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on 16 March 2012
I've used a lot of flash drives over the years and rarely had any problems with any of them and that goes for the cheapest and the most expensive.
However this particular Sandisk Cruzer Blade device is somewhat different.

In the first case it is extreemly small - I would say about 1 inch long.

Secondly it has no led so there is no indication of any activity whatsoever - you have no idea about what is happening with the device - this may not sound much of an issue but believe me it is when there is a problem.

Third it seems to be all plastic including the plug that goes into the USB socket - how long this plastic will last when being shoved in and out of metal sockets I don't know.

Fourth I had the same problem as some other people with one particular PC - in this (Win 7 McAfee) system inserting the drive would cause an Explorer window to pop up and a green bar to start spreading across the top (as if Windows was doing some processing). At this time I could see the directories on the drive. The green bar took about 4 minutes to completely cross the explorer window and then I had a McAfee popup saying my real-time scanning was switched off - this restarted after 30 seconds as it should. Immediately after the McAfee pop-up the explorer window changed so that I could no longer see any directories (worrying, but the data was visible on other systems!) and clicking on the drive produced no results - trying various other actions seemed to indicate that Windows was confused about whether there was a physical piece of media in the socket or not. Anyway it indicated 0 bytes capacity and 0 bytes free (both not true). Another Win 7 and XP Pro system handled it fine. Anyway after talking with Sandisk support I reformatted the drive on the XP system (I could not format it on the Win 7 system where it produced the problems!) and it has worked fine since.

The drive comes with certain software pre-loaded (to provide a secure storage media) - I believe something gets invoked automatically when the drive is inserted - there is an autorun.inf file hidden in the root directory - I believe this probably had something to do with the strange behaviour.

End result is OK, but I was not impressed with this experience froma big-name vendor.
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on 4 February 2012
The Sandisk Cruzer Blade is very small and light so not easy to find when you have put it down somewhere and can't remember where! Also because it is small it is fiddly to take out of the laptop (OK with computer where there is more USB port space). Because of the smallness along with the plastic the whole thing feels flimsy. When we use this on a computer with Windows XP it opens to the files we have added to it, but when using with a computer that has Windows 7 it shows various icons (that mean nothing to me) and its a case of opening each of these icons to find where on the drive my file is "hidden" - really irritating and a problem I have never experienced with other USB drives. All my other USB drives (I have 5 in total) give the option to open files placed on them, they also show clearly the files I have added. I am by no means an IT expert but am experienced around computers but this format totally confused me.

I would definitely not buy another of these items. Next time I will stick to the Sandisk Cruzer Micro, easy to use and faster than the Blade.
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on 30 July 2012
Picked up several of these for use in work, as I'm an IT Tech who frequently needs to run out of the office with a bespoke one off collection of applications for use on a customers systems, before swapping it out for someone else entirely 20 minutes later.

These M-sticks are cheap, and at the approx £3.50 I paid for each of mine, the fact that they are almost entirely made from plastic comes as no surprise. But they are light, sit in a bunch on a key chain without any real noticeable gain in weight and easy enough to use.

I've not experienced any of problems with durability that others have reported. I've probably formatted, chopped and changed the programs and apps on these things a couple of hundred times now without any data loss, and have carried them around in my pocket on a key chain pretty much every working day for the last few months.

For quick, easy storage, I've really not had any problems, and these things have more than made up for the expense in the number of CD's I haven't had to burn/carry around instead.

If you need some quick, disposable storage or need to quickly transfer some files, these things really can't be beat. If you need something more permanent, I'd suggest looking at a more suitable storage solution (e.g. portable hard disks, etc) instead.
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on 26 May 2012
I have a few of the SanDisk Cruzer Blade drivers ranging from 4GB - 16GB in size and I have to say for their form factor and price these are great little drives. I mainly use them as bootable USB drives for various system recovery options including Acronis True Image, Windows Home Server and Restoring OEM Factory Images. Due to there small nature these drives are very low profile and easy to store. The only bad thing I can say about these drives is the read/write speeds seem quite poor compared to similar flash drives on the market, but I don't use these drives on a regular basis and only use them for certain situations, so this does not bother me so much. If I was using these for regular storage and constantly accessing changing data like documents, pictures etc I might be put off by this.
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on 23 February 2014
Well what can you say about a memory stick ?
Hmm, Unlike some others on the market it looks good, its lightweight, and has a hole in the top corner so as to be able to hang it on a keyring, believe me that is useful, even though it is slightly more expensive than others I find it to be worth it, The build quality is much better than a lot of other cheap makes ( some fall apart quite easily ) so in my opinion for that alone it makes the Sandisk an easy nobrainer decision .
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on 18 July 2017
Great drive, very fast transfer and very small device although it would have been better if it did not have a big logo on it saying REFURB! ... not a sticker a full printed statement
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on 2 March 2018
Purchased a pair of these drives. So far reliable and operate at a decent switch
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on 13 April 2014
Worked a bit different to the others ive used, went into the above portion as opposed to the below portion on computer page (where your drive info is where it says where it is when you've plugged it in) sorry does that make sense? My usbs have a usual place they appear this didn't when I realised it still did what its supposed to good value.
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on 24 May 2012
Most small usb flash drives I've owned seem to get unreliable or just break after a few months of use. This one has been fine, I must have had it a year now and it is perfectly fine.

The size is very small, and the shape makes it quite handy to carry in a pocket, no sharp edges or ridges to get tangled up with this things and I like the way they haven't bothered with a fiddly cap, which I would just lose anyway.
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on 17 January 2014
This is a good product in my opinion, sold at a fair price by Amazon. In fact I ordered two at the same time because of the price. The reason I gave the product 4 stars is that I find it too small and fiddly for my clumsy fingers when inserting it into the usb slot. For those of you who like smallness in all things this will be perfect for you.
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