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on 1 December 2009
Being retired it is perhaps strange to be purchasing a Wii. I really wanted it for WiiFit which I now have. This is a remarkable machine if you want to keep fit and play some sports as well. If you want a black one then get it sooner rather than later.A life changing purchase.
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on 4 December 2009
I had been thinking about getting the Wii for some time but was concerned it would spoil my high tech living room. The black version however looks fantastic and, without the stand in use, lays discretely on my TV unit. It's surprisingly small and, though I am loathed to admit it, looks cool. It also plays great too. I have a PS3 and for visually engaging games that can't be beaten (unless you're an X-Box convert). The Wii however provides an all-together different experience. I have targeted the sports and activity games. Everyone wants to play the Wii from my grand daughter to my wife (not the most dedicated gamer). I am avoiding buying any "serious" titles for the Wii, like Assassin's Creed II, Avatar and F1 2009, say. The Wii was built for Mario Kart, Sports Resort and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It's a lot cheaper than installing a bowling ally, tennis court or boxing ring I can assure you. I recommend getting a composite video lead for the Wii if your TV supports it to optimise the relatively simple visuals. In summary, when we want to have fun or want to involve everyone in the action it's the Wii we choose.
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VINE VOICEon 15 December 2009
My partner and I bought this stylish black Wii console for a joint Christmas present to ourselves, together with a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board (Wii).

The black Console blends well with our other black boxes under the TV - such as the Surround sound system and video recorder. I think the white one would have been much more conspicuous.

We intended to check that it worked, then wrap it up for Christmas, however, we enjoyed the Wii so much, that we've kept it out and used it for almost a month.

We're in our 40s and wish that there was something this entertaining when we were younger. It has helped us to regain some fitness in a fun way and we suffer a minor addiction to the 100 pin bowling on the Wii Sports Resort.

The Wii also lets you install a copy of the BBC i-player, so that you can download BBC programs that you missed and failed to record because you were enthralled by the Wii.

Top marks to Nintendo, video consoles have come a long way since my old Sega Master Sytem II Console.
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on 5 July 2010
I purchased this game as my husband suffered a stroke 2 years ago and has limited use of his left side and it was recommended to me as a good re-habilitation item and I am pleased to say he plays on it every day with my daughter and I it has been well worth the money to see him participating in an activity and enjoying himself.
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on 25 December 2009
I got this bundle for Christmas and instantly played it - not realizing how many hours of fun I had in one day of using it. I must firstly mention that the Wii is brilliant for a group of people; whether you're sharing one remote and taking turns changing over, or playing it with an additional remote, the console is tons of fun! Even my dad was using it, which isn't a common thing with games consoles! The Wii offers hours of fun and laughter throughout. I'm not a gaming fan at all, but I am enjoying this console. It's accuracy and response with the remote, is amazing. The remote sometimes loses the direction you're aiming at on the game, however this doesn't affect it's overall performance. Don't let the childish like setting to the Wii sports put you off. This really isn't the main importance of the fun and laughter you will have as you play the game. This definitely brings people together!
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on 18 August 2010
Well my faveroute colour is black so thats why I got the black one. It comes with everything black (remote with black wii motion,nunchuck,black jacket) but I got a pink remote for my sister and a white one for guests/mum/dad. Wii sports resort is a great game, I thought I would play sword play the most but my sister is a basket ball fan do I spend most of my time there.

I have only had the console for 1 day and I am rating it five soooo...it's very cool!

Also (It dosent say in the desc.) the black version actually has more space and memory. Oh, and it looks AWESOME!
The mii's are great, I made some of my family (including me) and my friends and one enemy (THE DREADED JOSH CARIE!! AGHHH!!).

Though if you have alot of junk around your wii, because the black version shows a reflection, it wont look so good.

So if you havent got a console, this is a good first. Or second. Or third. Or fourth. Or..uh..five....th...
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on 5 January 2010
I bought the black Wii as an early Christmas present to myself and my family which includes myself and one other person who have been playing video games for just about 20 years and my mother who is not much of a fan of video games as they are a bit more tricky for her to play. With the Wii however, even she was able to have a go, enjoyed the games and now is thinking that she may have a "Wii night" with some of her friends.

The console itself is quite nice looking, neat and it blends in with everything else that is connected to the TV. Setting it up for the first time was quite straight forward as the leads will only plug in one way so you can't go wrong. As it is black it does come with a cleaning cloth; the black does show up every single fingerprint so it's maybe not a great choice for those buying it for kids!

The Wii Sports Resort game included in this pack is great fun. Again it can be played by virtually anybody alone or with more than one player and while it is still good alone, it is better with more people to get a bit of competition going. It expands upon Wii Sports with more sports being available to play and some of them reflect on the setting for the game which is a pleasant, sunny, island resort. For instance you can play frisbee with a cute little dog on the beach, go wakeboarding around the island, try skydiving from your living room or have a sword duel up on a circular platform above the water. Some of the games from Wii Sports are back such as bowling and golf but are much improved with the Motion Plus. Having played Wii Sports, the same games in Resort are more responsive and require a little bit more skill. For example, if you don't swing your remote straight, your shot will veer off accordingly. In Wii Sports it would only veer off if you struck too hard. That may be frustrating but I imagine it makes the game that bit more realistic. There are nice little touches such as any Miis (These are representations of the players that you can create on the main Wii interface.) you have created will show up either in the background crowd cheering you on, or be a passanger on a boat or aeroplane. Overall it is a simple game that has universal appeal across the generations, is great fun alone or with others and some of the games do require some effort to play; get a couple of people on the swordplay to see!

The Wii has a different angle to the XBox 360 and PS3 which are maybe more geared to typical gamers. The Wii has a broader appeal across the generations and dare I say it, a bit more sociable.
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on 5 June 2017
What a great console this still is.It sits happily next to my PlayStation and still loves to play . long live the wii
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on 2 July 2010
Never really had any video games or consoles before, but have to admit that this is pretty good! The games are fun and even my father got on with it after saying "I'm too old; I won't get the hang of it" etc. He still holds the record at bowling!

My only complaint is that the Wii motion plus and nanchuk are not always sensitive enough to register your movements which can be frustrating, but I am hoping a few emails to the Nintendo helpline will sort this out.
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on 3 January 2010
I have purchased the Wii console after my girls tried out the white model and enjoyed the sports games very much as you don't just sit there and play them. You get a great workout too, if you're willing to. I myself only tried bowling at the time and loved it. I prefer the black console though because it has a more subtle look (it blends in with our other appliances). I am glad we waited also because of the "motion-plus" experience, which gives it an incredible feeling of reality and unexpectancy which you can try out with all the games that come along with it. The manual was easy in explaining setting up the console and controllers. We've connected the Wii up with the internet over DSL-broadband and it gives you so many choices in channels. We've watched DVD's on it and is brilliant quality. There are more features, but that's for you to find out.
Enjoy !! as we do.
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