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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 25 February 2011
This cooler is a piece of cake to install if you have an AM3 board. No need to take motherboard out unless the cooler you used previously got rid of the standard backplate which you will need to fit this cooler.

I was using the Antec freezer 7 pro v2 on a 1090t at 1.35v 3.6 GHz ambient temp 22c; idle 32c load 50-55c.

This beaut of a cooler on a 1090t 1.536v at 4.12 GHz ambient temp 22c; idle 28c load 55c.

These temps above are the CPU Die temps, the core temps are about five degrees below those figures. I was using Artic silver 5 thermal compound.

You can get these volts down if you use the latest chipset, I'm using a MSI 790FX-GD70 board which is why I have to use higher volts.

The cooler is massive compared to the old antec cooler. I use an antec 300 case which is 205mm in width and it fits nice and snug. I have about 10mm to spare job done!

Also I have the fans on top whack and they cannot be heard over the five case fans. Not saying much but the case fans I use are Alpenfohn wing boost which are pretty quiet for five fans running at 100%. They are rated at 21db but anyway that's for another review.

This cooler is a must have, pretty expensive but compared to a H70 which is a make believe water cooler anyway and costs 15 quid more and no way near keeps your overclocked cpu cooler than this beast does and wait for it.... and is much more of a pain in the buttocks to install... and alot noisier at full whack, why not buy this?

Well the only minus points is for AMD users. You can only position the heatsink horizontally and if you have stupidly high heatsinks on your ram sticks this ain't going to fit. If your like me and have the ram sticks (corsair xms3 1600 MHz) that don't have high heatsinks it does fit. The Noctua website is the best place to go if you are unsure.

Not many complaints so what are you waiting for.... oh nooooo!!!!!! the silver arrow. Still buy this though for ease of install on AMD boards.
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on 19 February 2011
Bought this cooler replace my Intel stock cooler which was struggling to cool my Intel i5 750 CPU Overclocked at 3.25 Ghz. Since having this cooler I have been able to reach brilliant performance with my i5 Processor with a clock speed of 4.162 Ghz. The Noctua NH-D14 cooler keeps the CPU brilliantly cool at this speed with temperatures of 34 Degrees Celsius at idle load and about 48-55 Degrees Celsius under load. This cooler is a great compromise to more expensive cooling solutions.

There is a few things to look out for when purchasing this cooler. Firstly this thing is massive in all dimensions. The cooling fins are placed very high up and are extremely wide which can cause problems. The cooler just fits in my Antec 900-2 with a little modification to the side panel (Just had to remove a clip on the inside of the side panel which can hold an extra fan to cool GPU's, Very minor . Another thing to look at is the size of the heat spreaders on your RAM, this could be a problem as I've seen some large cooling fins on RAM through the years but this generally won't be a problem with most system but its good to look out for. I would recommend you measure up your system well before purchase as this is a big cooler.

The installation is extremely simple although if you follow the guide although slightly time consuming depending if you have to take your motherboard of to attach the backplate(some chassis have holes behind the motherboard for changing the backplate such as the CoolerMaster ATCS 840). The NH-D14 comes with a great installation guide and ample spare screws. I was happy to see that Noctua supplied two 3 pin fan connector extension cables and and 3 pic fan connecter cable splitter which will allow you to connect two fans through one 3 pin connector. The build quality of this cooler seems to be great, haven't had any problem with the cooler, fans or the installation kit.

This cooler is epic, cools brilliantly at high clock speeds and makes barely any noise. The Noctua NH-D14 looks great, performs well and is a great for anyone who wants to overclock their CPU heavily, The cooler makes water cooling look pointless to a certain point. Great for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals looking to improve their systems cooling. One thing to note is the size, I wouldn't let this put you of this cooler as most performance chassis either large mid tower or full tower chassis will be big enough to host the cooler, just measure up well before purchase. I would heavily recommend this cooler to anyone on the market for a high performance premium CPU cooler, I am yet to find a fault with this cooler and expect never to find one.
review image review image
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on 9 May 2013
In addition to the power supply and case, I now consider a good CPU cooler as an investment. Well, at £65 it's certainly the most I have ever spent on a heatsink. But wait. You don't just get a heatsink, but also two of the best fans available, which sell for around £35 each. So £30 for the heatsink doesn't sound so outlandish, especially when you discover that it will keep the processor cool at moderate loads with only the draught from the system fans. It is also of very high quality, with soldered heatpipes for optimal heat transfer and very nice plated finish.

While also supporting Intel CPUs, I was particularly taken by how simple and elegant it was to fit this to my AMD processor. No need to remove the motherboard, the whole job was very easy. Plugging the fans into the motherboard was a little tricky as there's not much wiggle room, but I found the square end of a chopstick most helpful in pushing the connectors home. Fitting the rear case fan on its rubber mounts was awkward for the same reason. Please understand, these are not criticisms by any means, merely points to consider for installation. All coolers have to comply with the laws of physics, and if you want good cooling you need a large surface area, QED large heatsink. If you don't like the sound of that, take a look at water cooling but be prepared to spend more money for probably similar performance and more noise and more things to go wrong.

Unfortunately, neither of the CPU fans are PWM controllable. Given that the performance of the heatsink is so impressive, this is a pity, since it would otherwise yield a virtually silent system for most tasks. Noctua do produce PWM versions of their fans, but why they don't see fit to supply them with their flagship cooler I'm not sure. I do have a Zalman four-channel fan controller, but having just upgraded my motherboard to the quite lovely Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0, I was keen to use the built-in fan control capabilities and do away with the external controller altogether. Some motherboards (Gigabyte, for example) allow speed control of 3-pin fans. My Asus supports this on 3 system fans, but unfortunately not on the CPU fan. It requires a 4-pin fan and otherwise just runs on full speed. Being handy with electronics, I knocked up a simple little circuit which connects between the 3-pin fan and 4-pin motherboard header to take care of this. It is now perfect.

Clearly the primary task of a CPU cooler is to, er, cool the CPU. There are two main designs of air-cooler, known as top-flow and tower. A top-flow cooler is what all stock heatsinks are, sucking cool(er) air down through the heatsink and onto the motherboard, where it flows outwards and through/around other components. The most important of these on a high powered system is the Voltage Regulator (VRM) which has to deal with very high current (albeit at low voltage), and so can generate a lot of heat itself. The difference here is that the VRM can safely run at much higher temperatures than the CPU. It will perform better if it is kept cool, however, as will the Northbridge/Southbridge chipset. If you want the best top-flow cooler, get the Noctua NH-C14.

A Tower cooler, on the other hand, is typically fitted so that the air flows through from front to back, inline with case airflow. This method has the advantage that the general airflow is in the same direction, with cool air being sucked in through the front of the case, through the CPU cooler and then out the back. All the fans work together and are therefore more effective and this arrangement provides the very best cooling performance of any air cooling solution. The main disadvantage of tower coolers is that the air is typically blown above the level of the motherboard heatsinks (rather than through them), which means the VRM and chipset get less airflow and therefore less cooling. Perhaps the biggest difference between the Noctua NH-D14 and other tower coolers is how the main 140mm fan sits low between the two cooling stacks, blowing air at a lower level directly over the VRM. The air also gets disrupted slightly by the heatsink heatpipes, so there's a little turbulence which helps things too.

As I mentioned earlier, the D14 is a very good heatsink in its own right, so it's very good at sucking the heat out and away from the processor without any fans running. I consider this a very nice safety feature, on the off chance that a fan fails or stalls the CPU is still protected. There are other air coolers with performance similar to this one (Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 2, Silverstone HE-01), but despite the fact that the NH-D14 has been around a lot longer does not mean it's out of date or needing an update (although PWM controllable fans would be nice). If anything, these other coolers just show how good a job Noctua made first time around. My overall impression is that these coolers all attempt to emulate the Noctua, but only mangage to exceed it by increasing airflow and therefore noise. Also, none of them make any mention of motherboard airflow.

If necessary, this whole issue of motherboard airflow could be managed by adding a fan over the VRM and/or over the chipset, but that seems very messy and inelegant and just sloppy. It occurs to me that with a strong flow of air in one direction, front-to-back, a better way to deal with possible hotspots is to put little cardboard 'diverters' in to pull the air onto the bits that need it. I've done that with the northbridge and it seems to help.

So, having considered all the available coolers, the deciding factors for me were as follows:

1. AMD mounting system - uses existing mounting plate so motherboard doesn't need to be removed
2. Additional motherboard cooling through positioning and performance of central fan.
3. Build quality - superb. And no mucking about with fancy colour schemes or making things pretty. This is an example of beauty through function.
4. Fan mounting system - both fans can be adjusted up or down as required with great ease.
5. Noise - what noise? Even on full whack I could never describe this cooler as noisy.
6. Noctua NT-H1 thermal compound supplied is very good
7. 6 year warranty

The Noctua NH-D14 is pretty much the best air cooler. Period. Many other (cheaper) coolers are quite poor at this and I would have felt it necessary to add yet another fan specifically to keep the VRM cool. Noctua also have very good customer support. For example, they will the supply an Intel socket 2011 mounting kit free-of-charge for this cooler. You can imagine they'd do the same if/when AMD bring out a new socket. I have quite a collection of CPU coolers, which is a bit silly. Now I have the Noctua NH-D14 I doubt I'll need another one for many years.
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on 20 April 2017
So, cooler although expensive for air-cooling, it's very good. I would give it a 5 star review, but the thermal paste in comes with isn't that great, not to mention I got only 3 applications out of it, they would have provided at least 3/4 grams. The mounting system and instructions as simple to understand, Noctua has always been known to provide simplicity, and concise instructions, in the box, you get more boxes so this product is well packaged, you do need low-profile ram, and now a days you can get very good ram which doesn't have to have a massive footprint, now I haven't put it in a case just yet, I am going to check the specification, of a tempered glass case I am looking to buy.

Unfortunately, due to my own fault I did not secure my test bench on my workstation, and while I had the cooler attached, I dropped the it, if slid off my workstation and smashed onto the ground, on the way hitting my knee I was trying to brace it's fall.

The pictures I am going to post are going to be of the cooler after I dropped it, this isn't Noctua's fault this is entirely on me, I dropped the test-bench and which ended up in the damage you see to the cooler - I could have been a jerk and sent this back as a damaged item, which would be utterly unethical and something which would not sit right with me personally, honesty and integrity is very important to me, hence why I am up front about the pictures, that it was me who dropped it, and I caused the damage, which is unfortunate because it means I will soon have to remove this cooler even though I like it, and has reduced my temperatures from stock Intel cooling from 85 sometimes 89 degrees C to maximum high through a burn test of 76/77 bare in mind this is after I had dropped the cooler with the motherboard, which dis-aliened the heat-sinks, and bent it pretty out of shape, so I am amazed that this cooler has brought the temperature down by at 10 degrees C.

I did tell Noctua about me dropping the cooler and causing the damage, they've not got back to me yet, it's been less then 4 hours, I contacted them because I had an issue with how I aliened it at first with my GTX 1080 blowing hot-air into it, so I wanted to get some advice, someone called Alexander contacted me back and suggested I change the orientation of the mounting, and maybe not use the low-noise cables - which helped a lot.

I am running the fans at full speed and honestly even on an open test bench I can barely hear them, no more annoying strange sounds as I used to get with the Intel cooler. My processor is a core i5 7600 so this is kind of over-kill but I just like to buy a quality product from a repeatable company for my stock cooling solution.

Their team were supportive enough to have my issue resolved in the first contact with them - I will post an update if Noctua get back to me, I wonder what they'll say because I suppose it voids the warranty the accidental drop by me.
review image review image review image review image
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on 15 October 2016
Product is big!!! And expensive BUT it worth every pound. As you see in the picture it basically covers all but still got space to fit my 980ti gpu. On to the PCIE_x16 slot. It's silent, super silent, product it was I needed
review image review image
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on 30 January 2016
Very good product, kept my 4690k sitting at 75 degrees on a 4.6ghz oc, only problem I could think of was that I had to change my ram to low profile corsairs, as my vengeance ram could fit (heatsinks were quite tall). Overall really good quality, thermal paste is really good too, prefer it over the mx4. Btw Im very sensitive about noise, and I tell you this is soo quiet all i hear is my PSU fan.
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on 8 January 2016
Easily the best CPU fan I've ever used.

I wish I hadn't of dropped mine within minutes of owning it - and although it did bend/damage a few parts, it's still running and working like it should be!

Even my stupidity couldn't stop this thing.
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on 16 December 2016
Beast of a cooler. Swapped to this from a Hydro H80i water cooler and reduced my cpu temps by almost 10 degrees Celsius. It's pretty massive though so if you've got tall RAM you might want to choose something else.
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on 17 January 2017
Really great cooler. Has product results of about 10 degrees cooler than my previous Hyper Evo 212. My only advise is READ carefully about the fans, THEY AREN'T PWM, which means they can only be set at fixed voltages and controlled through your mobo's on-board fan management program.
If you want PWM go for the DH15's though some users may experience more RAM clearance issues

On the plus side it does come with voltage adapters with built in resisters to force the fans to run at a lower RPM and generate less noise, I am currently using these and getting sub 30 degrees which doing basics taks on the PC and about 50-60 degrees in most games. I have also managed to over clock my i5-4690k to 3.9Ghz stable.

My system is people want ot check for compatiability:
- Case - Fractal Design R4
- RAM - 2133mhz G-Skill Ripjaws DDR3
- 970 SLI's
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on 28 January 2017
This thing is yuge, absolutely big, enormous, you'll love it. Quote quiet and comes with all the bits for inter or AMD socket installation, as well as thermal paste. Fans are reversible and can be attached on either side. For a more easy access to mounting screws i attached mine on either side of the grill leaving middle free. Even though io's big, it fitted my PC case, however because of extra padding sound blocking on the case lid it's a tight fit, but a fit nevertheless.

Got it as best rated PC fan to move away from my aging liquid cooling and this turned out to be quieter compared to liquid coolers fan + pump noise.
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