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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2010
I bought one of these to support an external 750GB RAID set up (3 drives bodged together, in effect) that stores all of our personal data - pictures, music, documents, etc. and quickly changed my mind... in a good way!

The drive is small and neat, and automatically appears on the Mac OSX desktop with a getting started guide - a nice touch for non-technical users. I formatted the drive (choosing to zero out the data - to make sure the whole disk was OK - which took 10 hours! A normal format is a matter of minutes, but doesn't check the whole drive) and backed up our data to it.
The copy process was relatively quick (pretty typical USB2.0 to USB2.0 transfer speeds; some 500GB in about 6 hours) - and was very quiet, particularly when compared to the existing drives.
The base has a blue light on each side which flashes when the drive is accessed - not too obtrusive, but it would be nice to be able to turn it down or off.

In any case, after a day or so of use, I decided to get a second drive - to replace the old setup. I've got the two drives side-by-side, set up to "mirror" each other (using the Mac OS RAID functionality in Disk Utility); this isn't a backup solution as such - but it provides protection if (WHEN!) a drive fails, as the data is duplicated. If one drive breaks down, then I can just replace it and carry on without any loss.
On top of this, the drives come with a 3 year warranty from Hitachi, so between that, the data mirroring, and the Time Machine automatic backup process, I'm pretty well covered. Unless the building burns down, in which case I'd need offsite storage too. Hmm - maybe I should buy another to leave in a drawer at work?

All in all, a great purchase so far - time will tell how reliable the disk is, and how good Hitachi's warranty process is - and at this price, an absolute steal; it seems that every time I buy a new hard disk, they've doubled in capacity and halved in price... not that I'm complaining :)
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I've recently bought this drive for use on a home PC that I also use as as server to the other PCs in the house.

As others have said, the drive looks smart, remains cool to the touch, and powers down when connected PC is shutdown (it automatically powers on again when the PC is restarted).

However, I will now talk about the software that comes with this drive.

The software can be installed on any PC that can 'see' the drive either locally connected on your network. It allow you to do both a full backup or an incremental backup. In order to keep my home PCs secured, I have done a full backup of all of them (it was fastest to use a wired connection for this over the network as wireless can be a bit slow for very large volumes of data) and now all machines are set to do an automatic incremental backup every Friday night (when I leave all machines on to do their weekly virus scan and, now, their weekly backup).

When you backup you, naturally, have the choice about what folders you want backed-up.

To restore, you can either use the provided software, or access the files directly on this drive as it is all pretty obvious where they have been stored and the folder structure.

Overall, a good drive with simple and effective backup software.

So, why you ask, only four stars and not the full 5 stars? Well, the drive does seem to be a bit noisier than I would have expected and you can hear the head rumbling around when the drive is being accessed. It's nothing serious, but it might be an irritation if the drive is right next to your laptop when you're trying to concentrate on music or a film. You decide!

So fours stars it is then.
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on 2 September 2017
Excellent backup drive
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on 8 March 2010
Great piece of kit. It does what it says on the tin.
No problems, simple and easy to use.
Saved all my files, videos and MP3s at a click of a button.
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on 9 March 2010
I bought this around a month ago. I like it.It also has an innovative plug which ,for whatever country it is used you snap on a plug to suit(euro /uk/ usa) great idea. It is simple plug and play and easy to set up for transfers and back ups. The only minus ,and that is only because I have it on desk right at my side, is a high pitch humming noise it gives off. My answer to that was to cut small bits of foam,I had offcut of carpet underfoam. Now it sits on a small cradle of 6" x 3" and I cannot hear a thing. At the Amazon price it is cheaper than any I saw by up to £20 ,so a good buy I would recommend.
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on 15 July 2010
He liked the look, he liked the price. I shook my head.

In less than a week - beep click click, beep click click, beep click click.....
and another Hitachi bites the dust.

I've taken a look and we have another case of Hitachi drive failure that I've seen too many times.

Granted Hitachi's failure rate with this drive seems to have improved since previous models, but it still seems like at least 10% go bad within days. While I will always expect some failures are inevitable, Hitachi is too still high to get my vote. I'll stay with WD until they manage to improve further as I just can't trust them
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on 23 January 2010
While the 'passport' size drives (of which I've owned many) are really starting to catch on to the idea that consumers *expect* the drive itself to work, and that the purchasing decision rests on price, facility and form, the bigger drives have been slow to get the message. Aesthetically challenged at best, and I've had two 3.5" drives out of the six I've bought simply not work. Well this is the first time I've delighted at the price, but actually made 'out loud' joyful noises as I've taken this Hitachi beastie out of the box. LOL indeed, and who really does?

The picture doesn't actually do the object justice. It's compact, not at all 'blocky', relatively light, rigid and when you take the protective film off the plastic end pieces they shine piano black to make the design look distinctly classy. I'm pretty sure the main casing is aluminium; certainly there's no trace of flimsiness. The upright design just looks right - nice small footprint and businesslike enough to be in full view. Seriously, I'm going to sell off my other two terabyte drives and buy two more of these to sit alongside this one. Why did it take so long to arrive at a product like this?!

I can't comment on the onboard software; although there was one app for PC users and one for Mac, I always strip drives out straight away and Mac format them. When I did this I noticed two things: first was that I only seemed to lose less than 1gb of available storage. Second, it turns out that the other two drives connected - the internal drive and a Lacie portable - both had Hitachi innards too, and given their sterling service so far, I feel assured about this new one.

First thing after formatting was to transfer the music on the Lacie onto the Hitachi. 320gb took just over 3 hours, passed without a hitch, and all seems well. The drive was pretty quiet, and remained very cool to the touch throughout (more than can be said for the MacBook during the process). There's a light along the sides of the unit that glows in a subdued way when connected and flashes when the disk is reading and writing. It's bright enough to see in daylight but doesn't blind you and light the entire bloody room at night, like the little Lacie.

And that's it - what else could you want? Functions perfectly, great design, great price. More facilities? Maybe a firewire or second USB connection if it didn't push the price up much. But the new improved USB will be out soon, and I'm sure that will be incorporated on all the new drives that come out then. If Hitachi are reading this - well done. How about a simple, discrete system for connecting multiple drives without tons of spaghetti cable? Crack that one out and I'll buy another five of these, I promise.
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on 11 February 2010
When this product arrived [a day earlier then expected], its came with an unecassary amount of packaging.

This product itself looks great though, small and compact with grip on the base to avoid it falling off your computer base.

This device works wonders.
It doesn't have that annoying humming sounds like most and has a pleasant soft blue light.

This product itself is easy on the eyes and is quick at tranferring all my files from my computer onto it.

I highly recommend it, especially if your running low on computer space like i was. It quick, simple and does the job!
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on 5 March 2010
The machine worked immediately when connected without any problems, but setting up the back-up software is not particularly intuitive. The help files are not much use; they are very short on explanation and assume you already know about back-up strategies. They don't explain how the options of synchronise files, full and incremental back-up, interrelate. If at all. I have found that the Synchronise option can slow down your PC.
When setting up a back-up it is not absolutely clear that you have actually chosen the files you wanted for back-up.
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on 15 March 2010
Having never done a backup before , I read the other reviews & as they looked good I decided to buy .
It was very easy to hook up to the computer & install & once the back up started that was it .
100GB in approx. 50 minutes , it was very quiet in use & the flashing bluelight made it easy to see when it had finished.
The size of the product is good & pleasing to the eye. Impressed !
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