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on 1 December 2008
In the opinion of millions (that's Bill Millions, my window-cleaner) every pop kid and his bag of glue should be heading down to their local audio emporium and investing in the dynamic and pulsating Clinic album: 'Internal Wrangler'.

It's statement is smooth anger and despondent glee. Clinic have forged something adventurous and darkly entertaining; starting with the execution-worthy political incorrectness of 'Voodoo Wop', through the demented psycho-billy (literally) 'Return of Evil Bill', past the Dalek control-panel of the title-track and then....oh come on, you didn't think it would be that easy!?

What I will reveal is that 'IW' (and that has to be deliberate - I refuse to believe otherwise) is some kind of hippopotamus-insane electro rockabilly, with smatterings of funk and industrial. It hints at spiralling menace but tempers it with a camp yokel vocal, rather like 'Deliverance' set aboard the Enterprise. A stack-synth instead of a banjo, a drum-machine instead of a musket.
In other words, it doesn't quite bite, even though it snaps its teeth often, and near.

'IW' discloses it's secrets to it's lucky listeners, without leaving ANY clues. Clinic being yet another group I know absolutely nothing about, and yet more who have virtually blank sleeves. No bio for Clinic - I don't think we'd like what we read...I think they drink moonshine and eat vermin, kill 'gators for clothing and warmth, burn fish for salt-ash..
There nothing to which Clinic wont stoop, no degeneracy too vile...

Still, onwards and upwards eh? 'Internal Wrangler', beefed up by the crick and all that, is a perfect role-model for them kids...
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on 22 December 2000
Somewhat ironic, isn't it, that The Second Line was used on an advert for a particular brand of jeans when the album kind of advertises another...?

The best thing about Internal Wrangler is its length, or rather lack of length. Full marks to Clinic for keeping it concise, and (nearly) full marks for an excellent array of mind-altering songs. The Velvet Underground are obviously a major influence (Distortions steals the opening lines of Candy Says, while 2/4 crams White Light / White Heat into a couple of minutes-worth of madness), but elsewhere you can hear snatches of Stereolab, Monks, Phil Spector, rockabilly, punk, country...in fact, name a musical genre and there's a fair chance it's in here. Internal Wrangler also contains 2000's best song title, the fantastic Hippy Death Suite.

A genuinely unique band, and hopefully one to treasure for a long time to come.
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on 17 October 2013
Clinic come from Liverpool. Clinic wear surgical masks. Clinic sounds like Clinic. No one else sounds like Clinic.
This is their debut album and in the space of 31 minutes they pack more ideas than most bands use in a career and tear music up in the toybox of their minds and put it back together again.
Keyboards and melodica are to the fore but the real star is the vocals. Ade Blackurn's delivery is a truly unique weapon of rock n roll.
After heavy rotation through 2013 I now believe that this could be the best debut album ever made, beaten only by Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. This album is exceptional.

"Voodoo Wop" sets the ball running with evil percussion and queasy keyboards that calms down into a sangria-by-the-beach swell. Merely into music it sets Clinic's stall. Weird and unsettling and funny all in one go.
"The Return Of Evil Bill" punishing, grinding, quisling, garrulous. The first sense we have of Ade Blackburn's sinister nonsense speak ('Self help for the farm'?. 'The billboard wars'?). Pushed along at a pace that isn't natural (apart from when it slows to a nursery rhyme falter).
'Internal Wrangler' sounds vaguely garage rock, like Inspiral Carpets with indigestion, except of course that Clinic don't sound like Inspiral Carpets, or anyone. Parping and stinging, surf meets garage meets the Joe 90 theme.
"DJ Shangri La" another mood piece as funeral keys meet squalling seagulls.
"The Second Line", plodding bass underpins amazingly nonsensical lyrics with a "tssked" backing harmony and a breathless boy band backing harmony. Despite all this the songs is fantastically catchy that makes you want to sing along! There is a wonderful child like joy about this song.
"CQ" is fast and stuttering that sounds like a punk reduction that Wire only dreamt about.
"TK" sees another keyboards heavy song.
"Earth Angel" is the first sight of slower Clinic with teasing, cajoling vocals ('Martha the snitch'?) backed by minimal instrumentation and lapping ocean sounds. A haunting, creepy ballad about... something.
"Distortion" continues the slower, tender theme as slow caressing keys and luscious bass weave around Ade's reptilian croon. I love the lyrics of this song, the mystery of working out the puzzle of what it means. 'I want to know my body / I want this out not in me' what on Earth does this mean? Personally I think it's along the lines of Gang Of Four's 'Anthrax', seeing love as a disease? Or a hymn to self loathing? It is simply one of the most affecting lyrics ever committed and the entire thing is sung with such skill, encompassing fear, fright, love and pleading to be a world of complexity and confusion.
"Hippy Death Suite" does what it says on the tin as the pace is ramped up to a blitzkrieg as surf guitar goes nuclear.
"2nd Foot Stomp" another catchy pop hit (from the planet ruled by Brian Eno that is) with a breathless melody
"39905" sees a dirtier tone backed by bass drum.
"Goodnight Georgie" is a gorgeous lullaby.

Dazzlingly inventive. constantly surprising, sporadically childlike, occasionally threatening.
Only in listening to it now have I noticed the heavy use of Beach Boys style vocal harmonies. I think this is what lends the album it's childlike joy. There is a sense of exploration here and the thrill of hearing music unlike anything you have ever heard is enervating.
Another thing that struck me how minimal is the instruments are on many songs but you only notice if you actually examine the component parts. The vocals carry much of the work, with the songs taking shape around the meaningless words.
Half kids show theme tunes and half music from horror movies, half gorgeous, half sinister. Profoundly weird, disturbing, fun, avant garde, catchy, silly, aggressive, accessible, an acquired taste. Clinic are ridiculous. Clinic are genius. Clinic deserve medals. Clinic need help. Clinic should pack arenas. Clinic should be sectioned.

A phenomenal debut album.
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on 4 January 2006
This album is fantastic, I bought it on it's release and I still come back to it now! It's oh-so different from the norm, it's filled with originality, quirky and catchy tunes, and even makes me chuckle with it's cheerful moments and odd lyrics.
You will not be disappointed with purchasing this album, that is for certain.
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This is a really weird CD, you know the kind which sounds really weird at first and you decide you don't want anything to do with it. But then you just listen to it again and you find that it's in fact totally cool. You find the tracks like CQ and Distortions and you're like "How could I have ignored this so much?". It's an amazing album and I'm purely gonna bop away to it (if you can bop to this music)! Cool though! Second Line a lso rocks (off the Levis ad).
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on 10 July 2000
A superb CD, with lots of drums! This is a very good, very upbeat CD, most of the tracks are very good, but two (Return of Evil Bill & 2nd Foot Stomp)are Briliant, not for people into Craig David or George Michael but most other people will love it.
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on 24 June 2015
Great alt music. Consistently good tracks throughout.
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on 12 November 2001
There's nothing particularly "experimental" or ground-breaking about Internal Wrangler. Guitar, bass, and drums are the predominant instruments, with flourishes of organ and tinny drum samples thrown in. There are no microtonal guitar solos or squelching analog synthtones. The true beauty of Clinic is that they have, using a relatively standard rock vocabulary, constructed a truly distinctive, energetic, and magnetically appealing sound.
"Voodoo Wop" opens Internal Wrangler with layers of drums, including bongos, which build upon a slinky bassline and snippets of ambient noise. Coupled with budget reverb that lends a garage-rock aesthetic, the track creates a wall of tension and uneasiness. But it isn't until the record's second track, "Return of Evil Bill," that Clinic unleashes their secret weapon: lead singer Ade Blackburn.
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on 27 February 2001
This album is not like anything u will have heard b4 and that is just one reason why it is soooo great! I very recommend this, espacially to ppl into Electronic stuff like Moby and Air and Basement Jaxx but Clinic have a bit more egde with some rock in their songs! Groovy Stuff!!
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on 12 October 2001
The Spanish national football team of albums as at times it is good like with the songs Internal Wrangler,Hippy Death Suite,Distortions,The Second Line and The Return of Evil Bill and then sometimes awful with the rest of the tracks
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