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on 2 November 2011
Excellent sound quality and a nice finish make this a good product that is well worth its price. Maybe the menu system could a little easier to learn, but I got there so I expect anyone can!
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on 6 July 2011
A small and neat piece of kit. Massive storage potential and easy drag and drop installation of music. My one complaint, if it is that, is the lack of a USB charger, having to charge via a PC / Laptop USB port isn't always ideal.
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on 25 August 2012
I replaced this after I accidentally broke my mums. She didn't notice, only problem is how expensive it was. (and how sensitive it is and how it isn't loud enough... but my mum likes it)
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on 6 October 2010
I listen to classical music and many players suffer from insufficient volume and poor quality sound reproduction (including iPods). The Cowon i9 is excellent on both counts and I strongly recommend it. It's also well designed and the interface, while not iPod standard, is more than adequate. (I haven't used the headphones supplied -- I use my own Shure SE210s.)
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on 2 January 2012
I recently purchased a cowan i9 16gb MP3 player, I installed all the software downloaded all my music library, and that was it. You cannot do any playlists because the software does not load, I tried it on several PC's running different operating systems to no avail. I have never had the misfortune to come across any program as bad as Jet Audio in my life. It's gone back now and been replaced by a 16gb I Pod nano everything works brilliantly. One thing I will say about the Cowan when it played a song the sound quality was brilliant much better than the I Pod.
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on 30 October 2011
This is a good little player. I use it mostly for audio books. The thing that lets it down is the earphones, which are uncomfortable. It's a shame that Cowon can't include bud earphones, with different size 'buds' as their standard. I ended up buying new bud 'in ear' earphones and the ones that came with the product will simply gather dust.
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on 6 June 2011
If you want an MP3 player that is as nice to use as an Ipod touch, but doesn't have the drawbacks of ITunes (the worst program ever!) then this is for you - No it doesn't have all the apps etc but there again it doesn't cost as much as a Touch and I wouldn't go near any of the smaller Ipods. This is simply and really good MP3 player that is user friendly.
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on 13 March 2010
Have had my player about two weeks now and am amazed by it. The quality of the sound and the capabilities are outstanding. I am not an audiophile, but the incredible array of settings as well as the superb presets is really quite stunning, especially, when compared to Apple products.

The unit is very compact and well built, albeit light. The controls have a solid and reliable feel. Screen and graphics are wonderful. I did not buy it to watch videos or play games, but that said it replays .wmv very well.

Navigating the menus is relatively easy if you are familiar with modern consumer electronics and mobile phones. The menu switch on the right hand side of the player activates the main menu, which you can then navigate using the touch pad. Once a function has been selected from this main menu, you can hold the play/pause touch key to access the sub-menu for that function and that is about it. The rest is a matter of adjusting things to suit your taste.

I spent some time reading the articles on the anything but ipod website and having tried my wife's nano was drawn to try something different. I do not like that fact Apple tie you into itunes either. The Cowon is great you can drag and drop or use the Jetaudio programme delivered with it to load and manage files. Furthermore, it plays so many audio formats is almost mind boggling! Ogg-Vorbis, FLAC etc are all on there.

Finally, I would just like to mention the truly incredible sound of the Cowon unit. The Jet Audio custom settings are seriously unbelievable. You can play around and find out what works best for you and your headphones - subjective yes, and that is exactly why its so good, you have the options to hit that proverbial sweet spot! Apple can't do that!

I checked out some other sites for headphones info as well as the anything but ipod site and found some good info on hifiheadphones.co.uk from whom I ordered a lovely pair of Soundmagic PL30s - quite possibly the best 30 quid I have ever spent! Again I am no expert, but man are they comfy and they sound so so very good for 30 quid a bargain. For some reason they are much harder to get in Germany, only via Ebay, hence me ordering them from the UK. I believe the standard headphones are also better than average, however as I never bothered to unpack them and just plugged the ones from Soundmagic in straight away I can't comment on them.

My player is the 8gb version in white. I have almost filled the memory with music and several audio books bought from Audible.com; on of which with the free download coupon that came with the player. Personally, I find the 8gb to be more than enough space as the whole point of such players is that you can use them flexibly with your pc and add or remove files at your leisure.

I like my Cowon iaudio 9 a lot and will definitely buy from them again in future. Great stuff. The full five stars!
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on 22 November 2012
A sensationell player with great sound. The Equalizer fits to your music taste.
I can't give 6 stars, so now five.
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on 22 May 2012
After getting fed up with the slow Hard Disk Drive of my 16gb Philips opus I decided I needed to convert to something a bit more responsive.

I did my research - i pods, samsungs and sonys were amongst the main contenders but then one helpful review of the ipod touch on Amazon said that the I-pod was great for gadgets and features but not the best for music quality and for a straight forward Mp3 player with great quality sound one should go for something from the cowon range.

I decided on the i audio 9 - even after reading mixed reviews. The positive reviews discussed its sleek looks - advanced equalizer settings and excellent sound reproduction.

The negative reviewers focused on its menu format and touch pad design - saying it wasn't a good design and took too much time to get used to - and thus often comparing it to the i pod touch or nano - (the nano is a fair comparison in terms of price, size and style), where the nano was favoured for its 'simple' menu format.

I have owned this for 6 months now and any worries i had were soon eradicated.

1 - Its a very good looking, sleek bit of kit. I really like its design. The screen is a bit smaller than i was used to on my previous 2 multi media players, but I use mine predominately for music so not especially bothered by this - although i would be if i wanted a good screen for videos.

2 - The diagonal swipe system (for me) makes even more sense than the wheely feature of the i pods - obviously a step down from the full touch screen system of the modern ipods - but its not in the price range for that so cannot be accused of failing on that mark.
I found the touch wheel of ipods was great for scrolling through lists at speed but tricky to simply move just one or two places down the list without accidentally flying past where you wanted to be. The diagonal sweep of the cowon i9(bottom left for down and top right for up) allows you to sweep through the menus with ease and if you need a simple movement of one place up or down - simply tap on the end of the arrow to do so. The touch pad has a back button to return back through the menus and a select/play/pause button - which for me is incredibly simple and easy to use - so i have failed to find fault here.

3 - other reviewers complained that the lay out of menus was overly complicated and unnecessary - again I disagree - it took me about 2 minutes to navigate my way through the menus and work out the buttons uses. Seriously - for anyone who used mp3 players before (esp non Apple ones) then this really isnt any different. There is a main menu (which is reached by a quick tap of the M button on the side of the unit, the only aspect of it that took a me a few attempts to solve) then gives you access to the sub menus (music, video, pictures settings and so on) - from there it is incredibly straight forward and the menu layouts are exactly the same as any other player, apple or otherwise. So I reckon the reviewers who were having trouble getting to grips with this were either opposed to the cowon range in some way or possibly technophobes and just not used to these gadgets. Volume buttons on the left (easy) and an off/hold switch on the right next to the M button. On the bottom headphone socket and usb connection - again I cannot see reason to complain...?

4. - One aspect of the player that gained unanimous praise was the sound quality - again I cant fault it. The settings menu provides access to the elaborately named equalizer and effects menus. I havent used, seen or owned a mp3 player that has such a range of options to alter the sound. The choices and combinations are limitless. My first impressions were that some of the functions must be pointless and not make any real difference - however after playing the same song on repeat and testing out the different options I can honestly say i found they all made a significant difference in some way or another - i must admit there some pointless ones i can never see myself using ('Reverb Room' possibly being one....) but nevertheless it is entertaining and interesting to try them all out. It also has 4 savings for users custom equalizers which is useful.

I'm no expert on sound reproduction technology so all i can say is the bass enhancers (of which there are about 6 different options) really make a difference in their own ways - in some cases it can be a bit too much but with the sony headphones I am using i have not experienced any cases of 'rattling' yet. The 'wide' functions really help to open up the sound and again the reverb function can help create that live effect if desired.

All in all a great mp3 player - with little I can fault it on so far. All the negatives I was potentially concerned about have been washed away upon use of the i9. I can see what people mean by the aspects they were unhappy about, but in my opinion they were being very picky. Obviously I haven't had the privilege of trying all the mp3 players in the range - but it's blown the Philips opus 16gb (also same price) out of the water and it's sleek looks and equalizer are far superior to the Creative Zen Xi Fi - plus its cheaper than an apple i pod nano and you don't have to mess around with iTunes either.

Plus the battery life is impressive - its been on every day for approx 45 mins at a time for nearly 2 weeks without any need for a charge.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen is an option to alter the functions of the side buttons used for volume. Personally as I have it mostly in the pocket of my suit, the volume is set at the right level before I use it and for ease I would have like to been able to change the function of the side buttons to skip songs as if I want to skip a song I have to get it out of the pocket - open the leather cover, swipe to bring up the display and then tap on the unit for the next song.

I minor and lazy point I know that isn't a fault of the players, just something that would have made a simple action easier!

Overall a winner in my book.

note - april 2013. turned my i9 on the other day an the screen no longer works. it has spent its life in a leather case with protective screen on it so i have no idea how this has come about.
Very annoyed - out of warranty and cowon do not have a UK based repairs centre. I contacted an MP3 repair centre who quoted £50 for repair. I'm of the mindset that once something is damaged, its never quite the same again even if it has been fully repaired.

I'm considering buying another one as i liked it so much but annoyed it hasn't lasted longer.
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