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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 1999
Karen Moning with Beyond the Highland Mist brings a romance novel back to Romance. I loved this book. The kind of novel romance readers thrive on. A book to curl up with and takes you away from the everyday. The characters were well developed, the struggle between the hero and heroine compelling and the added touch of fantasy makes Beyond the Highland Mist a story you can dream on. I found BTHM witty, funny and touching. Hawk is an example of the true alpha-male, so handsome, strong and masculine in every way, but with a past that makes him vulnerable. Adrienne is not only beautiful but strong and independent. Badly hurt in the present she finds it hard to trust in the past. The catalyst for conflict is an amazing character called Adam Black, beautiful but sinister. This book has it all. Fantasy, fun and drama. Karen Moning has created with words a mind painting of romance of old. This is her first book and I for one am eagerly looking forward to her next book. I read approximately 300 romances a year and this one is a keeper.
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on 20 March 1999
Aoibheal, Queen of the Fae, told her court about "the Hawk". She told of how he could win any woman's heart and soul. She even made some believe Hawk had stolen her favor, as well. The King of the Fae, as well as "the Fool" Adam, decided upon revenge. Adam traveled through time until 1997. It was there he found a perfect woman who hated beautiful men, for very good reason.
Adrienne de Simone was whisked through time to the sixteenth century and forced to wed a man known as Hawk. She wanted nothing to do with such a good looking man. Beautiful men mean trouble and pain. Hawk could not believe she would have nothing to do with him. Worse yet, a smithy suddenly appeared in town, named Adam Black and was determined to woo her away from him! Adrienne, wanting nothing to do with either of them, was made into a pawn of which only Aoibheal, who ruled over all, could save.
***WOW! I loved this book. It is definately "a keeper"! Here is one that will never see the inside of a used book store. Powerful, romantic, and leaves you believing in Fairies.***
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on 1 April 1999
This book had all the right elements to catch my attention; fantasy, history, sexual tension, a really hunky hero, a hunky villan and a heroine who doesn't take any guff. I laughed in some places, cried in others and was generally sorry to see the story end. There were some historical inconsistancies, but I could overlook them by this first time author. I will definately be putting this on my keeper shelf for a rainy day re-read. Try it, you won't be sorry. I await Ms. Monings' next book to see if it lives up to her promise.
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on 22 June 2014
(Edited a few days later to add - I didn't bother with books 2 & 3, but I did pick up book 4 and WOW - Book 4, Kiss of the Highlander is 100 times better than this one. I highly recommend continuing with the series - even for Fever fans, as things do get much more interesting!)

This was written around 1997, and it shows. Paranormal Romance has tightened in that time, matured, and turned into a clever, witty, sexy genre. This book shows its age. It's fluffy fun, but dull. Even the writing is stilted (The author's writing style in the Fever Series is in a different league to this!) However, I've been told the Highlander series gets much better after book 3. I adore KMM and will likely try book 4, because I know this author can, and does, write fantastic books.
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on 16 February 1999
Handsome as sin and the greatest of lovers, Hawk is not only sought after by almost every woman in 1513 Scotland, but is the ideal pawn in a gambit played out by the fairie queen and her court. The other pawn, 20th century Adrienne de Simone, has had her problems with men and hopes that she is never taken in by their sweet words again. When Hawk's friend, Grimm, wishes that Hawk would find a woman of wit, intelligence and beauty who would spurn him, Adrienne finds herself swept through time in order to marry Hawk. Though stunned by her situation, she complies, agreeing to masquerade as Mad Janet, the bride-to-be. When she meets her husband, Adrienne is dazed by his beauty, making her resist him. Her rebuffs make Hawk try harder, and when the smithy, Adam Black, sets out to seduce Adrienne, sparks fly and the game shifts into a higher dimension. Add to this a jealous woman, Hawk's ex-lover, Adrienne's resolve, and a group of matchmakers, and you have havoc in the Highlands. This highly original time-travel romance combines the wonders of the paranormal and the mischievous world of the fairies to create a splendid, sensual, hard-to-put-down romance. You'll delight in the biting repartee and explosive sexual tension between Adrienne and Hawk, the conniving Adam, and the magical aura that surrounds the entire story. Karen Marie Moning is destined to make her mark on the genre.
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on 21 June 1999
It has been a long time since I have read a book that I could not put down. The combination of power, romance, and satire in the story line created a perfect mix. I anticipated the time I would have to continue reading and looked forward to being on a plane where I could read uninterrupted for hours. I thought about Hawk and Adrienne for days after I finished reading.
I can not wait for Karen Moning's next book to be released!
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on 12 May 1999
This is the best first novel that I can remember in this genre. I'm expecting great things from this author!
This was a great book that had me laughing out loud, sitting at the edge of my seat and sighing. I read at least two novels a week and it's the first book in a while that had me up half the night to see how it ends.
I didn't notice any obvious historical inconsistencies. Let's face it, historical reality is fleas and infrequent bathing. I like to let the little things go.
I liked the magical and mystical aspect. I liked the time travel concept in this book also. I don't think there would have been a more perfect companion for the Hawk in his time. I liked seeing the period through the perspective of a modern woman.
I can't wait to read Karen Marie Moning's next novels.
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on 30 April 1999
This is not one of those books where the hero and heroine misunderstand each other and the reader wants to strangle them. I have not read a romance novel for years because I was tired of that formula. The "Hero" was masculine but not egotistical. I enjoyed the magic and found it believable. Time travel romances are my favorite and I am always interested to see how the author gets the couple together, past the bonds of time. It was a page turner from the very first page!
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on 22 March 2015
This is the first book in Ms Monings Highlander series. It is not necessary to read this first but will help you if you do, to understand some of the future books a little better. The author writes so well that you really don't need to read these in any order, the books can be read as stand-alone books.

While a longtime reader can plainly see that this was a debut novel, a first time reader will not notice that this was not as well written as her future books. This book was a little over the top as far as more modern romances go - this is the epitome of a romance novel complete with some scenes that will make you tear up, an arrogant, darkly handsome and brooding hero and a perfect happy-ever-after. It is so interesting to read a series and then to come back a couple of years later and re-read them. It is amazing to see Ms. Moning grow as an author, both with her style, prose and story lines.

This is a time-travel novel that has our heroine ripped out of the late 1990's and plunged back in time to the early 16th century Scotland. The characters of Adrienne and Hawk can be very annoying at times. Hawk is a bit on the narcissistic side and Adrienne is a whole lot stubborn and st times shrewish. The somewhat secondary character of Adam Black (the Smithy) will be seen in later books in a somewhat better light until he gets his own book - The Immortal Highlander (book 6). This was the first book that introduced me to the Fae (Fairies) and had made me curious enough to make me seek out more of this genre.

This was a fun, semi-light (with some darkness) and sometimes unexpected romance that won't tax you too much and give you a few hours of relief from your everyday life.
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on 7 November 2015
No woman could refused him, hes the legendary Hawk who caught the eye of the Queen of the Fae so a vengeful fairy plucked Adrienne and dumped her back into the 16th century. Shes a 21st century woman whose sworn off men by a previous boyfriends actions and wants nothing to do with good looking men as they only cause heartbreak. The fairy (Adam Black) and Hawk battle it out for her affections. shes not immune to beautiful men but refuses to fall in love. in the end she must make a sacrifice for the one shes loves
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