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on 20 September 2017
I voted 4 stars because I like it!

A story that has come in for some heavy criticism over the years - but one that I happen to find quite entertaining. Regeneration stories are always special and it is always a thrill to see the new doctor in the old doctors clothes.

I like the humor in this story - Kate O'Mara reprises the role of the Rani and I found her attempts to fool the doctor by impersonating Mel (Bonnie Langford) highly amusing. There is also Sylvester's risque playing of spoons on Kate's chest.

The story still holds up as visually impressive, featuring some innovative effects. Of note are the Rani's bubble traps - which when triggered by an unwary victim launches them into the air and explodes - leaving a 'rather gruesome' charred skeleton. This is utilized for a great cliffhanger when Mel triggers a trap and is sent screaming into the air. I think if awards were given for best cliffhanger scream - Bonnie Langford would win.

The monster design too is impressive, the Tetraps' are four-eyed humanoid bat creatures that drink blood, and we occasionally get their POV which is quite disconcerting.

It is quite fitting that the new doctor's first adventure should be in a quarry - but the location is very well used in this episode.

I enjoyed revisiting this story on DVD and would recommend it to other fans of the series if they are willing to approach without prejudice.
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on 21 May 2017
Excellent watch and speedy delivery, will use again
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on 3 November 2017
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on 18 May 2017
Takes a bit of time to get used to Sylvesters Dr Who, but he grows on you as the series develops.
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on 25 January 2017
As debuts go in Dr Who this was one of the weakest. A poor script by arguably the weakest writers on the show at that time. I often think that despite the fact Andrew Cartmel had started working as the script editor at this point as was usually the case a lot of the ground work for the season had already been laid by John Nathan Turner before Cartmel came on board and therefore it wasn't until the next season that Cartmel's influence became apparent. Most of this season continued in the same vein until Dragonfire where we began to see a glimmer of hope. Pip and Jane Baker really were not suited to Doctor Who as they were children's writers and were very good at writing for children but Doctor Who is family veiwing and needs to appeal to adults and children alike. This script had a very childish feel to it and just isn't very appealing to grown up veiwers. Why JNT brought them on board I don't know and why he favoured them over the likes of Terrance Dicks and even the late Bob Holmes who admittedly he still begrudgingly allowed Eric Saward to use on the show is anyone's guess. In the next season Cartmel got rid of the Bakers once and for all and got back to producing proper good stories rather than childish pantomime. McCoy's Doctor has had some bad press over the years and this story and others from his first season was a main factor in this which is a shame because in his later seasons once the writing improved and the darker elements were brought in he proved to be a very good Doctor so if you have never seen any McCoy stories before don't start with this one. Watch Remembrance of the Daleks or something like that and maybe come back to this later.
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on 6 October 2017
This story often gets lots of hate from the fans and is usually put in the top 10 worst stories in polls. Meeting Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy, main character and companion, helps you get lots of back information on the episode and you find it very fun laughable, good jokes and a nice set of humour.
Quite a slow first 2 episodes
Tetraps are disastrous
Poor effects
Bad make up and acting
Not bad, not amazing
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on 18 October 2017
"I feel that we ought to warn you - it's looking very likely that The Show's not going to be any good this week."

"I don't care. It doesn't have to be GOOD, it just needs to be ON."

- Aaron Sorkin, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

I Just Paid Money to watch Time and The Rani and own it again on DVD, in full, knowledgeable consent, already owning it on VHS. I'm Hugging The Cactus.

I regard this as being an exercise in Shadow Work - that's how I am thinking of you it as I approach the thing, going in.

After all, a little suffering is good for the soul.

"These Little Things are Sent to Try Us", as The Man said, as he stood before the Pygmy judge.

These are the times that test men's souls.

The Colourful Jester must die - and Time's Champion will discover, to his inexpressible joy, that he is alive. And he had never existed.

He's in there, already, somewhere - buried deep.

He'll be here, don't worry. He's on his way up as we speak. In the meantime - Courage.

also - Patience.

(for The Jedi it is time to eat as well)


Time and Tide melts The Snowman.

Many a Slap twixt a Cup and a Lap

So what's so funny about Brains, Loyhargil and Strange Matter, anyway?
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on 9 August 2016
the doctor who show was always a low budget saturday afternoon kids show. But it had fun stories and good acting done under often rushed circumstances. The bbc has changed alot since those days. But the effects by the late 80's were decent by any standard. Which is saying something. I always though that this incarnation of the doctor was underrated. Many doctor whe fans can't even handle any of the old series. I love them all and I am darn close to having all the dvds. That's nothing compared to those who really collect this though. They have all the radio shows and cds too! This dvd kicks off the mccoy years and at least the doctor has a decent outfit. The last one was hideous. The actress who plays the rani does a fine job here and she recently died. Which is rather sad. But then even the much hated jnt is now long gone. This is a decent story and it is quite fun imo. The picture quality and extras are outstending too
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on 6 June 2017
I got this because I have The Mark of the Rani which is a nice Colin Baker DVD. This time the Rani has bigger hair, is much more nasty and seems to be in charge of aliens who look a bit like hippies but are apparently half reptiles. A lot of effort has gone into make up with scales and a lot of felt in evidence, felt coats, hats and i think hair. There are giant bats with four eyes and a enormous brain. Well it's Dr Who after all. It's Sylvester McCoy's first entrance as the Doctor and he goes for funny which I don't think works. I liked Sylvester when he was dark and cunning which doesn't come until later and I think if he had taken everything more seriously it would have given more menace to it and it needs something as there's a lot of running about. Kate O'Mara is brilliant as The Rani, she takes her ridiculous role very seriously and so you find her threatening and exciting as a character. She also plays Bonnie Langford's role better than Bonnie herself and changes from funny to dangerous at a drop of a hat. Poor old Bonnie who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag just runs and screams, which she does well but you will soon get sick of that.
It's a classic and better than some.
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on 30 March 2017
I loved Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. I have looked forward to watching this dvd for years. It did not disappoint.
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