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R.U.S.E (Xbox 360)
Price:£11.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 September 2012
This game is already pretty well reviewed, so I'll try to explain something new.

To build anything you need $.

Some people observe in negative reviews that this game is "slow" paced. I guess they mean the simple fact that to recruit units you must first build the appropriate kind of base (if you have enough $ to spend). To build it, a truck is sent from your HQ, which actually drives across the map to the site you chose, and then construction can begin, this last bit only takes about 5 seconds to complete. Other "slow" aspects are, the rate that you gain $ is proportional to the number of supply dumps you capture, and again trucks feature by carrying supplies from these dumps to your HQ, but only when they actually arrive at your HQ do you get the $.

This "slow" physical transport of supplies, means that the enemy can harass your supply lines, and destroy your supply trucks (and you can do this to the enemy) to choke off the flow of $. Ah, so it's not just "slow" there is a tactical element here? Oh yes there is, and a good player will harass in this way, just for fun and to provoke an attack into a trap.

What other "slow" aspects are there? Well your ground units have to move across this large landscape roughly in real-time. The range of fire for the units is broadly to scale (artillery is probably scaled down) - this is really only obvious when you zoom right down to see things at ground level, up close and personal. So in this way we have more simulation aspects coming into play, just like with supply. In fact you can think of this game as being like the Total war series when you play zoomed in, similarly there is a Rock-paper-scissors approach to battlefield tactics but R.U.S.E uses the historic attributes of WWII units. e.g. anti tank guns fire Armour piecing rounds and are good against armored vehicles but are inefficient when used against infantry (the blighters lay down don't they).

Is this a simulation? It doesn't look like one, and it's too much fun. I would say it has the best bits of simulation useful for tactical game-play.

So to criticize the critics (a bad move of course), I would say that too many seem to have played RTS's and lost sight of war-games. You really don't need to invent unrealistic RTS mechanisms when the highest strategy and tactics come from managing distance, time, and resources against an enemy, with a fair number of ruse's thrown in to modify the situation on the ground (and indeed in the air) at the opportune moment.
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VINE VOICEon 19 March 2011
This game is an interesting take on more traditional real-time strategy games. Not overly dissimilar to the command & conquer series, you need to accumulate resources by building supply depots and use the proceeds to build up your forces. What makes this game slightly different is the ability to play ruses such as decryption (enables you to see opponents orders), radio silence (hides your units from view) and fake assault (which launches a decoy assault to confuse your opponent) - there are plenty of others.

Generally speaking I enjoy this game although there are a few issues;

The campaign game isn't up to much. It is far too linear and has the annoying habit of jumping to a cut scene just as you really need to take control of your units. It only really serves the purpose of acting as a training exercise to introduce the player to different aspects of the game.

The battle games are based on accumulating points (based on units destroyed) rather than achieving objectives so they all just seem to degenerate into a bun fight, the winner generally being the one who build most units the quickest.

No waypoints! If you don't want your paratroopers to fly straight through the enemies AA defences then you have to follow each individual unit and move them accordingly. This level of micromanagement isn't really acceptable on an RTS.

Other than this though, a decent game - makes a change from all these FPS!

[XBL: SirBarnabus]
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on 11 November 2012
ok, so i played the demo and was to say the least a little underwelmed but for the £15 or so pounds i thought i'd give it a go and i'm glad i did. Theres nothing quite like having 30 or so heavy artilery peices blast your opponent into a very very fine dust. The way the game shows how each of countries has their own style of attack and defence is a really nice inclusion. Combine that with the option to set the AI's style to either all out attack if you want to test your defencive tactics or to a very defencive AI that will try and outlast you in terms of resources and then roll into you with overwelming force. This game has a very hight replay value. There is also a free on XBLA DLC pack that unlocks the nuke mode in wich all players have access to the nuke canon wich makes for alot of fun with big bangs. All in all for less than £15 its a no brainer for me atleast and if you pick it up and you really dont like it then its not like you've spent a massive amount on it.
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on 28 July 2014
My son asked me to get this for him and he likes it. That's about all I got out of him...an almost 20yr old doesn't often say too much more than a few grunts, so to get an 'I like it, it's ok' out of him was a great feat! Other than that I cannot say anymore because personally I do play XBox games like these.

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on 22 November 2014
We ordered this product and it came in the time span it said it would and was well wrapped up and delivered in a good condition, as well as being good quality and good value for your money and as described on the product description. I would use this Amazon seller again and recommend them.
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on 22 July 2016
cant get my son off from playing it
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on 26 July 2017
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on 11 December 2012
This game even though it is a few years old still ticks most boxes with me as its a great tactical player.

The missions are well thought out and... its something different.

Only downfall (which isnt the games fault) is the lack of online players, at the start the online play was epic.
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on 7 September 2012
great mechanics. the campaign is great it also has operations which are separate. The multiplayer is never empty its a great game to play and great fun. you will meet very advanced players an those along your level every so often. The game get progressively harder very close to the end.
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on 18 September 2014
If you love strategic games, then this is a must brilliant game, will get you thinking, some levels will frustrate you, but so rewarding when you finally complete levels, yeah great game
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