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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

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on 11 June 2017
Really useful bit of kit, no need to use colanders now
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on 4 December 2015
love J & J good quality
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on 12 November 2010
I mainly bought this for picking up boiled or steamed vegetables without having to take a pot and colander to the sink and then back to the work surface just to drain them. Esp. if I wanted to serve the vegetables up right away. And it does this very well. It's basically the right size for scooping up a single serving. I was very hesitant to use it in oil for deap frying. For some reason I thought it was too light/thin to stand up to the burning oil, but it works brilliantly for deep-frying as well, which has doubled it's value for me.

I'd give it 4.5 stars if I could, as my only minor complaint is that you do need a fairly large pot to get a good angle to scoop things out without any hassle. I have a smaller 16cm-size pot I use when cooking just for myself and I have to fish around a bit more to get things out when using it. I decided this wasn't worth bringing it down to 4 starts as it's a) not that much of a hassle and b) hardly not the scoops falt given its relative size.

Overall, very happy with this purchase.
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on 20 September 2010
Sturdy, well made, fit for purpose and easy to use, I've scooped and drained deep-fried chips, roast potatoes, various vegetables - I've put it in the dishwasher - so it does what it says it should
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on 6 April 2012
I highly recommend this scoop, I mostly use it when I'm poaching eggs as the egg slides back into the spoon so you can give it a wee shake to drain all the water off without the egg falling off, which was normally the case with my other standard draining spoons. I also find it very useful for draining veg for my son as I just pour the veg into the spoon then run under the cold tap to cool it down for him. Ive not used it in hot oil yet but i read it withstands temps of 250. so It really is a versatile Spoon :) it's great not having to bring out the big colander all the time or use a pot lid to drain ur spuds (if ur anything like me you end up dropping half off them down the sink lol) Its a great yet simple invention & I use it everyday.
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on 11 May 2012
This is a very useful piece of kitchen equipment. It has a large 'tray' enabling a large quantity of veg (or whatever) to be scooped at a single go. It's size also allows you to give the spoon a bit of a shake to get rid of water/fat before transferring to the plate which is very handy.

The only negative is the straight handle. It would have been better to be slightly angled or ever shaped like a ladle with a vertical handle off the spoon part. Because the scoop/spoon part is so large it can be difficult to get as much in the catchment area as you would wish if the water level in the pan is, say, half way down the pan. The handle prevents you getting a proper scoop. Not the end of the world but a slightly annoying aspect which one cannot help thinking would have been very obvious to the designers if they had actually used the item for cooking several meals. And if they had tried it then I wonder what they are doing during cooking that I am not.

Recommended item, but consider how you would use it before deciding to purchase.
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on 26 March 2013
It really is. Its sturdy, as well as a pleasure to look at. Definitely worth the offer price, if not the rrp.
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on 11 December 2011
For anyone who's ever been irritated at having to use large, often unwieldy, colanders, this device is perfect.

Made of very sturdy plastic, it lets you remove vegetables, potatoes, pasta, etc., from the pan one serving at a time. This saves time and effort when serving a meal. Also, not having to hold a heavy saucepan of boiling water and a colander simultaneously makes it safer and easier for the disabled, the elderly, or those simply with weak wrists/hands.

One thing to note is the size of the bowl - it's smaller than on regular colanders, but it's still a generous size.

If doing just peas/sweetcorn as a side, we usually fill a large breakfast bowl with the veg (enough for 3 people), add boiling water (saves on washing pots!), and then strain the bowl into the colander - so the colander bowl is quite large; the downside is this makes it a bit of a drawer-hog, although it can be hung by the handle if you've a spare hook.

This is a brilliant device which will be used again and again and, though it's corny to say, we wish we'd bought one years ago!
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on 21 March 2012
This is an excellent design and an absolute must-have for anyone with a small kitchen or who hates washing up. It does the job, it's very easy to clean, and it saves big colanders taking up space in cupboards or on valuable worktops. Very easy to store in a utensils jar. Full five stars from me.
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Husband had been asking me for ages to get one of these, son bought it for Father' Day and he was one happy father.

Just the job for draining peas and sweet corn without scratching or marking any non stick pans. No more cries of "who put the sweetcorn down the sink?" Thankfully.

Dishwasher proof and lightweight to use, bye bye metal draining spoons from now on I think. (Well last times when needing to drain something, this has been used). It has met its expectations by other half and now asking for another.

Ideal too for pasta (fresh filled type) as any water seems to come out better than just using a metal draining spoon.
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