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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Field Music [Measure]
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£8.83+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon 22 February 2012
Field Music have reached another level with this majestic double cd. If you've heard their earlier works then a lot of the same elements are still there: the vocal harmonies, the unusual time signatures, spikey guitar and soothing piano parts. There is probably more effective use of violin than before, adding a touch of class. The main difference this time is that every song just seems so precisely constructed, flowing into an awe inspring whole, taking us on a journey through the history of rock & pop. There are songs on here which in isolation sound disjointed or even unfinished, but when you listen to each cd as a whole it all seems to flow beautifully.
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on 11 January 2012
I 'nearly' bought this album for a long time. I heard them play a live session on Marc Riley's 6music show and that finally swung it. What I've found is a great (double) album, full of closely considered music. It's rich with influences and they translate really well. It's a reassuring listen and, for me, restores faith in modern-day music. These guys are really talented. If you've found your way here and you're reading this then you are considering buying this album. Go for it. Read no longer.
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on 17 February 2010
It's been three long years since the last Field Music Lp 'Tones of Town' (one of my favourite Lps of all time), although the two 'solo' albums in between did go some way to filling the gap, and now it's finally arrived. Twenty songs showcasing the Brewis brothers' superb songcraft and musicianship.
Not as immediate as 'Tones', you will need to spend time with this Lp and with each listen something new will be revealed. Only three days in, and I'm still getting to grips with its many delights. The boys fit more ideas into one song than in Oasis' entire back catalogue, but not in a over-clever prog way. Each song is kept concise and each note is there for a reason.
Do yourself a favour and welcome them back with a big hug.
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on 24 March 2010
Oddly presented over two discs when the music (less than 72 minutes) would fit on one I couldn't help feeling this would have gone down really well some time in the late seventies when punk was taking the rock audience elsewhere. Properly produced music with a clear and open production that makes it sound like real instruments in your living room rather than sounds of some barely identifiable origin we got used to in the original world of prog. This might actually be progressive, in the sense of heading somewhere- it is tempting to go through the whole thing listening out for influences. I've only just finished my first play and put it on again, I can see the attraction, the possibility of a 'soundtrack to the summer' album. Plenty of positive things to say, but I feel the overall impression is an attempt to be too clever, or treat everything too seriously. I can see myself coming back to this review bumping up the stars, I tend more towards jazz or classical than rock music nowadays so maybe my expectations are off course.
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on 29 December 2011
I sort of agree with many of the reviews here - though the one clear influence not mentioned is 10cc. Whilst superficially well-composed and produced, I quickly tired of this album as it is so self-consicously quirky. These guys clearly have lots of talent, yet they seem to be fightened of penning a decent, direct melody. The arrangements are all well-constructed but most of the tunes are crying out for a memorable chorus or some kind of hook to draw you in - but every time you think you can hear one coming, Field Music veer off into clever, but frankly not very entertaining musical territory. And yet, it is so intelligently constructed, crisply produced and expertly played that the listener begins to suspect that they DID have melodies in their toolkit but were just too cool to use them. Frustrating - it could have been so much better.
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on 30 January 2013
For me but interesting and it is making me go back and listen more and more.A more modern sound than i i am used to but yes i am getting into it.At this price you can experiment .
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on 8 April 2010
The title really sums up this review: Field Music should have been much more determined with the scalpel, with which they could have formed a classic album. Instead, this double sounds like the outtakes from a number of late sixties bands.

I'm thinking of The Jimi Hendrix Experience (the vocal style is reminiscent of Little Miss Strange from Electric Ladyland), Cream, later Beatles... add to that the string sound from Hounds of Love (yes, it does sound a little anachronistic) and some post-rock noodling and you get... too much of a good thing. Or, to be honest, not enough of a good thing for two CDs. I'm going to rip this album and make a perfect single disc which would get four or five stars. But listening to the whole of this is just a bit too meandering for me.
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on 9 June 2012

That sums it up for me I'm afraid. I bought it a couple of years ago on a wave of optimism and hype, played it twice and recently dug it out for another play. While it has nice arrangements and is well produced, there is no substance there or anything which is memorable.

Also, the packaging must be the worst ever - it is a cardboard gatefold for 2 CDs, where the CDs can only be put in from the middle (i.e. at the fold) - very difficult and the first thing that happened was the cardboard ripped. I suspect that with more than a dozen plays then the packaging will be in 2 parts.
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on 24 February 2010
This album is a huge disappointment to me for a couple of reasons.

The songs on here sound unfinished to me. On several of them, they just get going and they're finished. And not finished in a good way. They don't sound complete. They just stop. They fade out. In some cases after only just two minutes. Now, someone like Brian Wilson could make a two minute song sound like an eight-minute one, and make it sound like a satisfying whole. These guys can't, and the listening experience is terribly frustrating as a result. For songs this complex and cerebral, that's just not on. I'd like to hear if these guys can develop their ideas over longer-format pieces, give the songs some structure and allow them develop at a natural pace.

Secondly, the sound is terrible. It's clear enough, and you can hear the details of the arrangements, but for the most part, it's flat and lacks any sort of energy, atmosphere and dynamics. This is what happens when you leave the job to the artists themselves. They need another, independent pair of ears to get them past just playing it well, and recording that playing in a basic fashion, to allow the resulting recording to fly.

Maybe the band work like this out of necessity, but I can't help thinking if they had handed over the reins to a producer this would have been a much more rounded, complete and more exciting record. They're obviously good enough musicians, and have ideas aplenty, but they just need someone to corral those ideas into a more fulfilling whole.
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on 6 December 2015
CD in poor condition - various songs unplayable
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