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on 13 June 2011
The monitor is exceptionally bright and clear, and I am quite surprised that the quality is as high as it is, given the low price.

I'm using this as a second monitor with a 2010 MacBook Pro. As others have written, you need to buy a DVI cable (for example: Belkin F2E4141b10-DD - DVI Flat Panel Replacement Cable) separately, which is why it only gets 4 stars. It comes with a VGA cable, which is too low-resolution for my needs, but may be OK for others. If you have a recent Mac Laptop, you'll need an adapter, e.g. Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter cable by Neet® - ( for Unibody MacBook - Pro - Air etc. )). Be advised that the DVI plug on the back of this monitor is DVI-D (dual link), so check this against your own computer/laptop output plug. (if you don't know the difference between DVI plugs, google 'DVI' and the wikipedia page will give you examples of the different types.) VGA is VGA, so if you are only going to use this input, you'll be covered by what's in the box. The power lead to the monitor is pretty standard length -- no problems there.

I am taking advantage of the VESA mounting capabilities of this monitor, and have attached it to a standard VESA mount Cantilever LCD Monitor TV Arm Bracket Wall Mount with Swivel and Tilt (also bought on Amazon). If anyone else is considering using the VESA mount, be prepared to fight a bit with the stand when you are removing it -- BenQ has made this a little more difficult than it needs to be, but I can't dock them a star for this one-time frustration. Be prepared though, removing the stand is not as easy as it should be (the screws are easy enough to get to, but it took a lot of fidgeting to get the stand to separate from the monitor, due to the design of the area where they connect; I'm pretty savvy with taking apart computers, and I found myself cursing at how long it took me to do this... by comparison, my old dell monitor came off its stand in under a minute. This one probably took me about 10 minutes. Could have been bad luck or my idiocy, but I think its down to design).

The monitor gets use for document, film and photo editing when I'm working at my desk, but it also gets called on for watching DVDs at night, from the bed. I do not have a TV, so anyone with a large screen might not find it sufficient, but for my needs -- work and video watching -- its fantastic; the only drawback of watching films on it from bed is that you have to get up to turn it off (I do this to save electricity -- if you don't mind it being 'on' all night, you could just leave it on -- there is a green LED that stays on, even when it is asleep). Compared with my other monitor (24" Dell, TFT), the LED back-lighting of this model makes a real difference in clarity, colour saturation and, of course, brightness. (I do not have the monitors side by side, so I cannot make a direct comparison). I have not recalibrated the monitor at all, as the factor settings suit my needs. I have been using this monitor daily for over a month.

There are no speakers in this monitor, which suits my needs. I wouldn't want cheap speakers in any case and use the speakers built into my laptop for casual video watching. The lack of speakers is one reason this monitor is so cheap. It also has the benefit of making it exceptionally light and keeps cable clutter behind the monitor to a minimum.

I did a lot of research and do not make purchases lightly. I also compared different vendors, and Amazon offered the best price when I made my purchase (due to their free shipping). Even given that I had to buy the DVI cable to use this monitor, due to the VESA mount, LED backlghting, size, resolution, widescreen and overall cost, it was absolutely the best choice for my purposes.
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on 26 July 2011
Bought this off Amazon after doing my research, arrived after only 2 days on Super Saver delivery. Everything was good then I noticed one small dead pixel in the bottom right quarter of the screen. Once I'd seen it couldn't take my eyes off it. Knowing that Monitor manufacturers often won't replace screens for just one pixel, I thought I may have to accept it. But, I emailed Amazon and asked their policy. Next day I had an email saying a replacement screen had been sent - first class. Sure enough it arrived the next day, and it's fine and I'm highly delighted with it. Amazon even provide a link for free return carriage to be arranged.
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on 9 March 2010
I bought this Benq model recently because it had led backlights.

It has a wow factor of crisp text and images and is fully configurable for movies,games,standard,eco,rsb settings.

I tend to use the eco for text as this is not too bright for susutained reading.

Colour is configurable along with brightness, contrast and dynamic contrast.

I am exceptionally pleased with the fine resolution setting I have chosen which is a tad lower than the setting that is factory set( I think this is a bit too fine, but luckily you can chose your own preference).

Led monitors are cheaper and easier to make,more environmentaly friendly but at the moment are new and so cost more than they should with all the research to pay for.

Within two years all tv's and monitors will have switched to led backlights and competition and the higher viewing experience will produce a sea change in our purchases.
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on 25 February 2011
I got this monitor to replace an ageing Benq 17" and I am blown away by it - which is probably unsurprising when my old monitor had a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 and this one is 1920x1080!

Installation was simple - I am running Windows 7 64 bit and, at first, it went with a generic plug & play monitor driver. The disc that came with the monitor was not recognised for my operating system, but I got around this by going to Device Manager --> Monitors, then right-clicking on the 'Generic P&P Monitor' --> Properties and choosing 'Update Driver', then locating the driver folders on the cd, and the system did the rest. Perhaps a little too cumbersome a process but it worked and I am now running the latest drivers for the monitor.

In terms of performance, it took me a while to sort out the user settings for colour, contrast, brightness etc but I am now really happy with it. Most of the pre-defined settings aren't great, apart from 'Eco', which is good for when I'm working, runs at 30% less power (apparently) and is easy on the eyes. I use my own user settings for playing games. I've tried Crysis Warhead, Starcraft II and World of Warcraft, all on the highest settings, and they look fantastic on this monitor, crisp and clear, with great depth of field. The colour and contrast are outstanding.

For £[] I think this monitor is an absolute steal. The image is brilliant. For the price, you forsake a little in terms of the stand, but generally it looks good, too. I really can't fault the quality of the monitor, although no doubt you'd get even better quality if you were prepared to pay more. For those on a budget, though, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Edit: According to all the sources I've seen, the monitor is wall mountable, and there are four screw holes in the back. However, I haven't tried this, and it doesn't come with the accessories to enable you to do it 'out of the box'. I guess this is to be expected for the price. Strangely, it doesn't even seem to mention the possibility in the manual (there are only instructions for setting up the stand), although Benq's website gives dimensions 'With Wall Mount'.

Also, it comes with a D-Sub cable but no DVI cable, so this would be another extra expense if you don't have one to hand. There is no HDMI input.
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on 22 September 2010
A great, clear monitor. It was one of the only true HD (1080 high) monitors within the price range which was a key point.

The width of the monitor makes it like a double width screen - you can easily have half the width for one application and the other half for another app.
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on 2 June 2011
So, I was looking for a cheap-ish screen to use as my main screen in my room. Both for my computer and my Playstation 3.

And it is awesome, let me say why:
I love the aspect ratio, I come from a 16:10 screen and 16:9 became my instant favorite
It is HDCP compatible, so a £[] DVI-HDMI cable from amazon makes playing with my playstation 3 just the best
LED backlight, it consumes a lot less than my previous screen. which was smaller at 20"
the presets are actually nice, I usually set it to eco while browsing the web because the LED is probably too bright to use with most websites with white backgrounds

it comes with a VGA cable, but I advise you to get a DVI cable or a DVI-HDMI. digital is great, you get no distortion at all
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on 28 September 2010
I bought 2 of these on a site that gave me a slightly better price than Amazon with next day delivery free even when I ordered it at 5.30pm on Sunday, and I soon had both monitors unpacked and in use. It was a doddle. They automatically configured, and compared with our previous ones they were in a class of their own. One was on my wife's Windows 7 32bit PC, and the other on my Windows 7 64bit PC. There should have been no problem as the sticker on the front said "compatible with Windows 7. However, when I inserted the CD (for the manual) a screen came up saying that it was not compatible with my operating system. I tried the CD in my wife's PC and the manual came up on screen. It is obvious that it does not like 64bit O/S's, but who needs the manual anyway. I opened device manager on both computers and searched for the latest drivers and both were updated. Previously both were listed as "Generic PnP monitors" but changed to "BenQ G2222HDL" The other small niggle is regarding the wall mounting. Surprisingly, there are no screws provided for this and empty screw holes just look as if something is missing, which it is. Removing the stand provided me with two screws on each monitor and I had to find four more that fitted. What a pity they didn't fill the screw holes in the first place!! My intention was to use my old 20" monitor as a second one on the PC. I have connected this up it looks so dull and lack of lustre that my wife has suggested getting another of these BenQ's. Beleive me they really are good value for money and live up to all of the good reports that I have read. Niggles aside I couldn't give this anything less than 5 stars.
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on 25 July 2012
I don't think you'll get a better monitor this big for this price. Handles pretty high resolutions with ease. Leaps buildings with a single mighty... Oh wait. No it doesn't.. It's a monitor.

But really, it's a pretty good monitor.

Things to watch for - no HDMI in, only standard old VGA and DVI so if you want to run it on something with a regular HDMI then you'll need some kind of adapter - but there's a gazillion of them available on amazon so that's not especially awkward - since you're already there if you're reading this...

So, to sum up, if you're looking for a good sized HD monitor that won't break the bank I don't think you can go far wrong with this one...
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on 8 September 2011
Bought this after reading the reviews here. Great monitor nice crisp images and text. fantastic price. BE AWARE the cable that is recommended with this sale is a DVI-I cable...... It wont fit, it has extra pins. you will need a DVI-D cable. I followed the crowd and ordered the wrong one and cant be bothered to return it.
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on 5 May 2011
Brought six of these for a customer to use on two new PC's in triple bank configuration. For this I required monitors with a thin bezel, these monitors have just about the thinnest surround you can get. The only downside is the control panel protrudes slightly below the bottom of the screen which would prevent me from using four of these in 2X2 configuration. Having the DVI connection as well as VGA allowed for simple configuration and installation on a single stand using the VESA mounts. The monitors work at full HD resolution and are very bright and clear being LED back light. I also conducted a side by side comparison of these monitors to Benq G2220HD and found the G2222 HDL's to be much brighter. These monitors are great value look good and perform very well.
Overall very happy with these monitors would recommend to anyone.
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