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on 17 August 2016
I have been using this case for years now, and it has reliably protected the device I bought it for, and is in fact still around it! It's kept it safe and protected from anything that might have happened to it were it without a case. It's easy to access all the buttons and the headphone jack with it as well, although you have to remove it in order to replace the Micro SD card that is placed in its slot, but that's by no means as bad thing as the card itself is so tiny, that having something to keep it where it is is a good thing ultimately. It perfectly fits around the Clip as well, allowing you to see the screen.

The only bad thing I would say about it is that dust can stick to it if it is left alone somewhere for a while (I haven't used the Clip since I picked up the Fuze), but other than that, no real complaints to be had.
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on 13 January 2010
Sleeve is a good fit fo the Sansa Clip+ (the version with the MicroSD slot).

The case slips in behind the close fitting clip of the Clip+.

Only vaguely fits the original Clip, as the volume and power slider end up in the wrong place - Mini USB and 3.5mm jack cutouts still good though. Kind of makes an original Clip look like a Clip+, if you're into that sort of thing (weirdo).

One thing to note - a lot of folks use the Clip with audiophile headphones - the 3.5mm jack cut-out might cause problems with larger jacks on proper 'cans' since the cutout is only about 5mm wide - could prevent bulky jacks being inserted fully.

Some might argue that it's a little bit rich to put a case on a player as small, cost effective and shockproof as the Sansa Clip+ but I like to protect this awesome little player from the wear and tear it incurs following me around and singing in my ears. My original Clip looks like it has been rubbed vigorously with sandpaper.

Deducting a star for the fact that there is a little bit of a rough molding line 'lip' around the edges of the cut-outs and between the front and back halves which make it look a bit cheaper than it needs to - overall though the matte black silicone gives the player a nice "ninja" effect... (what a sad man I am).

If you're looking at it and considering it then I'm in good company though.
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on 28 June 2010
This product arrived on time and was delivered new. The silicone skin case was an item bundled along with the MP3 player and an additional data card. The cover is a tiny "neoprene" type stretch cover that fits over the MP3 player. The cover has a window for the MP3 display screen but when fitted to the MP3 player it obscured the locations of all the other controls. In my situation, my MP3 player is connected to a car radio and I personally found operating the MP3 player controls difficult with the cover in place, so ended up removing the cover. I do not use the MP3 player outdoors, nor in the shower(!) so this waterproof cover is an accessory I do not need and the cover now lives in a desk drawer.
My opinion is that if you intend to use your MP3 player in adverse conditions, then the protection it would afford could be very useful, and would be an inexpensive solution to a potential problem.
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on 21 May 2011
This is an excellent piece of kit. About the size of a matchbox, it is simple in design, intuitive to use and robust in construction. It does not try to be a jack of all trades (and so master of none), instead it has mastered one thing (well 3, if you include FM radio and voice recording, but it's still audio quality that matters). The sound chip in the Sansa Clip is really good and the sound quality is excellent; easily as good as top-end players three or four times the price. While the earbuds that come with it are fine, the sound quality produced by the Clip is definitely worth investing in a better set (I went for for sennheiser). Wonderful sound! With the micro SD slot I got a 16Gb chip and now have 20Gb of storage. That should keep most people listening for quite some time.

If you want a music player that plays music very well, this should definitely be shortlisted.
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on 4 May 2010
This is a snug fit for the sansa, although it does the original unit no favours as it looks and feels cheap. It's so thin that It's probably only going to be good for protecting against scratches rather than dropping it. This is a bit of a surprise because I know from personal experience that Tuff-Luv produce some superb leather cases for gadgets.

The main problem I have though is that it's almost impossible to see or even feel the buttons with this on. The button areas should be a different colour or just raised more. A clear silicon case may have been better and allowed you to see the white button graphics underneath.

I have removed this from my sansa as the minimal protection this offers is simply not worth the annoyance it provides when operating the unit.

Only worth a buy if the thought of getting a scratch on your player terrifies you!
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on 25 March 2010
My one reservation is the asking price which seems a bit high for what it is but having said that, it does protect the Clip+ from wear and tear. Once you've slipped it over your Clip+, it should be pretty well protected. As a previous reviewer pointed out, the screen is left unprotected, so you may like to consider a protective film (I haven't bothered and it's all fine so far). As a fellow 'sad man' like another previous reviewer, I like the 'ninja' stealth look of the thing! (quote): 'How much more black could it be?' answer 'None more black' (unquote). It has a sexy feel to it (so perhaps the price is worth it after all!). No, you can't see the symbols very well but there's only 6 buttons anyway so after a while, it all becomes second nature.
Would I buy another? Probably, it fits well, looks neat, does the job and feels great!
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on 18 December 2010
I bought this for my Sansa Clip+.

Positive points:
- It fits over the Clip+ perfectly
- It gives good protection
- The buttons are still easy to use through the case
- It looks smart

Negative points:
- It's a shame there isnt any plastic to protect the screen

Overall as far as I can see this is the best case for the market for the Clip+.
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on 31 October 2010
The Tuff-Luv Silicone Skin Case Cover for the Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player is good and it may give it protection if dropped or in the rain. The only thing I think is when it's on it makes the MP3 Player look a little dull. It's a shame it did have have a slight glossy sheen to it. Other wise it's good second skin for the Sandisk Sansa Clip MP3 Player.
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on 8 June 2011
The concept of you get what you pay for often implies that if you pay relatively more for something you get relatively better quality product. With this silicone case unfortunately you'll find it tough to love the cheap feeling flimsy material. I've purchase silicone cases for lots of devices (mp3 players, smartphones, blah) but I have not yet until now, purchased such a poor quality one. I've had this case for a week and it has started to warp already. My advice would be to save around [] quid and buy the same thing off that one auction site.
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on 3 October 2010
Bought the item for my Sansa Clip+ MP3 player .
The covering fits very easily over player and the imprinted front makes it easy to identify the operational buttons without impeding access to the volume,UBS connection port etc.
Certainly helps stop the machine from getting scratched and the visual display can be easily read throught the opening at the top.
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