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on 4 August 2017
I cannot understand all the negativity regarding this 2 disc dvd. I found it extremely interesting as being an ex dancer it bought back wonderful memories even including the very long hours rehearsing and the hard work it entailed. It was interesting to hear about the chosen dancers and musicians and their background. I appreciate it is not everyone's 'cup of tea' but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. At the same time it was very poignant to think that all their hard work never got the chance to come to fruition and that MJ died very soon afterwards.
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on 5 January 2018
this is a rare,behind the scene look at the rehearsals for the upcoming shows,new thriller and heal the world filming,dance routines.his perfection of the music,rehaersing anumerouse songs,this catches the film maker,dancer,musician,architect geniuse of 23 songs from the Jackson 5 to his final songs.over 100 hours of filming in a dvd just over an hour longfilmed at the London o2 arena.with a bonus dvd.watch as Michael performs,teaches ,the band where and when to play ,the fun ,the sound of Michael Jackson.EXCELLENT
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on 18 April 2012
Being a ticket holder to the show that never was, I sent for my Blu-ray copy mainly to get a glimpse of what I would've seen and heard at the O2 in London in July 2009 had Michael Jackson not tragically died just three weeks earlier.

Without any doubt whatsoever, this show would have had the best production of all time. The rehearsals in this dvd alone are enough to completely mesmerise. Michael Jackson looking great painstakingly goes through the show song by song like the true professional that he was. Every tiny detail is highlighted and supervised by Michael and all the songs you'd want to hear are rehearsed, including some Jackson 5 hits. The production-in-making videos of Smooth Criminal and Thriller are stunning.

There are moments of exhiliration and frustration for Michael and the people involved as they go through the extensive set list. And there are many many musicians, dancers, technicians, choreographers, designers and directors - all giving their maximum to make the show a success.

Though I felt he was a little withdrawn and holding back in his singing and dance routines, Michael Jackson still came across as the overtly talented and hard working artist we all know. This show would've been the best ever staged by anyone. He was setting new standards when he was tragically and prematurely taken away - and the world of music and entertainment is suffering as a result.

This is unmissable. If you're going for the Blu-ray, I can guarantee you're in for a special treat !
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on 13 February 2011
I'm the type who've always found MJ's music 'nice', of very high quality, but who never bought his records. It was a bit too popped and perfectionistic - too smooth. No bite. I preferred bands like Queen, Prince, Jim Steinman productions etc.

I took my young daughter to the cinema to see This Is It as she'd discovered MJ when he sadly died. Given my music taste, I didn't have any particular expectations for This Is It. I was proven so wrong.

This Is It shows MJ as we've never seen or heard him before. It's not the smooth pop star but the professional and humble musician who works sincerely and professionally with his team as equals to put the show together, in the finest detail.

What we see and hear, despite this being rehearsels where MJ is not singing at full performance (except once he in a duet), goes beyond anything he's ever done before. The musicians are fantastic. It rocks as MJ has never rocked before. A duet goes to the heart of your soul. This Is It blew me away, as so many others have said before. Seeing this in the cinema was a once-in-a-lifetime chance of seeing what he was capable of, never to return.

The sound and video quality are superb, despite this being rehearsal videos, worthy of the finest Hollywood productions. Only the best audio and video equipment will do This Is It full justice. Still, with a decent flatscreen TV and hi-fi equipment at home, the DVD or BlueRay is the next best thing to having seen it in the cinema.

This Is It appeals to a wide range of music lovers, not just classic MJ fans.
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on 13 March 2013
Tis Blu Ray tells a story you would not believe. Whilst MJ seems to be saving himself and not trying to produce anything special, I got an insight into what would have clearly been the show of shows for all time.
The money and effort that had gone into the rehearsals and subsequent show surprised me and left me saddened that we never gotto see it. What I had not realised was the way in which so many peoples lives and hopes had been changed by MJ's passing. When great young dancers auditioned their way through hundreds of rivals and received the accolade of 'One of the best dancers in the world', only to have their hopes and aspirations dashed, it becomes a very sobering reality of life.
Its a wonderful documentary which is both entertaining and informative and the insight into what goes into such a production makes you appreciate just how hard it is to stage a gig on this scale.
I've watched it a few times and dipped into the extras sections over and over. I found the dancer and singer auditions amazing and the chosen musicians were just awesome....who knew?
The films prepared as part of the show are just amazing. You won't get better value for your £3 odd anywhere and you will be the richer for the experience too.
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This DVD is a compilation of raw video footage of the rehearsals for the much-aclaimed and long-awaiting return to the stage by the King of Pop but sadly it wasn't to be and the world has missed out. However, what we haven't missed out on is this insight into what the concert could have been like. We see Michael Jackson as a polite, humble, likeable and considerate man engaging with his dancers, musicans and fellow performers as he prepares for his comeback.

The DVD isn't a polished presentation which I feel is good - it captures the informal, relaxed setting of the rehearsals and banter between those involved. It feels more real, more intimate and gives viewers an insight into how the concert is put together blending live rehearsal footage with some of the spectacular video backdrops prepared. Michael seems more 'real' than in a conventional concert performance - he sings live (unlike many other performers!), has problems with his earpiece and generously encourages his musicians, notably the guitarist, to show off her prowess. His creativity and creative input can be shared through his filmed conversations with the show directors His choreography and dance moves are as impeccable as always with every single movement spot on and his drive and energy shown in the videos belie his 50 years.

The DVD gives an insight into the real Michael behind the concerts that might have been missed had 'This is It' reached fruition.

A recommended purchase for all Michael Jackson fans.
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on 23 February 2010
Like all of the ranting and raving pre-release 5-star reviewers, I too loved this movie at the cinema. MJ is electrifying as always, and I was impressed by how much he sang in the show in contrast to his incessant tendency to lip-synch in the 90's and early 2000's. The overall movie is fantastic and the plaudits go just as much to the band, dancers, vocalists and technical crew who really made the show something else entirely. They really rise to the occassion and the main excitement I get from the film is not MJ performing himself but the way he seems to get so much out of everyone who is working with him.

There are flaws to the movie, as with any movie, and I have to say that whilst the collaborative aspect of the work is appealing, it can get rather sickly hearing how someone was influenced by MJ or how he is a 'genius'. Fair enough, MJ probably is a genius but it gets a bit annoying when someone blurts it in the movie every 5 minutes and I laugh when Thomas Organ (rhythm guitar) says "there's some genius stuff going on here" when MJ just tells Orianthi Panagaris to 'shine'. I think he was probably referring to another aspect as some of the 'genius' quotes are placed after relatively insignificant things. So that aspect does irritate after a while. I love MJ but I can only hear people bowing down and kissing his shoes so many times before it becomes irritating. As for MJ himself, his voice is back on form as he sings most of the show with a couple of exceptions (see 'Thriller' and 'They Don't Care About Us' for some hints of lip-synching).

Nonetheless, musically this is brilliant and as a musician myself I am glad that this is the strongest aspect of the movie. I think the music excels the dancing in this production as the professional dancers can occassionally be a little too good and sometimes outdance Jackson (how dare I say such a thing). Then again, they are not 50. Saying this, I want to get straight that despite his passing, he looked in pretty good shape and I get annoyed by people who say "well he is 50 you know" like there are no professional artists still going after 50! 50 is still an age when many artists tour succesfully and still have their voice. MJ performs in accordance with his age. Some people like to think that MJ at 50 is equivalent to an 80 year old disabled man. All his career, perhaps due to his incredible heights of fame, he has always been thought of as 'fragile'. So I say to these people:

1) Lots of other performers can still perform well at 50
2) 50 does not equate to 80 year old disabled man
3) The smoke and mirrors of this massive production helps
4) 50 shows over 8 months is not a very gruelling schedule

You may think I am being critical of MJ. I AM NOT. MJ is superb in this movie and I love it. I am angry at the torrent of fans who cannot expect this from a 50 year old man and those who ignorantly think 50 shows is the most intense tour ever when even MJ himself has done more in the past.

Anyway, the movie alone gets 5 stars but the DVD production is poor. First of all, I thought than in the months between the cinematic release and this, they would aim to re-master some of the more grainy bits of footage and made it fill the screen. Also the menu screen is diabolical. It is like when you get a cheap and nasty DVD off the market and it has these do-it-yourself menu screen with a picture and tabs indicating the sub-menus at the bottom. No imagination in the menu screen whatsoever - it is like buying a DVD from 10 years ago. The extras are also disappointing. 120 hours shot (the movie clocks in around 1hr46mins) so there is about 118 hours of footage to go on bonus features and we get a pitiful 2 hours. Most of that is featurettes and interviews which are not even part of that footage. None of the bonus features have MJ performing anything more. All of the MJ stuff is on the movie. The features tend to focus on the crew (which is interesting nonetheless). The meet the band/dancers/crew etc. is very interesting but that is the entire bonus disc which is, frankly, very poor. For all the time waiting for this DVD I expected much more thought into the bonus features and the menu screens which I have to say again are really shoddy.
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on 31 May 2013
I bought this out of curiosity - sound quality is excellent, and gives a good representation of what the show would have been.
What I didn't expect was to see a consummate professional at work, in control of all aspects of his show, who was respected by all the other professionals around him.
The show would have been spectacular if it had gone ahead, and have established a new benchmark for live shows which the rest of the music world would have found difficult to follow.
I would recommend this to anyone as a documentary of a true professional at work, which also works as MJ last live performance.
Incidentally - you may have wondered about press reports / speculation about age and drug use dimming MJ talents - on the evidence of this performance they were talking utter nonsense, and keeping up the best traditions of the press of not letting the truth get in the way of a story / headline.
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on 22 February 2010
I first saw This Is It at the cinema but was distracted by children talking or running in and out they had gone to see it expecting to see a full blown concert which is course it isn't, I didn't realise how much I had missed, even though I enjoyed it at the time. When this arrived on Saturday I knew that it was going to make me both happy and sad, later that night I unplugged ny phone, turned the lights out and sat enthralled. Michael may not have been dancing and singing to full capacity (although sometimes he forgot and pretty much gave it 100%) but the magic was still there. I can't believe the stories that Michael was a frail ill man with no real interest in doing these concerts because what you see is Michael very very much in charge every step of the way, and with input at every aspect of the concert. The beautiful smile is back on his face and you can see that he is enjoying it, he always said he felt more comfortable on stage than anywhere else and you can see that he has "come home". The concerts would have been phenominal
Other footage shows the selection of the band, singers and dancers, some of the costumes Michael would have worn plus the "crews" feelings about Michael, how the concert would have ended anfd how he wanted Earth Song to not have a ahppy ending so that it would make people think.
Needless to say I ended up sobbing my heart out when it ended my only comfort being is that Michael died happy in the knowledge that he was still a very much loved man.
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on 28 February 2010
I bought this disc on strength of the Amazon reviews, I can hardly say that it has been a great experience but worthwhile nonetheless. What is abundantly clear is the artistry and brilliance this spectacle was going to bring to audience's before MJ's untimely demise. He worked with the very best in the industry and one can discern from the various disjointed performances that MJ was far from past it, amazing for a 50 something man. What the performances lack is an audience and in so far as the disc is to give the viewer an insight into the stagecraft and plans for the forthcoming shows it is very good, but it does not move beyond that at all. My advice is not to expect more than you think you might get from a sequence of videos hashed together to cash in on a performance that never actually came to fruition. I did expect more on the strength of some of the previous reviews yet everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Even though the disc does not move much beyond expectations what is evident is that MJ, far removed from his public persona, was a supremely talented individual, most comfortable on stage, surrounded by brilliant musicians and people at the top of their respective trees in production, choreography etc. The quality of the music reproduction on the disc is superb and very few people can not be moved by the distinctive bass lines and opening riffs from his most popular songs - Wanna Be Startin Something, beat It, Thriller and the list goes on.... and on.
It seems such a shame that this tour couldn't still happen with guest perfomances by various artists as some sort of tribute, I have no doubt that it would be as popular as when MJ was still alive.
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