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on 20 December 2017
I must say, for the price, I wasn't expecting great things from this cable. I purchased it to replace the in box cable that came with my Xbox One X, to see if picture quality, especially 4k, could be improved. I found the sturdy make of the cable great, as it ensures little movement and also, the ends fit into their slots very firmly. The quality of the picture is superb and can quite clearly see the jump from the one cable to the other, it is so crisp and well defined. I would definitely recommend this cable.
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on 9 November 2013
It's a cable, with a shiny plug at each end. The plugs are the same. They connect, apparently firmly, to the items I wish to connect. They do not fall out. The cabling used is stiff, making it rather reluctant to adopt any bed that's radiused over tightly. Roughly, this radius is around 5cm.

I'd say it is solidly made, although I'd prefer more sober plugs lacking that hotfoil gold application, after all this is just a service item, not bought to be admired, but to serve quietly and efficiently. But perhaps gold foil sells cables? I seem to have bought it, anyway.... perhaps that's an effective marketing ploy!

No problems noted with either audio or video dropout, which I gather is sometime seen in cables of inferior manufacture.

What else can be said about a cable?

Mine hooks my laptop to my TV so I can stream Netflix to the television rather than tolerate the limitations of the computer's monitor. I deliberately bought a longish one to allow for possible future rearrangements of the room, and because I don't like cabling to be put under tension, stressing plugs and therefore possibly damaging expensive components in TV or PC.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 26 January 2012
I have always been told that when buying cables you should always buy the best available; that, in some establishments, means spending huge amounts of money on the pretext that this will ensure quality. Not true. If you are buying cables for a 3D TV then just about any 1.4a compliant HDMI cable will provide very good audio and sound. These cables are excellent value for money. I use them between a Panasonic 3D BluRay player, a Panasonic 42 GT 3D TV, soundbar and a SKY+ HD box. There is a definite improvement in quality over the 1.3v HDMI cables I was using previously. Don't spend a fortune on the mistaken belief that a £50 cable will give you better quality, I've been down that path and they don't.

Update (August 2012): Since I posted this review in January 2012 the cables have gone up in price significantly (nearly 10 fold). Thought I'd better add this comment otherwise some of the review will read a little strange - i.e. this is now a nearly £50 cable, it wasn't when I bought it.

Update (December 2012): Since I posted my last update the cables have now come back down in price, so obviously they weren't selling at the near £50 mark they'd been increased in price to. At current price of £12 they are still 3x more expensive than I paid but they are a good cable. Probably £6-£8 would be a fair price, however, at £12 they represent reasonable value for money.

Update (February 2013): since last update price appears to have moved upwards again.
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on 28 July 2013
5m length needed, and I battled -should i get a QED-branded for £38 or opt for the low cost option.

(1) Picture into panansonic g20 plasma is just fine- no proble,s with movement, colour or detail. great
(2) Sound (via ARC) is perfectly fine, deep rich and sparkly highs.

I previously bought 2 of these (v 1.3) at shorter lengths- and this compares well (identically).

The only downside is that the cable (which has a circular cross-section) is thick and quite inflexible and heavy. So, you need a little room at the back of components to plug in without adding strain to the recieving port.

Cable looks v robust though.

I was surprised/pleased at the performance/quality overall. Save £20, go for it
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on 7 February 2013
I bought this to connect our tv to the new soundbar. After much researching to find what cables I would need to connect all our existing equipment to the new purchase I bought this HDMI cable to connect the tv and soundbar and an optical cable to connect the sky+ box. The connectors fit nicely at both ends and with the tv having an HDMI(Arc) output setting up was simple (no husband required, he was pleasantly surprised when he came home to find all set up). The flexible nature of the cable ensures it all fits nicely in cable ties. I would say the gold (not technical here) ends are quite large and may be an issue for those with equipment against a wall but all in all a brilliant purchase. Oh and we didn't need the optical cable to connect, little confused but the sky box plays through the soundbar without being connected.
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on 30 November 2013
I replaced the hopeless cheap cable (tried two) with this much chunkier kit and all my AV problems vanished, literally: no longer appeared on the screen, vanished. Excellent quality, works perfectly and I wish I had bought it first and saved time and money I wasted on cheap versions.
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on 11 March 2013
I’ve been drawn into buying expensive AV interconnects in the past and this lead proves, certainly as far as I’m concerned, there is no reason to spend any more than this. HD picture quality is very good and although it’s subjective, I’d say SD is improved over the previous shorter (ridiculously expensive) cable that this replaces.

Tight radius curves aren’t easy as the cable is relatively thick and in my case it makes the TV stand proud form a very flush mount bracket, but this absolutely isn’t a complaint.

It’s good quality, well made and I’m going to replace all of the other HDMI cables in the house with the same. Very impressed.
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on 2 August 2012
I purchased this for my mother. She wanted a long HDMI lead for to connect the Apple digital AV adapter for her iPad 3 to the TV.

I was really, really impressed with the quality of the materials used and also the overall build quality, especially for an HDMI cable costing £15.95.

The cable is of a nylon braid exterior and very similar to the Monster cables which cost over £50. The collars on the ends are made of metal and the connectors are gold plated. The cable looks really expensive with the XO branding on the gold badge on the collar. I have purchased a couple of XO branded leads/cables from HDCentral and I've been extremely impressed with the quality and price and also the very prompt dispatch.

If you are in the market for an affordable and extremely well made and high quality HDMI lead, then look no further.
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on 25 January 2016
Cable arrived much quicker than I was informed it would so good start. Its a bit early to provide a definative review really only being the 2nd day but the suppliers emailed me asking for one. So here goes....the cable appears to work very well with my new budget Sony Bluray player and a Samsung smart tv I've had for a while now. I was previously using a very basic budget hdmi cable that was probably included with with my you view box and was experiencing slight sound drop outs at random especially when playing dvd's. This lead seems to (I think, but like I said it is early days) cured this issue.
In the main I would say it is well made and pretty solid, however the cable I received does have a slightly rough look to the outer nylon Brading where it enters the plug at one end.. it's not as need as the other end and looks a bit crumpled. Hence the 4 stars and not 5... This does not appear to be affecting it's performance in any way though so will put up with that slight dissapointment in its asthetics.... also I can't be asked to send it back to be honest.
So far it seems to be a solid performer and great value for money with free shipping. Now that's not something you see much of anymore with Amazon... Bonus!!
review image
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on 10 November 2012
All the five star reviews give the game away here - these cables are perfect for those people who have champagne taste and lemonade money...

You may go into well known high street stores, and they will wow you with the appliance of science whilst trying to sell you £200 HDMI leads, but - unless you have a £10,000 TV it is pretty much a given that you won't notice any difference between those expensive cables and these...

Definitely a good value cable for those devices that don't come with one in the box...

Not exactly Victor Kiam, however - I liked this product so much that I bought enough for all of my connectivity :)
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