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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2010
I don't usually do a review until I've bought the product, but seeing as no one has done one yet, I thought I would, so that those who haven't watched the second half of the second series can see what it's about.

The second half contains 7 episodes and be warned, the tone is a lot darker than than the first half. Where as the first half ended quite lightly (Uther married a *troll* people!) the second half starts with the arrival of the the Witchfinder, in the wonderful form of Charles Dance. And in a show about magical people, a witchfinder can only be trouble, as Merlin finds out. Continuting still on the dark tone is the episode, "Sins of the Father" which challenges the relationship between Uther and his son, Arthur (both of whom gave stellar performances). The Lady of the Lake is also another dark episode, and also gives Merlin his first love story (finally.) Luckily, the episode "Sweet Dreams" offers a reprieve from the darkness, and though the idea of it seems a bit silly (a ruler from another kingdom possessing Arthur to fall in love with the hilarious Lady Vivian), this was one of my favourite episodes this series. Those who are fans of the pairing Arthur and Gwen will love this episode. I always enjoy watching the two together, as their performances when paired together is always electric. The Witch's Quickening and The Fire of Idirsholas are Morgana-centric episodes, which explore her magical abilities, but again these episodes are dark, as too is the explosive series finale, The Last Dragonlord.

I found the second half very emotional indeed. It comes with a tissue warning! Each character was pushed to the brink in some way, and a few times Colin Morgan's performance as Merlin near made me cry with the depth of his emotions.

Even though this part is rather dark, it has been enjoyable. The only thing that fills me with despair is the lack of Morgana we've had this series. She barely popped up all series until the end, and I felt we weren't given enough of her to get a proper grasp of her character and thus her motives.

That aside, I think that Merlin is a great show to watch quite happily with your family, and although this half of the series is dark, I don't think there's anything that will overly frighten children. If anything, they will enjoy the array of special effects it has to offer, in particular the fighting scenes and that of the dragon.

I do look forward to where series 3 will take us. If series 2 is anything to go by, it can only get better.
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on 9 May 2010
What I love best about Merlin is that(other than his powers)he's just like everyone else. He makes mistakes, feels self conscious at times and doesn't always know the answer. He's loyal and quirky, which I think makes him not only a likeable character, but one that children can definitely look upto.

Merlin is something that the whole family can watch.
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on 14 September 2011
Merlin never fails to be brilliant, despite me having watched it about a hundred times before, but these episodes are something very special...
I remember 'The Witchfinder' surprised me when I saw it on air, as the trailer for it on the end of episode six showed Merlin being framed and being led away to be burnt, however, it is really Giaus who is heading for the chopper! I love this episode, the action is fast-paced and the acting is brilliant. 10/10 for this episode.

'The Sins of the Father', is a great episode. I love the fighting between father and son at the end. Again, 10/10.

'The Lady of the Lake', is perhaps my favorite ever episode of Merlin. Merlin falls in love with a druid girl after helping her escape from a bounty hunter. But, because it's Merlin, things don't go to plan. Colin Morgan and Laura Donnelly (Guest Role, Freya) act brilliantly throughout. 10/10.

'Sweet Dreams' is a more comical episode. Arthur is enchanted to fall in love with Vivien (played by the Doctor's Daughter/wife, Georgia Moffett) and Her father declares war! 8/10 for this episode.

'The Witch's Quickening' I find is an easily forgettable episode (correct me if I am wrong, but nicely please!). Mordred sneaks into the castle and Morgana goes with him to a druid camp, but the dragon persuades Merlin he must stop it. 7/10 for this episode.

In 'The Fires of Idrisholas', Morgouse and Morgana put a spell on Camelot so everyone falls asleep. It's up to Merlin and Arthur to defend the land as the Knights of Medhir advance - but they cannot die! Meanwhile, Merlin is faced with the decision that will change Morgana forever....10/10 for this episode.

The Dragon is free and is destroying Camelot in 'The Last Dragonlord', and he can only be stopped by a Dragon Lord. Uther thinks he wiped them out years ago. But one still lives - Balinor, Merlin's father. But, as Balinor is killed, the responsibility falls to son... 10/10

Overall, I feel that this is Merlin at it's strongest. It never fails to make you think "OMG, Are they ACTUALLY going to do it???", and that for me, makes a good series.w
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on 11 April 2013
The first half of series 2 featured some brilliant episodes (''Beauty and the Beast'') and some weaker episodes (''The Nightmare Begins''), and the second half continues to have a strong consistent run of episodes.

The Witchfinder 9/10
This episode surprised me, as the preview of the end of episode 6 looked like it was Merlin who was in danger of being executed for the use of magic and enchantments, although it is really Gauis who takes the blame in order to save Merlin's life. This episode has fantastic acting from all the cast, making this a really enjoyable episode.

The Sins of the Father 10/10
This episode features the first appearance of Morgause, and it is clear to see that she is a very powerful character, she shows herself to be extremely skilled at the magical arts and a skilled warrior; she may even be more powerful that Nimueh, the evil sorceress from the first series, and she is one of the extreme few to defeat Arthur Pendragon in a fight. Uther fears that she may know the true circumstances of Arthur's birth, that he was born of magic. This episode has plenty of action, and brilliant acting as per usual. It also has an ending which set up events of the future of the show.

The Lady of the Lake 10/10
Undescribably brilliant. This is an absolutely beautiful episode which took my breath away, with one of the greatest storylines of the show. The acting was really good, especially from Colin Morgan, his performance in this episode was absolutely sensational, and it made this episode in more special. There are dark moments within this episode, elements of humour, but most of all emotional scenes, with backing music that made the scenes even more moving. This is an incredibly powerful episode that really engaged me, and some parts made my jaw drop. The best episode of series, and though it could have been a little better, it is a pure masterpiece and left me breathless.

Sweet Dreams 10/10
Following the series highlight episode, this episode had a lot to live up to, and this episode lived up to the heights I was expecting, and is an episode that added both darkness and humour to the series. Bradley James and Georgia Moffet gave fantastic performances in this episode, which was the humorous side of the episode, and we also saw more development in Arthur and Gwen's romance.

The Witches Quickening 7/10
After a consecutive run of very strong episodes, one of which was the best of the series, this episode dropped quite a bit in quality. But nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable episode, with development in Morgana's character, and this is one of the episodes that dominated the Morgana arc that shaped series 3-5. Whilst not as good as several previous episodes of this series, it is still good and featured some interesting teasers for the following two episodes.

The Fires of Idirsholas 9/10
This episode has a completely different storyline to it's previous episode, yet in terms of Morgana's character, it continued from the previous episode as well. It is very well paced, it has plenty of action packed and adventurous moments, it has viewers on the edge of their seats, and it also has a little bit of humour. This is the episode that has the big cliffhanger which was to be resolved at the start of the following series.

The Last Dragonlord 9/10
This series kept on building up and building up for this storyline since the first episode of the series. This episode was unpredictable, had super acting, and there was a particular scene in this episode where Colin Morgan was giving a super preformance. An overall fitting finale to the series, with a lot action, further development in Arthur and Merlin's bond and even Arthur and Gwen's romance.

And there we have it – 7 blockbuster additions of Merlin, some of the many things made the show so excellent.
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on 1 March 2010
This is definitely one of the BBC's best series, now there aren't many shows on the BBC i truly enjoy (apart from a couple, this included).

Merlin seems to have everything you need in a show; drama; excitement; adventure; magic and so much more. I purchased this item for a present for someone who loves the show just as much as I do and they also agree that it just gets better and better. This series proved just as good and features a whole host of guest stars, including the very talented Charles Dance - who plays a darker character in this and with so much ease.

The show just went from strength to strength and when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better, it did, which is one of the reasons why I am eagerly awaiting the third series, which should be just as better as the second.

A great show to sit and watch with all of the family.
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on 6 January 2013
This show has really grabbed my heart, I love getting lost in it. The characters are amazing and the stories are great every episode. I really suggest people watch this, its great.
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on 15 November 2010
Merlin, whilst retracting from the basis of the true Arthurian Legends is possibly one of th best drama series that has been produced by the BBC in years and season 2 is no exception to this. The series combines rich storytelling with comedy, drama, suspense and insight into the legends of King Arthur. Merlin Season Two is definitely highly recommended viewing.
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on 13 September 2010
Family viewing at its best. I just cant get enough of merlin.... its my highlight of the week. Brought this set to refresh our memory's of what happened at the end of series 2, ready to begin watching series 3 this week. Id forgotten just how good it is. Me and my teenage son sit down to watch it together, its our weekly ritual. Love it.
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on 16 April 2010
This right here is why the BBC is one of the best broadcasters in the world. Merlin is great family drama. Colin Morgan and Bradley James (Merlin and Arthur) are wonderful actors who bring their own magic to this show. Love it.
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on 18 May 2014
started watching merlin when babysitting my 5 year old grandaughter we both loved it but didnt see it from the start so got it from begining we both still love it wanting them all
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