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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 6 June 2011
I'm an Apple certified technician so like to think I know a reasonable amount about Apple products. I bought the 500GB version of this device and true to form it served me well as a backup medium as expected. What wasn't expected is that 18 months after I bought it it died - as in no power, no function, a dead piece of metal and plastic. Now you can image that if this is your main backup medium then you may be jolly upset that around 6 months out of warranty it dies.

To clarify it wasn't the harddrive inside that died nor the power supply but something in the unit itself. A quick Google search for Time Capsule issues will reveal the quality control issues with this product and should serve as fair warning considering the cash you're going to lay down.

Take my advice - get an Airport Extreme (or some other reputable router) and then get an Apple compatible NAS (network attached storage) device. The combination of the two gives you some redundancy - if the Airport dies at least you can still access your backups. If your NAS drive fails (unlikely) then you can still at least access the internet.

Believe me I'd like to recommend this product but 18 months is so ridiculously laughable a lifespan for a backup product it borders on the....the ridiculous frankly. Apple do not offer Applecare on this product and will not repair it after the 12 month warranty period. You will be covered by Applecare if you by this thing with a new Mac from Apple or a reseller - otherwise you're playing roulette.

When mine died I luckily had a Netgear router around the house I could use and I had already switched from using the Time Capsule as a primary backup drive to using a ReadyNas NV+so at the time of death it was only acting as a wifi router (which is even more damning in my opinion). I was back up and running in no time - you guys may not be so prepared so this is your wake-up call. To be honest I'd read about the issues with some time capsules consistently dying after 17-19 months and started mitigating against this with the purchase of my NAS box. I'm glad I did now. Earlier I said it wasn't expected that mine would die - I think I was just hoping as I keep it in a cool dry place free of gratuitous dust.

I consider myself lucky as I only spent £130 on mine brand new.

If I were to buy again I'd go for an Airport Extreme base station plus a NAS. 2 devices yes but when it comes to technology sometimes 2 is better than 1.
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on 14 February 2011
I have just recently come over to Mac from Windows, I have an iPhone,iPad, Macbook Pro and and iMac, all were linked to my ex windows network, I decided to get a Time Capsule to complete the line up, what a good decision that was, setting up was simple, plugged all the leads in, broadband modem, printer, network drive and powered up, Orange light came on and airport utility sprang onto my screen, filled in all the details to set up a new network and a guest network took 4 mins, Green light came on, TC all ready to go, set Time Machine on both Mac and Macbook, had both back ups running at the same time no problems, whilst they were backing up I created a new Directory called Share on the TC and set 16gb of data going over at the same time as both back ups were taking place again no problems, no slow downs and no hot TC just outstanding, the TC ran warm I measured the wattage it was using 30w , but when it stopped and hit sleep mode this dropped to 8w, I have set up files on the TC that can be edited and used from all my networked units including iBank all run smoothly with no lags, now after 15 years of setting up Windows networks commercially this TC is genius thanks to all the folk at Apple who took the time and care to design and create this amazing piece of kit, finally I have gained a 50% speed increase compared to the Linksys network I had with Windows by installing the TC, if your hesitating about buying a TC or the price is putting you off as it did me , then don't hesitate go for it you will be amazed as well
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on 11 April 2011
TC is a pretty object to have on display, classic Apple design. Great as back-up but in my view too expensive for the amount of memory it provides. There is an incorporated router which makes the price go up compared to a standard HD, but I wonder whether this is really useful as most modems provided by service providers now also have a router. Having router and backup drive together means if one breaks down you have to replace both. Mine did break down and Apple replaced it under warranty, but it was a nuisance.

TC is quiet but it does make an irritating humming noise which can be reduced by placing some padding underneath. At this price, Apple should have thought of it.

Now I sold it and bought a HD drive of similar capacity for less than half the price1TB LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk eSATA 3Gbits USB Firewire 400 & 800 and my service providers gave me a free modem/router. The only thing I miss in TC is the ability to connect it directly to my Mac via ethernet.

All things considered I would not recommend it, even if I am an inveterate Maclover!
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on 30 October 2011
I have been using Apple computers and Apple everything since 1994 and decided to solve all my storage and file sharing problems in one go with the wonderful Time Capsule. What a mistake. 48 hours later it was still struggling to transfer the 100 gb I supposedly had on my iMac and then I had to suffer the frustrating "5 seconds remaining" message for another four hours before it finally packed up. Endless flashing amber light which means your are basically *°***!d and then you have the problem of a £200 device which is useless but still has in its bowels, all of your personal files and data. So what do you do? Give not back to the guy in the shop who then sends it to who knows where to be "checked". I don't think so.

This device tries to do way too much and if you just want a reliable way to preserve your valuable data and photos etc but one of the tried and tested products out there for a third of the price. This is the first truly bad experience I've had with Apple and I feel really let down.
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on 17 May 2011
A very expensive way to back up data, but nice to look at, efficient, and makes a decent wireless router as well. It took me a while to get it to work, I had problems with a file that `time machine' did not like. If that happens to you, download Time Machine Buddy from Apple. It tells you exactly what file it is and you can exclude it from the back-ups or delete it. I would recommend shopping around though before shelling out £200 for a Time machine. It is only back-up you want.. not a fashion statement.
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on 10 July 2011
The Good:
Easy to set up, works like a treat. I can safely forget about backing up my data, as it does this itself at frequent intervals. In case you need to reassure yourself it's all there, you can access the box via the desktop and see what's in there - all very re-assuring. Had mine for about 2 years and no problems as of yet!
The Bad:
It's very expensive for a backup system, and as I've read in other reviews if it breaks down after the warranty is up you're in trouble. But I take the view that if I lost my data I would be mightily inconvenienced but not totally distraught, or I would start paying for it to go on the 'cloud'. And of course unless both your computer and your TC break at the same time - there is no issue. A way around the price issue is to get one of Apple's 'reconditioned' units like I did. They have full warranty and are as good as new.
The Ugly:
There isn't an 'ugly' as they look fantastic - very space-age like all Apple's stuff. One area I can't comment on though is a little bit like going with an insurance company - i.e. you don't know how good they are until you make a claim. And with this back-up system, I'd like to know how good it is at restoring the data to a different machine.
In conclusion, a refurbished model is good value, but I still don't know the full story - and hopefully never will!
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on 22 December 2010
So far (2 months) this is working fine and I'm very happy with it. Reading other reveiws, it seems that the critical time is after about 18 mos of use, when the guarantee has expired, which is the time for the power supply to pack up (this happened after about 2 years with my previous Time Capsule). We will see with this one!
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on 11 March 2012
Yes it was good while it lasted. Worked perfectly for 18 months then .........Error 6584. Now nothing.......diddly squat!! Bin Job.
Apple appear un-aware there is a problem but before you buy check out some of the forums on-line.!!!! Beware!!!!
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on 9 July 2011
We bought this for online storage but also to have one less box with the inbuilt wireless. Once we got past the quirks of our antivirus software it works seamlessly, putting a network drive on the pc drive list.

Some simple backup software for pc would be good but I guess Apple aren't interested in pc's ;-)

Overall very nice neat unit.
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