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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This epilator is the easiest on I have ever tried.
It removed the hairs with ease & least discomfort. I didn't feel "much" pain as far as epilators go. By that I mean, I expect some pain as removing hair from the roots by any means is a painful process. It removed the hairs very well, even short hairs.
One thing I really liked about this is the Smartlight which shines a light on the area you are epilating/shaving & you can see what you are doing (I just wish it was a bit stronger). It claims to create an almost daylight condition (I'd say somewhat).
As expected, my skin was a bit red & swollen but this soon went (this depends on your skin's sensitivy & areas used but this happened on my underarsm & legs).
I will use it on other reas & will upate here!
However, I wouldn't use it on my face as a beautician told me although apilation is ok to use on face, it leaves ingrown hairs which can look stubble, so I wouldn't advise using it on face.

It has 4 different caps for the main epilator head:
-bikini & underarm
-High-Frequesncy Massage System (which massages) & is the least painful one (I'd say can used for large areas)
-EfficiencyPro cap for fast epilation & maximum contact with the skin.

It also comes with a main shaving head which is excellent for:
-trimming long hairs prior to epilation (OptiTrim comb) to ideal length
-it can also be used as a shaver
-trimmer (for example for bikini area).

The epilation head claims to possess "CloseGrip Technology for extra efficiency especially for short hairs" (I found this to be correct & it did remove short hairs quite well) & that the "40 tweezers always keep close contact to the skin to remove hairs as short as a grain of sand" (I found this sometimes worked, due to the tautness of the skin & the positioning of the hair; for example on my legs where the skin is straight & taut, this worked, but on face, this was more difficult to achieve).

Another plus point for this product is it can be used in the shower (on wet skin), even under running water! You may even use shower gel to make the skin moist & smooth.It can then be washed & cleaned under running water.

One thing I am a bit annoyed with, for cleaning you use the little brush & clean out the hairs from the appliance & then dip the brush in alcohol to disinfect it but I contcted Braun to ask what kind of alcohol I should use & they said they only recommend their own cleaning alcohol (which costs £7 inc. p&p which I wouldn't pay for a bottle of cleaning alcohol).

The product itself is white, has a nice shimmer on the bottom part & is easy to hold & handle.

Overall, an excellent product & I don't regret getting it.

PS. I have noticed my skin is quite sensitive after using it on my arms & legs..the skin goes red & comes out in red bumps, which does go down after quite a while, but not an hour or so, I'd give it a good 4-6 hours. But on my underarms in fine.
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on 8 June 2010
Wow!! As soon as this arrived, I got cracking! I started with my legs, and due to the lack of pain (how have they designed something like this, but it doesnt hurt???)I got so carried away, I done every hairy department (yes, including the bikini line...a VERY close one at that!!).
Seriously, this is actually better than waxing. It's less messy, paid for in one go, and actually gets those 'small as a grain of sand' hairs out that waxing doesn't. I have to admit, I was sceptical, but had to eat my words the day it arrived.

The negatives are...

The price
It's noisy,
You can's use it whilst it's charging
You need to purchase a shaver adaptor (a couple of quid)

Other than that, no complaints.Don't even think about getting one of these, just DO IT.
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on 8 January 2011
Fellow Amazonians, I love my gadgets! Kitchen gadgets and beauty gadgets are my downfall... However, I'm not a regular reviewer... I only review those products that I'm passionate about, and ladies and gentleman, this is one of thos products!!!

I won't bore you too much with product details as they're already available to you, but this is a wet and dry epilator that can be used on your legs, underarms, bikini line, and face.

I've considered epilation for a while. The idea of hair-free legs, underarms, and bikini line for a lengthy period of time was very inviting! However, I don't like the idea of waxing... I know they see it all the time, but I can't bring myself to have some poor girl playing with my hairy limbs! So, I've never waxed. Not even home-waxing!

So, this Christmas I was stuck what to ask for, so when I saw this little beauty, in it's curvy, glittery glory, I thought now's the time to invest! The box stated that this can be used under running water and with products such as shaving, foam or shower gel. Perfect!

I was very excited when I got to use this for the first time. The instructions recommended giving it a full charge before the first use, so in a few hours it was ready. I ran a bath to open my pores, and relaxed. I opted to try shaving gel. The first time I turned it on, I was terrified! I expect it to make a noise akin to an electric razor, but no. If you closed your eyes you could easily confuse it for a sound effect from a horror film. This was the first indication that all wasn't as it seemed with my beautiful friend!

Then I put it on my leg... I'm not going to lie to you ladies... It hurt! It hurt a great deal! It didn't feel so much like my hair was being pulled out, it was more how I'd imagine lots of small electric shocks would feel like. The shaving foam seemed to be too thick for the then horrible contraption, so on my second leg I switched to a good quality shower gel. This was an improvement in that I could see what I was doing.

While I'm still talking about legs, I'll jump ahead a little, and say when I got out I realised my shaving foam leg still had quite a few stray hairs, so I attacked it dry. Very effective, but definitely more painful out of the warm water.

But back to the bath...

Next I tried my underarms using shower gel as the lubricant... This was without a doubt the worst pain I've ever inflicted on myself! This really did feel like I was ripping my hairs out, one by one. The device itself was very quick, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. All in all, stopping and starting, it took 20 minutes to do my underarms, because I just couldn't bring myself to carry on for any length of time.

So, sore and full of regret, I left the bath. I gave the epilator a good clean under running water, and took it apart to dry, as recommended. I smothered myself in moisturiser and crawled into bed, ready to grovel back to Gilette, saying all is forgiven! I quickly came up with the reddening they warn you about, and just prayed the effects wouldn't last...

The next day, I inspected my handiwork! Rash gone. Underarms, beautifully smooth, and worth an advert. My legs, just as smooth. Happy days... The smoothness lasted the entire Christmas-New Year period. Today was my second attempt. I had short, very fine hairs coming through in both areas, so built up the courage to have another go! I again ran a bath, and thought this time I'd try a good quality good bubble bath as lubricant.

Ladies, it didn't hurt! At all! Not even on the underarms!!!!! I kid you not. There was still a sensation that wasn't pleasant, but it certainly wasn't painful. The reddening is no where near as bad this time either. It's disappeared in an hour! The bubble bath seemed the perfect platform to allow the epilator to glide, leaving enough friction for you to be able to take it slowly over your skin.

I've not pulled any punches in this review. Braun offer a 100 day money back guarentee with this product, the terms being use it 3 times within 100 days, and get a refund if you still don't like it. After my first time, I was very tempted to cash in on this. The first time was truely horrible, but it's been so worth it to find out that the second time wasn't a problem. This product is an investment that won't disappoint! For you ladies out there who want long-term smoothness, be brave! Take the plunge...
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on 6 May 2014
Man oh man do I love it. All the good points of waxing (slow regrowth, no prickly stubble) without the mess, fuss or cost. I have tried pretty much every kind of hair removal available over the years (shaving, creams, home waxing, salon waxing) and I think I will be sticking with this one from now on. Yes, it hurst when you start, but even the second time you use it it will be less and after a few weeks I hardly felt it. I find the more often I use it the better - it hurts much less to catch a few stray grow-ins than when I've left it alone for a week or two. I use EVERYWHERE - even a full Brazilian (takes some guts to do it but well worth it. Trick is to keep the skin pulled taught!)

This is a bit of an investment, but has easily paid for itself already in not going for a few bikini waxes. I actually think it's better than waxing because there is next to no grown in period - as soon as I can see the hair, it's long enough to grab. Nice to not have to wait and get really hairy in between as I did when waxing. I don't bother using in the shower/bath, but just as normal after. I always exfoliate beforehand and moisturize after and I've had very little issue with ingrown hairs.

I tried an epilator years ago with mixed results, but the technology appears to have come a long way - this one is a definitely improvement. I'm a convert!
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on 23 May 2011
I wax my legs regularly, so decided to invest in an epilator to save money in the long run and because I was fed up of the 'inbetween' times. Really scared of the pain - the worst part of waxing is when she gets her tweezers out and plucks the strays, and I can't tolerate threading at all, so was really worried would be a total wimp with this too (i find waxing hurts, but over quite quickly so not bad).

Took it out the packet and tried it dry on the bottom of my legs to see how bad it would be... and it was fine! It 'stung' slightly more than 'hurt'. I finished my legs off in the bath, but didn't really notice the difference wet or dry. Legs were fine after, not even red.

I then tried my underarms - I've only ever shaved these before. This hurt. It really hurt. I had to keep stopping. Pain wise, it really helped doing the arms under water, but the battery ran out half way through the second one. My arms did go red, and there was a bit of blood. I've hear the second time you epilate it's not as bad, so persevering and LOVING the idea that I won't have to shave/worry about my under arms for a couple of weeks.

Really glad I went for it and would definitely recommend one!!
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on 1 May 2010
I've always been a fan of epliators and this is the third one I've owned, and it's fantastic! I read a review on here that said they've come a long way in the last couple of years and it's definitely true.

I personally don't find it painful (though I do find waxing completely unbearable) but it is uncomfortable the first few times you epliate and it takes a while because the hairs are thick. After the first few uses they grow back so much finer, paler, and there's fewer of them - I usually find I only need to epliate every two to three WEEKS. My last eplilator was cordless, which was great because I could do it over the bath instead of in my bedroom, which I always thought was a bit gross.... However the charge only lasted 20 minutes and started to lose power after about 15, and it made a hideously loud grinding noise! It didn't glide as smoothly as this one or fit as comfortably in your hand. This one's not much quieter, but the noise is far less frightening! The best thing about it is being able to use in in water, and being able to apply products such as shower gel to the skin - the difference this makes is amazing. It means a much smoother glide and more effortless results, and is infinitely more painless, and you can wash it so it gets a proper clean. The selection of heads it comes with, including a trimmer, is brilliant - they really have thought of everything! And the smartlight is nothing short of genius!

My previous epilator doesn't charge anymore and I haven't been using it for about a year, but I'm not a fan of shaving as it leaves my skin dry and I have to do it every day. I suffer from ingrown hairs and find that contrary to what you often read, the epliator MINIMISES them - I hardly get any whereas I get a lot from shaving. I was reluctant to buy this product because of the hefty price tag, but it's worth every penny. If you're a fan of waxing this would surely save you a fortune, and it removes the tiniest of hairs.

Highly recommended!! (but remember to buy a plug adaptor!)
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VINE VOICEon 23 July 2010
I have a tattoo and multiple piercings, so when I say this is absolutely excrutiatingly painful, please believe me! But it is so worth it - I've only used it once and I'm so pleased I bought it.

I've had my legs waxed once or twice, but it hurt and was so expensive, so I've been shaving or using messy creams for years. Having finally had enough of this nonsense, I decided to give this a go. I definitely wanted one that could be used in water, as it's a good excuse to have a bath!

My first mistake may, in fact, have been in using this on two-weeks' worth of leg hair growth - apparently longer hair hurts more? Anyway. I ran a bath, chucked lots of bubble bath in, and relaxed for about 15 minutes, to let my legs get as saturated as possible. I thought the warm water might soften up the hairs and loosen my pores, you see.

So, I turned it on, and my second mistake was to look directly at the maw of death that an epilator becomes when it's powered up. Seriously frightening. Also, that light (though useful for finding stray hairs!) really is very bright and left spots in front of my eyes! I took a few deep breaths and applied my new torture device to my right shin... OW. Ow ow ow ow ow ow. But as soon as I had done a little bit, I touched it, and it was so soft and smooth, so I persevered.

I would recommend not doing this with other people in the house - it's very loud, and I was shouting and swearing because of the pain. I found my thighs a lot more bearable, probably because the hair there is finer and sparser, but I wasn't nearly brave enough to go anywhere near my bikini line.

Unfortunately, half way through my left leg, the damn battery died. So I had to get out the bath, dry off, empty the bath (lots of lovely hair on the bottom, mmm), and charge it up again. Luckily this only took an hour, so I was soon ready to run another bath, hurah! Oh wait, what's this? My hot water isn't working? Fab.

So I got to epilate the remainder of my left leg dry. Let me tell you - doing it wet is MUCH less painful.

But I got through it all, and my legs are indeed very smooth. The pain *is* worth it, but I'm hoping that the claim that it gets less painful as you do it more is true, because I'm not sure how much more of that I can handle.

Oh and, on a superficial level, it's pretty cute. The handle is sparkly!

What they say about it hurting less after the first time is absolutely accurate. It still hurts a bit, but it is completely bearable - I would highly highly recommend this.
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on 6 October 2010
I was really excited about buying this epilator even though a number of people advised me not to. Rumour has it that not only is epilation painful, it leaves in-growing hairs and pimples. I decided to buy it anyway and wasn't too bothered at the level of pain. I can liken it a bit to having a tattoo - nose wrinkling at times but nothing major. However, the hairs on my legs are quite thick and after using it for a couple of months I came to the conclusion that there's `no way' I'd be lucky enough to only have to epilate every 4 weeks or so as advertised. I found that although the Braun would pluck about 50% of the hairs out, the other 50% would be broken off at skin level - so my legs looked okay but weren't anywhere near as smooth as they would be after a quick skim with a razor. I did everything as instructed -tautened the skin whilst moving the epilator slowly over the surface... It still breaks the stubborn ones off.

For this reason, there's always a continuing growth of stubble so I generally have to epilate twice a week. As far as the in-growing hairs go, when I first started using the Braun, there were only a few growing just below the surface i.e. you could see them clearly, just not get to them. Wanting to persevere with the thing I didn't consider this a problem and just got the tweezers out afterwards to excavate/pluck a few strays out; quite therapeutic actually. However, after 9 months of using it the in-grown hairs on my legs are becoming a REAL GRIPE. They're sore, red, pimply and not pretty in the slightest. Tweezering the strays is no longer relaxing but a complete chore - there's so many of them I don't know where to start. I can honestly say I gave the all-singing all-dancing Braun a chance and have persevered for 9 months. I'm probably well past the money-back guarantee period anyway. The trimmer/razor aspect of it is really handy but I think it's time I went back to my bic. Expensive experiment for me but I'm sure it works for some.
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on 3 April 2014
This should be sold with a bottle of whisky, a large one at that. Totally insane product. Looks great, feels solid and durable, probably will last a long time too.
But...and I mean this, you MUST have a high pain threshold. It's not for the faint-hearted. Took advantage of the Amazon returns procedure and sent it back.
Stick to wax, girls...
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on 23 August 2010
The silk epil 7681 although it works okish in water (I mean okish, not well), it is a total disaster when it comes to dry surfaces. It certainly does not remove hair shorter than 2mm even though it advertises to be able to plug hairs as short as 0.5mm. It tends to cut more than remove. You need to constantly top the epilating up sometimes twice a week and it does not give you a silky smooth feeling.
You can not use it while charging, which means you need to plan ahead when are you going to be epilating! very irritating!
I had the oldest silk epil for over ten years and loved it. Had high hopes for the new ranges but after trying them, I am highly disappointed and would not recommend for you to buy it. It is well overpriced for the results it achieves.
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