series. In the bridal series four friends run a bridal service. The first book featured Mac and this time it is Emma's turn to find romance. The story line with the background of brides and their families is a good one. Lots of interesting characters pop up along the way but the four main characters are their mates are strong likeable people. I enjoyed this story and in spite of the tried and tested formula it contained a freshness that was captivating. Easy to read, it can be read anywhere and picked up and put down without losing anything. I look forward to the others.
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on 14 September 2013
I liked the Jack/Emma romance more than the Carter/Mac in the previous book. My favourite part of this book was when Emma thought that Mac had had a past with Jack and the whole conversation that followed. Very amusing.

Also found the scenes where Ms.Roberts is blatantly laying the groundwork for the next 2 couples very intriguing and can't wait to read their stories.

This book was solid straightforward contemporary romance, nothing to make waves.
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Four childhood friends grew up together and spent almost all their spare time together, sharing their hopes and dreams. Once grown, these four women combined their individual talents to create a wedding planning company, Vows. Mackensie "Mac" Elliot works magic with her photography. Laurel McBane creates the cakes, pastries, and all things so deliciously sweet that little cherubs probably weep from bliss. Emmaline "Emma" Grant handles all greenery and flowers with such aplomb that clients often wonder if she is related to Mother Nature herself. And Parker Brown handles all the other details, being pleasant and/or sympathetic when needs be or dealing with problems like a general during wartime.

On their side, pitching in as needed, the four ladies have Parker's housekeeper, Mrs. G, who has been like a mother to the female quartet. Delaney "Del" Brown, Parker's brother, is a high priced attorney and handles the legal side of Vows with a golden touch. And Jack Cooke is the architect who has been Del's best friend forever and is ALMOST as much an honorary Brown family member as Parker's girlfriends.

According to everyone else, Emma's beauty outshines all others. Yet Emma has never considered herself to be any more special than the next woman. Emma's talent with flora is unmatched. She has the ability to accurately envision exactly what the bride wants and then adds her own personal touch to ensure that all who attend the wedding would later swear the ceremony had been held in Eden.

Though men swarm around her, Emma has never found the man that could sweep her off her feet. However, Jack has had his eyes on Emma for quite a while. He has only kept his distance because Del considers Emma to be his honorary sister. Then comes the moment when Jack acts on instinct and gives in to his urge to kiss Emma. And thus Emma's world tilts and her story begins...

**** FOUR STARS! Nora Roberts writes stories with such seemingly ease that many envy her. It is no wonder readers flock to the book stores for her titles. This story is a good example as to why. Each character is well developed and have their own little personality quirks, making them unique and endearing. As I watched the ladies interact with each other, I saw parallels to many past times I have been with my own close girlfriends. This is Romance at its modern day best. ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 28 March 2010
As ever her books take different characters, be they friends or antagonists, and explore their personalities and weave a fascinating web of fiction which leaves you looking forward to the next book.
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on 19 January 2012
With a Nora Roberts book you are always guaranteed a happily ever after and thankfully this book is no exception. The second book in the `Bride Quartet series catches up with four friends who run their own wedding planning business (`Vows'), and this time it's the turn of florist Emmaline to find her prince charming. To Emma's surprise though, he's closer than she ever imagined he has been, all along...

I've read books one and three in this series already, so you don't necessarily have to read them in their intended order, though some of the back stories continue from book to book, so it probably does help to do so in order work out what is going on, though not essential.

In terms of chemistry and characters, I think I prefer this book to the others in the series I've tried, to be honest. Emmaline is such a sweet, hopeless romantic and her relationship with architect Jack is based around moving from a true friendship to something more which makes for believability as well as issues. Add in lots of little quirks and hang-ups and it made for a pretty decent read. I liked Emmaline much better than photographer Mac. It's also good to catch up with the other three girls again and see how their lives are going- even though I've already read Laurel's story and know what is going to happen!

Though admittedly this book is a bit twee and contrived in places, it was still a nice, pleasant read. NR has tried to ensure the girls and their guys aren't `too' perfect but I still think they are, personally! Also, they have the most perfect setting imaginable to plan their weddings and are living in complete luxury with no fights, no arguments with one another. Not totally realistic, but hey ho. Needless to say, if you're looking for a romantic read then you could do worse than curling up with one of the `Bride Quartet' books, so give them a go. I'm looking forward to reading Blackberry-Addict Parker's story next in the final book of this set!
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on 20 August 2013
Bed of Roses tells us the story of Emma and Jack who have been friend's for years and are now taking their relationship to another level.
Jack, commitment phobic bachelor, has always had the hot's for Emma, but she's one of Del's 'sisters' and so has always been off limits. While at the same party Jack watches as Emma skilfully not only ditches her date, but set's him up with a friend she think's would suit him.
Afterward Jack helps Emma with some car trouble and the friend's share a 'moment'. After much thought and some sexual tension, the two being a casual relationship.
The only problem is that as Emma realises she's fallen in love she also realises that Jack has a lot of walls and boundaries and she doesn't know if she can be the one he'll take them down for.
I actually really enjoyed this story and it's one of my favourite's of the series.
I liked that while Jack and Emma are attracted to each other from the beginning there's no longing heartbreak. They are just two friends who discover there is something more between them.
I was actually a little nervous after reading another review and reading about the break up and how the girls shut out Jack, but after reading it I understand why the girls react the way they do. They are first and foremost Emma's friends and that's who where their loyalties lie.
While the break up was heart wrenching for both of them I have to admit it's one of those break up's that you strangely enjoy reading. If that makes any sense.
And the making up part is even more beautiful!
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on 14 August 2012
I have really enjoyed most of Nora Roberts' books and look out for new ones, but this whole series I disliked. I think it is because I find everything about the wedding planning business (especially in America) superficial and contrived, and lacking in any genuine romance. All the emphasis is on the wrong things: the dress, the flowers, the photography, the music, the fleeting wedding day itself instead of two people in love pledging their lives to each other. I found it all a bit sickly, and much too rooted in American culture for my taste.
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on 3 May 2011
I've read all four of the Bride Quartet series and this by far, is my favourite. Which is weird because Emma is NOTHING like me!! Mac, Laurel and Parker, yes, I do see some of their qualities in me but Emma, not at all. So it was a surprise to me that this is my favourite among all the four. Nora Robert is that good. I'm not a hopeless romantic like Emma but I think what drew me to Emma was her optimism in love. I don't see her quality as hopelessly romantic but more optimistic. She doesn't give up in her search for love as she believes she deserves it, and she does. Which reminded me of Cougar Town where Andy told Jules to believe that she deserves to be happy and happiness will come. At the same time, when she sees something in her path that might lead her to the wrong way, she knows where to back off which shows strength and maturity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I'm sure I'll read it thousands of time more.
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on 22 March 2010
I am a long standing Nora Roberts fan, having followed her since her early Siloutte days so delighted she now receives the plaudits she deserves, even though it creates more competition finding her older books! This is the second book in the Bride Quartet, and she keeps up her very very high standard of lovely believeable characters you want to read more of. If you're new to Nora Roberts, what I especially love about her Triology/Series is that each book can be read exclusively of the other's in the series, but read in sequence each book adds depth to the characters being portrayed. When you especially love some characters it's often disappointing to finish a book, because you want to know more and with NR you can. Highly recommend, and eagerly awaiting Book 3
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