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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 August 2016
Bought with my own cash money.

I've had this bad boy since February and have used it every day since.

I watch TV with headphones (old habit from shared house days - cant get used to telly speakers!) and I've had a bunch of set ups over the years.

I've gone down the route of normal headphones via a cable and an amplifier and then graduated to a low latency Bluetooth transmitter and various BT headsets but none really cut the mustard. Low latency BT transmitters are a bit hit and miss - both in sound quality and lip sync responsiveness - and this is also compounded by the effectiveness of the Bluetooth headset you use. So all in all a lot of variables.

I then used the Sony 865 and Sennheiser RS180 but despite both sounding great I was tempted back down the Bluetooth path (silly move!). By the time I returned Sennheiser had updated the RS180 model to the RS185 'Audiophile' model (As if - sound was great but very far from Audiophile level). The 185 was stylish and had all the bells and whistles but the redesigned ear cups were a nightmare for this reviewer and his chunky ear lobes so off it went.

Then I saw these for a great price and thought why not (cue wife shake-of-head). And I've had them ever since! Such a surprise!

Super easy to use (once you get past Sennheisers Fort Knox plastic packaging!). Plug in. Charge. Connect tiny discrete transmitter to your audio source (I have a Switcher unit so I can switch between a few audio sources) Set volume level. Done.

So much comfier and easy to use than either the 180 or 185. Plus the transmitter/charger takes up about a tenth of the space that the cradle design uses.

Sound quality is great (provided you don't want subwoofer boomage) and I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of them when listening to music also.

Basically it's Sennheisers house sound so it's very mid-centric but it sounds great and the crystal clear transmission is awesome. Plus the sound quality itself is a hell of a lot better than any Bluetooth option I've ever used.

Buttons on the ear cup take a bit of getting used to but they're second nature soon enough. Plus as well as adjusting the volume you can mute them! Such a great touch for adverts!

Battery life is so good I forget to charge them! It might not have a fancy charging cradle but I prefer the one wire solution than a large cradle.

Range is large enough for me to wander 2 flights of stairs without losing connection so should be fine for room to room wandering (within reason!).

No issues with any connection drop outs. At all. Ever. No issues with it affecting the wifi (and our wifi never needs an excuse to shut down and play high maintenance!).

So all in all a great sounding (if utilitarian looking) dependable set of home wireless cans that will last a long time (given the user replaceable batteries).

What's not to love?

Hope some of this helps.

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on 21 June 2014
I spent some considerable time reading reviews and comparing features before I went for these, including trying a pair of Dr Dre (Dear God! Why do people pay that much money for that sound unless the are into drum & bass?). Finally went for these because out of the best offerings they were the ones I could use on the move.

The first thing to say is that I have no regrets. I will talk about the acoustics first, but this is so personal you may want to skip to the next paragraph. The sound stage isn't that large, but the sound is far better than even my previous wired cans. I'm getting nuance and detail I'm not even getting from my good quality (but elderly) speakers. Responsiveness and range are excellent to my ears and while the sound is on the cold digital side of my ideal - well not by too much. Easiest to just say I was impressed and am very happy with the sound performance I'm getting.

Range is pretty good, though not excellent. I live alone in a smallish flat and I get easy carry to every part of it, even through two (thin) walls. Out in the garden a floor below, I get patchy reception moving about, but if I sit and chill not too far away then it's (usually) fine. A point to mention is that I get rare dropouts of a half a second or so - anywhere - but they are many hours apart so not much of a concern.

Battery life is good. I've not flattened them yet and I've run just under seven hours straight - which may be as long as you want to, see below. Charging is a doddle; just stick the plug in the hole, job done. Two hours' use currently returns to fully charged in about fifteen minutes. Chargeable batteries were included in mine, by the way, and they were fully loaded so I've never charged it from empty.

People have moaned in reviews that they have trouble turning on and off. Beats me why; press the button of the transmitter for one second, it gives you a steady green light to show it's "heard" you and goes off. Same with the cans - press the middle button for a second, job done.

Wearability is a slight issue. They are light and initially very comfortable. I have quite large ears, however, and after six or seven hours in place, I find that they are starting to hurt where the cans are limiting the circulation a little. Taking them off for half an hour is all that's needed, which may not be bad after 6 or 7 hours, but it's worth mentioning.

Finally, portability. Been on two long distance train trips with them now and they are a godsend. Stick another pair of charged batteries in the transmitter (which is two fingers high and about the diameter of a coffee mug), plug that into your iPhone or iPad (I've used both) and you're good to go. Transmitter and phone fit in a pocket together, or go in my tech bag. The cans don't fold flat but easily go in a tech bag or rucksack - or just around your neck. And it's far and away the best sound I've ever had on the move.

Would I make the same choice if I had it to do over? Yes. Would I recommend them? Unreservedly for the price, if you are planning on using them on the move. Otherwise, consider the RS 180.
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on 26 June 2016
Got these after losing some Bose SoundLink Bluetooth phones bought at twice the price. These are better!
Pros: The clarity is brilliant. I can hear features in background instrumentals that I had not previously noticed in the recording via household stereo or headphones. This is with streamed music from Amazon. I have not checked yet with a better or uncompressed source so this presumably reflects the quality of the the phones rather than the RF transmission. There is a pronounced directional effect. Sound appears to come from different directions including from above/below as well as left/right. Working distance is also great. These keep working unless I have 5 walls between the transmitter and the phones. Also working when I go outside. Very comfortable or ears. Other reviewers felt this was not so but I'm having no issues.
Cons: Come solidly packaged - far too solidly. The packaging is superglued together so it's impossible to open without damaging it. The instruction manual is a CD with a PDF which does not appear to be available on Sennheiser's website. Not everyone, me among them, has a computer with a CD now so I can't access this. More importantly, the Amazon page implies that these phones will accept a direct audio wire input: "The HDR 160 headphones and the TX 160 transmitter can be connected to any line-out jack on a mobile or home audio devices such as a tablet or a TV". The phones do not have an independent audio input socket, so the transmitter is required at all times.

Added: Now checked listening to vinyl from old AR EB101 turntable and NAD 3020B amp (~30 years old). Faithful reproduction even of the crackle and hum! I'll probably need a new stylus and to tidy up the wiring to use these phones. Once music starts though, these disappear a bit into the background and you can clearly hear the benefit of the better bandwidth of the RF transmitter: faithful reproduction of the original sound. Excellent phones.
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on 24 September 2015
A very easy setup and great to use.
These have been an amazing buy and the sound quality is excellent.
I have not used the base to charge the headphones which is the normal requirement. I have decided to use my own rechargeable batteries and keep spare ones charged if the power runs out. If you are using these infrequently then you will probably found the power down when you come back to them so will then need 4-5 hours charge time. I decided to keep spare charged ones ready. Also connecting them to the base may look cumbersome next to your TV. It would have been great if the headphones were charged separately and I have added a link for a charger available on Amazon UK:
There are excellent videos on Amazon and Sennheiser websites on how to use and setup these headphones.
I have been impressed and may look to get a second pair soon.
Sennheiser RS 160 Over-Ear Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black
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on 12 August 2015
I purchased a Sennheiser product for 2 reasons, firstly that I appreciate good quality products and am prepared to pay a little extra to get something that has been made properly and secondly because multiple headphones can be paired to the same transmitter.

First the build quality and sound quality are adequate, not good, not great just adequate, any number of far less expensive high street brands can equal or better this product; so don't waste your hard earned on that basis.

Second, it is possible to pair multiple sets to one transmitter, I have managed to do so but for some reason the pairing does not seem to stick and every time I try to use both sets, only the first to be switched on is recognised then the pairing process begins again.

Who would want to relax listening to music or watching a movie whn the evening can be spent gesturing to a loved one to find out if their headphones are working or whether it is just yours that have packed up.

A third and final problem is that there is no battery charge level indicator so it's anyone's guess if there is enough juice to watch the whole film or just the first half hour. Even better you can only charge one pair at a time.
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on 20 August 2015
Sennheiser need to be more customer facing as their processes are Byzantine for a product that has a history (now I notice) of being less than perfect (WHICH please note).
Inference can be hear at the noon setting on the transmitter (this is the recommended setting by Sennheiser's brain's trust)
To resolve partially: you need to turn down the volume on the transmitter and hike up the source volume.
For a manufacturer who think they are at the top of their game, this is basic problem should have been fixed long ago.
So head out your posterior Sennheiser and start to review and change for the better your processes and basic products so they work for the customer or end up like so many manufacturers (a less than pleasant memory).
Don't believe me look at the feedback on the web over the current range of your headphone products. OKAY is NOT good enough
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on 15 November 2014
The sound through these is far better than some cheaper ones I bought in the High Street, several years ago. The large comfortable ear pieces easily accommodate the bulky NHS hearing aids I wear and they keep all the sound in - preserving matrimonial peace as my wife does not always share my taste in music (classical)!Brahms comes across majestically and I am free to walk around inside the house, but not outside.
The feature I particularly like, is that when rechargeable batteries are installed, I can take the little transmitter part and plug it into the TV, or any other device with an headphone socket. I always prefer to plug it into the TV, which has a tinny sound from its own speakers, when there is an item of particular interest. It was necessary to access the TV menu and turn up the headphone volume, taking care not to overdo it (signalled by a red light on the transmitter) but once set, it cleverly moderates its own volume. To be on the safe side, I usually plug both headphones and transmitter into the charging leads overnight, but when I forget there is no problem next day. The transmitter uses no battery power when plugged in, while the headphones have a small switch, black on a black surface (!) to mute or switch off when not in use.
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on 18 June 2015
I now have two sets of these one set is used for hi-fi and the other is used for playing my keyboards/synthesizers out of hours. They are the best. The transmitter ( small puck shaped ) has two optional power modes - battery and power supply unit (mains). Battery use is very handy for mobile use, however this was not a primary design feature as the headphones are not the lightest and the transmitter is not exactly small
The power supply unit comes with a "y" lead so that the headphones can be charged without removing the power lead from the transmitter.
This headphone was designed for use within a large room (effective range, I would say is 7 - 8 Metres max). But the sound reproduction is as realistic as you can get, right through the volume range. The Ni-MH batteries will run continuously for 7 hours on one charge. the headband and ear cushions make for a really snug and comfotable fit.
The price is coming down, which makes these a very good value deal. I love them and wouldn't be without them. Spare parts are readily available from Sennheiser UK. Copy and paste the link to view http://headphonespares.sennheiser.co.uk/wireless-headphones/rs-160. Note spares are NOT cheap but considering the qualty of the headphones in the first instance the prices are justified, should you ever need parts, which is rarely if at all. Well worth keeping them I would say.
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on 30 May 2015
Used to replace an inexpesive pair of Panasonics which had a poor frequecy response and a plastic creak every time I moved. This just shows that you get what you pay for. The only down side is that as others have said the buttons on the headphones are difficult to distinguish between and it is easy to turn them off when you are trying to adjust the volume. However I haven't reduced the score as this is a trivial thing compared to the terrific performance and comfort. I have two pairs of wired Sennheiser phones and to me the sound of these is as good. Would definately recommend.
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on 30 May 2010
It was easy to set up out of the box. After that unfortunately the disappointment rolled in, because there was quite a bit of distortion with classical music (since the dynamic range is very wide) and also quite a bit with bassy dance music (eg Ministry of Sound annual 2010). Then I found out that the system doesn't work unless you are in direct viewing range of the base unit - which makes it pointless, I thought wireless headphones are for moving about the house. Otherwise, I already have a wired pair of mid priced Sony headphones with a generous 2.5 metre lead anyway. I used to have an RF wireless headphone set from Philips and the range was good with that and didn't need to have direct line of sight, but the hiss after anything more than 3 metres was maddening. I bought the digital Sennheiser RS160 to get rid of the hiss problem - which it does, but the other drawbacks including the distortion even ad medium volume, meant these went back - admittedly the distortion could be due to faulty unit, but the other unacceptable features mean I wasn't prepared to go for a like for like exchange, and it has put me off spending money on wireless hi-fi stuff for a while until technology improves and prices deflate too.
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