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on 4 August 2013
NB: this microwave has a technical fault that makes it blow an internal fuse from time to time, which is the only reason for the bad score. I bought it in June 2013. In May 2017 it blew its internal fuse for the first time for no apparent reason. The oven has not been extensively used and is placed in a dry place. After ordering a pack of the right fuses, taking the cover off and replacing the fuse, everything worked as normal until December 2017, where the glass fuse actually 'exploded' (see the photo) with a flash and a bang when I pushed the button to open the door, so I had to vacuum the 'shrapnel' inside. After replacing the fuse for the second time, it continued working as normal. Since this happened exactly when I pushed the button to open the door, it may be a badly designed door switch that in a few cases causes a short circuit. Each time the circuit breaker was triggered too. Fortunately the fuses are not very expensive, and I still have eight left.

What I wanted was a basic microwave of average volume and power, of a recognised brand, and where I can adjust the cooking time as precisely as ten seconds. I would have liked an oven thermometer to plug in, as my old microwave had, but not many models offer this handy feature that stops cooking when the temperature reaches a pre-set temperature.

My old oven broke down a few years ago, and the reason I didn't renew it immediately was that I could find no models allowing me to set the cooking time to the precision I wanted. The numeric keypad the old model had, allowing me to set the time down to the second, had gone out of fashion to be replaced with an inferior design of only allowing the user to choose between pre-set times such as 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 1 min 30 sec, 2 min etc., insufficient precision if I know that a mug of milk starts boiling after 1 min 50 sec.

The precision problem has now been solved by certain manufacturers, Sharp included, by using three buttons to add respectively 10 min, 1 min and 10 sec to the cooking time. That means I can set the cooking time to a precision of 10 seconds regardless of the total cooking time.

There are more than cooking and defrosting programmes enough for my needs.

I like the design.

The price is about right. Good value for money.

The manual is easy to understand.


The buttons are not very sensitive. You have to apply a good deal of force to activate them. If there isn't anything behind the oven to stop it from sliding back, the entire oven may slide back by the force needed to activate the buttons, depending on how smooth is the surface it is placed on. The reason for this is possibly to prevent accidental start of the oven, something that could damage a microwave oven.

When not in use, the display just shows ":", as it has no clock. The clock programming guy was probably sick the week this model was designed. It's not a big deal. If you need a clock, you can buy one for a couple of quid. At least it has a kitchen timer.
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on 23 October 2013
works fine and for the price I have no major complaints but having used it for a week or so and working out how long it takes food to actually cook properly, I would rate this as closer to 700W rather than its claimed 800W. Or perhaps 750W on a good day or when cooking from frozen. As it seems to be closer to the actual suggested times on items cooked from frozen than items from the chilled cabinet. However, now that I know that limitation, I just cook items from the chilled cabinet at their suggested 700W time and frozen items between their suggested 700W and 800W times and everything comes out good. Of the few presets I have tried so far, reheating drinks and cooking a couple of TV dinner type frozen meals, they work as claimed, with drinks nice and hot but not too hot to drink and the TV dinners just about perfect.

So, overall, for the price it is a pretty good item and have taken off one star for what I see as the relatively minor discrepancy between its claimed rating and its actual working rating and would recommend it for someone wanting a basic microwave with a few frills.

Also, I suggest giving it a good wipe down after use as it does build up a fair layer of condensation all over the inside during cooking of more than a few of minutes. Then again, I find the the minute waiting time that is recommended for most foods coming out of the oven is just about the right amount of time for wiping it down.

Note, to repeat what others have already noted as it may matter to some, this doesn't have a clock display when not in use. Though personally I like that as there is no excuse to leave yet one more item switched on when not in use.
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on 22 July 2014
Has made potatoes the number one hit in my home. Sometimes of an evening I just settle down and watch them rotate for anything up to 5 minutes at a time. Happy days. Sometimes I even switch the microwave on for extra thrills. In that capacity it's perfectly functional. You have to play the timings a bit by ear as with all microwaves, but it does the cookin' and the defrostin' and the warmin'-up-o'-the-coffee-o just fine.
(Beware heating fluids, they can once-in-a-while explode when you 'puncture' the surface tension. Speaking for myself I am happy to undertake the suicide mission of applying 7 seconds of zap to a cooled cuppa, but, yknoe, be carefuls.)
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on 12 October 2013
I bought this for my daughter and her boyfriend as it's exactly the model I have at home. That way he can help with dinner by pressing 'pasta', 'rice' or jacket potato - just until his culinary skills are up to speed! Seriously though, it's a great mid range microwave (both in price and power output) and I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't like my own so much. There isn't a more foolproof way to cook perfect rice! My original Sharp microwave gave up the ghost after cooking too many jacket potatoes one bonfire night a couple of years ago. It was a bigger fancier model with an inbuilt grill that I never used. It had a brilliant 15 year life so I stuck with the brand but opted for a model with the programmes I used most. It's in it's third year and the only item I didn't replace in my brand new kitchen. Minor irritation is that the timer isn't also a clock but I've got used to that now.
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on 20 December 2013
Good little microwave, compact, easy to clean. Only problem is the size, it is good for the basics but some items can slide off the turntable which means watching for the first couple of minutes to rearrange plates / packets which can fall over, also inside space quite limited, some plates can be too big so need decanting to microwave size containers (an extra buy). apart from this, easy to use, good instructions, best for quick and easy heating rather then large scale meals. I do like it but next time will buy one in a larger size.
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on 22 November 2014
Every kitchen has a clock so why the gripes about "no clock"? Had this a few days and my granddaughter (who thought I was mad to buy it when my other one worked but I didn't like the colour) thinks it does her microwave chips better and hotter! We are both happy with it so far. She calls at mine after school so does her snack in it, and I use mainly for packet rice and reheating so far. Bonus is how good it looks in the kitchen. Would reccomend on using it so far.
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on 13 September 2012
100% happy with this microwave. Even though it took a while to arrive, it was definitely worth the wait. It looks very slick and stylish in our kitchen and is perfect because it doesn't take up much space at all. I am very pleased with this model and so far so good, no problems at all. I especially like the buttons and the layout of the buttons. We have had problems in the past with microwaves that have the twisting knob feature so this microwave is just simple and therefore hopefully won't breakdown after just a few months!
One small criticism is that it does not have a clock on it when on standby which is unusual for a microwave as I thought that was standard now for all models but apparently not. Not a major issue but takes a while to get used to one not being there.
Overall, excellent product and we are all very happy with it. If you are looking for a small, stylish, hassle-free microwave then this is for you.
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on 1 July 2015
as always amazon are a brilliant site. and I am pleased with the sharp r-270slm microwave, the only complaint I have is when I opened the box there was a rub or mark the size of a penny along the front at the top of the door, if I would have time to unwrap it before the driver was gone, I would have sent it back , but apart from that everything good
the dhl driver carried into the porch, I am partly disabled
if I need anything I will always look at the amazon website
robert williamson
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on 27 June 2013
I know it's only a Microwave but after my previous more expensive model blowing up I've been hard pushed finding another that did the job without the expense. This is perfect if you don't have the space, works exactly like a more expensive bigger model. I am more than happy, it's been tried and tested and it works great! Yes it is slippy on the worktop so put a mat underneath it and it won't budge! Perfect, you won't regret buying this one!
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on 6 January 2016
Terrible. Started to go rusty after a few months.
Got so bad that the turntable won't go round as all the paint has peeled off and the rust has eaten the floor.
Chucked it away and bought one with stainless steel interior.
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