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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2011
My order arrived well before the date Amazon gave me. What I liked even more about Amazon was they called me the day before to say the bike will turn up with in a 1 hour slot.
As for the Cyclamatic bike...
Had to adjust the brakes and tighten all the nuts on the bike. Didn't take me long to do all that.
You can ride the bike as soon as that is done but you need to fully charge the battery. It says 24 hours for the first 3 charges but it took just over 2 hours each time. The battery runs for about 15miles on a full charge using the assist mode here in London UK.
I have used the Cyclamatic bike loads of times and it's a very nice ride. You will feel the bumps in the road witch is the only down side.
It is very easy to fold up and i have taken the bike on the mainline trains a few times now. Be warned folded the bike makes it heavy and bulky. Once folded you will need both arms to lift the bike on/off a train.
Other than that a well worth buy for getting about.
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on 17 March 2011
Had the bike for a few weeks and I love it. Wanted to return to cycling after a 20 year gap and knew that a bit of electric assistance would be helpful in my drive to be fitter. Its amazing! The battery lasted for 6 cycling sessions before having to recharge as i only used the power for the occassional steep hill. The cycle gives a good ride when not using the power assist. I have found the six gears perfectly adequate for my use and I feel fitter and healthier already. The bike is very easily folded and takes about one minute to achieve. It is a little heavy to lift in and out of the car but not too bad. I did find the pannier at the back was slightly bent on delivery but I decided that it was a minor issue and it does not affect the performance or look of the bike. My friends and family are envious and they are all very impressed. My opinion is that it is a great bike and good value for money
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on 23 August 2013
I used to love cycling but have been unwell and incapable of peddling a bicycle so I thought I'd try an electric bike for the assistance they give. I looked in local shops then on Amazon only to find an electric bike half the price of the ones in the shops. I was a bit apprehensive at first as it was still a lot of money but finally made a decision and went for it. I went for the one that was £40 cheaper as apparently the box was damaged.
I ordered it on Monday and received it the following Thursday. The box didn't appear to be damaged and everything was in order. It took me an hour to assemble it and I gave the battery a good charge over night although they said it was fully charged. I went for my first ride this morning and I am over the moon with my purchase. The only defects were a little dent in the mud guard that I successfully banged out and a little scratch on the rear fork. This didn't bother me in the slightest as I'm sure I will have lots more scratches soon! Excellent. I hope it continues to give me pleasure.
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on 14 May 2012
This is (I hope) a balanced report of my experiences with the Cyclamatic fold-away. I LOVE this bike, but read-on for more... I bought one of these last year and when it turned up (already built, in a BIG box), I immediately had to swap the pedals for some pedals off my old folding bike because the supplied ones were faulty. Not a big deal. In use, this is an EXCELLENT piece of machinery and has brought interested folks gathering round to "have a go". It puts a smile on everyone's face. After a while, the saddle came out of its clamp. Again, not a big deal. Good job I had another bike I could cannibalise for the bits. After a very short while, there began a clickety-clack from the back wheel. This is loose spokes. Again, not a big deal if you have the correct tool or pop it in a shop for maintenance. This spoke problem has been mentioned by other cyclamatic fold-away owners. I must admit to being over the maximum recommended weight for this bike so I suppose an extra bit of maintenance every now and then comes with the territory. At present, there is also an issue with the pin holding the handlebars upright (where they fold for carrying). Just a gentle tap with a rubber mallet every morning makes this right again. Do NOT attempt to fill the tyres-up at a garage... there's not enough room between the hub, the gears and the spokes to get the filling-nozle connected properly and the tyre will eventually go flat as you panic to get it filled. I got a puncture on the rear wheel (which has all the electrics connected). Tried to fix this myself but couldn't get the tyre (or the wheel) off. A local shop fixed the puncture in-situ without taking the wheel off AND filled the tyres to their recommended 65psi. YES, 65! It went like a rocket after that little bit of maintenance and still is going like a rocket now, 5 months later. It rusts very quickly, so wipe it down with WD40 on the exposed metal bits (mudguard stays etc). All in all, a superb concept, saving me loads in bus fares and taxi fares. No issues with the battery at all (except one of the 2 supplied "ignition" keys has fallen to bits). I love this bike, probably all the more because it has a certain quirkiness to it. Arrive in style - no puffing and panting just for the commute to work and back - why should you have to combine your daily travel with a workout?! Once you've tried an electric bike you'll wonder how you ever got around without one. I even went to a local wedding on it :-)
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on 8 March 2011
Ordered in Dec 2010. Delivered within 48hrs. Impressive!! Unfortunately that's the end of the good news. The next two months were extremely disappointing. The first time it was delivered the packaging (a carton) was highly knocked about - and so were the contents. A bent pannier and a bent rear axle stub. Bike was collected and sent to thier repairs department. After two weeks and some nudging it was returned to me... in the same condition I sent it them, i.e. nothing had been done. Sent it back to them (this time the carton was almost falling apart) and they delivered a 'new' bike. This time the carton was not much better than the first bike... and niether were the contents. More bent bits. So... after seven weeks of messing about I threw in the towel and requested a refund - which took seven days to appear. I never did try out the bike by riding it, but I had plenty of opportunity to inspect it.
When I paid for the bike in December it was £[] - by the time I gave up on the idea it had gone up to £[]. At £[] it was just about worth the money so long as you don't want to use it heavily, because the aluminium is soft, and bends easily. At £499 it's certainly NOT value for money. I eventually purchased a similar folding bike from another source for £[] more money and got a far far superior product. Also beware, after sales service in the form of spare parts are hard to come by with this machine. They say they have them - but they're not bike specialists. They are a pile it high and sell it cheap operation. The staff seem to be good, but the product isn't, and thier courier company isn't doing them any favours.
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on 17 December 2011
This is one nice looking piece of kit, lots of really nice touches. No self-assembly required and almost everything worked straight from the box, even the 6 easy-changing gears (thumb-switch upchange and button downchange) seem perfectly set. Both of the neat folding pedals were loose (the unusual 15mm spanner, which also does wheel-nuts, is in the toolkit). The pedal bearings had been left on the loose side and presently one went graunchy inside (workshop fixable).

The frame-folding and handle-bar clamps are excellent, self-locking against coming undone on the road. Sophisticated electronics sense pedalling movement and engage "assist" function with a slight whine.

Performance is good, several shopping trips and at least 8 miles before the amber light starts to flash and I bother re-charging. I may have run it flat after one trip of 13 miles ... but can't be sure whether I went out fully charged. I peddled the last mile home with no problem. And I'd have no fear of being stranded no matter how far I strayed. After all, if I exhaust the power-plant, I only have to reach a bus-stop or a taxi-rank!

Weight-wise this aluminium framed cycle is not bad, 23Kg all up. Without the 3.25Kg battery it'd be in the mid-range of day-to-day cycles (though obviously way bigger and heavier than a Brompton). Lifting in folded condition is not Brompton-easy, but not bad ... except that there is no clip to hold it together, you have to add your own aerolastic, tut-tut. A trucker's loop with a single hook is ideal. I'm strong enough to carry it onto a bus without too much difficulty - even so, the shopping in its panniers would have to sit on the pavement while I lifted it up the steps. A wireless speedo is useful/essential as a fuel gauge.

Not long after taking delivery the bolt holding the saddle came loose and the vital charging fuse in the battery lost contact. Presently I heard a tinkling from the back wheel - the spokes had come loose. Not difficult for me to make perfect immediately. Oops, just had to do that again [March 2012]. Nor was it difficult to release the front-wheel, which had tightened itself on its bearings. Oops, just had to do that again [March 2012] and again in July. At 110 miles, the head-stock came loose - the work of a moment with a 12" Crescent wrench and a pipe grip. Many users will choose to have this bike delivered to a local bike-shop, where they should fawn over the mechanic. He's likely to be your best friend in the first days/weeks. Despite telling you this (and despite having still only covered 250 miles!) I'm confident of a long and trouble-free life thereafter.

I've had one opportunity to test it on real hills - which it devoured. LPA (light pedal assistance) has me going up some long slopes at more than 15mph - the biggest problem is the relatively low gearing and high pedal speed!

My regular hybrid bicycle was more than half the price of this thing, yet the Cyclamatic appears to be both better thought out and better built. The Cyclamatic has better wheels than my Raleigh. Metal mudguards are almost certainly better (if heavier).

Almost the biggest downside is security, because the battery is so desirable. The Cyclamatic has lugs that safeguard the wires and cabling - why's it not got lugs and an integral lock? Every Dutch bicycle has one ... but the famous horseshoe lock cannot be retro-fitted, it will not reach round these specially deep wheels .... hmmmm. Doesn't have lugs for a pump either.

I hated the prop-stand fitted but I've got used to it. Leaving it down by mistake hasn't proved as dangerous as I expected. I've even come to like it. In Nov 2012 this first Cyclamatic got squashed.

Immediately bought another ... they're not properly packaged and this one arrived slightly damaged ... but may be much better built. Only one tightening needed in the first 200 miles, the steering column clamp. And the front brake squealed, so I fitted replacement blocks. And the front wheel spindle has tightened once. Worryingly, SQsports sent me the wrong replacement mudguard, I bashed out the bent one instead. Nor could they provide the rubber buffer that protects the wiring. However, bicycle parts (even for the electronics) are generally interchangeable and common.

Oct 2014 - #2 Cyclamatic now has 800 miles and nothing further gone wrong.

Feb 2015 - #1 Battery, just over 3 years old, has died. Maybe 3 miles of capacity left. That is pretty disappointing.
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on 14 August 2013
What more can I say! Half the price of most other electic bikes and manufactured to a good standard. As a professional engineer I can confirm that the level of design and manufacturing quality built into this bike is exceptional. Nearly every part is aluminium or stainless steel, except the mudguards. Pity that the gear shift is not epicyclic which would make it less vunerable to damage, but that's nit-picking and at this price who's quibbling!!!
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on 11 August 2013
Bought two for the camper van to get bit more out of the camping trips. One did not arrive and amazon sent a replacement without any hassle. The bikes are superb for taking off quickly at junctions and getting up a hill with all my shopping in my H&S pannier bags which i bought seperately.
I am not sure how long the battery can last but there is a battery indicator that dropped from green to yellow after 1 hour of use ( used straight out of the box).It is still on green after full recharge and a days use but i dont use battery assist all the time. It is a quality product, folds easily, neatly and in under a minute. I am so glad i went for these and we are having loads of fun. They are a good value for money as two ofthese are just the price of a Brompton and having cycled on the former ( 3 gear version) i cerainly will pick my cyclematic over a brompton.
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on 24 March 2015
Absolutely brilliant very good quality and value for money. I am saving up to get one for my wife.I have mobility problems below knee amputation it given me a new lease of life. Comes highly recommend from me.five stars
review image
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on 13 October 2010
this bike arrived so quickly I was amazed - good value and very long range - folds up easily enough to make getting into back of car easy but not really a folder for the train. would highly recomend this bike
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