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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2010
Ok so I'm a 19 year old female student, I mention this only to (hopefully) show that this appeals to many different groups of people. My friends, my parents and I love Miranda. I rarely laugh out loud at things but every single episode I have seen of this makes me crack up at some point. I love Miranda's awkwardness and clumsiness - in my opinion it makes her more relatable and believable as a character. Yes it is a little OTT but I think that's part of the charm. Also the looks to the camera. I know some people hate it but the fact is from the start she acts like's she's talking to an audience so it seems like she needs to interact with them at some point and I like the way it makes it seem like you are sharing in the joke or pain with her. The supporting characters are wonderful. The eccentric friend/collegue, the snobbish 'friends',the unnatainable love interest and most especially the horrifying mother. So it's definitley worth a watch in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon 1 December 2009
Miranda Hart, famously funny in other people's shows finally gets her own series. This is comic gold. If you haven't been able to watch this show on the BBC, this will be your chance to laugh out loud. Pop culture meets slapstick meets good old fashioned humour and the only victim is Miranda herself, as the butt of her own jokes. It almost borders on pantomime comedy.

Miranda is not shy about 'breaking the fourth wall' and interjects the dialogue with comic asides to the viewer. Sometimes a look is all that is needed to make you smile. You're on her wavelength, you've connected. Result.

Add in a small but perfectly formed cast of friends and family and the interaction is superb.

At 6'1", Miranda Hart is a tall lady and she plays on this stature by being ungainly and awkward around people who are more normally proportioned. You will begin to notice trends in every episode but they never become predictable.

I enjoy being a part of Miranda's world. When she turns to the camera to express herself, she's addressing me, or so it seems.

Delightfully rich with expert timing, this should not be missed.

At the time of writing, the first series was still airing on the BBC. Four of six episodes have aired. 'Date', 'Teacher', 'Job' and 'Holiday'. I have watched them all. Viewing figures are encouraging for this series and I predict that word of mouth and an early series repeat prior to the DVD release will see the viewing figures increase. Series two should have twelve episodes. Six are just too few.

Way to go BBC on supporting and encouraging new comedy talent such as this! Keep it on BBC 2 please, it doesn't deserve to find it's way down to BBC 3 where alternate comedy drivel struggles to raise heckles let alone laughs.
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on 19 November 2009
I have only seen two episodes as yet but I must say that I am one of those people who find very few comedians funny, who remain straight-faced when others are having fun and yet, I have not only smiled but laughed watching both episodes. Miranda Hart is heart-warming and the character she portrays is endearingly awkward and very moving as well as extremely funny. I love her facial expressions which are fun without being over the top clownish. It might be an old-fashioned sort of funny but it suits me fine and I have found some moments that were (in my opinion) little gems. The awful mother is a wonderful creation and totally believable in all her nastiness.And watching Miranda's elated face at finding stuff her size in that shop for cross dressers was hilarious , as was her chasing after Gary dressed as a bride. I hope it continues in this vein because then I will be sure to buy the DVD.It is not often I find shows that actually make me laugh! this is one of them!
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2010
I so loved this series and can't wait to see it again!! Being nearly 6 foot myself, I could really identify with the character she was portraying, it made me both cringe and laugh all at the same time. We are so alike in many ways, though I have yet to feel the need to go to a drag shop for clothes for a night out - I find Long Tall Sally a better option!!

I love the way Miranda often talks to the camera as if she is sharing a secret word with you - 'such fun' as her awful mother would say!!

I am really looking forward to series 2 and hope that the hapless Miranda gets together with her true love Gary.

The end brings a nostalgic smile each episode as each actor waves and smiles at the camera from whatever spot they were in in the last scene - just like they did in the 70s.

Absolutely a tonic and I can't recommend it enough!!
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on 3 December 2009
Miranda is just an absoloutley brilliant show! I hadn't heard anything about the show but found it accidentally while channel hopping and found myself laughing hysterically outloud at it, which I don't do with many comedy shows. Miranda Hart has got to be the most lovable person on television and I find her absoloutley halarious. There have only been three episodes so far and I've already caught on to it and look forward to it every monday night! I can't wait for the rest and will defianitly be getting it on DVD when it is released.

I strongly urge anyone who hasn't seen it yet to give it a try. Utter Genius!
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on 29 December 2009
How refreshing to see such a fresh new sitcom about a loveable character 'Miranda'!

As a previous reviewer stated, not much on TV makes me laugh out loud but every episode of Miranda certainly did. She tunes into everyday believable situations and slightly enhances them with her clever wit and special unique humour.

I loved it that much, I have pre-ordered the first series on DVD. Fingers crossed that the second series doesn't take too long to be on our screens.

Well done Miranda, you are FANTASTIC.
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on 30 March 2010
My daughter loved this series and laughed like a drain throughout. I loved it as well and hope there is a 2nd series to follow. Hoever disappointed today to find that the release date for the DVD has moved from April to November, boo hoo.
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on 16 November 2010
I watched the first episode of Series 2 last night and have logged on today to check whether my copy of Series 1 is on it's way yet (not quite...) because now I really want to watch the first series all over again.

I love sitcoms - mainly American ones. But it takes something pretty special to make me laugh out loud, wipe away tears of laughter, shout encouragement at the screen, cheer and go "awwww" quite as much as I did watching Miranda last night.

The first Series was great - especially the episode where she goes on "holiday" round the corner from her flat. Great sympathetic characters, loads of visual and verbal jokes, never takes itself too seriously (in fact it's very silly) but never goes for a cheap laugh either. Enough in-jokes and catchphrases to allow familiarity, but not so many that they breed contempt. And Miranda herself is just brilliant!!!

And then there's Gary.......ahhhh.....

If last night was anything to go by, the new series is going to be at least as good as the first. Let's hope we don't have to wait another whole year for it come out on DVD!

Such fun!
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on 6 August 2010
This is the best comedy series I have seen in ages. Now watching re-runs of the first series on TV and still laughing hysterically at every joke, even though I've seen them all before. The only TV show that makes me lose control laugher-wise. A lot of falling over and plain silly comedy. Miranda Hart is genius. Love it. Roll on series 2 please!
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on 18 August 2010
After recently finding 'Miranda' (last week), I have watched all six episodes three times each - and counting. I have genuinely laughed every time. I have introduced this program to everyone I know - some had found it before me (and absolutely love it) and others have thanked me for showing the such a wonderful, funny and excellent comedy show.

Each character has their own individuality and all are extremely loveable, but Miranda Hart is the genius. Her facial expressions, tone of voice and funny humour never ceases to put a smile on my face. You really get a feel for her character and can't help but find her slightly adorable. Her looks to the camera takes the situation from funny to hilarious.

I don't know about you, but I find it genuinely hard to laugh out loud when sitting in my house alone (I don't know why) but Miranda made me do so, many times. I'm not quite sure how to feel about this...

I will definitely be buying this in November and I cannot wait for the second series - hopefully it will stay true to the first. This is absolutely fantastic, and I can't help but crave more.

Hurry up Miranda with the second series!!!
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