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Black Light
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 15 November 2017
First bought "White Light" off the back of their "10 Year Story" album, both of which I thought were excellent. "White Light" is polished, very much more of its time, and yet.. despite being some of the same songs, somehow "Black Light" is even better. Yes, some tracks you feel the 1980's influence a bit more, but from the first track, you look this album in the eye, sister, and it never lets go.
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on 7 May 2010
I've loved dance music since going to my first rave back in 1989. Over the years there have been very few artists that have released albums that are either truly groundbreaking or of such high quality that not a beat, loop or sample is wasted. Even artists who I still massively respect have released albums where self indulgence or inventiveness or even a rush to complete the album itself prevent them from becoming truly timeless classics. Groove Armada are a case in point, a few classic tunes, but the rest? Meh. That is until the release of Black Light. Yes it's a departure from their usual sound, yes it borrows heavily from the 80s, but make no mistake, Black Light is an album of such accomplished musical soundscapes that I simply cannot find fault with any track on the album (put a gun to my head and Paper Romance is the biggest slice of genius, but it's a case of first amongst equals really).

This is an album of truly epic dance music and it is all credit to GA that they have managed to reinvent themselves on a completely different part of the dance music spectrum. It won't be to everyone's tastes and I can see why the die-hard GA fans might be disappointed, but change is what moves us forwards. I'd suggest playing this on the biggest, fattest stereo you can find, preferably in the blazing sunshine with a crowd of like minded (and possible slightly toasted) friends and let this flawless musical masterpiece take control. Hats off GA, you've converted me - you're in my desert island disc selection
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on 18 March 2010
I have to admit this wasn't what I was expecting from a GA album. However, first listen .. a little shocked, by the second I was warming up, by the third I was absolutely loving it.

So what's it like? Well - I'd say it's 80'5 retro electronica revival, with a hint of trance. Different, fresh yet familiar all at the same time. Truly excellent.
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on 18 February 2010
Many GA fans will find this a major change of direction. I disagree with Jo's review totally. The production is great, the choice of songs brilliant, I particularly like Shameless, Paper Romance and I won't kneel. It is a really innovative record from a group who have been around for over 10 years. I am loving it!!!GO to the live shows which are coming up at the beginning of March, a live set from GA is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 14 May 2010
I found Soundboy Rock a little disappointing but this is a welcome, if unexpected, return to form for the GA guys....it perfectly mixes then and now, rock and electronica, guitars and computers...it is uplifting while also giving time for reflection and sentiment.

I can't stop listening to it...I love it and I cannot wait to see them at Glastonbury this year!
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on 4 April 2010
Whilst I have always quite like and admired Will Young, I can safely say I am not a fan of his music. Its quite a surprise to be playing the last track of this album featuring his guest vocals repeatedly. History is an amazing track and superb reinvention of small town boy by bronski beat. Has to be a single at some point, very subtle, gentle but brilliant.
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on 29 July 2011
I overlooked this album when it was originally released as I felt Groove Armada were long past their best. Having seen them live a few years ago it was noticable how heavily they relied on tracks like Superstylin and At the River (which I personally dont like) to please crowds. The first 2 albums were interesting chill out tunes, then came Lovebox which was OK then Soundboy Rock which was an identity crisis that resulted in a cheese fest. Roll on 4 years later and the guys produce arguably their best peice of work to date - a slick high quality offering that combines their electronic sound with a mixture of pop and indie, pulling out sounds from the 70s and 80s that is totally credible. Each track has a guest vocalist combining some well known names with some lesser but it all pulls together nicely and some of the tracks are outstanding - 'Just for Tonight' is unbeatable with its retro 70s summer sound and cool vocals by Jesee Larabee who Id previously never heard of. Jesee also features in 'Look me in the eye sister' which is another cool and somewhat addictive track which you will find yourelf singing along to, also Time and Space, another classic. Will Young and Bryan Ferry lend their vocals to 2 of the other strongest tracks on the album but all of the songs are good with a couple not quite living up to the high standards set by the above. This a solid piece of work and one that I feel will be considered their best in years to come. Groove Armada also released 'White Light' shortly after this release which provides a dancier version of some of tracks on this album, giving them a new angle which is also well worth a listen.
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on 30 April 2010
This is another occasion where I heard a song playing in my local HMV and just had to ask a staff member, "Who is this?" Sounded like Joy Division getting it on with Prefab Sprout. I wasn't sure who was enjoying it more.
It was actually the second song 'Fall Silent' from this CD album. The CD was a buy then and there. Today. When you get that feeling and buy an album like that you just know it''s going to be good. And this one is. Very.
With the beginning of each and every song, I'm thinking where on earth is this one going? It usually feels like it might well be an uncomfortable ride but I'm fascinated regardless, excited and hooked in for the duration of the journey. And what destinations you end up at! Sonic landscapes which are dark, bleak yet wonderfully uplifting. It all sounds like it might just veer off wildly and teeter off the edge into black chaos, perhaps even the 'black light' of the title.
And it's all linked by great resonant beats and bowel-shakingly deep bass synth noises. God, I love bowel-shakingly deep synth noises! If you like bowel-shakingly deep bass synth noises then you will love this album too.

The songs: (Warning: the word 'synth' will appear an unhealthy number of times.)

'Look Me In The Eye Sister': an imperative, driving beat and an air of menace that is never really softened by the lush synth sounds.

'Fall Silent': see above. Great.

'Just For Tonight': drowsy female vocal, casual strumming guitar and a bit of keyboard that just wants to do its own thing and start playing the theme from Europe's 'Final Countdown'!

'Not Forgotten': made me think a little of the Prodigy but a Prodigy sounding tormented by affairs of the heart yet joyful at the same time.

'I Won't Kneel': sounds like Cyndi Lauper in 'I Drove All Night' mode with extra synth noodles.

'Cards To Your Heart': listen to all that deep bubbling synth beneath the male vocalist's quasi-speech style singing! Can't get enough of it.

'Paper Romance': is majestic pop perfection, all six minutes of it... and even with six minutes I feel short-changed!.

'Warsaw': reminds me oddly of Michael Hutchence's INXS. Their sound might well have evolved into something like this. (Just to clarify, I like INXS. 'Not Enough Time'...best song ever!)

'Shameless': hypnotic, Bryan Ferry warbling away, some lady warbling away, bit of guitar warbling, a bit of French warbling...but it's all good! Who'd have thought it eh? With all those ingredients? But really good. It's all good!

'Time & Space': sounds like it's going to be dub but then, when the female vocal takes off, the song really soars somewhere else entirely, glittering synths et al. See? All the songs are a little deceptive like this. They are all tricksters.

'History': sounds like very early Depeche Mode. Burbles along with a kind of melancholy cheeriness. When Will Young hits the higher registers it's 'Bronski Beat' tarted up for 2010. Brilliant.

And with this song the 'Black Light'-mobile gently slows down and lets you off and there you are.
I remember buying 'Vertigo' all those years ago, listening to it once and consigning it to a cupboard. I'd better dig it out, blow off the dust and give it a second listen. If Groove Armada can sound like this I'll be listening to the rest of their back catalogue too.
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on 22 July 2010
We where do you start, brilliant, diverse, hauntly beautiful with shades of Fleetwood Mac in Just with you Tonight, Bryan Ferry on Shameless......what a legend.....what a voice achingly cool. Fall Silent full of emotion, pain, love..........hairs on the neck moments.

I bought this album uncharacteristically having heard a couple of bars from one track whilst wandering around a music store.......its my new best friend. However its tracks such as Paper Romance and History with its hints of Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy..........that just tip the whole album into another league.

I have been an ON/OFF fan of GA for years....clearly I am seriously back ON after this album.
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on 13 May 2010
Like so many others out there, this was something a bit strange to me at first but now......what can I say, WOW.....AWESOME. This is so beautifully tight on the production, full of tracks that really stir the emotions. I'm a massive fan of the mighty GA and have seen them on numerous occasions since there Goodbye Country tours. I believe this is some of their best material, particularly 'History' (a wonderful mix of electronic and vocal - reminds me a bit of Yazoo), 'Paper Romance' (harder edged with brilliant vocals again), 'Just for Tonight' (this more laid back track is yet again accompanied by wonderful vocals). I'll definitely be seeing them on this tour. If you've never seen GA live, then let me tell you it's an experience to behold and should not be missed.

BTW, this is my first ever review on Amazon as I don't normally feel I have the time for this kind of thing. However I was so impressed with the album that I just felt compelled to let the public know as well as the pioneers themselves. Big thanks to Andy and Tom for this superb musical experience.
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