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on 15 September 2010
Just got a few of these for customers at my gym. Being a personal trainer it's important to know the customers calorie burn and if they are working at the right intensity to improving their fitness. The FT7 breaks these 2 things down to 1 simple screen shot. All you do is input the users personal details just once then press start! You then strap on the chest belt and you can see on the unit a heart rate % that moves between 2 lines to show if your working in a zone to burn calories or to improve your fitness. After each session you can check the file and it gives you lot's of feed back. You can also by a flowlink to down load the files on to Polar software. Great simple product that looks cool all the time!
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on 30 April 2012
I've been using the FT7 for a few weeks and am pleased with it. I've been using the Garmin Forerunner 305 for years and love it but it has a fatal flaw for indoor exercise classes- it doesn't record calories burned unless you are running around outside so it's a non-starter for Body Combat etc.

After looking around I went for the Polar FT7 HRM

+Clear time indication (although day and date are a bit small and unclear)
+Easy one time setup eg, weight, and date of birth.
+One touch Start button to start recording your exercise
+One touch Finish button to stop recording your exercise.
+Waterproof (ok to swim and shower but don't press the buttons underwater!)
+Easy to use
+Records 99 exercise sessions and shows them in an easy to navigate graphical view. You can select a session and view duration, calories, max and ave heart rate among other stats.
+Shows calories burned over the last week.
+Shows pulse or % of maximum while exercising
+If you move the watch to the transmitter belt it temporarily shows the time
+Backlight button
+User replaceable battery on watch and transmitter keeps the cost down
+The transmitter clips onto the strap so is easily removed.
+Strap is easily washed - Garmin recommend that you rinse the belt after each use and put it in the washing machine every week.
+The watch is very light in weight.

- There's no timer function so you can't measure how long you've been exercising or if you are in a race, how long you'be been running for.
- It's a bit thick for a watch and not particularly attractive.

Hope that helps someone!
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on 18 December 2011
This is the best Fitness product I have ever bought! I haven't written a review on Amazon in 4 years, but I feel compelled to tell people about this. The FT7 does everything I need and nothing more & for £64 is incredible value. The strap around my chest to measure and transmit my heart beat to the watch is comfortable, and when running you don't even notice it. I'm 32 and haven't done any running in 2 years so very unfit but not overweight! In the past I've always gotten on the treadmill and run for as long as possible then stopped, taken a rest and then do some weights! This bad, especially if you want to burn calories, which is what I want to do and the Polar FT7 has taught be this by using it. I want to burn calories and increase fitness so ideally I should be looking to keep my heart rate going between 75% - 90% of my maximum heart rate. Once you've put in your details, age, weight, height, it works out your max heart rate and it's down to me to keep within this range, it has an alarm which you can set to your desired level to tell you when to slow down. This means I can keep exercising for longer, burn more calories, get my energy levels up and at the same time not get tired so quickly because I'm never pushing my heart rate to the max. Excellent product, wish I'd known the detailed benefits of Polar a few years ago and I would have bought it in a heart beat!!!!!
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on 7 February 2011
I initially started looking at heart rate monitors because of the unreliable readings I was getting from the Technogym equipment I used at the gym. The beauty of this Polar one is the 'owncode' feature where the chest strap transmits directly to the machines I use seamlessly, I get on the bike and my heart rate is already displaying.
I picked the FT7 as it seemed a middle of the road choice, it does all I want it to and nothing more. The watch is easy to set up, input your height/weight/date of birth and it works out what your max heart rate should be and where the line is between fat burn and fitness. The chest strap is an ample size and there is plenty of slack despite me being a pretty big guy, it's easy to get on comfortably and I've never had any communication issues with it and the watch, it's also washable so I just stick it in with my gym stuff each time. When working out the functions on the watch track heart rate/calorie burn/workout time/which workout zone you are in (fitness/fat burn), and after each work out you can see totals and average/max heart rate. The watch saves these so you can look back at previous sessions and compare, you can buy a flowlink and connect up to a PC but that seems expensive for what it offers.

I have found this excellent so far, though I do have an observation on calorie counter. My gym system gives me a calorie count per exercise directly linked to the equipment I use so I expect this to be spot on, the watch figure is about double this. While I'd love to think I'm burning 900 calories each time I'm not too sure, maybe they're both wrong?!

Overall I really recommend this if you're looking for a heart rate monitor, I've found this a good motivational & educational tool and it helps me stay in 'the zone' at the gym.
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on 5 February 2011
At my medical when the Doctor said "there is a problem with the ECG..." I immediately welled up and found it all very emotional. After I calmed down the Doctor explained it looked like it was the machine and that they would redo the tests. The results were fine. My learning was that this was an omen and an opportunity to get myself sorted. My mate Mark said "get a heart monitor and burn 3500 calories a week" and listen to your doctor (diet, snacks, relax etc.). This equates to 1lb - do this for a year and that will be over two stone. 4 weeks on, I am still a SAGA member and have just got in from a 30 mile/1950 cals cycle ride! Would not have done this 4 weeks ago. I chose the FT7 over other HM as it has a built in databank holding 99 exercise sessions so I can easily monitor my data for the week. The fact it keeps weekly totals was a benefit I did not really think of at the time but is invaluable. Whilst I would not go so far to say it has been life changing, it has certainly helped me in taking up a more active life style with the FT7 helping me to understand when I am gaining fitness, burning fat, and what it means in calories.
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on 16 March 2011
keeps good heart rate works with gym equipment and stores 99 files.
I should of done more research I just assumed to much about polar HRMs.

Main problem and a bit of a con is the transfer of files onto a computer or online you have to buy an extra item called a polar flowlink which at present costs over £32+ on amazon and only work on a polar website.
There is no way I know of transfering info onto a computer unless you type the info in, or download files or copy and paste from the polar website after you have bought a polar flowlink to transfer data from the hrm.
End of the day all of this lets Polar down when you consider how much these products cost from polar.
I thought transferring data would just work without having to buy more equipment from polar.
They should have a socket in the watch to plug into from a usb.
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on 2 January 2013
Very impressed with this product. I've never owned a heart rate monitor before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm so glad that I got this.

In the box, you get a strap with electrodes on it that you clip around your chest, a transmitter that you attach to the strap, and a nice looking watch that you wear which displays information about your heart rate from the transmitter.

It's very simple to set up and use, the instruction booklet takes you all through it and it's easy to follow. The display is clear, and you can press a button to light it up which you'd need to use if you were out jogging at night.

Using the Polar FT7 couldn't be easier. You simply wet the strap, fasten it around your chest, clip on the transmitter, press a button on the watch to tell it to start recording, and off you go.

It tracks your heart rate very accurately (I timed it myself to make sure). it also tells you exactly how many calories you have burned during a workout, which it calculates using your heart rate, duration of workout, age, height, weight, and gender (all of which you input when you set the watch up initially). Storage is easy - you just have to rinse the strap when you're done using it and pack it away in the box ready for next time. You do have to wash the strap occasionally, it recommends after every fifth use.

I've found the FT7 to be an invaluable little tool for when I'm working out. Now I know exactly how many calories I've burned every time I go jogging or do a workout DVD, so I can lose weight more efficiently. I've used it five times already and it's worked perfectly each time. I couldn't recommend it more highly.
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on 17 September 2011
I have been using the monitor for 2 months now it does what a heart monitor is supposed to do, however:

1 - With time, the buttons became harder to press and the upper right one stopped working completely, lucky for me, you could operate the watch without it.
2 - The watch sometimes indicate a funny heart beat such as 225 BPM while it is actually 110 or so, I usually reset this by unplugging and plugging the transmitter from the strap.
3 - Whenever I use it in the pool, the watch stops working for a couple of days! It is supposed to be water resistant...
4 - The date format in the watch is the American one (mm/dd/yyyy), Polar, which is a Finnish company where they use dd/mm/yyyy, forgot about themselves and the rest of the world including UK and focused on the American market.

This is my first and last Polar product, the next time it is going to be Garmin.
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on 23 January 2013
UPDATED - Dropped from 4 stars to 3. Why? Because Polar have removed the function from the polarpersonaltrainer.com website that allows you to manually enter fitness/fat burning zone to your workout data. I now feel like I'm being forced to buy a Flowlink too if I want to effectively track my data. I emailed Polar but they just said that the feature had been removed from manually uploads. Quite disappointed with their customer service.


Overall I'm quite pleased with my FT7M heart rate monitor. I've been training for a few years now, mainly playing squash but a bit of gym work too, and wanted to know how hard I was working.

The monitor is very easy to set up and use, links with cardio equipment in my gym without me needing to do anything and, most importantly tells me how intense my exercise is based on my heart rate (as you'd expect!).

So why just 4 stars?

The polar personal trainer website is useful but quite cumbersome and it's difficult to export data to use in other apps or even to track in a spreadsheet. The only option seems to be to export to .xml which isn't ideal.

The other reason is one that I partly blame myself for. I went for the red and black watch which looks great in the photo. The problem is that the majority of the screen is black and the text is in "white"/grey. This makes reading the watch quite difficult in anything but strong light, even when using the backlight.

Overall though I'm quite happy with the watch. I was going to buy the separate flowlink to allow me to download my results but, at around 35 quid, it's easy enough to key my results into the website.
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on 15 December 2012
Love love love this watch!! It's so easy to use,took no time at all to get it going(comes with batteries).I ordered the Red with the Silver Stripe.It's a nice red colour and not a crazy bright red thank goodness as i think it would have looked real tacky otherwise!
It comes with a chest belt/strap and a little transmitter that you click on to the belt/strap with 2 pop press buttons (very easy).NO silly gels to use on the belt..hate that stuff so i'm really happy about that!
I'm chest size 32" and it fits nicely-you can adjust it too very simply if you want.It's a hook in style strap by the way,us ladies will be used to that hehee!
The screen is very easy to read.My partner also bought one in Black with Silver Stripe and just to let you know,the strap and face is bigger on the Black one compared to the Red one i have.He's over the moon with his watch too!
I'm sure there are better ones out there but one of the best USA gym PT trainers i know uses it and recommended it to me and said best to buy from Amazon,so we did and i'm soooo grateful to her and Amazon for this wicked buy-fantastic price and service:))
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