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on 6 April 2008
There is no end to the abuse little anya suffered-physical, sexual, emotional, mental- she endured mental torture that would break any adult. I had tears rolling down my face page after page. One reviewer said anya didn`t know what happened to her uncle - but yes she did - she said he went to prison for several years and she saw him again after his release at `mummy`s` house. It`s hardly a surprise to find out who her real father is-yet you are still shocked at the simplicity of it all..Her real parents are not at all short of money, and they must have had an idea that anya was suffering-i can`t understand why they allowed it to continue. Everyone in this story suffers in some way-except anya`s real parents-yet they are the cause of it all. `The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children`-comes to mind. I was disgusted and sickened to my stomach when anya`s `mummy` took her husband back. Some women are so weak they will accept anything ! Poor anya-you really have been through it haven`t you ? I was soooo proud of you when you broke your silence-i thought `yes !` I do hope life is being kinder to you now-you have made a lot of friends through this book-you won`t be easily forgotten. I`m going to have a look at your blog now. x
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on 25 October 2008
I bought this book from Amazon last week at a bargain price. Last night, no one heard a peep from me, as I sat transfixed, unable to put this book down! I stayed up until 3.30am, as I just had to finish this book in one sitting. It's definitely a page-turner!
Anya's harrowing true story had me experiencing all kinds of emotions - hatred for her abusive uncle, fear with Anya, as she tried everything she could to avoid the confrontations and the inevitable heartbreak. I also felt her joy to finally get her life back on the road to recovery and the fact that she is a survivor. I have to admire her bravery and determination to survive at all costs.
The only thing I found which frustrated me slightly was occasionally she repeated herself and I found I was just reading the same over again. But Anya is not a professional writer and from her first attempt at writing an autobiography, I would say it was excellent.
Definitely a book I would recommend and worth every penny.
Abandoned: The True Story of a Little Girl Who Didn't Belong
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on 22 August 2017
Excellent 7
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on 3 February 2013
This book is great to read, but must admit it was quite upsetting at times in the book, but I great book to read and review it
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on 11 June 2007
Anya Peters first became familiar to a whole readership in her blog, WanderingScribe. There was a lot of mystery in her writing, it was poetic and I found myself vividly able to visualise her environment, and able to empathise with much she wrote and both carried me along. All the time I was reading her blog I kept thinking, "if only this woman would realise the talent she has as a writer and make the most of it," even though I knew that the depression and the desperate situation she was in would prevent her from getting started unless she had some extraordinary luck. Imagine my joy when that luck came her way and she announced that she'd been offered a book deal.

I've experienced depression myself and know how hard it is to battle through it. I've experienced bad times but nothing as difficult or painful as Anya's battle to find and be herself, to survive through experiences that nobody should have to experience. But at that stage I hadn't read her book. Now that I have, I marvel at her strengths, at how she pushed herself through the multitude of barriers both from within and without, to move herself to her goal: this book and beyond. And I marvelled at how her writing skills shone through all the pain. She has a talent that I'm not sure she's even aware of - but you will be, when you read the book.

What is this book about? It's about a child constantly in pain and anguish just wanting someone to love her and stop hurting her. It's written about herself as a child and she writes from a child's viewpoint.That in itself takes courage, for if you look back as an adult, you invariably miss empathising with your past self. Instead, she's plunged herself in at the deep end and has let the child talk. It's about betrayals and let-downs. The amount of times one person can be betrayed will astonish you. It's about how people stay together despite absolute domination and abuse. It's about secrets and how silence can alter your very being, how it can prevent you from seeking help when you need it. It's about how people can be weakened by others to the point that they are easily manipulated without ever knowing they are, and how once they've reached that stage, decisions are almost impossible to take. It's also about courage to take a chance when luck suddenly comes your way, which indeed it did towards the end of the book, and to grab it with both hands, as she did.

All of us have whole worlds of potential in us and whole worlds that are hidden deep within us. Not very many people are able to bring out those hidden parts, but Anya has been brave enough to do.

Please read this book. It's heartwrenching, it shows parts of a person that most would not want to reveal, could not bear to reveal. She kept it within her for the whole of her life and now she's let it out for you to read and for her to find some closure. I hope from now on that the child that she has kept within her can find the joy that was missing when she most needed it, when she was a child. I hope that from now on she will continue to move forward.

On the surface this is a book about a homeless person and the reasons she became homeless. Beneath that though, it is a tribute to the blossoming and transformation of one woman as an individual, battling through pain and abuse. It is about Anya's life.
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on 1 June 2007
"Abandoned" has something genuinely important to say about the UK today - about homelessness, about the physical and sexual abuse of children, and about how people can be cast adrift in our society despite the systems of support that supposedly exist. About how this can happen to anyone, no matter who you think you are.

First and foremost it is an emotional read. The author's plight as she is separated from her parents and abused by her uncle is powerfully told and will reduce the strongest to tears. Time after time during her later descent into homelessness I wanted to leap into the page and save her. And there is a very happy ending too - which is a testimony to the author's spirit and resilience through all her troubles. It is proof that life is full of 'second chances'.

But more than this the book makes you think about how this can happen in the UK today, how so much can be swept out of sight under the carpet. Do buy a copy and read it - once you have you will think very differently about your life, the world you live in and the person sitting next to you on the train tomorrow.
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on 8 May 2007
Anya Peters also first came to my attention through her blog, Wanderingscribe about her life, living alone, in her car on at the end of a lane somewhere in England. It was well written, moving and extremely powerful.

I preordered the book and when it arrived, I was literally unable to put it down. What had I expected was a little background about how she had ended up at the end of her rope and more about what her blog and her writing had given her. What I got was an amazingly powerfully written book about how she came to believe that there was no help; that there was no one to turn to; no one she could trust. Worse, she felt she didn't deserve any help. It is a story of child abuse, mental, physical and sexual, of abandonment, and eventually betrayal. It is the story of one child's torturous journey to adulthood.

There were times when the book was amazingly difficult to read, Peters does not hide what goes on behind a smokescreen of innuendo. She clearly and bluntly tells the reader what it is like to be sexually abused before she even understands what is happening. When the abuse is finally exposed, her worst nightmares come to pass, she is separated from the woman she feels is her mother. It is heartbreaking - you will cry.

The tale of abuse explains how she ends up living in her car and to how she came to write a blog. In contrast to the first part of the book, this part is told almost breathlessly, as if it were only half remembered. The tale of her childhood is etched upon her very being. But the struggle to exist once she became homeless - the stress, the cold, the worry, the shame - all conspired to force her to live day to day and to concentrate not on self-reflection, but on survival.

For those interested in the day to day story of how she survived, those tales can be found not in the book but in the blog. It is a tale everyone should also read.

I urge everyone to order this book. Peters has a long journey ahead of her. She must readjust not only to day to day living, the commonplace ecstasy felt simply when standing barefoot on a carpeted floor holding a warm cup of tea, not only the struggle to find a job and healthy companionship. She must learn to trust herself; not to look into her own soul to try to determine what she did wrong, but to accept that others have harmed her. This book was hopefully a first step in that direction
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on 7 September 2012
The first thing that comes to mind in reviewing this book is how well written it is,it's gripping.
Anya's writing style just pulls you in,even parts after the main abuse where she's trying to find herself is something that has you turning the pages with real interest in what's to come.
This book tells you the story of Anya Peters,a little girl who lives with her lovely aunty and evil uncle.
She also lives with their children who reject her,just like the evil uncle. Anya knows from an early age that unlce and the kids don't want her there,a fact which is made known to her many a time. Fortunatley,the aunt she refers to as her mum is clearly a lovely person who makes sure Anya knows she loves her dearly.
Unfortunately Anya and her mother are stuck in this place of pysical abuse and hatred,but plan on escaping one day.
The situation gets worse when evil uncle takes a sexual liking to Anya and abuses her in that way too,these things will sicken you. Anya does have some nice times with visits from brendan,who is known as being a family friend,but truth of who is becomes clear.
After the cruel years of various abuse end,Anya has trouble finding a place to fit in and eventually ends up going for place to place and finally homeless,sleeping in her car. These pages are brilliantly written,finding out what she does next to survive and try to keep her mind intact.
It's always good to see a happy ending,but the reality is Anya is doing okay at the end of this book but a lot of abuse victims never recover.
That said,i will be looking at Anya'a blog (the start of her salvation) because i found her to be someone special. Some people look up to the likes of Jordan,i say people like Anya have for more to offer in terms of being a role model and beautiful human being. Thank you for sharing you story Anya,i doubt i'll ever forget you.
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on 14 August 2011
This was such a good read, it feels horrible to say that when it's actually a real person that all these awful things have happened too but it's written so well you can't stop yourself turning the page hoping that things must eventually start to turn themselves around.

I would love to know even more of how Anya's life has changed since this book, i am hopeful that she is now leading a happy contented life. No one deserves that much pain and suffering in one life time.

Good luck to you Anya, one of the best books i've come across on the kindle.
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on 26 February 2014
What a boring book. Simply going over the same things all the time. I do not doubt that the abuse was absolutely horrific, as were the family dynamics, but so much more could have been said. It mirrored other tales of abuse. For me it simply did not ring true.
Hopefully this is the authors one and only foray into writing.
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