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on 19 February 2010
So impressed. Had it running more or less just a few clicks out of the box. Set it up on O2 LLU (ETH0A) broadband no trouble at all. I get a better SNR, web pages load much faster (whereas previously I had been thinking it was my ISP's slow DNS servers). Even my PING time has improved!

I previously wasted money (by trying to 'save money') by buying a separate gigabit switch and then attaching that to a flakey modem/router. By going 'cheap' you ALWAYS end up spending more in the long run! So I'm glad I bought this.

This just 'feels' professional (OK, it looks like a brick) but it feels solid.

As I work from home, I use VOIP for conference calls, Lotus sametime for powerpoints, while my son spends half-term break hammering the line with World of Warcraft! This box prioritises my calls (QoS) and doesn't bat an eyelid, like some other routers I've had. Many a time, I've had to reset previous routers, when they got overloaded or decided just to lose wireless connection when for no apparent reason.

The start-up screen was so easy - its even the first page the PC opened before I could even type in:! All menues are intuitive. Ok, as a man, I don't read manuals, but within 4 clicks and I was online. It even picked up the correct TIME for the event and security logs. There's loads of advanced menues, if you need them: dynamic DNS, Virtual server (port mapping, DMZ, ALG), IGMP, Wake-on-lan, time schedule, intrusion detection, UpNp, SnMp, Remote access, packet/mac/URL filtering, QoS, firmware upgrade, flash config save, the list goes on and on.

But if you want it simple, the default is BASIC and easy. No, really.

If you want super fast LAN and ADSL2+ (24mbs) internet, dazzling gigabit LAN speeds and wireless that climbs over walls, runs down the garden and tickles your toes in the garden shed - then this is for you! I wish I'd have bought this in the first place instead of wasting money.

It's Annex A hardware. Connection choices are:

1. MP0A (RFC 1483/RFC 2684, Multiprotocol, Encapsulation overAAl5) - - O2/BE use this one with VPI/VCI 0/101
2. PPP0E (RFC 2516, PPP over Ethernet)
3. PPP0A (RFC 2364 PPP over AAL5)
4. MP0A (RFC 1483/RFC 2684 Multiprotocol Encapsulation over AAl5)
5. IP0A (RFC 157, Classic IP and ARP over ATM)
6. Pure Bridge
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on 7 December 2010
Purchased one to replace my second failed BT Home Hub 2. What a change. Instead of flaky connection at 150 Mbps, I now have solid 300 Mbps Wifi across my entire house. And its never dropped yet. The setup was done in about 2 mins flat. Sure, it's ugly compared to some routers but what you want is it to work. The only drama I had was assigning a fixed IP to a device on my network. Seems somewhat difficult for no particular reason (you have to copy and paste a MAC address from the DHCP allocation table. In other routers you just click and select the IP you want). That said it does work when you've set it up.

2 week update

Since installing this router I have noted the broadband speed has gone up from 3 Mbps with the BT HomeHub 2 to 5 Mbps with the Billion. BT really are peddling some crap kit. Never again.

4 month update

Unbelieveable. It just works. Never a dropped connection, never a stutter. Speed has crept up another meg too! It is what technology should be...fast, reliable and better than expected. I wish my Dyson vac was like that....instead its slow, broken and crap!

1 year update

Still solid. The latest firmware update 1.06d was easily done and adds IPv6. The system has beautifully mated up to a Synology and I shall be getting another one of these to replace my Dad's crap BT home hub.

4 year update

Still running (24/7 for 4 years). So stable, configurable and capable. Love it.
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on 1 September 2013
i love this thing, working as an IT Network Administrator this is great for me, so many options to play with, can tweak SnR and has easy port forwarding.

I tweaked my like from 11Mb to 20Mb and its stable as a rock for months and months!! all other routers would just drop the line.

Can use DynamicDNS host, only down side is VPN is PPTP not IPSEC but they have released a newer router since with the missing features in. ( like dual network SSID and isolation ) so basically a guest network ...

The signal strength is very good, can pick it up far away. Has great ventilation, yeah doesn't look pretty but id go for features and speed over looks any day for a router.

Just remember to update to the newest firmware and change the default login details.
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on 12 March 2012
I have been using this router for just over a month and generally it is very good. I didn't find it all that easy to set up but being a blonde that's probably more down to user error than product! I have had to re-boot it once as it dropped out completely. I bought it because the router lives in an outbuilding, approximately 500 feet away from the house and through some thick stone walls. My old router, a Belkin worked ok as long as I was sat in a room directly opposite the outbuilding, I was hoping that the Billion would allow me to sit a few rooms back. Strangely enough, I am able to do this as long as I am using my Macbook Pro but still cannot do this on the Macbook Air. I'd say the signal strength is stronger than the Belkin but I do still have spots where the Billion does not reach. Would I buy it again... I guess overall yes I would, I think I probably need someone a little more technical than me to go through all of the Billion's features and maybe find a stronger channel.
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on 31 January 2013
Billion BiPAC 7800N Dual WAN ADSL2+/Broadband Wireless-N Gigabit Firewall Modem Router I bought this after getting through a range of routers including Netgear, Belkin and D-Link after my trusty old Netgear DG834GT got fried due to lightening. As I lived nearly 3 miles from the exchange only the DG834GT got anywhere close to 2 mbps. Out of the box the Billion gave 2.6 mbps and tweaking the SNR gave 3.3 mbps. The house was a stone cottage and the wireless performance was excellent.

I have since moved to a cable area and due to very poor wireless performance from the Virgin Superhub, the Billion is now configured as a cable router attached to the Superhub in modem mode. Again the wireless performance is excellent with over 12 months without a dropped connection. I frequently have up to 15 wireless devices attached and don't notice any significant drop in performance.

An excellent piece of kit that was well worth the bit extra that I paid for it.
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on 12 November 2010
I have tried all makes of routers. I mean all !! Wasn't really happy with them. Just by chance, I came across Billion, never heard of them before. Looked at reviews on Amazon and other other forums, couldn't believe these were getting very good reviews.

Took the plunge and bought it 15 days ago, guess what ? it's been connected for 15 days. Line stats are very good for a long line too.

Very happy.
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on 20 November 2012
Easy to set up and use. Documentation bit lacking, but works just fine. Wanted to work with cameras online and use port forwarding.
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on 20 April 2012
Bought this on the strength of the various positive reviews. I set it up which was reasonably straightforward apart from a known problem with Firefox which meant I had to clear the cache before I could access any websites. My speed was marginally increased and the wireless coverage was excellent. After about an hour I noticed a slowdown and re-checked by broadband speed - it had dropped from a consistent 14.8Mb to just over 1Mb! I turned the router off and back on again - no difference. Plugged my old router back in - normal high speed. Contacted my ISP (Be Broadband) no problems their end of things. I really don't want to have to spend hours on the phone with Billion tech support etc. and would prefer a router that lasted more than an hour so I've returned the item to Amazon for a refund.
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on 4 August 2010
I had a TalkTalk supplied Huawei EchoLife HG520s router before which was quite frankly pretty rubbish (but that's what you get for a free one I guess!). My ADSL line kept dropping and the wireless would intermittantly drop out too, so unfortunately this meant that TalkTalk's automated monitoring system decided to slow down my line speed to try to keep it a bit more stable... I ended up with little more than 3gig down and 500k upstream speed - not too good at all especially when the intial sync came in at nearly 8gig!

After many fruitless calls to TalkTalk trying to sort this out trying different manual line profiles etc I decided to take the plunge and get a new router myself to see what effect this would have on my overall experience. After all it couldn't be any worse than what I had been used to!

I did a lot of research and eventually decided to get this Billion BiPAC 7800N as it had both Wireless N and also the built-in ethernet switch is gigabit which gives me some added functionality for having say a NAS box in the future without needing to buy a seperate gigabit switch.

The service from Amazon was faultless as usual and delivery was very quick.

On unboxing the unit the first thing that strikes you is it's industrial looks - it's chunky and it's not going to wim any prizes for it's looks. But when you get it fired up and get into the menus etc you will quickly see that Billion have spent the money where it's really needed - on the inside!

The quick setup was very easy to use and within about 5 minutes I had both the ADSL connected and the wireless up and running. Once it was working I went through the advanced menus and was amazed at the wealth of features this router has - it is certainly well capable of running a small office let alone a household connection. I will not immediately use most of these features but it is nice to know they are there if ever needed - for example it has a secondary WAN interface which can be used for when 'Fibre to the Home' becomes available.

Having had this router in use for over a month now I can say that I am really impressed with it - my line is rock solid at 7gig down and 1gig upstream thanks to TalkTalk's automated adjustment system working in my favour now since things are so stable! The wireless N is miles better than the old 'g' standard - our house has thick dry stone walls and the coverage is five bars in every corner of every room (yes, I actually walked around with my laptop to check it!) Haven't tried to see what the full range of it is yet though as I don't really go in for the whole 'laptop in the garden' thing!

Overall this router has changed our home browsing experience from being a slow daily frustration to being a fast trouble-free pleasure.

Money well spent... and I don't have to make a weekly call to TalkTalk support any more either! Can't say any better than that!
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on 30 September 2011
I almost gave up on this router and was very close to returning it to Amazon. I spent hours trying to get it to communicate wirelessly with one of our laptops. In doing so I turned the router on/off perhaps 70 times.

CRUCIAL ADVICE: Do NOT constantly switch your router on and off whilst testing it! If you are making amendments to the modem setup unconnected to ADSL, unplug it from your incoming ADSL line until you have finished. Cycling your router whilst it is connected to your ADSL line can seriously affect your IP profile and consequently your connection speed!

For advice on IP Profiles, do an internet search for "What is my broadband IP profile and why is it important".

I have now had the router for about three weeks, and have spent some time finding and applying the best tweaks available. My broadband sync speed has gone from 3500 with our old Netgear modem to 5760 with the Billion 7800n!

Here are the best tweaks for the Billion BiPac 7800n I have found in order of effectiveness:

1) The Billion 7800n SNR tweak (which is found in a hidden modem menu page).

Internet search for "Billion 7800n SNR tweak". You should be able to find advice and SNR values in the top two search page entries.

This tweak took our sync speed from 3400 to 4200!

2) Change your face plate.

Do away with filters completely by changing your faceplate.


Changing our faceplate and throwing away our filters improved our sync rate from 4200 to 4800!

Make sure you know what you are doing when changing the plate, or get someone to do it for you.

3) Check your sync rate.

Some IPS's allow you to check your IP profile online. If yours doesn't, try calling them. If your sync rate has improved and it has been stable for a period of at least a week or more, phone your ISP to check whether your IP profile has updated itself.

Our IP profile uprated itself once after three days of the connection being stable, and then again after another 7 days of a stable connection. It pays to be patient.

If you are having problems connecting laptops to the wireless signal, try using WPA2 with AES, it was the only setting that would work for one of our laptops. We also had to set the channel to 12 or 13, perhaps because of our use of TV video senders in the house interfering with the signal.

Despite the early inconveniences with the wireless setup I would still rate the router 5/5. Setting it up was easy (apart from the wireless hiccup), it is much faster than any other modem we have tried on this line (at least 5 different modems including Draytek and Belkin). The connection has been solid with the SNR tweak for more than a week, and the wireless signal reaches parts of the house that were dead spots before.

A FINAL WARNING: If you constantly cycle your router by turning it on and off your IP Profile could shrink and your connection speed to return to the days of dial-up internet for several days. I know because that is exactly what happened to us!
After allowing our IP Profile to remain stable for more than a week our modem has now re-synced at 5760. This is on a country line nearly 3km from the exchange.

UPDATE JANUARY 2012: Our line speed is now synced at a staggering 6400, almost twice the speed we got from our old modem.
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