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on 17 July 2017
Love it
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I use my iPad extensively for work. While out and about the touch screen in sufficient to do what I need during the day. However writing quotations on a touch screen can be tiresome so I usually have to fire up my laptop.

Problem solved. This keyboard connects flawlessly to the iPad, just enter the code and it's working. The keyboard is a little wider than the iPad itself and I would agree that it is smaller than standard. I have big hands but you tend to adapt fairly quickly.

Some key symbols such as @ and " appear to be in different places compared to my laptop, though I think this is mainly due to the the fact that certain keys have had to be moved around to fit the size of the board. For instance there is one key missing between the L and the return key and an additional key added to the qwerty row.

It takes a little getting used to but typing on the iPad has become a pleasure. It can be used to dim or brighten the screen or even turn up the sound to what you are listening to.

The keyboard itself has a nice feel to it and a positive action. The finish and quality of the materials is of a high standard. There is no 'plastic tat' cheap feel to it. It also has that new electronic gadget smell when the box is opened. The packaging also give it an air of quality. If you have a hot brow, just rest it on the curved front aluminium for a cooling experience.

If you have an iPad and want to use it as a 'mini laptop' and need to use it to write, this is an ideal investment.
It really does just work out of the box.
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on 31 December 2010
I purchased this keyboard for connecting to my Ipad and my Macbook Air when hooked up to an LCD screen. I mainly use it for presentations or media centre use.
The keyboard is a approximately 3/4 the size of my diNovo Logitech keyboard (without the numerical pad) it is really quite slim. The keyboard has an aluminium body with white keys. The keyboard is light but does not feel fragile. The keyboard is rather low and also the keys are not raised as much as a normal size keyboard which may cause problems for touch typists. I've been using a Logitech diNovo for a while which is similarly low, so the Apple keyboard is quite comfortable to type with. However, those using this keyboard for editing may find the lack of keys frustrating with the limit on short cuts and no numerical keys to the right of the keyboard. Another problem is the lack of a delete key to the right and the small directional keys placement.
If you are doing light editing as I do this is not a problem, but using excel without the numerical keys can be slow. I wish they would include a matching detachable numerical pad like the Logitech diNovo for a slightly higher price, but despite the minor negatives the keyboard is truly portable and an example of Apple's great style and design. I think its ideal for media setups due to its size. I currently using the keyboard for windows 7 in dual boot and it works perfectly.
If you need a portable keyboard this is one to get with its beautiful design it will look good in any media setup. A plus point is the battery life is quite long with the keyboard. I have had it a month and the batteries supplied are still going strong.(update batteries deplete faster then my logitech keyboard which can run for up to four months with out running out but uses 4AA batteries against 2 in this keyboard this is with everyday use)
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I got this as a present from Santa (lucky me). This replaces my trusty wired extended keyboard that I had with my iMac over 4 years ago. Easy to setup and uses 2 x AA batteries that seem to last ages (I have friends and family with this keyboard and their batteries last for ages). This along with my trackpad now make my desk less cluttered and can move the keypad to anywhere and when not in use, put it underneath the monitor on the stand.

It feel smaller than the standard keyboard, but when placed on to and side by side, they are the same angle and the same size. I thought I would miss the numeric pad, but have got used to using the numbers on the top of the keyboard. The one key I miss more than anything is the delete key. However, am now getting used to holding the function key down and hitting the backspace to get the same feature.

The one biggest drawback is that I have now lost the 2 USB ports at the side of the standard keyboard. I used to plug my iPhone into the side for charging and syncing. I now have to plug it in the back of the computer, which although easy and quick is annoying.

Now, if they could make a bluetooth full size keyboard with the numeric pads that would be great.
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First of all, this is a very stylish keyboard, and as a (mostly) laptop user, I do like the short travel button keys.

I find connectivity is immediate, and so far so good on battery life ... at least as good as other bluetooth keyboards I have owned.

There are one or two very minor niggles, the @ is located above the 2 (american keyboard) style, and I do seem to hit caps lock quite a lot.

That probably brings me round to my biggest quibble, and something I have not really marked the keyboard down on ... its size!!! it is very small, the keyboard on my 15.6 inch HP laptop is bigger! That is probably not a problem for the vast majority of people, but for an 18 stone ex rugby player (who can type reasonably well 2 handed, I found that I was mis-keying a lot, and my shoulders ached after a while.

I do bemoan the fact that you cannot get a full sized wireless keyboard, but this review is not the place for that.

The wireless keyboard is a slick, solidly built and nice to use bit of kit (see note above). It slides away nicely under my 27 inch iMac and I would recommend it. (esp alongside the trackpad or magic mouse)
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on 27 August 2010
I've had my Apple Wireless Aluminium keyboard for about 18 months. It was love at first sight when I got it out of the box because it's small and sleek. I type very fast, and the keys on this are fabulous; not too sensitive, but they are thin and much easier to type with, although for some people used to chunky keys it might take a day or so to acclimatise. Well worth the effort, though. Much less taxing on the hands.

Although I really like the iPad's own virtual keyboard, I do type a lot so I like to use this keyboard with that, too. Mostly I use it with my iMac, though, and switching between that and the iPad is very quick and easy. Incidentally, you CAN pair this keyboard to your iPhone, but only if you've got a 3GS or later).

I also have the wired version of this keyboard with the number pad. After using the wireless keyboard, I find the number pad feels 'odd' and in the way. Of course, if you're an accountant you might disagree. :-)

Bear in mind though, that this wireless version has no USB ports. The wired version has two. That might make your decision easier. However, having said that, some things like scanners, digital cameras etc. will NOT work if you plug them into an Apple keyboard's USB ports anyway. Me, I prefer to be wire free - after all, it IS a wireless keyboard - and use a hub for my kit.

For those who have either small desks, or a keyboard shelf and have struggled to get a keyboard and mouse side by side, this keyboard is the answer. It sits nicely in both those scenarios with plenty of room to spare. And of course, if you have the Magic Mouse too, you won't need to try to squeeze a mouse pad on because you don't need one.

Unlike previous Apple keyboards that tended to get dust and crumbs inside that fall to the bottom (which then show), that just doesn't happen with this keyboard. So if you're fussy about those things (like me) that's another plus.

Battery life was a big issue with this keyboard at the beginning. Apple soon released a firmware update to deal with it and now it's a different story. Batteries last ages.

I know it's a very positive review, but really, in 18 months I've had absolutely no issues with this keyboard. It's the best keyboard I've ever had and I've been using Macs for over 20 years (as well as the odd PC). I really wouldn't be without it now. Typing on anything else just seems so 'yesterday'.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 January 2015
It's light, tough and reasonably small. I say 'reasonably' because it has normal keyboard size keys making it great for typing on. The surrounding space is all squeezed down, making it considerably smaller, thinner and lighter than the usual external keyboard on desktops, but it is still a little bulky when put in bags etc. It's slight wider than a typical iPad 2, for example.
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At just about an inch longer, this laptop style keyboard is an ideal bluetooth companion for the iPad, which is why I bought it. If you prefer, there's a keyboard with a built-in dock available, but that assumes you want the iPad at the angle the dock insists, which isn't necessarily the case. This one also makes a great extension keyboard for a laptop, for example if you close your laptop and plug it into a big monitor, or for a presentation. However, you might be better off purchasing the older, full sized Apple Wireless Keyboard - Keyboard - wireless - Bluetooth - English, which has the numeric keypad, full set of navigation keys and the delete button, if it's mainly for laptop use.

I didn't much like the look of the keys on this board until I actually tried it. They looked more like Scrabble tiles, and I preferred the typewriter style keys with curved tops found on MacBook Pros and full sized keyboards. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent feel -- as good as the legendary old Northgate keyboards -- and find myself rattling away at my usual pace without any adjustment necessary.

On the first generation of this style of keyboard, battery life was appalling. Apple has addressed this, and, with fewer batteries required, we now get the kind of extensive life the old big white bluetooth keyboards gave us.

If you want a keyboard for the iPad (or iPhone, I understand) which you also want to use with a laptop, then this is the best one to go for. Otherwise, you might consider the dedicated iPad keyboard, as this more general model has functions such as CD eject which you won't be needing.

By the way, this review was typed on the keyboard, on an iPad, just so you know it works.
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on 15 April 2013
I have given this 1 star as it is not the UK keyboard. I am returning for a refund and will buy the correct keyboard elsewhere.
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VINE VOICEon 16 October 2010
I got my one of these with my iMac, and have never thought of wanting to replace it.
The keyboard is beautifully designed, and is definitely worthy of being an Apple product based purely on its looks!
The build quality is very high, and its solidly build without being clunky.

So what about using it...
I find it really nice to use, the keys are responsive and I have never experienced any issues with keys not working or not responding.
I guess the keys could be deemed to be a bit small, but you get used to it. I have pretty big fingers but I have never felt the key size to be much of an issue and I soon got used to it.

Battery life is good, and I get about 3 months minimum from a set of new batteries.
I have also found it easier to keep clean that some of the older traditional keyboards I have at home.

I guess if I had to make one criticism it would be the lack of numeric keypad. For certain data entries that I need to do I have always preferred a number pad, but this keyboard does not have one. This meant I did have to buy a Bluetooth numeric keypad, which i just use when needed but is otherwise kept out of the way.

So in summary, a good keyboard that is nice to use and gives a good battery life.
If you have a Mac and want some of that Apple style and quality its worth a look.
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