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on 27 November 2010
I got this after my I-phone was stolen. As I'm an older person who is not into gaming and other 'social' network gimmicks I decided a Blackberry would be a better match for my requirements. The blackberry 9520 storm is a great little phone; very stylish, no fiddly keys and does what all Blackberry's do, which is offer great communications. I've found it relatively easy to operate, although the 'touch screen' takes a bit of getting use to as it feels as if there is a plate moving under the screen, so requires more pressure than the light touch that an I-Phone or Samsung Galaxy demands. The battery life is good and will last me 2-3 days if I'm careful. Using the internet drains it pretty quickly though. It has all the usual Blackberry apps., and ok, they're not as plentiful as Apple's, but hey, you'd get an I-Phone if that's you're bag. Th only annoying thing I do find is all the Blackberry apps are geared up for the USA, not UK, which limits their desireability. All in all, a good phone.
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on 12 February 2010
This is without a doubt the worst phone I have ever owned. The screen frequently refuses to register any touches, taps or clicks. The click screen idea I thought would have been resolved in the Stotm2 after I read the Storm1 reviews last year. I foolishly bought the Storm2. Total waste of £330 - especially as seller is refusing to refund me. When screen locks, it sometimes takes 20mins to the number keypad to show so I can unlock it. This morning my boss called - I did everything possible to answer the call - impossible, no button responded to my presses. Last week I had a flat tyre - couldnt call for assistance. Sending a text/email/bbm is excrutiatingly painful when the screen double click problem starts - every tap becomes a tap and a back function which returns me to the previous screen. This phone is simply ridiculous. This is my first and most likely last Blackberry. Going back to HTC.
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on 29 May 2011
The Storm is a good phone for email, phone calls, messaging, internet etc.

Not sure I really get the i-phone/BlackBerry rivalry - the reality is, this is more a business than a pleasure phone, although with facebook and one or two other basic internet apps it has kept me happy enough for work and leisure. I am not a massive video or game player, mind you.

The hybrid click/touchscreen took a few days to get used to but has been fine, it synchs really well with a laptop and backs things up handily, and software updates are easy enough. I have been happy with it.
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on 3 February 2010
Within the first month of owning one I had to have it replaced 3 times all for different faults. Completely wiped itself after I first connected it to my computer so that it could only play games, nothing else. Reset itself every time I connected to the internet. Terrible call quality even when in good network coverage. Randomly hangs up during phone calls. I have now changed phone.
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on 19 May 2010
A good looking, if excessively weighty handset. My main complaints are the irritatingly illogical, fiddly unintuitive software which makes even the most basic tasks such as editing your contacts lists or text editing of SMS and email messages a frustrating nightmare. The downloadable user manual, all 320 pages of it, is totally unhelpfull, badly assembled, the menu option quoted often dont exist on the handset for my 5.0 software version even though the manual is version 5.0.
Sound quality is variable even in good signal areas. The display is excellent quality in my humble oppinion, but does not make up for the rest of it.
The PC software is similarly bad and poorly documented.
I will not be looking for another Blackberry when by lengthy contract expires, I would not trust a company that unleashes a product like this on the unsuspecting public again.
Hopefully the iPhone will have come down to a sensible price by then.
Let the buyer beware indeed!
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on 22 May 2011
Having done all my research and decided to get an HTC desire (in August 2010) I went to the O2 shop. When I got there I saw the Blackberry Storm 2 next to the Desire on the display. "I didn't know that Blackberry did touchscreen phones" I said to the salesman. "Oh yes and they are very good."

We then got into a conversation about the relative merits of the two phones and he convinced me that the Blackberry was the better option. He even convinced me that there are more apps available for Blackberry than the HTC (Android) - well that was a complete lie as there are around 10 times more apps for androids most Blackberry ones are useless outside the USA anyway.

In addition the phone is slow, unreliable and very clunky. I will admit that it is great for e-mails and ok for text but internet is rubbish as it is a real pain to magnify the display without accidentally selecting a link. The real pain is using it as a phone. It drops calls regularly even when I and in sight of the mast. I have even had a call go silent and then found a few seconds later I am on a completely different call with a total stranger - honest. When I get an incoming call I regularly have to press two or three times to connect the call. It is the same for ending a call and sometimes the only way to end a call it to switch it off.

It reboots for no reason and once did it in the middle of an important business call where I was discussing a contract worth over £100,000. Thankfully I didn't lose the deal.

The guys at O2 have checked and say there is no fault on the phone. They gave me a new SIM and that made no difference. I will never have another Blackberry.

As I got it on an O2 contract they are saying that I cannot swap my phone - they claim I have a contract to use a Blackberry so I cannot change unless I buy out of the contract. I have had enough and I am gonna buy a SIM free HTC this phone is driving me nuts.

Update on the above. I have now had the replacement HTC Desire S for 4 weeks and I love it. I think even less of the Blackberry Storm than I did before - shame I can't give it zero stars.
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on 5 June 2010
The Storm is not an iphone - i believe that most people that criticise the storm really wanted an iphone - the storm is a Blackberry what do Blackberry's excel at? e-mail, instant messaging, communication, they are primarily a business tool and if you want a business tool then you need a Blackberry - the storm is the first Blackberry to feature a touch screen the first incarnation was not the best phone it had problems - however the storm 2 is an excellent piece of kit - I have had zero locking and the battery lasts two days which is normal to good for a smart phone and I can swap my battery when it does go dead - you can't do that with an iphone - I have described the storm as not being an iphone this is correct however they do have music, camera, video functionality the same as the iphone, they also have an app store the same as the iphone and are available free on reasonable contracts - mine is on an 18 Month £29 contract for free try that with an iphone.

I am perfectly happy with my Storm I have owned it from first release in October - if you really wanted an iphone go buy one and waste your money.
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on 30 November 2012
I have literally just opened this item and obvs it has no charge in it but usually these kind of products SHOULD come with a charger, case or screen protectors this came with none! it was badly packaged.
I havent even turned it on yet so thats why i ave 3 stars.
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on 20 July 2013
I got this phone for my grand daughter,she really loves it,its perfect for younger people,when i had a problem with the battery a new phone was sent out.I would buy from this seller again
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on 1 May 2013
When I got this phone, everything was working fine apart from when I try to open my messages and when I get my sim out of the phone, I could see what my friends were texting me
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