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on 9 October 2007
What a fantasic send off for one of the great creations of modern literature.
I have read all the Rebus books in sequence over the years and fans of the series will be delighted to know Ian Rankin has written a a suitable finale.
We join Rebus with one week until his retirement and in a great device the chapters count down the days no surprising the pieces don't slide together until the final day of the week.

A murder of a Russian poet in Kings Stable Road gives Rebus one last case to solve soon ties are being made to big business, politicians and the criminal underworld led by Rebus' nemesis Big Ger Cafferty. Is this the last chance saloon for John to finally nail Edinburgh's gangster ?
As has been the case with the last few Rankin books the reader is left guessing right until the final pages who has commited the crimes. I can say that I guessed part of it but I doubt anyone will be able to predict all the conclusions.

The early books in the series were enjoyable but it's been the last half dozen that have really elevated the series the introduction of DS Siobhan Clarke I feel was where it really kicked in giving Rebus a genuine partner to bounce off. This book is no exception with the scenes with them together being the strongest. It's real shame in some ways that Rankin's decision to age Rebus in real time deprives us of further INSPECTOR Rebus books but if you haven't ever read any of the series you are so lucky to have twenty books available to you.

For the rest of us here's looking forward to the first of the DI Clarke stories which if Ian Rankin decides not to write then there really will have been a crime committed.
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on 11 March 2017
Certainly a book that holds your interest, who did what to whom and when, but
Big Ger should be either dead or alive, as this is the last book in the life of D. I. Rebus his Moriarty should one or two other,! The closure of the book comes to its end very quickly making the previously read pages almost meaningless, perhaps the same way Shiv must feel about the case, bit of an anticlimax.
Will miss miss this guy so much, will start from the beginning and read his life all over again. My hero now and always will be
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"I never knew the road that carried me along
Crazy sidewalk, concealed by pretty song
You want my life from me
I'll give you two
You'll be no strife for me
As we say goodbye
Let me wish you as you fly.

Grace and danger
Sweet grace
No danger
Sweet grace
No danger
Grace and danger."
John Martyn

John Rebus hooked me into his life with his love of music and his style, and that is how he ends his career, style with 'Exit Music'-how apropos.Rebus mentions how much John Martyn, The Stones and 'The Cure' have meant to his life, and the songs that he can identify with. Rebus and I and my best friend and it seems Ian Rankin are The Stones, Cure and Martyn fans. Ian Rankin has Rebus at the age of 60, and in Scotland he must retire. It seems I hardly got to know ya, Rebus. We have seen Rebus through much of his detective's life, and as he grew and aged so did we. But, me, I am no way intending to retire. And, what will Rebus do? He can't sit and listen to his music and drink, Can he?

Rebus has eight days to go to his retirement. His genial sidekick who may just may take over his job, DC Siobhan Clark, is crafting her trade. She has learned a great deal from this man she loves and respects. Love is not mentioned by either, but we know it is there. Siohban is explaining to him what his retirement party will look like. Rebus does not want any big fuss with his superiors in the audience. It will be quiet with just his kind. And, what is that kind you may ask. If you have to ask....

They are called to the scene of a murder. A body, that of a Russian poet, found in a parking garage. And into the foray they march. Siobhan and Rebus find that a group of Russians have come to Scotland to buy whatever they can. A bank in Scotland has become good neighbors and, of course, who is in the middle of the action? Cafferty, the long time nemesis of Rebus. They have meetings and Rebus follows Cafferty's every move. The murder investigation turns nasty when Rebus is brought up to his superiors for his actions with a murder witness who happens to be the daughter of the bank president. Rebus is suspended. Just as good, now he can go on to solve this murder, and maybe more without being impeded by his bosses. Siobhan takes on the investigation full time and she has learned well from this man, Rebus. She will miss him but she can go it alone.

This is more than a book about a bank and the Russian involvement. We are saying goood-bye to Rebus. The retirement party of Rebus and his thoughts as he leaves the job he loves. This is a story of John ,and the end of his career. We are led step by step as he wraps up the murder with the skill he has always shown. There is a twist and we are left to wonder "Is That All There Is?

Detective John Rebus, I will miss you. I have hopes you will be around in some capacity. I will miss your music choices and how your moods match your choice in the music of the days of yore. Good on Yer, Rebus.

Highly, Highly Recommended. prisrob 10-25-07
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on 1 April 2017
I already have some Ian Rankin Rebus books, so am delighted to add this one to my collection. The book was in great order although second hand. All in all a fantastic purchase.
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on 29 June 2017
So this is Rebus the final novel. Well worth reading. Well written good story line. But I think he will be back as he will miss the police service. Enjoy
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 February 2008
I've read all the Rebus books and am sorry to see him go. He's such a complex, yet flawed character. Recent books have made more of his interactions with DS Siobhan Clarke and this has added to the human side of the stories. There's an added enjoyment for those of us who know Edinburgh and all the locations mentioned: I parked in the car park, that's at the centre of the story, the day after I read the passage about the murder, which added a frisson to my evening out!

This final book in the Rebus series was a real page turner, especially the last few chapters where one was kept one guessing to the very end. Here's hoping there will be a DI Clarke series.
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on 11 March 2017
Just what you would expect with a Rebus story, humour,action and a great story. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him, I certainly hope not.
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on 30 July 2017
As always with Ian Rankin , its difficult to put down a Rebus book . Full of twists and turns and various characters that add to the plot
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on 12 July 2017
Always been a fan of detective novels and Rankin is one of the best, liked when they made the TV series.
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on 24 September 2017
Could not put this Rebus book down it kept the story always going in different angles. Looking forward to the next book.!!
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