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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2009
snow patrol will again blow you away with classics , alot of songs are the ones everyone will know , but there are a few surprises with cover songs, as well as older ones before they were big and to finish with theres a great dvd with great songs from one of the uks greatest bands, an if you stuggle to find a reason to pay extra for dvd special set think again .All in all It is a great set of old ,new and unheard classics that make you remember why you listen to music in the first place.
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on 7 December 2009
Have been a fan of Snow Patrol for some time and this brings together the best of their work so far. It doesn't disappoint. Many of the songs have haunting and incredibly moving lyrics sung beautifully by Gary Lightbody who is credited with writing almost all the tracks. His voice gets under your skin and must surely melt the hardest of hearts. Favourite tracks I would urge people to start with - Run, Chocolate, You're All I Have, Crack the Shutters, Set The Fire to the Third Bar, Chasing Cars, Just Say Yes, The Planets Bend Between Us and Open Your Eyes - brilliant.
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on 15 December 2009
The answer is a quite obvious and huge NO! No matter your age, if you enjoy well written melodic songs, extremely well performed by musicions who can play proper instruments, with great production, then Snow Patrol are for you. I'm more a Radio 2 listener at my advanced age (60 when I purchased this CD) but surely no-one can have gone through life without hearing the excellent Chasing Cars but there is so much more to this band than that song.

I live alone, I therefore drive alone so with no-one to change the CD's for me I more often than not get to hear all the tracks on an CD swiftly followed by hearing them all again before being able to replace it, which in the case of Snow Patrol means double the pleasure. I have not been disappointed by anything on this double CD, but if you already have their music either via CD or downloaded to your MP3 or whatever you don't need to buy this. Up To Now is a fantastic introduction to this band. It's great value through Amazon and a totally excellent group of musicians for us old(er) rockers who want more than just listening to the bands of our youth. Buy it today!
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on 25 November 2009
A pretty impressive collection on 2 cd's only knew the band from the singles, but the cd has shown me the depth of their work.Could have done without the crazy in love cover, but a minor gripe in what is a very accomplished collection of high quality music.
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on 1 December 2009
There are a lot of brilliant songs by Snow Patrol, but for practical reasons, all of them cannot be included on two CDs. The band has chosen to make a proper compilation, and not a "greatest hits", choosing to inject a bit of substance in the set. They could easily have chosen singles from ''Final Straw'' and beyond, but they didn't. What we get is quite nicely balanced set of songs that range from their first album in 1998 up to the latest in 2008. Also included are b-sides, rare songs (like the cover of "Crazy in Love"), two songs from side project The Reindeer Section, and three new songs.

I can't say much about the actual selected songs, as it varies from person to person, based on which songs they've actually liked over the years. But as Gary commented, the set needs to "draw people" in. I do not mind the inclusion of "Run" and "Chasing Cars", but they were a given anyway. The extra live renditions of both are actually a bonus, because the Union Chapel gig was really good. But if you're buying the Box set, its a little minus, as both songs appear again on the third disc. They could easily have skipped them off it and included "Just Like Christmas" and "Fifteen Minutes Old" instead, both played that day. I personally bought the Box set, and its brilliant. The bonus DVD included has most music videos, which is great, but omits "Little Hide", "One Hundred Things...", "Velocity Girl" and a second version of "Spitting Games". It doesn't make sense to me why. Also, the digipak version has the full sixteen minute film for "The Lightning Strike", which is "awe-ful". Finally, as it was totally unavailable (Yes, even on file sharing, I've checked).

The question of whether such a release is ''needed''; I think a ''greatest hits'' is only applicable when the band has disbanded or retired. But the band has made it clear this isn't one, and they did it to mark their 15 year existence. It makes sense to me. One of the new songs and current single "Just Say Yes" indicates a drastic change in sound and a hint of things to come. Gary and Tom have been DJs forever really, and such a change was bound to occur. Also, Gary's current side projects are avant-garde (Listen... Tanks!) and country (Tired Pony), which may affect Snow Patrol's sound even more, as Gary is the primary songwriter. So, I find this a nice way to put the past behind and look to the future, and the band's selection has made it obvious this isn't a quick money grab scheme.

This release would not really interest long time fans, as they'll usually own all albums. But the bonus material is top notch and can possibly spark interest. For new-ish fans, its very comprehensive and sort of a portfolio of the band's activity over these years. Even the album cover seems to convey a subtle message.
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on 15 November 2009
snow patrols best material on two cd's , a generous compilation of gorgous songs , some re-worked , a couple of breath taking live versions , a best of cd which doesn't feel tired and like the end of snow patrols era its more like the begining of a new dawn they manage to keep their music fresh by adding layers to that great spine tingling formula of theirs which is evident from the content on these two cd's just how they have progressed and got better over time , The dvd in the deluxe version definately justifies the extra money its just packed with material , the band documentary alone justifies the price , generous and revealing its such a great compilation in all , highly recommended ..
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2009
This is so good. All the wonderful sounds of Snow Patrol with some live versions as well. Their sound is haunting and spine-tingling and this album has such a good mix. A piece of class!
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Bought at full cost, My reviews are based on honest truth meaning the good, the bad and the ugly where appropriate. Music of any sort is a matter for the listener. Discovered as soundtrack to Greys Anatomy, I bought some Snow Patrol CD's. Most, to my taste is well wort listening to. I have some hearing issues so actually hearing the wording / lyrics is sometimes difficult but the music is easy to listen to. Played in the background whilst video editing, reading or similar is quite relaxing. Worth buying but do the rounds to get the best value

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on 22 November 2009
If you want all the best Snow Patrol songs without investing in the separate albums then Up To Now is a good choice, made even better with the inclusion of a nice DVD. This is not like some best of's that contain questionable 'hits'; there are 30 songs spead over the two CDs with only a couple (Run and Chasing Cars) repeated and it's great to have these extra live versions. The DVD features some Festival and Abbey Road footage too as well as a documentary and it's a good bonus feature. Recommended.
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`Up to Now', as the title suggests, is a selection of tracks from Snow Patrols's career up to the date of this albums release. You get a wide range of their music across two discs from well known tracks like `Chocolate', `Chasing Cars' and `Run' to live tracks, covers (Beyonce's `Crazy In Love' originally played for BBC's live lounge) and three new tracks for this collection. On listening to this CD you soon notice just how many of Snow Patrols songs you know and their music has obviously slipped into your consciousness without you even realising it. They manage to carry off light rock and ballads with equal aplomb and this showcases the best of their music in one place. A good introduction to the band or if you want a taste of what they offer without buying the entire back catalogue.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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