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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2013
now completed set,just love it, Has you on the end of your seat all the way through,well worth a watch if you like your scary movies,lots of blood and lots of fun,this was a bargain and it was delivered very quick thankyou
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VINE VOICEon 16 March 2010
The most bloodthirsty instalment to date, and a blistering return to form. The game really does come full circle. After killing Agent Strahm and framing him for the Jigsaw murders, Hoffman seems to have escaped unscathed. However, fresh evidence emerges, forcing a new game into motion. The traps are a new level of brutality, calming fears the franchise is running out of ideas. A demented merry-go-round, and the game-room opener, where participants must hack off their own flesh, are gloriously OTT. One trap resembles a puppet show, which neatly links to the James Wan original. While it's satisfying to see insurance fraudsters get their comeuppance, it does mean little compassion is felt for the victims. With the possible exception of the Umbrella cleaner, whose only crime was chain-smoking. The next instalment would benefit from a strong, likeable protagonist, which the audience actually wants to survive. Like SWAT Commander Rigg, or even Jeff.

The relationship between Hoffman and Amanda is explored through flashbacks, proving there is no love lost between the two accomplices. It's also insightful, explaining why events in Saw 3 unfolded as they did. In addition, the contents of that box are revealed, shedding light on Jill Tuck's role, although the extent of her involvement is still unclear. During one flashback, Jigsaw promises she will be protected when its all over. As the end game has been revealed, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
One criticism regards Hoffman, who seems incapable of subtlety. Facial expressions and body language are beyond guilty at times. The man has looked suspicious since his first appearance in Saw 2, so it was hardly surprising when he was revealed as an accomplice. In VI, he vainly tries to stay ahead of Eriksson, who is dangerously close to the truth. Yet, this cat and mouse element would have worked better if Hoffman seemed to care about being discovered. But overall, a fantastic sequel. Roll on Part VII!
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VINE VOICEon 10 October 2013
The series reached its undisputed lowest ebb with the boring, unbearable Saw V. With appropriately-named director David Hackl out and series editor Kevin Greutert in it was a chance for a fresh approach. With better lighting, less aggressive editing and sound, and a far superior script Saw VI manages to be the best sequel. What a difference these small changes make.

As I write this review the US government is currently shutdown because, in essence, the Republican's want poor people to die. The healthcare and insurance racket that US citizens are unfortunately stuck with is the end result of corporate greed and human evil. It's a situation wide open for satire and Saw VI nails it to the wall, however unsubtle.

Picking up right after Agent Strahm has been crushed to death at the end of Saw V, the movie follows Detective Hoffman as he attempts to pull off Jiggy's last plan and distract the Feds from finding out who he really is. Flashbacks (a little more tastefully done this time, even though some of them have their own flashbacks) reveal that John Kramer was turned down by the Umbrella Insurance Corporation ( Capcom know about this?) for funding of experimental cancer treatment thanks to the small print.

With Jiggy dead, Umbrella CEO William Easton thinks that he has been spared from his wrath. Wrong! Easton is kidnapped by Hoffman and thrown into a nerve-wracking gauntlet in which faces four tests to decide who from his team can live and who will die. It's a dilemma that he should be familiar with. So it shouldn't be too much trouble. Right?

Of all Jiggy's victims William Easton is the best since Doctor Gordon, and his journey through an abandoned zoo, as he faces guilt and shame while saving his colleagues is very effective. A shame it is spoiled by the arrogant, teenage brat at the end. Even Detective Hoffman becomes a better character. By this point, in October 2009, I had written off the Saw series as V was really that bad. I only returned out of curiosity to see if we would finally find out what happened to Doctor Gordon. While that didn't happen Hoffman really takes over as a twisted, conflicted antagonist. I hated him in V. He's awesome in VI.

This sixth installment really does get the series back on track. The usual faults are still in there, but they are thankfully dialed down.

The Blu-ray presents the film in 1.78:1 1080p which looks so good it highlights the pathetic, post-production tinkering to the point where the amateur photoshopping done to conceal the bags beneath Betsy Russell's eye are blatantly obvious. The sound is in dynamic DTS HD-MA 7.1, and a bunch of extras are included.

Watch to the end of the credits!
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on 30 August 2010
For a 6th film in the double Trilogy to come out should have been quite an ordeal to produce a good a story, considering Jigsaws' lack of a heart beat since the 3rd one! But to my surprise they gave it a lot more justice than the 5th one! Its mainly good for tying up quite a few loose ends and in general making the whole saga make a bit more sense.
I agree with 'soph' below, i wouldn't recommend watching if you haven't seen the others but if a fan then it is worth a watch, for good gore, much better traps than the 5th and like i say a bit of a better story line!
Personally i dont think any of them will match the 1st, with 2 and 3 adding something! 4 and 5 i can see they wanted to do to try and extend the story which 4 was clever but 5 and possibly now 6 getting a bit silly with respect to Jigsaw planning this all before his 'departure'. However I am still very glad they make them as they make a good watch, with good constant additions of links to the other films and traps!
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on 28 August 2012
This film lived up to it's hype. The Saw series was beginning to tail off. VI brought back the original energy of the first two. The pace was lively and the plot gripping. VI was the necessary bridge to the final conclusion in VII. There were no unreasonable twists or distortions and the recaps to the earlier episodes were not overindulgent. It was not a film were you could stop and do the washing up. I recomend it. VII doesn't make sense without it.
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on 6 January 2010
The sixth outing in that series is for sure the best installment since the second one came out. Unlike the last two sequels (especially the fifth one), this one isn't just brutal gorenography but it has a very nice background story that actually makes a lot more sense than any of the other parts. If you liked Saw I+II you might enjoy this one again, even if you didn't get into parts III, IV and V. It's a pity it took them three attempts to get the series back on track again, meanwhile draining this franchise of economic viabilty and artistic coherence. The Saw franchise isn't supposed to be like that dreadful Hostel series. It is not gore for gore's sake but it's all about the human equation.
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on 1 April 2010
The sixth film in the never-ending horror franchise marks the death of Special Agent Strahm and introduces Detective Hoffman as the unchallenged successor to Jigsaw's legacy.

On paper Saw is an excellent idea for a horror franchise where the protagonist lets his victims kill themselves as a result of failing a gruesome task. We also get to see some of the background and history of the chosen `contestants`. The death traps, devices and game plans vary through each film and this adds to the excitement.

When the now famous franchise was continued after the success of the first Saw film; it instantly became the new Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, as they also went through a chain of sequels and their popularity still remains today.

The Saw franchise has really been more of a `see-saw' series as some of the films have been good and some very good. Saw 6 is definitely very good compared to the last Saw film and Saw 1 and 3 remain the other two very good Saw films. Saw 6 keeps the series on track and ties up loose ends as well as introducing some more mesmerising devices.

Apart from the first Saw movie, the rest play like a made for TV film as far as the acting and character development go. However, this cannot be said for the game scenes and these are truly extreme and eye popping. The game scenes and the overall twist and turns are what makes Saw an exiting franchise and the main reason why most fans will want the series to continue. Having said that, the final twist in Saw 6 is one twist too far and we will soon tire of the re-emerging storylines. This may be the underlying reasons for fans eventually calling for a final Saw film.

With Saw, you know what you are getting. You are not getting a great film or the presence of any famous actors (except Danny Glover in the first Saw movie) but you do get a genuine horror / slasher film and it is enjoyable. Saw is most definitely a guilty pleasure - in the truest sense of the word.
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on 1 April 2010
OMG!!! The gory stuff started straight after pressing play! I can and do watch all the first 5 of Saw series but this, no 6, had me almost at the loo being sick - well, hiding behind a cushion! Talk about torture! Brilliant, I would say the best yet but I'd be lying, I love all 6 and really could not choose a specific one. I pre-ordered this DVD, it arrived 3 or 4 days before I was expecting it to so surprises all round. If you love the Saw movies, you'll definitely love this one!
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on 14 May 2010
i love all the saw films, including this one, but instead of giving a review, i thought i would ask a few questions which have been bugging me. if jigsaw is now dead, he obviously can,t blackmail hoffman anymore, so why is he still putting people in traps? another question, since hoffman is now working on his own, how is he able to catch so many people in one go and put them in these elaborate traps? better yet, why are so many people so easy to catch, no one ever puts up a fight in these movies. yes, i know i,m nitpicking but some kind of realisim wouldn,t hurt, would it?
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VINE VOICEon 28 March 2010
I have loved all the saw films but i have to admit they have been slipping in recent years but this one puts it back at its best.Some great new traps and plenty of gore and a storyline that is the best since the original,although saw 2 was also a great story.If you liked the previous saw films you will love this one and if you have gone off the saw films recently then watch this one as you will be glad you did.Highly recommended.
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