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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2001
While many have knocked this season for showing that Friends is running out of steam, I couldn't disagree more. I always felt it was the 6th season that could have been better. This season marked a return to storylines focussing on the central characters, rather than pointless outsiders like Bruce Willis and Elle McPherson. True, there were no major, ground-breaking story-arcs, but the laid-back, low key atmosphere gives us chance just to enjoy the characters doing what they do best; living their lives and making us laugh in the process. As well as the excitement of Monica and Chandler's impending wedding, we have an ever blossoming friendship with new roomies Joey and Rach, more stunning one liners from Phoebe and a far more likeable Ross than we've had in years. With standout episodes TOW (The One With...) The Nap Partners, TOW Cheesecakes, TOW The Truth About London, and of course TOW Monica and Chandler's Wedding, this seventh season simply shone, and the word from over the pond is that Season eight is even shinier! Add this to your basket today!
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on 16 February 2006
It's like a security blanket: we are all forever safe in the knowledge that Friends will be around til the day we die, despite it's final 10th season, it'll be re-run and watched over and over again, much like Cheers.
Season 7 is probably not the best series of the lot, but it is by no means disappointing, with the central storyline being the run-up to Chandler and Monica's wedding. There's crazy-Monica galore as she obssesses over every tiny detail and goes to extremes to get the wedding of her dreams (watch The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress, hilarious!), Chandler wrestles with his past and finally confronts it (Kathleen Turner is outstanding as "Mr" Bing) and the rest of the Friends pitch in anyway they can: Ross shows us his musical side - not with the keyboards, but with bagpipes in The One With Joey's New Brain - Joey becomes ordained as a minister, whilst Phoebe and Rachel fight for the position of Maid of Honour.
Aside from the wedding, guest star Eddie Cahill (from CSI) provides a new love interest for Rachel as her younger assistant, Tag. Denise Richards' charms allure the guys (and one girl!) in The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin and the Friends come to terms with the fact that 30-something is impending and wave goodbye to their 20s.
There are some episodes that have a distinct 'filler' feel to them, like The One With All the Cheesecakes, which is why I only awarded 4 stars as previous seasons have been outstanding with every episode delivering, but it's still pretty damn good and worth the purchase.
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on 13 February 2002
Episodes 9-12 Featuring THE ONE WITH THE RUMOR, THE ONE WITH MONICA'S BOOTS, THE ONE WITH ROSS'S STEP FOWARD & THE ONE WHERE JOEY DATES RACHEL. What a collection this season will be these episode will make you want to see more and more and more first up the gang have guest star Brad Pitt over for thanksgiving and find out a interesting rumor that Will (Brad Pitt) & Ross spread in high school. Then followed by Monica's amazing new boots which cost so much that she cant admit to chandler they're uncomfortable. Then Ross takes a step foward as he & Mona (His girlfriend) decide to send out a holiday card together. Then the storyline really hots up as Joey & Rachel go out on a date... to be continued the writters have given us a kind of mid season cliffhanger so if you cant wait for the next set of videos to come heres what to expect THE ONE WHERE CHANDLER TAKES A BATH, Chandler finds the quality's of taking a bath. THE ONE WITH THE SECRET CLOSET, Have you ever woundered what monica keeps in the closet at the back by the bathroom find out. THE ONE WITH THE BIRTHING VIDEO, A interesting birthing video ruins valantines day for Monica & Chandler. THE ONE WITH MONICA'S SOULMATE, Phoebe brings up an conversation about soulmates which leads to Monica revealing hers. But back to SEASON 8 EPISODES 9-12 they are a must buy, 100% Great friends Eps.
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on 8 September 2001
This is definetally the best series of Friends yet! It's also the best DVD set! It features all 24 episodes of Series 7 in their original from PLUS on the reverse side of the DVD, it has every episode in a special edition form where they all include bonus footage, ranging from less than a minute of extra footage, to upwards of 8 minutes! The One With The Truth About London's special edition version contains over 8 minutes of exrta footage, and is completly different from the aired version, with even an extra subplot! Here's a quick run down of the season: Best Episode/ Moment: The One With Monia and Chandler's Wedding/ The HUGE suprise at the end of this episode, which will totally change 'Friends' in everyway! I won't spoil it for you!) Worst Episode: All were great this season, but The One Where They're Up All Night could have been improved, and it is better in the extended cut. Overall Rating: Best Season (Series) yet! All these episodes are greatly enhanced and this is a must buy for a friends fan!
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on 16 February 2003
After the dramatic episodes of previuos series of Friends could series nine be as hilarious as the previous eight. the answer is yes.
This series starts off with the episode 'The One Where No One Proposes' This episode is the aftermath of Emma's Birth were rachel thinks shes engagde to Joey much to Ross' dismay. It also includes scenes where Chandler and Monica are trying to get pregnant much to Monica's fathers delight. He gives them tips on how to get pregnant.
In 'The One Where Emma Cries' Rachel learns the hard way that you shouls never wake a sleeping baby. Rachel starts to feel that she isnt any good as a mother and its up to Monica to bring her hopes up. Also in this episode Chandler agrees after falling asleep in a meeting to move to Tulsa much Monica's dismay. She doesnt want to go and gets a job in Manhattan so she doesnt have to. Also Ross has a fight with Joey over his accidental propsal to Rachel. Ross breaks his thumb leading Joey to believe that Chandler doesnt not know how to fight.
In 'The One with The paediatrician' Rachel discovers that Ross still sees his paediatrician after she gets fired by her own because she rings that up all hours of the day and night. Joey and Phoebe arrange dates for one another which ends in disaster when Joey forgets and picks a complete stranger from the coffee house called Mike.
In the final episode on this video 'The One with The Sharks' Monica believes on a trip to Tulsa to see Chandler that her husband is into shark movies. Phoebe and Mike become an item after the disaster that was their first date. Joey becomes concerned that a girl he once slept with doesnt remember him and Phoebe reflects on why she has never been in a long term relationship.
The four episodes on this video are excellent. they continue the Friends humour that is shown in all of the preceding series. This video is a must for all Friends Fans.
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on 2 August 2003
The Boxset is worth buying just to see Ross dressed as a 'Holiday Armadillo' but the set also contains the cut scenes which is why the product is so pricy, also I find trying to remove one DVD from the box is quite a challenge and usually end up taking them all out to get at volume 3!
The series ends on a cliffhanger forcing us to buy Series 8, Totally worth the money!
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on 12 September 2001
As if Monica isn't bad enough in every day situations, her madness knows no bounds when it comes to making her childhood wedding fantasy a reality in preparation for getting hitched to Chandler. This is the basis for series 7 of this wonderful show, but there is obviously lots of other story lines too, like Rachel and Chandler continously stealing one of their neighbours' cheesecakes, Joey back on Days of Our Lives, Rachel falling for her Personal Assistant, Phoebe meeting up again with David(Remember the scientist who went to Minsk). All this and much more including a fabulous Guest star in Kathleen Turner, I am saying no more about that... The DVD is defintely worth the money as the extra footage just heightens the experience of owning this brilliant series. I am now going to upgrade the other 6 series I have on video to DVD. I will definitely be recommending this DVD Boxset to my friends...
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on 5 February 2001
Series 1 of freinds is great to watch, filled with memories of old heaircuts, past girlfriends and all the information to fill the gaps for those that started watching later than the rest of the addicted 'friends' watchers. Don't miss out on these episodes with Joey's parents, the valentine's day bonfire night, Ross and Joey's sexy talk and Phoebe's twin. I have series 1 and 2 and always watch them particularly as now, friends is becoming more and more complicated and the characters arent as original and funny as they used to. Watching the earlier series just gives you a chance to remember how they sarted out. So for the friends fans and those that just want a great video, I recommend series 1 and 2 and definitely these 4 episodes (one of my favourite being series 1 episode 13).
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A couple seasons of Friends revolved heavily around the relationship between two of the characters. No, I’m not talking about Rachel and Ross but about Monica and Chandler. Season seven was one of those seasons. Yes, the other characters still get plenty of screen time, and the laughs are still plentiful.

Season seven opens moments after season six ended with the proposal. That’s right, Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) are engaged! As a result, much of the season revolves around the two of them and the plans for the wedding, especially near the end of the season as we gear up for the season finale wedding. And those episodes are wonderful. We get plenty of laughs from control freak Monica while also seeing just how much this couple cares for each other. There are some truly touching moments between them here.

Season six was also one of the few seasons not to end with a Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) cliffhanger. But the writers quickly fix that in the season opener as Rachel suggests they sleep together one last time. The rumors that swirl around as a result upset Monica who wants that night to be about her engagement. But no, the two of them aren’t about to really get back together since Rachel quickly falls for her new assistant, Tag (guest star Eddie Cahill). Elsewhere over the course of the season, Joey’s new cable show bombs, and he winds up back on Days of Our Lives when his character gets a brain transplant and Phoebe’s apartment is ready after the fire from last season, but she moves back in alone when the wall making a second bedroom is taken out during the renovations.

But as I said earlier, everything leads up to the wedding in the season finale. We finally meet Chandler’s father, but then the groom gets cold feet. And someone learns they are pregnant before the final blackout of the season.

There aren’t quite as many ongoing storylines this season. There’s the wedding, Joey getting back on the soap, and Rachel’s relationship with Tag. Other than that, we have more standalone stories this year. But that’s okay because there are still plenty of laughs. As always, the Thanksgiving episode is wonderful as Ross’s big mouth gets him into trouble trying to name all 50 states. An episode where Joey and Ross are both dating the same woman also has some outstanding laughs. And in another episode, Ross, Monica, and Chandler start trying to out embarrass each other.

These are tempered by a number of subpar episodes. Some of these come from the characters acting stupidly for laughs. I know that embarrassment humor has been a staple of the series for years, but there seems to be more of it this year, and it leads to some very cringe worthy moments. And some of the episodes just don’t quite work, like this year’s Christmas episode, “The One with the Holiday Armadillo.” Another subpar episode is “The One with All the Cheesecake” which finds Chandler and Rachel stealing a neighbor’s delicious cheesecake. The only funny bit from “The One Where They’re Up All Night” involved Phoebe fighting with a fire alarm that won’t stop making noise.

February sweeps found Friends facing off with powerhouse Survivor, and to counteract that, NBC rolled out supersized episodes of their shows. These ran just a little longer than the traditional episodes ran, and we get that extra footage in the set. They also features some great guest stars such as Jason Alexander as the suicidal supply manager Phoebe calls and Susan Sarandon as an actress on Joey’s soap. The season features several appearances of Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles as Monica and Ross’s parents, and the season ends with Morgan Fairchild and Kathleen Turner guest starring as Chandler’s parents.

And of course, the regular cast does a great job with the material. While I am not a fan of all the writing, the cast still hits it out of the park each week.

The four DVD set contains all 24 episodes of the season in their native full frame and stereo sound. Extras include three audio commentaries (although the one on “Holiday Armadillo” is worth skipping) interviews with some of the notable guest stars, and a gag reel. Gunther’s preview on next season and the quiz about the wedding are completely skippable.

While this season isn’t the best of Friends, it still contains plenty of laughs. Fans of the show will enjoy watching these episodes over and over even if some of the best are behind us.
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on 22 November 2000
The last four episodes in series one of the award winning show.Which include 'the one with the birth',were Ross' son Ben is born and the series finale 'the one where rachel finds out' were Rachel finds out about Ross' secret love for her. This is a great ending for the best series ever.
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