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on 7 December 2010
Purchased one to replace my second failed BT Home Hub 2. What a change. Instead of flaky connection at 150 Mbps, I now have solid 300 Mbps Wifi across my entire house. And its never dropped yet. The setup was done in about 2 mins flat. Sure, it's ugly compared to some routers but what you want is it to work. The only drama I had was assigning a fixed IP to a device on my network. Seems somewhat difficult for no particular reason (you have to copy and paste a MAC address from the DHCP allocation table. In other routers you just click and select the IP you want). That said it does work when you've set it up.

2 week update

Since installing this router I have noted the broadband speed has gone up from 3 Mbps with the BT HomeHub 2 to 5 Mbps with the Billion. BT really are peddling some crap kit. Never again.

4 month update

Unbelieveable. It just works. Never a dropped connection, never a stutter. Speed has crept up another meg too! It is what technology should be...fast, reliable and better than expected. I wish my Dyson vac was like that....instead its slow, broken and crap!

1 year update

Still solid. The latest firmware update 1.06d was easily done and adds IPv6. The system has beautifully mated up to a Synology and I shall be getting another one of these to replace my Dad's crap BT home hub.

4 year update

Still running (24/7 for 4 years). So stable, configurable and capable. Love it.
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on 29 July 2013
I bought this router based on the number of high reviews and to be honest I had high hopes for this unit which was bought to replace an ageing (but still working) Linksys. The router was setup okay although there were initial frustrations in getting the unit to recognise the broadband on the line. Once this was eventually resolved there were constant issues with the wireless connection dropping out and four devices to loose connection or not connect automatically to the router. I try to resolve the issues with billion tech support who in fairness were very helpful. The issues were unable to be resolved and a replacement was sent out by billion. Unfortunately, the same issues were occurring with the replacement (what a surprise!) and I have been left little option but to contact Amazon and return the unit as faulty. The router works okay but overall is far too flaky to be recommended and does not perform satisfactorily. I consider myself to be fairly competent with technology having set up or my own network with several devices connecting to it locally and via FTP etc. All the issues disappeared when the Linksys router was plugged back in. I am very disappointed with this router and his performance which is questionably no better than the old router dated 2007 (apart from obvious interface tweaks). Should you choose this router be prepared for lots of frustrations and wasted time but if your setup is simple and straightforward you should be okay.
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on 31 March 2014
Really nice router. Configuration maybe not as idiot proof as say a Netgear but perfectly fine. Stays up for ages and had the added advantage of being FTTC ready so I had no need to buy a new router when I upgraded.

2 year update:

I've had a lot of trouble with my network over the last few days which prompted this update and at first it looked like the Router was FUBAR and would have to be replaced. But with Billion's help - I've always found their help desk to be very good - and a suggested firmware upgrade, I deduced that the problem was some devious interaction with something else on my network that had suddenly decided to play up. The Billon firmware probably has a weakness, but neither I nor Billion ( I worked for a long time in IT with a big network) had seen such a manifestion before.

To cut a long story short, Billion did offer to get a 2nd line engineer involved, I threw a way a bit of suspect network kit (another wireless access point) I did not use anyway and replaced a little switch (£20 worth) and all is well again.
I'm pretty sure that without Billion's good response to my request for help the router would have gone in the bin and I'd have bought another.
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on 19 July 2014
Some reviewers say that these routers are unpretentious but dependable, offering a variety of configuration options and rock-solid connections. Others say that the wireless cards eventually burn out.

My experience is that they are both correct. The most telling point is that, although the device let me down, I unhesitatingly replaced it with one of the same kind.

The new sample is white. The old one was once the same colour, but the top has degraded to a yellow brown as a result of the heat rising from the insides. The new sample establishes wireless connections within a couple of seconds. So did the old one when it was new, but before it died completely the connection time had risen, gradually so I didn't recognise the change for what it was, to nearly a minute.

Internet connectivity is such a central part of our lives now that I don't see £100 every three years to buy a new one of these as an excessive price to pay. My experience with other makes and models before this one has been much less satisfactory, so I choose to stay with one that I know to work without fuss, at least for a while.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 February 2013
SNR Tweak update: Last night my BT Broadband speed dropped from around 15 to 1.7Mbps After contacting BT support they set the line 'reprofiling' which took the speed up to 6Mbps in a short time. However as anyone who has had their line reprofiled will know, it can take a couple of weeks to get full speed back. I used the SNR tweak and was back up to 15 meg within 10 minutes. Very pleased about this.

I have posted 3 photos to this products description from my WiFi analyser software that shows a comparison between a BT Homehub 3 and the Billion at 3 locations. Firstly in my front room near to the router, next one is in the bedroom which has one dividing wall and the third one is in the bathroom which is farthest from the router with 2 walls.

What can be seen is that in close proximity to the router (within 10 feet) the Billion signal is stronger and much more stable than the BT signal. At the next 2 distances the Billion retains a slight advantage over the BT Home Hub 3.

The actual line speed is slightly slower down link with the Billion but faster up link. There is very little difference in it. I tried tweaking the target SNR margin but within minutes BT seemed to have reset it to what it was before I did the tweak. When the tweak was holding I got an increase from 14.2 to 15.25Mbps

Setup for BT Broadband is fairly easy as mine came with all the main settings correct by default:

Connection Type PPPOA
VPI/VCI 0/38
Encapsulation vcmux

You only need to put in your BT Broadband/Email username without a password. The username is in the form userATbtinternet.com or userATbtbroadband.com with user usually being your name. If you have forgotten this then ring BT Tech support and they will remind you what it is, you cannot recover your username online.

Like the Bt HH 3 this router would not identify my WD MyBookLive NAS server as a drive and I had to manually map it myself, but that only took a couple of seconds. Unlike the HH3 however this seems to work fine with the Sky+ app on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3 to control my Sky box. There is an incompatibility between HH3 and the Sky+ HD box which at the time of this review, has not been resolved and Sky are working on it.

The only issue I have found is that plugging my IP camera into the Hub blocks my PC from accessing the network and controlling the Hub. I think this maybe because my camera was configured to port 80 and this is the default browser port on the Billion hub. I will have to spend some time to try and resolve this.

So overall there is not much difference between this and the Home Hub 3 in terms of performance. The main difference appears to be stability of the WiFi signal itself. I will update this review as I get more information and learn more about the settings.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 21 August 2013
Billion's Bipac 7800N router/modem is easy to set up and connect to the web with a minimum of fuss. Judging by the reviews of other, rival products that is a big bonus. Connection via ethernet cable is fast and fault free (to both XP and Windows 7 machines). Wireless connection is very good between ground and first floor with no dips in connection - we have a Billion BiPAC 3011N adapter. This kit replaces our 10-year old Draytek vigor router/modem, which gave up on wireless connection but was anyway slower. We are pleased with this product in terms of reliability and speed and its up-to-date security protocols. On the negative side, the Billion wireless connects quite weakly to our upper story (loft) and, so, disappointingly we continue to use ethernet connection for speed in this case. The manual attempts to be comprehensive and logically set out. However, unhelpfully it assumes specialist technical knowledge on the part of the reader and thus, in order to make full use of its features, in deciphering terminology reference to Wikipedia is necessary for the would-be enthusiast. We have not really bothered with the more technical pfaff. The English translation is amusing in places. The clock does not recognize British Summer but GMT and so for half of the year the log is out by an hour. For the price, however, this is a good product. A lot of people rate this product 5 stars, which is perhaps a reflection of how poor many rival products are.
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on 2 October 2012
After all the good reviews here I decided to bite the bullet and pay £120 for this router. Turns out I should have done some more research first!

The good:
Easy to set up
Wasn't as big as I expected
Some very good features

The bad:
QOS doesn't work, in fact causes problems
Slowed down my connection speed
Wireless not noticeably better than the old G router it was replacing

A few things. I'm in IT and I set up routers all the time so I'm confident enough tweaking things. Most of my experience is with Netgear and Draytek stuff so Billion were new to me. I had this plugged in wired to my PS3 and initially the gaming seemed to be better. The ping improved even though the overall speed reduced from my normal speed of 11mb to around 9mb. I was willing to leave it to settle then do some tweaking but I didn't get that far.

If someone else in the house took a picture on their phone and uploaded it then the PS3 speed would grind to a halt until the upload was finished, fair enough that's how ADSL works so a tweak in QOS should sort that. So simple solution, give everything on the network a fixed IP (had to upgrade to latest firmware first, this does a factory reset on the device) then go into QOS, turn it on and configure the PS3 to have priority. This failed! A few tests and you could see the speed on the PS3 fluctuate so you could see it trying but it just wasn't able to handle it. Another result from the tests, with QOS on the speed dropped by 1.5mb in speed. Turn QOS off, it instantly speeds up again!
A bit of searching online and this is a common and known issue, in fact Billion know about it but can't fix it because of a hardware restriction.

I've returned it to Amazon as faulty. I'm not sure if my unit (and the others people talk about online) is from a bad batch but it certainly doesn't work as it claims and has faults that reduce the performance of my internet usage. It's worth noting that the other common result that comes up when searching for problems is the wifi which dies after around 2 years on a very large number of these due to a design fault. Billion are very good at replacing them but that's hardly the point.

It's a real shame and I badly wanted to like this router. I was tempted to replace it in case it was just one faulty unit but I lost confidence after my research.
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VINE VOICEon 6 December 2013
I have always used the ISP's supplied and cheap modem/router. I live in a village that is over 5 miles from the exchange and according to BT I have a weak ADSL signal coming into the house. I have always had problem with the (talktalk supplied)internet dropping out, especially at peak times, and my router would need rebooting every week or so. The Billion has been rock solid for several weeks. I have not had a drop out, or had to touch the modem at all. The speed has increased, but the main contribution to increased speed is that lack of dropping out. This has made a significant difference to the quality of internet into my home. The Billion does not supply the functionality of others, such as USBs for networked hard drives or printers but it is highly effective and reliable. Highly recommended.

Fit and forget, almost: I followed the installation process and everything worked fine. However be aware that if you have any unsecured wifi signals then the Billion automatically latches onto one and acts like an extender. If this happens you have to go into the router set up and enter you ISPs username and password. On reboot the Modem connects to your ISP with no other configuration required.
Increases speed: It does this in two ways, firstly the raw speed seems to be better, but the primary improvement is if your modem drops the signal. The billion latches on and doesn't let go meaning that your internet will be a lot more stable.
Highly reliable: have been running this modem for three months and I haven't needed to touch it once.
Extends Wi-Fi range: I used to have a problem getting a signal in our bedroom, but with the billion I get a near full signal.

Bulky and not a looker: very industrial looking.
No USB: You cannot directly connect network printers or hard drives to the billion.
A bit expensive given the lack of USBs.
Not the best looking set up interface
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on 28 September 2014
According to my order information, I've had this router since 6 December 2011 and I have generally been delighted with it. The wireless range is really what ensured it as a permanent fixture in our house because it surpassed every other router we tried (various Netgear routers, a Technicolor and a Draytek Vigor). It has a broadcom chipset which consistently syncs at the highest possible ADSL2+ speed with the exchange, and line dropping became a thing of the past. Uptime would run into months without any problems like memory leaks or crashing. Its power features are also pretty brilliant: You can tweak SNR and even monitor all inbound and outbound traffic by enabling LAN Mirroring and installing Wireshark on your PC.

All was good until just over two weeks ago when we had fibre installed. Sure, we can get the full 76Mbps down and 20Mbps up, but the router suddenly became unstable when multiple devices were using it simultaneously. It seems the high throughput when just one computer is downloading a particularly large file (like a game from Steam) is too much for it. Every now and then it will just lock all the other computers out until it is reset, or just crash altogether. Avoid heavy downloading, and the problem goes away, but hey - we had fibre for a reason and Billion claim this router supports fibre. Well it may 'support' it in that it works, but it simply doesn't have the processing power to deal with large volumes of data being pushed through it.

So yeah, I refer you back to the title of this review.
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on 10 December 2013
yes I may be tempting fate here. It could go wrong tomorrow.

I bought this product a long time ago in fact over 3 years ago and only now am I completing feedback. HOWEVER
It surely is more useful to say "it has been working faultlessly all these years" than to say "I bought it yesterday and all seems ok..."

My original choice was based on the following requirements - wireless n, plus a few gigabit ports.
I previously had D-link Draytek Netgear products and after upgrading my network to gigabit cat6 wired and wireless "n" I needed a modem/router compatible with these faster speeds My Netgear modem was still ok just out of date. the others had died of old age...

I had not heard of Billion before and was a bit nervous all previous modems were well known manufacturers such as Netgear.

wireless n performance -
I removed two antennae and fitted D-Link extension aerials which give me maximum "excellent" wireless signal strength on any laptops anywhere in my house. These extension aerials had been bought to boost my previous wireless router performance and I thought I may as well use them on the Billion. With antennas as supplied with the Billion the wireless signal strength was "good" rather than "excellent" on laptops but would have still been adequate for most purposes.

Wired network connections - All my other network connections are cat6 cable gigabit wired and connected to Netgear gigabit switchboxes. .Where internet connections are slow it is invariably due to poor bandwidth at a particular website (or heavy demand at that website) My own internet download connection speed is 8.4Mb
I can stream high definition video around my network and to/from network attached storage with no problems.

I dont think I have EVER had to reboot the Billion.
I cannot think of anything adverse to say about this modem/router
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