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on 14 March 2015
5 stars are not enough.
I'm struggling with how to write this review.
Words like superb, fantastic... come to mind but they seem cliched.

Well starting with the sound, i didn't expect it to be this good. I'm surprised at the clarity, i can hear everything, every instrument.
Listening to music again is new, i hear what was there but unheard by me before.

It's not just clarity but body as well, solid is a word that comes to mind, each instrument is solidly reproduced, it's not a case of more volume but more content - if that makes sense. I used to want to turn up my old RS170's, you don't need high volume on these to get more.

Connected to a TV - absolute clarity of voice and well of everything, voices are so distinct and clear that it transforms enjoyment of films and TV.

Very importantly not even the tiniest hiss, rumble or interference of any sort, absolutely beautiful, really - i mean it.
I have terribly keen hearing which has it's disadvantages, that's why i use the word beautiful to describe the sound from these.

Try a pair and note the base, it's very sophisticated in it's variety, the way it climbs and drops rather than being a narrow set of pounding sounds on my ears.

Very comfortable too, felt slightly heavier than the RS170's, but they feel snug and firm without applying a lot of pressure.
I think that's partly because the ear pads are so well designed.

And they let sound from outside in but reduce it so you can be aware of what's going on without it interfering with music or distracting from it.

I've read some criticisms, range, well i can go in my kitchen - say 15 ft - and there's no sound loss, i think it's a bit much to expect to be down the bottom of the garden with them, be realistic. I say that because i could have passed these up and not known what i would be missing.

The pleasure of sound is real now i have these.
Well worth the money - markedly better than the 170's.
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on 20 December 2014
Firstly let me say these headphones are the best I have ever used. I am no audiophile but to me these are a lifesaver. A few years back at 17 I was being given IV antibiotics to help get rid of a very nasty chest infection I ended up going into renal failure and as a result I also had ototoxicity because of the antibiotics. The antibiotics built up to an unsafe level in my blood and they then attacked my hearing. Over the course of a week my perfect hearing had been permanently damaged and I was now classed as severely hearing impaired. My whole world changed and life was very difficult to get used to. I was given hearing aids but they only help so much and aren't a cure for hearing loss. I felt very closed off and lonely as I was struggling a lot to connect with the world. Watching TV could only be done with subtitles on and my regular earphones and headphones were useless. Before the hearing loss I loved having a little bit of bass in my headphones but afterwards bass only made things worse and more mumbled. My hearing loss was worse on one side than the other so what became too loud for one ear was too quiet for the other. My higher frequencies were the most affected which made speech a real problem as everyone suddenly became mumbled, it was as if I was underwater and hearing the world above water.

I did so much research to try and find a product that would help me, probably about a months worth of looking at different products, reading reviews and asking audiophiles on specialist forums and this is the product I choose. These headphones are a lifesaver to me. They also give you the ability to make one side louder than the other which was a fantastic feature. The fact they are wireless is fantastic as they don't limit your movement. I'm not a reliable source to tell you how these sound but to me they have been a godsend. They are perfect for movies and even just watching TV. Those loud music American shows and movies are a breeze with these too. I have been using these headphones getting on for a year now and they have been fantastic and I have had no problems at all, they are easy to set up and help much more than I bet the makers at Sennheiser ever thought they could. I am not the only one who has found these headphones great, my mother who suffers from inherited hearing loss from her fathers side of the family also find these very helpful, the look of joy on her face when she tried them for the first time I'll never forget. A loud headphone is especially important to me and I have found these to be great in that department. I always wanted to opt for Over-Ear headphones because that allowed me to keep my hearing aids on underneath also. The Over-Ear design blocks out unwanted background noise while letting me keep the hearing aids on. I can't recommend these enough and they have really changed my life. Thank you Sennheiser and Amazon.
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on 21 August 2014
I originally looked at a Bose unit that stands under the TV, but it looked huge under a 32" set. Since only I, in our house, can appreciate the sonorous sounds of good speakers a headset was the best alternative. Again I looked at Bose but Which rated the Sennheiser RS180 as Best Buy and I was not disappointed.

I thought at first that having a quite expensive headset with no frequency controls was a bit of a gamble. But was pleasantly surprised as the Sennheiser performs as well with a movie or music both Rock and Classical.

I deliberately chose the 'open back' type because they are very comfortable to wear for a few hours and don't get too hot. They are easy to 'pair' base to headset with the option of bringing up voices over sound which makes a huge difference, if like me, your ears have lost some of their high frequency range.

As others have said, the few volume and balance controls on the right speaker, although aesthetically pleasing, take a bit of getting used to because they are extremely close together. Don't let this put you off because once you get the knack you will be well pleased - and I speak as someone with poor dexterity.

Additionally to the digital plug there are also RF leads - however I have used an optical TOSlink through a converter and am very pleased with the result. There is a switch on the base that allows it to be connected to a mobile phone or Tablet - I have yet to try this but would be useful when watching a movie on my Tablet.

If Sennheiser were to put the user first it would have been given 5 stars.
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on 31 July 2012
Absolutely delighted with these headphones. They are relatively expensive so I read most of the reviews before buying. Strangely I agree with most of the comments good and not so good. For me although over 80 I find no problems at all. The controls are small but once set they rarely need adjusting and the charging process always seems to work first time. I only use them in the same room as the transmitter so can not usefully comment on their range. The quality of sound is fantastic both fromTV and Ipod. For classical music I certainly recommend the open rather than closed choice of headphone and these are not very obtrusive in average circumstances.
October 2012
Have now purchased a second set of these 'phones. A transmitter for bedroom and one downstairs near television. How I wish I could speak to David Fidler who wrote the reviews that convinced me to buy the RS180s. My circumstances are very similar to his. I am still thrilled with the 'phones but have such difficulty using both sets from the one transmitter when looking at TV.I shall persevere!
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on 14 December 2013
These solve several problems for me: I like to have the door open as much as possible to let large dogs decide when they are in and out but don't want to disturb the neighbours; my old dog gets upset by sinister music like Shostakovich's Leningrad Symphony; I don't want to spend on a multi-room system when I hope to move to open plan but want to have good sound as I move about.

So wireless headphones are a great idea in principle. In practice these sound great, there is no interference, they hardly ever drop out and then only for a split second if I move too quickly when I'm a long way from the transmitter.

But as others have said, the small flush control buttons on the headphones, with on/off between volume up and volume down are a real pain. Even though I have small fingers I still often turn off when I am trying to turn down. The other problem is that you have to take off the earpads to replace the rechargeable batteries in the phones. You won't have to do this often if you use good rechargeables unless you forget to charge the phones in the cradle. But when you do, the plastic tabs that clip the pads to the phones are too flimsy and easily broken. One of mine was a very stiff fit, so a tab has been broken in the struggle to get it off, superglue has failed and I have had to get a new set.

I would take off rather more than one star for all this if there had been a decent alternative. But there wasn't when I got them, and sonically they really do work for me.
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on 13 June 2016
Love these, upgraded from Sennheiser RS120s that I had used for a really long time. These are way more comfortable than I expected, and the sound is great. I can wear them all day without them getting uncomfortable.

Had them for close to a year and the only small complaint I have is that they go onto a sort of stand-by mode when no audio plays for a while. When a sound plays again they wake up, but it takes a split second so the first part of the sound is cut off. This does save the battery life though so it's not all bad. Only bothers me if I'm editing video/audio, and these aren't exactly designed for that!
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on 18 February 2015
Superb set of cordless digital headphones. Would have been nice to have seen a socket on them so they could be used as regular corded phones if you really wanted to, but that's nitpicking. With decent CD rips or downloads, all you need are a pair of these and your iPod/iPhone to have top-quality audio.

Bear in mind these are digital cans so the A->D / D->A conversion causes a slight delay of about 20-50ms. This might annoy you if for example you're using them to listen to the TV while the TV speaker is on loud enough for you to hear it in the background, beause you'll hear a pre-echo from the TV's speaker. They are probably also unsuitable for use in a home recording studio, because for example if you use them to listen to a backing-track while recording your vocals, the delay will put your vocals 50ms out of sync with the backing track.

But for the remaining 99.9% of us, these are probably perfection.
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on 28 August 2013
Disclaimer: This review reflects my needs from a wireless headphone. I am a big fan of Sennheiser but I use wireless headphones exclusively attached to the TV due to poor hearing rather than to have a special experience listening to music from a stereo. Also, often move around the house doing bits and pieces while listening to the TV (who needs to actually see the faces of Gary Lineker, Alan Henson and Mr Shearer animatedly debating referee's decisions on MOTD or Paul Merton and Ian Hislop having cheap shots at each other?). Therefore I am not looking for the perfect sound experience but a wireless headphone that will be comfortable, with good range, good battery life and reasonable good sound quality.

Had a previous model (TR-140) that I loved but started having problems with some kind of faulty connection (the sound would go suddenly very low volume and I had to bang around the docking station to get it back up. Although the battery life is still excellent. (sometimes I listen/watch TV for some 8h and the headphone is still going), since it was some 5y old I thought it started to give up its ghost so decided to get a new one. I did not go to the RS 220 weary of reviews with issues around low battery life and more limited range for the very spiced price, so I settled for the RS180.

The RS180 headphone is lighter and more comfortable that the TR-140. Also, being an open headphone gives a very good quality sound that is stereo. Similarly, the battery life is obviously very good at present but this has to be reviewed after a few years, as the battery ages. However, being batteries from the same manufacturer, I suspect that it should be also very good. The docking station is more stylish but who cares?

However, I have a couple of big issues with the RS180 in comparison with the TR-140:

1) The operating buttons of the RS180 (five buttons- high vol, power, low vol, balance left & right) on the bottom of the right phone are way too small and crumpled together to be used while you have the headphones on (and I have small hands). It is impossible to find out just by touch which button is which (believe me I tried). That means that I have to remove the headphones, locate the button I want, press it a few times, put it back on and decided whether I got what I wanted. I think big fingered dudes will have to use a stylus type device to press the relevant button. The TR-140 operating buttons are way much better to use. Definitely lost a star there.

2) The RS180 range is far reduced compared to the TR-140. With the latter I can go anywhere in my house with absolutely no reduction in reception quality. I eve boast to my relatives overseas that with the TR-140 I can get out of the house, walk 100m to the corner of the opposite side of the street rubbish bin to dispose of trash and still listen to the TV with just minor loss in quality. The RS 180 will start having interruptions in the sound already if I go 10m way from the TV into the kitchen! If I go to the backyard there is no reception, if I go upstairs there is no reception. Lost another star there.

Interestingly, as the initial "faulty connection" also happened with the new RS180 headphone, I realized that the problem was my very good but otherwise 15y old TV set! I got the connection problem sorted out and now I have both Sennheiser working and I made an experiment to log in how many times I chose one over the other. It turns out that I prefer to use the RS-140 a lot more often than the RS180 just because I move around a lot and the range of the latter is just not good enough for me...

So in the end of the day my advice is:

If you sit in front of the stereo/TV and you want quality and you do not fiddle with the phones buttons by all means go for the RS180. The improvement in the sound quality is abundantly superior to the TR-140.

However, if you (like me) are not particularly great on quality sound but want a headphone with easy to use controls, excellent battery life and incredibly range, then get yourself the much cheaper TR-140
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on 7 October 2011
Had these for a few hours so far so this is an early impressions review...

Firstly, the setup is very easy, and the headphones seem nicely made and look good. Secondly the sound quality is very good, best I've heard of any headphones, music sounds really nice, and blu-ray movies sound amazing. Movies for me is where these really become worth their money, it's better than being at the cinema. Gaming is also really good on them, very immersive and combined with a good sound card in your PC it will sound amazing.

To address the negatives people have listed about these headphones - the buttons are not a problem, i memorised them in 5 seconds, starting from the top it goes (+,power,-,L,R) hardly difficult to remember and i have only had to take them off to look once and that was when i got them out the box. After a few seconds i now know where all the buttons are. The only ones you need are + and - for volume, and they are either side of the raised power button. Not sure why you would need the others that often at all! People have also said the range on these can be hit and miss, in my flat they work well, i have multiple wireless networks and devices around me, if i go outside then yes they stop working, but i just like the fact there are no wires so i can go make dinner and still hear my movie or music. If you require greater range, then this is probably what an ipod can be used for.

Lastly, this is my first pair of 'open' style headphones, and i think they sound much better than closed ones. Less boxed in and wider sound stage. Sound does leak out, but i think its better than closed as i can still hear when the phone rings or there's a knock at the door, so good to know i am not cutting myself off competely when i put these on.

Overall, after a few hours of use, i am pleased. If that changes i will report back, but for now, 5 stars.
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on 5 October 2011
Sennheiser RS180 (HDR180 Headphones and TR180 Transmitter)
The quality of sound is greatly improved from the older models.
2 RCA sockets are provided for a further sound output.
Attenuator Switch for 0db or -8db is provided.
Measured with uncompressed pads the gap between the Headphones is only 56mm when unused so that adults may find the phones uncomfortably tight on the ears due to the strength of the headband.
Range much reduced to the old model. When one set of phones leaves the room they fail before two walls away, But far worse, so does the other RS180 Headphones that stay in the room with the transmitter as the phones are now linked. (Max of 4 sets of headphones to 1 transmitter). Pairing both sets of headphones and the transmitter again only slightly improved the range, but the old HDR140`s were set up without any complications and the range was impressive (Making a cuppa involved 4 rooms away, thats 4 brick walls between Headphones and Transmitter and still perfect TV sound).
Printed Instructions contains only Basic safety and quick set-up, with comprehensive details only on CD.
Harder to find and access the push buttons on the headphones when worn.
Multi users set up far more complicated than old model
On Off Switch is now Multi-Task.
Slowly revolving 360 degrees in one room away from the transmitter can fade out and bring back the sound, so the headphones are very directional.
I love the sound of these new headphones, the speech is much clearer and has an impressive bass that does not colour the speech, but I am forever moving them to ease outer ear pain. (worn for about 3 hours a night for late night TV) and they are only slightly better than buying infra-red phones for range.
Finally, don't try to open the headband too far, that's how I ended up dumping my HDR140's and buying these.
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