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on 3 May 2013
I may be echoing many of the previous reviews, but I have tried epilating in previous years and the pain was excruciating, the noise embarrassing and little red blobs, unsightly.
But since I have exhausted shaving, despaired of waxing and despised the smell of hair removal creams, it was back to the drawing board.

It took an upcoming holiday for me to bite the bullet, along with the sale on epilators to welcome in the summer that made me buy this wonderful devise. They really have come on since I first ventured into this arena.

The reviews all sounded wonderful so I took a deep breath and got started. The pain was minimal and the effect desire able. Truthfully, I got slightly carried away and did a full body, face and lady garden all in one evening. I feel as silky as a sultans satins. Hoooraaaaa!

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on 24 November 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I already have a Braun epilator, which is excellent, but some areas, such as bikini line and especially underarms are excruciatingly painful still, and I'd been wishing I could have an epilator which works in/under water as I was sure it would help make the pain a bit better, plus of course warm water opens your pores, meaning that it's easier to remove hairs and you have to repeat gliding your epilator over the same area too many times to make sure every hair is gone.

This model didn't disappoint. Used with a little shower gel, it makes your skin unbelievably smooth and reduces any post-epilation stinging, redness and red spots from where the hair has been removed (and I'm not talking about ingrown hairs here!)

Despite having sensitive skin and being a wimp, I found this epilator to be superb and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. You do need to buy an adaptor plug for it (these are available very cheaply) unless you have a shaver socket in your bathroom.
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on 20 January 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, I can't say I have ever used one of these before so I cannot compare it to previous makes or models but it is certainly effective :) Having used it, it took almost 4 weeks for the hair to start growing again, which certainly saves on the time and effort invested in shaving.

The drawback is that it is quite painful to use, but this is something that is to be expected from an item of this nature....As I said earlier and can't compare it to other epilators but it is fairly have been warned.

Despite the pain however, it does as promised and assuming the discomfort will fade over time, I have no complaints.

Highly recommended!!
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on 22 July 2010
Well girls and boys, this is my first epilator. The thought of something mechanical tearing out my body hair did fill me with dread - but the good reviews for this product gave me heart - so I bought it.
I have to say I am really impressed with it. I bought it primarily for facial hair - on my chin and neck, which would take a good couple of hours a night of plucking to keep in check. This left my chin very sore and scarred. This little beauty has made a real difference. Ok - the 10x mirror I have means they all look enormous - and the epilator cannot get them all - but it is brilliant to clear the bulk of the hairs very quickly and efficiently, with a small amount of tweezer work for the stragglers. The pre-epilating wipes are brilliant at preparing the area and lifting the hairs - and the end result is - well I don't look like I have the pox on my chin any more!

So I tried it elsewhere, and yes - expect pain - foot stomping, eye watering pain (especially on the underarms) on first use. I suggest shaving first and just doing as much as you can bear over a few days until you are just epilating re-growth. It does get totally bearable within a week.

My only gripe with this machine (and why I've gone for four - not five stars), is the performance on battery. It says 40 minutes - but the red light starts flashing after about 10 mins use. The machine keeps working- so maybe the light is a bit sensitive - but it's offputting - and you cannot use it whilst plugged in (just in case you are moronic enough to take it into the shower while attached to the mains....I imagine). It hasn't actually ground to a halt on me yet - it continues to work despite the annoying red light - but anyway - that's the only bad bit.

As long as it keeps working - I am totally made up with it, and consider it a good purchase and well worth the money.
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on 31 July 2012
I was delighted with this epilator when I first bought it, but after 6 months I had to send it back because it would not hold its charge and was running very slow. Braun gave me a brand new one, but that too failed after 6 months - same problem. This time the service technician actually phoned me, and told me that it wasn't the battery that had failed - the epilator head had seized. He said that they all seize if you use them wet even if you are very careful about cleaning them.

I then used the epilator dry and it lasted longer before it seized, but only a few months - so much for a wet and dry epilator.

Also, I was told that the guarantee is only valid from the date of the initial purchase so they will not keep replacing the unit even though it keeps failing.

Do not buy it - it will be a total waste of your money.
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on 11 February 2013
I am a transvestite so I am hairier and with coarser hair than most ladies. The epilator does what it says but is, like most machines, by no means perfect.

A higher than expected crop of broken hairs, ingrown hairs roughness and generally missed hairs plus the idea that the hair grows back finer is total hogwash.

It is quite painful at first and there is some redness or rash that goes away overnight. I have concentrated on arms, shoulders, back (where I can reach), breast from sternum to neck and upper thigh / bum area and without doubt this is a vastly better solution than shaving but has to be viewed as an ongoing treatment that involves quite a lot of time and patience to give a really top quality result that lasts about a week when done right. Doing it right might involve several steps over several days, namely 1) use the epilator 2) pumice stone to remove skin over ingrown hair 3) moisturiser 4) shaving of more delicate areas 4) repeat use of epilator on ingrown areas.

It is amazing as to how long hair really is. What seems like a light fuzz actually conceals a hair that is three times longer than shows above the surface. Re-growth is therefore a longer time coming through than with shaving but re-growth is at the same rate so broken hairs come through almost as fast as stubble from shaving. Perseverance is rewarded though with much smoother results.

I have never tried waxing but am assured by those who have had this treatment that the results are fairly similar in terms of pain but with less missed / broken hair and much greater expense.

In my opinion and based on my experience with this product as a TV, i rate this product as three stars as one star would be 'don't buy as it leaves most hair behind' to five stars which would be 'great, magical results and lasts ages'. This product is better than half way but should only be viewed as part of a greater and time consuming regime of depilation with this device as the main tool in the armoury.
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on 15 August 2012
The Silk-epil worked great for four months until the battery started to die. I have been using it for 6 months and now it is unusable. The battery won't hold any charge and it isn't possible to use it on mains power - Useless after just 6 months. This just isn't acceptable for a product at the top end of the price range.
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on 28 June 2010
I originally bought this product because, 1. I needed a new on, 2. Reviews says less painful, 3. Brand is reliable and 4. Can be used wet.

Results: Not value for money
The good point: Great that it can used in the water and less painful
The bad points: It does not take off fine and short hair (which I have)that they promote it to be. My last one did a cleaner job. it's more like trimming rather than epilating.

This product is so over priced. I definitely would not recommend it.
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on 12 April 2012
Due to my incredibly sensitive skin I decided to give up shaving as the razor burn was becoming a real issue - my legs would be stingy and itchy for hours after - even using aloe products to relieve them would sting!

So, I decided to try epilation and after reading the many great reviews about this product I decided to take the plunge and buy it. Yes it's painful, but it's totally bearable (especially if used under water - although this doesn't get as many of the hairs as using it dry). It worked well but I found that it snapped some of the hairs off instead of pulling them out fully leaving bumpy stubble - not as smooth as shaving. Also, the red, inflamed spots can be quite sore and, in my case, can take a couple of days to die down. In-grown hairs also mean that regular exfoliation is necessary - but again, with sensitive skin this leaves my legs itchy and irritated. I tend to tweeze the ingrown hairs, but I'm worried I'll end up scarring myself.

I've only been using it about 3 months but I plan on persevering because I have noticed a reduction in how quickly the hairs grow back and I'm hoping that the red bumps will become less of an issue the less often I have to use it. I'm hoping that by summer the appearance of my legs will be better so I can start wearing skirts or shorts without worrying about unsightly marks.

With regards to people's issues with the battery - I've had no problems. I can use my epilator at least twice before the battery dies. I think, like any re-chargable product, the best way to manage it is to wait until the battery completely dies before fully charging it.

Overall, so far, not a disaster but hoping the red, itchy bumps and ingrowing hairs reduce in frequency and ferocity.
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on 6 August 2010
I bought this epilator after looking around to replace my Phillips Satinelle one that I have had for years. I found this epilator unbelieveably painful and left me looking ripped to shreds. I have been epilating for years, so you can't tell me that this is because I am new to it. I decided as the pain on this one was ridiculous, I would use my old one first, followed by the new the one (Braun Silk-epil xpressive pro 7681). This seemed to reduce the pain, but would still leave me ripped to shreds (I don't only do my legs). I ran this epilator across my belly on the downy hairs there to see what was going on, and again it left my belly bleeding red and raised.

This epilator is a health hazard, and I shall never use another Braun product in my life. It was unbelieveably expensive and had nothing to show for the cost. If you want your skin looking so that others can see it, DO NOT buy this product!
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