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Sherlock Holmes [Blu-ray]
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on 14 November 2017
Well, I have enjoyed this. It is as far removed from a traditional Mr. Holmes of Baker St. in the Victorian London as possible. Instead, a bizarre, fast paced, crazy and fun version is created. Black magic, science, distractions, Parliament in danger, world conspiracies, unconventional Holmes and more or less traditional Watson, beautiful women and ugly bad men - all come in a quick sequence. Some good humor and excellent fights are thrown into the mixture for good measure. Just had to watch carefully as a lot of what doesn't make sense would make sense later on. Impressive dresses too!

Robert Downey's performance is first class, he and "Watson" really make a good team there.
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on 23 November 2016
Sherlock Holmes seems to be like the new James Bond: gritty, hardcore, and always ready for a good fight. He is not only intellectually sophisticated but also quite a brawler. Watson his side kick who is his loyal friend is always there to save his dear partner from harm's way. Irene plays the notorious thief and lover of Mr. Holmes. She is a wily character who keeps the reader guessing her motives.

The cinematography of the movie was special because it showed parts of the film as Holmes' future logical deductions. The movie also used the tradition method of explaining the Sherlock Holmes deductions after given the facts and clues.

Sherlock Holmes' evil nemesis play his part well. There were many humorous antics and displays of ingenious traps. The other minor characters also added to the crude humor and laughter.

Overall, this movie deserves to be watched. It comes with sparkles of spontaneity and fun. Give it a try!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 March 2012
I am a great fan of the Conan Doyle stories. And for me, the epitome of Sherlock Holmes was the late Jeremy Brett in the classic 80s TV series. You might think then I'd deplore this reimagined Sherlock Holmes, which takes such liberties with the literary canon. But as it happened, I enjoyed it. And I will give my reasons why, principally to persuade over lovers of the original stories to give this film the benefit of the doubt and just take it for what it is.

These are some of the reasons however that purists might not like: the supernatural-inspired plot, the prominence of Irene Adler, almost making it a Holmes/Watson/Adler action trio, the allegedly homo-erotic undertones between Holmes and Watson. They seem to be departures from the standard representations of Holmes. We even see Holmes kiss Adler (albeit in the grip of a drugged stupor).

But none of these departures is taken too far. In fact, it would be an overstatement to describe any of these as true innovations. In a `Scandal in Bohemia' there is an allusion that Holmes is somewhat captivated by Irene Adler (although the film takes this hinted romantic interest between them and makes it much more explicit). The supposedly quasi-homosexual relationship between Holmes and Watson depicted in the film is nothing of the sort: they are more akin to two buddies, intensely bonded. This makes for some witty, rapid-fire exchanges between the two men. In the stories, Holmes does hint at the intensity of his attachment to Watson's friendship, though without making any overt displays or declarations (and Holmes doesn't do so in this film). But above all, the film does not depart from Holmes' rationalism. The supernatural has featured as a backdrop in stories like the 'Hound of the Baskervilles', only to be thoroughly debunked by Holmes. The same is true for this film. The fundamentals of the canon are respected. So the perception in some quarters that the film utterly overturns the classical tenets of Conan Doyle's stories is an exaggeration.

So what we are offered is an entertaining, action-adventure where Holmes' left-hook comes in as handy as his deductive powers. The film is frivolous and somewhat superficial but who cares? Downey Junior and Jude Law are well cast, and I found the reimagined character of Watson as a man of action rather refreshing. Aficionados of the stories will enjoy spotting the numerous references to the stories - lines of dialogue lifted directly from them and inserted into the script. The one thing I didn't particularly like was the addition of Irene Adler's character, which seemed to be included because film makers cannot seem to resist thinking that a hint of romantic interest adds to the film (it doesn't), and to offer a sop to modern political correctness.

Overall, I don't think the film has the makings of a classic but that doesn't matter. It's great Friday night entertainment. It doesn't beat the stories but again that is no bad thing. If the film inspires viewers to turn to the stories to compare and to contrast, then they will scarcely be disappointed.
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on 22 February 2012
Quite a surprisingly good film. It does not compare to the overall genius updating of Moffat and Gatiss' BBC1 series or capture the same atmosphere of dread and ease that existed in Conan Doyle's questionable era masterpieces, but it is an enjoyable film nevertheless.

Downey Jr does not excel at the titular role rather than comfortably adopts the character. But Jude Law is superb as the ever loyal Watson and Mark Strong is a sufficiently creepy antagonist. It all plays out a bit like a period rendition of a Jonathan Creek episode, only without the quirky charm, which is strange as Jonathan Creek was itself a reworking and updating of Doyle's character (as well as many other well-known literary sleuths over the years, I'm sure). But in the end it is worth it as it is all so much fun. Ritchie directs with just the right amount of bullet time trickery and ensures that it doesn't seem too 21st century. The half set/half cgi London of the late 1800s/ early 1900s is imagined remarkably well (I would think) and never feels created, the sights being taken in when the action happens around them.

Not a classic by any stretch but possibly the best film Ritchie has directed since Snatch.
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on 24 October 2010
`Sherlock Holmes' is related to the Conan Doyle books in name only and it is best to look at this film as an action film set in the Victorian era. If you think of it in this way you can enjoy it for what it is and not be disappointed if you are a fan of the Holmes series of books. This follows Holmes and Watson as they investigate a series of murders linked to a black magic order and although the plot is a little weak in places it still has plenty of thrills and spills to keep you entertained. Both Law and Downey Jr play their roles well, even if there does seem to be a distinct homosexual undercurrent to their relationship and they make a good crime fighting team. The actress whom plays Watson's love interest is rather wooden and lacking in any real dynamic, but this cannot be said for Holmes love interest (played by Rachel McAdams) who plays her role with a touch of humour and real spark. The London scenes are very good and this is quite an atmospheric film. This came across initially like a martial arts film set during the Victorian era (in fact one of the extras on the disc focuses upon this aspect) and the fight scenes are both comical and action filled. This film is most definitely made with tongue in cheek and doesn't take itself too seriously and whilst it is blatantly set up for a sequel, in this instance I eagerly await what they will do with this franchise. This is a light hearted, period set action film and it carries this off with aplomb and makes for an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 18 February 2012
Harkers back to the golden days of Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett may predictably arch an eyebrow or two at the perishable thought of Robert Downey Junior in a deerstalker hat towing a 10 stone bloodhound, but with a film as pacey and exciting as this, who cares? For the much maligned Guy Ritchie it's a real return to form, using slo-mo tricks and CGI to jazz things up - your interest never wanes. For the purists he might well be the last possible choice as Holmes, but the quirkily charismatic Downey quickly establishes himself in the role, looking like he's really enjoying himself and not taking it all too seriously. Jude Law isn't one of my favourite actors, but he's on good form here, proving to be a sprightly and independent foil - certainly no simpering dimwit sidekick. With Mark Strong putting in a decent shift as the villain, the film rattles along. Production values are high, and it has its own feelgood factor generated by the chemistry between Downey and Law. A fresh new franchise that should run and run...highly recommended.
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on 17 September 2016
"Holmes, this magic lantern show is an attempt to sully your reputation."
"No, Watson, it's just another 'seen it all before' action show mis-using my name to give it credibility."
"Why, Holmes, that's criminal."
"No, Watson, just elementary, very elementary."
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VINE VOICEon 29 September 2010
This is a review from a long time reader/viewer of all things Sherlock.

Its a good time to be a Holmes fan, the BBC doing a modern day series and a blockbuster at the same time. Most of the Holmes staples are present: the dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson, the put upon Mrs Hudson, Lestrade and Victorian London town. Downey Jr plays Holmes in a similar way to Benedict Cumberbatch in that he's at his best while solving a mystery and useless in normal life. He's more action hero as you'd expect in this film but he does have his deductive moments. Jude Laws Watson is of the serious mold and is played as the friend & valued associate not a bumbler.

The film is a tad vague (the mason bit) and loose but lots of fun mostly from Downey Jnr's portrayal (I like his spiky relationship with Lestrade) and the element of fun Guy Ritchie injects. The film has a good central villain (and a few towards the edge of the film possibly setting up a sequel) who hits the right mix between camp and villainy. There isn't much of a central mystery - there are elements of how the villain performs certain acts which are lots of fun. Fully recommended.
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on 21 February 2012
My thoughts going into this film were this shouldn't work should it? An American playing one of the greatest fictional British characters in History, being directed by the man who brought us Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and (Cough) Revolver, Guy Ritchie.

To my pleasant suprise however Sherlock Holmes works as a truly entertaining film. Robert Downey Jnr takes the lead role as the eccentric genius Detective Sherlock Holmes. Accompanying him is his good friend John Watson played by a mostly dead pan Jude Law. Mark Strong is the villian of the story Lord Blackwood who seeks to rule the world through Fear and Black Magic.

This film is clever, action packed and very funny throughout. It is an unorthodox approach to the classic Sherlock Holmes character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but with a strong cast, good story and entertainment factor of ten out of ten and I highly recommend a viewing of this.
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on 9 November 2017
Good fun with a quick witted humour...have to say I'm not the biggest Jude Law fan but the way the characters bounce off each other is great. Well shot and very well acted with mystery and adventure. watch it every time it pops up on prime.
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